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"Just what the hell is going on here!?" Hiashi shouted.

Naruto and Hinata stared up at Hiashi in shock, hardly believing he was really standing there before them, especially now of all times. Neither could say anything as he stared them down, his reddening face set in anger and confusion. His gaze then turned to Naruto, his eyes cold with disgust and his voice sharp like a blade as he spoke.

"Boy, if you don't release her this instant…" Hiashi threatened.

Naruto blinked in confusion, looking from Hiashi to Hinata to his arms wrapped around her. Suddenly it registered, and he immediately let go, holding up his arms as if he were surrendering, all while giving Hinata an apologetic look, to which she nodded in understanding. Hinata turned to look at her father, her nervousness obvious in her shaking voice.

"Eto…Father…Why are you—"

"Why am I here, you ask?" Hiashi interrupted. "I'm here to figure out why my daughter has been in the hospital for the past three hours, and I was just now informed about it. What has happened to you?"

His voice was emanating power and superiority, along with a hint of arrogance, and Hinata felt so powerless against him. What was she supposed to say? How could she explain to her father that not only was she pregnant, and with Naruto's baby at that, but that she was also miscarrying? Hiashi then turned his pale gaze to Naruto, his eyes filled with disgust and annoyance at the blonde.

"And you, brat. Get out. You have no business here with my daughter, and I never want to see you near her again, let alone putting your hands on her. Learn your place."

Anger flashed in Naruto's eyes, and he immediately stood to defend Hinata and himself.

"Oi, I have plenty of business being here! Why don't you leave? All you are doing is making everyone upset, especially Hina-chan!"

Hiashi's eyes widened at disbelief at Naruto's outburst, and he only became angrier.

"Why you—How dare you speak to me that way, you insignificant little brat! And don't speak so familiarly about my daughter! I guess I'll have to teach you your place after all, you damnable fiend."

Hiashi took a step towards Naruto, anger clouding his judgment and making him lose his composure, forgetting that he was in a hospital for the moment. He took another step forward, when something caught his eye. He looked to his right and froze when the screen of the ultrasound monitor came into view. Slowly, his gaze shifted from the screen to Hinata, making her nervous and scared.

"Hinata…" His voice came out slow and dangerously calm. "…What is that?"

Hinata gasped at her father's words, not knowing what to do. There was no lying at this point. But while she knew she could not lie, she could not bring herself to say the words. She was scared beyond belief, and all she could do was stutter, hoping there would be some way out of this.

"A-Ano…I-I…That is…Well…I-I can—"

"That," Naruto interrupted, gesturing at the monitor. "Is my business here!"

Hiashi whipped his head over to look at Naruto, and they both stared into each other's heated eyes. Nobody said a word for a moment, and the room was filled with a fierce tension. Finally, Hiashi closed his eyes, breaking their eye contact. Without looking at her, Hiashi spoke softly, yet the dangerous tone in his voice was still evident.

"Hinata…Is it true?" he asked, motioning towards the monitor.

He slowly opened his eyes, glancing towards her. His face was still serious and angry, but in his eyes, Hinata could not help but notice something else when he looked away from Naruto to look at her. Was it disappointment? Hinata could not bear it, turning her head to avoid his eyes. Her response, after a moment of silence, was a small, simple nod that was barely noticeable, but Hiashi saw it. He closed his eyes once more and sighed. He then opened his eyes again to meet Naruto's azure stare.

"Tell me, brat," Hiashi spat. "How exactly is this any of your business? And if I were you, I would choose your words carefully."

Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but hesitated. There was so much that he wanted to say, so many things he wanted to shout at the top of his lungs at this man, and yet he knew that he was risking causing Hinata even more trouble. Hiashi was right. He had to choose his words carefully. He glanced towards Hinata, who looked back into his eyes. She looked scared and defeated, and he knew this situation was only making things tremendously worse for her already fragile state. Then, to his surprise, she nodded at him.

'It's okay.' she mouthed.

Naruto gave her a concerned look, but she simply nodded again. Naruto sighed deeply. He really did not want to make the situation any worse, which he knew would happen if he opened his mouth. But if Hinata thought it should be said, he would do it. He trusted her, perhaps more than he even trusted himself. Naruto turned back to look into Hiashi's judging eyes that dared him to say what was coming next.

