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Naruto walked through the gates of Konoha with Jiraiya for the first time in three years. He was excited to finally be back after so long. He had trained so hard on his travels with his mentor, Jiraiya, that he tore his old outfit to shreds. His new attire consisted of his usual trademark orange, but with black adorning his shoulders and lining the zipper of his jacket. His old, blue Konoha forehead protector was now replaced with a black one. Now he finally returned, grown up and matured. Well, for the most part. He hopped up onto a tall post and looked down over the village, feeling nostalgic.

"This brings back memories! This place hasn't changed at all!" Naruto thought out loud. Suddenly, as if the entire village was listening to him, he exclaimed, "Everyone, Uzumaki Naruto has returned!" He continued to scan the area, until his eyes set on the mountain in which the Hokage's faces were carved. That's when he noticed the new addition. "They added Tsunade Baa-chan's face to the mountain!" Suddenly he heard a familiar voice from below the post.

"Naruto? Naruto, is it you?" He looked down to see Sakura, Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi. "When did you get back, Naruto?" Sakura asked. "Just now!" Naruto replied before jumping down from the tall post to be reunited with his old teammate. "It's been a while, Sakura-chan." Naruto said, a big grin plastered on his face. That's when Sakura began to notice how much he changed. "You're taller than me now, aren't you?" she stated, more in disbelief than an actual question. Naruto then measured her head to his. "Huh. You're right."

Sakura blushed before asking Naruto, "What do you think? Am I more womanly now?" Naruto, totally clueless to what was the proper response, simply stated "It's fine. You haven't changed at all!" and gave Sakura a thumb-up and an even bigger grin. Everyone except Naruto just stood there, wondering if he was really that clueless. In Naruto's mind, that was a compliment. He had always thought Sakura was perfect, no matter how badly she treated him. So he didn't understand why she suddenly looked mad at him and turned her back to him.

"Naruto-niichan!" Naruto turned to find a puff of smoke encircling a fair-skinned, dark-haired woman staring at him seductively, the smoke just barely keeping her decent. Jiraiya's attention was immediately caught, as was everyone else's in the area. Suddenly, the woman poofed into smoke, and was replaced by Konohamaru. "How was that? Had some real 'oomph' to it, right?" the now-genin asked. Naruto laughed, leading Konohamaru to wonder what was going on. Naruto then replied, "Konohamaru, I'm not a kid anymore. So you shouldn't use techniques like that anymore, either." Everyone was silent for a moment, wondering what happened to their old, immature, annoying Naruto in the past three years to make him get so serious. That thought was shattered with the next thing to come out of Naruto's mouth.

"That technique is too weak! Behold, my newly developed perverted ninjutsu! Here I go!" Naruto yelled. Suddenly, a fist hurled at him, pounding into his face with superhuman strength and sending Naruto flying across the ground. "You idiot!" Sakura yelled. Everyone in the area was terrified of Sakura, and didn't want that anger directed at them. She then walked over to where the lower half of Naruto's body was sticking up out of the ground and yanked him out of there by the leg, then grabbed him by the collar and yelled at him angrily. "On the inside you haven't grown at all! Don't make me beat you senseless when I've only seen you for two minutes after not seeing you at all for three years! What about my sparkling admiration of you?! You should be sad!" She kept yelling on and on for a while. She had definitely picked up a trait or two from Tsunade in the past few years."As I thought, Sakura-chan hasn't changed at all. Actually, I think she's become more violent than before." Naruto thought, while Sakura was still yelling and began to shake him.

