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The small smile that made its way to Kate's face did not go unnoticed by her boyfriend. However, asking the reason behind her smile in the middle of precinct is not a good form of tact, so Castle pretends not to notice. Sadly, for him, he is a bestselling author. Therefore his mind is filled with imagination and with imagination comes crazy theories.

An hour later, the couple is secure in the writer's apartment and Kate grabs two wine glasses and takes them to the sofa. Pouring wine into them, the woman realizes her boyfriend is oddly quiet.

"Rick, are you okay? I can go if you want." She states. Castle turns to look at her as he says, "No, stay. Sorry, I'm just getting lost in my own world."

By now his mind has come up with scenario upon scenario until he cannot hold them in anymore, but before he can say anything, Kate says, "Is it the vlog Alexis made?"

The writer shook his head.

"No. We talked about it. We're good now." Castle answers. The room is silent for a moment until the man blurts out, "Are you pregnant?"

Completely and reasonably shocked Kate freezes in place and stares at her partner.

"What?" She asks bewildered as her mind tries to figure out the random maze of her boyfriend's thoughts.

"I just thought that maybe. Then, that smile on your face after—"

The writer knows he is rambling as does the detective. And although she is fully enjoying his embarrassed babbling, Kate decides she should let him stop suffering.

"Just because I smiled while Candice and her father walked away does not mean I'm pregnant. Stop letting your writer's imagination get away with you." Kate states as she takes a sip of her wine.

"So you're not pregnant?" He questions. Rolling her eyes at him, Kate gives him a look that clearly implies "No". The detective studies her partner's face for a minute. She could be dreaming, but she is almost sure he was smiling a little a second ago. Setting her glass down Kate says, "Are you upset that I'm not?"

Taken aback by the answer, Castle says, "No! It's just with Alexis growing up, I realize I have to let go. It's hard. One minute she's here begging for forgiveness because she hopped a turnstile and the next she's telling me she's eighteen."

Kate lets her partner wallow for a moment. Though she has no children, she remembers a similar speech from both of her parents at one time or another. Putting both arms around the writer's shoulders, she leans her head on his back. Comforted by his girlfriend's touch, Castle puts his left hand over her right one.

"Thank- you Kate." He whispers once she leaves his embrace. Smiling at him, Kate kisses him before whispering back, "Always."