"It is my business…" He glanced once more at Hinata before finishing. "Because it is my baby."

Hiashi's fists clenched to the point that his knuckles were visibly white. Naruto swallowed hard, waiting for the inevitable blow-up. Hinata slowly looked up to see her father's reaction. His face was red as a beet, and his whole body seemed to be shaking. For one that came from a background of discipline and composure, Hinata had never seen her father so impossibly angry before then. If he had any control left, it was running out.

She was no longer scared for herself, but for Naruto. If her father was this angry, she did not know what to expect. She had to do something…anything…But she could not make her body move. She could not speak. She could only watch and feel the tears well up in her eyes. Why was she freezing up now? Perhaps through everything, all of her training, all of her time spent with Naruto and gaining confidence, there was still a part of her that was scared of her father's anger and disapproval. And she hated that part of her. Hiashi took that moment to finally speak, bringing her out of her thoughts.

"You…You…Defiled my daughter…" Hiashi hissed in anger.

"N-No, I—"

Naruto uselessly tried argue before being shouted over.

"I am going to fucking kill you!"

"No, father!" Hinata managed to scream.

"HIASHI!" Tsunade shouted as she flung the door to the side. "You will do no such thing to that boy! Leave here at once!"

Hiashi spun around to face the angry Hokage with furious eyes.

"I will not leave here until I finish what I was about to start!" he shouted.

"You dare defy a direct order from your Hokage?" Tsunade challenged.

"You do not understand the severity of this situation, Hokage-sama." Hiashi shot an arm out to point at Naruto behind him. "That…That thing...defiled….raped my daughter!"

Tsunade, fed up with Hiashi's mindless, angry banter, rolled her eyes at him. This had gone far enough, and she was tired of his damned superiority complex and forgetting who was in charge of things around here.

"Oh shut up, Hiashi. Nobody raped anybody." Tsunade barked.

Hiashi's eyes widened. Nobody, especially not a Hokage, had ever spoken to him like that. But the shock quickly faded, and he responded in the same hysterically angry manner he had been before.

"Then…Then how…How do you explain that!?" he shouted, motioning at the monitor.

"We had sex."

Everything went silent, and everybody in the room turned to look at Hinata in disbelief. She had not stuttered, she had not mumbled, nor whispered. She had her head lowered to stare at her hands clenching the sheets covering her, concealing her face from everyone. But she was perfectly clear to everyone in a confident voice that nobody had expected. And yet, there was one who required her to repeat herself.

"What did you just say, Hinata?" Hiashi asked.

Hinata visibly shook, and everyone heard her sobs as she looked up to meet her father's eyes, tears streaming down her face as she cried.

"I…I said that I was not raped." Hinata sobbed, her voice clear and serious despite her crying. "I said Naruto-kun and I had sex—No, we made love. Voluntarily."

"Hinata, what on earth could possess you to make such a choice!?" Hiashi demanded.

"Because we love each other!" Hinata shouted, her voice growing angry. "I am his girlfriend, father! I love him, and he loves me, and now we have lost the baby we did not even know we had, and you are only making it more difficult!"

"Hinata, you—"

"Let me finish!" she interrupted, taking everyone aback. "Whether you like him or not, I love him. I will not stop loving him. You can restrict me all you wish, but that has not stopped me from seeing him so far, and it will not in the future. I'm sick of how you talk about him, like he is not even a person. He did not ask to be the host for the Kyuubi, and yet you treat him as if he were the beast himself. He is in my life, and will not stop being in my life. So you must choose to either stop treating and speaking of him so horribly, or lose me forever. No matter what you choose, I would like you to leave so that we can grieve our loss in peace and so I can rest."

The entire room was shocked into silence. Especially the men in the room. Hiashi was shocked that his daughter not only stood up to him, angrily at that, but admitted to having a secret romance with the boy behind his back. She admitted to defying him for who knew how long. She admitted to consenting to him bedding her, to doing it of her own free will, and calling it love. When had she grown to willingly defy her own father? What had he missed? He glanced over at the blonde shinobi, and realized the answer.