Later, after Sakura finally stopped lecturing Naruto, he went to his apartment. It had gathered a considerable amount of dust while he had been gone, so he opened a few windows to let it air out. He grabbed his wallet and went back into the village. After three years, there was something he couldn't wait any longer to have. He walked through the streets of Konoha, waving at the occasional passerby that greeted him. Finally, he reached his destination. He sat down on a stool and gave an enthusiastic shout. "Oi! Old Man!" Teuchi turned around and nearly dropped a customer's bowl when he saw Naruto sitting in front of him, all grown up. "Naruto!" Teuchi exclaimed. "It's been so long! Ayame, look who it is!" Teuchi's daughter turned and froze in place, then suddenly shouted "Naruto-kun! Welcome back! You've grown so much!" Naruto sat there grinning. He was loving the attention everyone was giving him today. "You really think so?" he asked Ayame. "Definitely!" she replied, blushing a bit. Teuchi cut in, "Great to have you back, Naruto, what can I get you? It's on me!" Naruto could hardly believe his ears. "You mean it, Old Man? All right! Hmm, what should I get...Oh! Get me three miso ramen, extra chashu!" Everyone laughed. His taste sure didn't change, nor did his appetite. "You got it. Coming right up!"

Naruto was trapped in his own little world, thinking about the delicious ramen he would soon devour. So he didn't notice when Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji yelled and ran at him. Or rather, Ino and Chouji, while Shikamaru lazily strolled over to the crowd. Chouji was the first to say something. "Oi, Naruto! You have time to go to Ichiraku, but you don't have time to say hello to your friends?" Naruto stared at him blankly, wondering if he was really serious. "I'm kidding, Naruto! Though, you could have invited me for some ramen...But it's okay!" Ino suddenly interrupted. "Naruto! How long have you been back? Where did you go? Did you get to-" Shikamaru finally cut in. "Oi. Would you two give him a break? The guy just got back, and is probably waiting to enjoy his food in peace for the first time in a while. Geez, you two are so troublesome..."

"It's all right, Shikamaru, really." Naruto stated. Teuchi chose that moment to place the first bowl in front of Naruto. Naruto shifted his attention to his ramen, grabbed his chopsticks, and prepared to dig into the glorious ramen from Ichiraku for the first time in years. He broke his chopsticks, shouted "Itadakimasu!" and then proceeded to dig into his meal. Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, and everyone else there could do nothing but just watch in happiness and slight horror as Naruto scarfed down his miso ramen with what seemed to be inhumanly fast speed. How he was not hurling his guts onto the floor, nobody could figure out. Within two minutes, he was asking for his next bowl. This snapped everyone out of their daze. "Another bowl!" Teuchi shouted back at the cooks.

Everyone ended up sitting down and ordering their own bowls, chatting with Naruto about his trip and the stuff he did. After about an hour, everyone decided to leave and do other things with their day. Chouji and Shikamaru went to go cloud-watching. Ino went back to the flower shop. Naruto started aimlessly walking through the village. Here and there, he would notice a few changes, such as a new shop. But for the most part, everything was the same. Before he knew it, Naruto somehow ended up in front of the Academy. He sat on the old swing hanging in the tree. It was like yesterday that he was sitting in the exact same spot, all alone and sad, while everyone in his class was being picked up by their parents. Everyone except him. The swing he was now sitting on used to be a symbol or sadness and loneliness. Now that was just a memory.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a giant, white, growling creature pouncing on him, making him fall out of the swing and onto the ground with a loud thud. He prepared to attack when the animal lunged for his face, but stopped when he realized it was just licking him. Closer observation revealed it to be a very large white dog. "Now, now, no need to get so defensive, Naruto! Surely you didn't think Akamaru was trying to kill you?" shouted a laughing Kiba. Naruto couldn't understand what was so funny, since he wasn't the one being nearly devoured by a giant animal. "Kiba, call this creature off me!" Akamaru then whined, hurt by being called a "creature". Kiba called Akamaru over to him, and the giant canine sprinted over to him. Naruto sat up, carefully studying the dog. What he said next was the result of two minutes of silent observation.

"Kiba, your dog is freaking huge! What the hell happened?" Kiba looked at Naruto, then back to Akamaru, not getting what he meant. "What are you talking about?" he asked Naruto. Naruto couldn't believe he didn't know what he meant. "What am I talking about? Akamaru must have grown fifty times his size!" Kiba then stared blankly at him, completely clueless. "Really? I hadn't noticed." he replied. Naruto was about to reply, when he felt a creepy chill coming from behind him. He turned around, and jumped back about ten feet. Behind where he previously sat was a hooded, masked figure, with shades over his eyes, standing in the tree's shadow.

"It's been quite some time, Naruto." The figure stepped out from the shadows to stand a couple feet away. Naruto pointed, yelling "Who the hell are you?!" His arm started shaking more and more, along with the rest of his body, the closer the figure walked towards him. He didn't understand why Kiba seemed to be so calm. Why wasn't he attacking? The figure calmly replied "It's me." Naruto stopped shaking and moved a bit closer, trying to figure out who it was. He stared only a few inches away from his face, examining to see if he looked familiar. A beetle slowly flew out of his hood. "Oh! You're um...You're...Uh...Who are you again?" The figure sighed. "Even if it's been a while, you should remember your comrades' faces. You may hurt their feelings, otherwise." Naruto squinted his eyes. "That annoying way of talking..." he thought to himself. Suddenly he got it. "You must be...Shino!"

"So you finally remembered?" Shino said, with slight disappointment. "Nobody's going to recognize you with your face all covered up, Shino." Kiba interjected. Shino sighed, even more disappointed. Then Naruto realized someone was missing. "Oi, Kiba, where's Hinata-chan?"


Hinata walked around the streets of Konoha searching for Shino or Kiba. But she was having no luck at all. "Where could they be?" she thought to herself. She looked up at the rooftops of the buildings around her, bored out of her mind. She stopped when she realized she was standing in front of Naruto's apartment. She had made a bit of a habit of ending up there ever since he left with Jiraiya to go train. She wished he would return soon. If only she weren't so shy, she could have told him how she felt about him before he left. But she was, and she didn't. She often wondered if he thought about her while he was away, but then brushed the thought aside, thinking there was no way he'd be thinking about her. "He loves Sakura-chan, and she's so pretty, why would he waste his time thinking about me?" she thought to herself, sadly. She then kept on walking towards the Academy. As she walked along, someone whistled at her. She had learned to ignore it by this point, at least mostly. She always gained a bright red blush.

Over the past few years, Hinata grew up in many different ways. Her long, dark blue hair now covered most of her back. Her breasts grew tremendously, going from a B-cup, all the way to a DD-cup. Even with her baggy coat on, there was no hiding them. Not only that, but she became very curvy all over her entire body. Her endlessly long legs gracefully moved, entrancingly. The Hyuuga heiress was a complete knockout. Everybody wanted her. Except Hinata didn't care about that. She only wanted one man to want her that way. And she had no idea when he would return.

She turned the corner to the Academy building. There, she saw Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru together. They were with an unknown person wearing an orange tracksuit. That should have set off her radar, but for some reason it didn't. She noticed Shino seemed to be upset about something, which seemed odd to her, because he usually was very calm and nearly emotionless. Her attention was turned back to the stranger. He had a forehead protector on, so he was most likely a ninja. Something about him seemed very familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. A breeze blew by, making his blonde hair flow wildly. "Blonde hair? Orange track suit? Could it be?!" Hinata thought, hoping so badly that it was really Naruto. She was now close enough that she could hear bits of what was being said. Which is why she suddenly gasped when she heard the orange-clad figure say her name. The normally graceful kunoichi then proceeded to blush profusely and fall backwards onto the ground, unconcious.