Naruto did not know what to say. He had not asked, nor had he ever imagined Hinata to defend him so thoroughly, or at all for that matter. She was putting herself on the line for him. For their relationship. He knew that to outright defy her father was something she had never dared before now, and that it could have horrible consequences. He had never seen her so angry before. She was willing to go that far for him…

He moved towards her again and grasped her hand in his own. If she was willing to put herself on the line, then why should that stop him? He would support whatever decision she made, even if doing so scared the hell out of him.

Hinata glanced at him from the corner of her eye, meeting his gaze. He gave her a small smile of encouragement, to which the room witnessed her return. There was no denying it anymore. Hiashi finally broke the silence.

"…Very well. I will be on my way back to the Hyuuga compound now."

They both turned their heads to look at him. He was no longer reddened with rage or shaking. The violent look in his eyes had been replaced with a calm one. He looked every bit the embodiment of a Hyuuga: calm, collected, sophisticated, and noble. Hiashi took that moment to turn his back and begin making his way out. He paused in the doorway one last time.

"However, I expect you to arrange to meet with me by the end of the week. Both of you, that is. Goodnight, Hinata."

He continued out of the doorway and out of the hospital, leaving them to process his words. Naruto fell back into his chair, releasing a breath he had not realized he had been holding.

"Well, it seems you two have everything under control now." Tsunade said as she walked towards them.

She gently placed a hand on Hinata's shoulder, causing the girl to look up at her. She smiled down at Hinata, a motherly look on her face. Hinata was taken aback, having never seen this side of the Hokage before. She was used to seeing power and authority in the older woman, but instead she saw warmth and affection and sincerity.

"Hinata, you did very well tonight. I know this had to be devastating, and yet you handled yourself wonderfully. Your father's outburst had to have made things drastically harder for you, but you showed true strength, and it shows in you still. You are well on your way to becoming a strong, confident woman."

Tsunade looked to Naruto and smiled.

"And you have a wonderful support right here by your side."

Naruto smiled at Tsunade, and then at Hinata, to which she returned. She could not help the small yawn that escaped her, however, as the evenings events began to take their toll on her.

"You must be greatly exhausted. I'll be on my way so you can rest, Hinata. And Naruto, I trust that you will be spending the night with her?" Tsunade asked.

"Of course." Naruto replied.

"Very well, then. I will have a nurse bring you some blankets in a moment."

"Thanks, Baa-chan." Naruto said.

"Well, I'm going to go to bed for the night. I'd suggest you two do the same. If you need anything, press the call button and a nurse will come help you." Tsunade waved as she walked out. "Goodnight, you two."

"Goodnight." they replied simultaneously as she slid the door shut behind her.

They were now alone together in the hospital room, sitting in silence. All of the events of the night ran through their heads as it all sank in. After a long moment, Naruto placed his other hand on Hinata's, holding them both in his own. She looked up into his eyes, her own eyes reddened and swollen from crying, and a pink tinge staining her cheeks.

"Hinata…Why did you do all of that?" Naruto asked her softly.

He brushed his thumb over her pale hand, damp from tears that had fallen on it. Hinata did not answer immediately, thinking carefully. It had all just come out, in truth. She had not thought of why she did it, just that she needed to say it, to break free from the freezing fear that had been consuming her. After about a minute, she finally answered.

"I do not want to be so afraid around him anymore." she started. "And the way he spoke to you made me so angry…I refuse to be his weak-willed, obedient daughter anymore. If he wishes to treat those I love like trash, then he is no father of mine."


She looked into his eyes once more, determination burning in her own. The tears had dried, and he saw that confident, determined woman that he had seen at the beginning of their training, on their mission, and only moments ago.

"He will just have to accept that I am with you, or he will have to lose me." Hinata continued.

"Hina-chan, you do not have to do that for me. Really." Naruto told her.

Hinata shook her head.

"Yes I do. Not just for you, Naruto-kun, but for both of us. I'm tired of having to sneak around and hide our relationship in fear of him."

Naruto sighed. "So am I. But I never would have pushed you to go against your father. Especially now…"

"It's fine." Hinata replied. "It was necessary to do."