Naruto heard a faint, high pitched gasping sound, and turned around to see Hinata staring back at him for a second, her face bright red. He then saw her eyes roll back, and she fell to the ground.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto exclaimed, worriedly. He then sprinted as fast as he could to her. He started to lift her so her back would rest propped up onto his lap. That's when he noticed she had become a bit heavier. He knew she had probably grown, but why would she weigh that much. His question was soon answered when he noticed her chest moving up and down as she breathed deeply in her unconscious state. "Where the hell did those massive things come from? I mean...not that I'm complaining..." Naruto thought to himself. He slowly took in her body, and how greatly she had changed. She no longer looked like a little girl. She looked like an elegant, poised, beautiful woman. And lying there unconscious, she looked like the embodiment of perfection and beauty. Her pale cheeks had a slight rosy tone to them left over. Naruto thought she looked stunning.

"Wow. So much has happened since I've been gone. When did that awkward little girl become this beautiful woman in front of me? What else have I missed?" Hinata stirred a little, snuggling against Naruto's stomach. "Naruto-kun..." She moaned in her sleep. "Did she just moan my name? What the hell is going on? And why do I find this so cute?" Naruto was so confused. Hinata moaned in her sleep again, but this time Naruto found it more arousing than cute. "Is she having a sex dream about me? Innocent little Hinata-chan having a sex dream? Uh-oh. Red alert. I have to wake her up quick. This is getting a bit too arousing." But before Naruto could do anything, he felt the crotch of his pants tighted against him as his member hardened in his lap, right where Hinata's head was lying.

"Crap! Now what do I do? If I wake her up, everybody will notice. But if I don't she'll just keep turning me on! There has to be a way out of this, but what?!" As if on cue, Naruto and everybody else looked up to see a green-clad person quickly approaching them all. "Naruto-kun!" yelled the guy. Everybody all had the same thought. "Oh. Crap."

Rock Lee suddenly burst into the area, leaving a trailing cloud of dust behind him. "Naruto-kun!" Lee yelled once again, "Welcome back! After three years you must have trained hard enough to become ten times as strong as before!" Lee then struck a fighting pose, motioning with his hand to come at him. "Please fight me, Naruto-kun!" Everyone was quiet, each having a little sweat-drop moment, while also waiting for Naruto's response. "I, uh..." Naruto didn't know how to respond. This isn't exactly what he had in mind, but he silently thanked Lee for bursting in when he did. His arousal quickly dissipated, and Hinata was stirring awake from all the noise.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata sleepily questioned. "Ah, Hinata-chan! You had me worried for a moment! Are you all right? What happened?" Naruto questioned profusely, doing what he could to get the subject away from sparring with Lee. Hinata began blushing again, while trying to think of an explanation. "Oh, I-I, eto, I was w-walking a-a-and, I...Um..." She just couldn't get the words out. She had thought she was past the stuttering, but apparently she was wrong. She wished she had a distraction so she could calm herself. Suddenly, as if Lee could read minds today, he interrupted again, prodding Naruto for an answer. "Naruto-kun! Fight me, now!"

Naruto suddenly got an idea. "Oi, Fuzzy Eyebrows, how about a challenge instead?" Lee stared at him for a moment. "What kind of challenge?" Naruto smirked, quite proud of himself for this idea. "On top of the Hokage Mountain, there is a small rock, scattered among the other rocks. It has a unique shape, like a star. If you can find that exact rock before sunset, I will fight you. What do you-" Before Naruto could even finish, Lee was already running at full speed towards the Hokage Mountain. "Well, that'll buy me some time." He thought to himself. Everyone just stared at him in disbelief. Was that really all it took to get rid of Lee?

Naruto then turned his attention to Hinata. "Sorry about that, Hina-chan, what were you saying?" Hinata, thinking she had been saved from having to continue, looked at Naruto and slowly turned a bright crimson color. She began to open her mouth to try and say something, but then quickly lost consciousness again. Naruto began to panic when this happened, not used to her constant fainting after three years. He then decided to lift her unconscious body up off the ground, and he proceeded to carry her bridal style, as he made his way to Konoha Hospital. Nobody else knew what to say, they just stared at the two as they got further and further away.