"Are you sure about all of this, Hina-chan?" Naruto asked her.

"I am. Though do we really have a choice at this point?"

Naruto squeezed her hand, smiling at her lovingly. How had he been so lucky to find someone like her?

"Well, I will support anything you choose." he told her.

"Thank you." Hinata answered, squeezing his hand back and smiling at him. How had she been so lucky to find someone like him?

The door to their room then slid open as a nurse entered the room with a small stack of blankets.

"Sorry to disturb you two, but Tsunade-sama asked me to bring these in for you, Uzumaki-san. I also need to change your IV fluid for the night, Hyuuga-san."

The nurse handed Naruto the blankets before moving to Hinata's bedside table. She noticed the monitor was still on, and Hinata was staring at it, a look of sadness on her face.

"Would you like me to shut the monitor off, Hyuuga-san?" she asked.

Hinata nodded, and the nurse flipped the switch on the monitor, turning the screen black. She then continued to change the IV fluid pack to make sure it lasted several more hours. When she finished, she turned to the both of them.

"You both should get some rest. If you are feeling well and everything goes smoothly, Hyuuga-san, you should be able to go home tomorrow." She bowed to them respectfully. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." They replied yet again.

She quickly left the room, shutting the door behind her once more and leaving them alone again. Naruto yawned loudly, suddenly realizing how tired he was after all. He focused his sleepy gaze on Hinata, who was smiling at him lovingly.

"She's right, Hina-chan. You should rest now so that your body can heal faster." Naruto suggested.

"You're right. I am pretty tired." Hinata replied, her eyes feeling heavy and difficult to keep open now that he mentioned it.

Naruto stood up and made his way across the hospital room to the light switch on the wall. He flipped it, and the room went dark. After a moment, his eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he noticed the moonlight shining its pale rays on Hinata, as if it were a spotlight just for her. He made his way back to her, scooting his chair closer so he could be right next to her.

Hinata pulled the blankets up over her body, shifting a little on the mattress to get comfortable, careful not to move in any way that would cause herself more pain. Once she was comfortable, she relaxed, and she felt her eyes slowly drift closed. Before she could feel them completely shut, she felt the bed shift slightly. Turning over, she came to find Naruto leaning over her and smiling.

"I didn't get to give you your kiss goodnight." he explained.

She smiled and he leaned forward, pressing his lips lightly to hers. It did not last very long, but it left them smiling at each other in joy, despite all of the traumatic events that transpired that evening.

"I love you, Hina-chan." Naruto whispered.

"I love you too, Naruto-kun." Hinata answered back, her voice a whisper as well.

She was then surprised by what Naruto did next. Hinata watched as Naruto traveled down her body to her stomach. Placing a hand lightly over it, he bent down and kissed it softly.

"And I love you, too." he whispered. "Even though we were not together very long, I love you. And I know your mother does, too. You watch over her, okay?"

Hinata could not help the tears that welled up in her eyes. He really would not have minded a baby at this point in their lives. She was so thankful that Naruto was so supportive and caring. She truly felt lucky to have someone as wonderful as him in her life.

Naruto then moved his way back up to face her, and she noticed that he also had tears in his eyes. He placed a hand on the back of her head and bent down to kiss her forehead, leaving her with a sense of warmth and happiness.

"Goodnight, Hina-chan."

He then sat in his chair and pulled his blankets around him, closing his eyes as he tried to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Hinata shifted on her mattress again and pulled the blankets tightly around her.

"Goodnight, Naruto-kun."


Sakura, along with Mayuri and one other nurse, were the only ones working in the lab. Because of how little people were in the hospital that night, there was not a big need for staff, so they were the only ones there aside from those at the front desk. They had been working diligently for the past couple hours, and were on the last two tests of the blood samples taken from Hinata. Everything seemed to be okay, so Sakura figured they were pretty much finished. The last two tests were for pregnancy hormone levels and foreign substances.

They were routine tests done on kunoichi as a precaution, so she expected nothing from them. However, as luck would have it, Sakura was unpleasantly surprised. She was conducting the pregnancy hormone test to check the amount of the hormone in the blood. She expected it to come back with a simple zero, but her jaw dropped as she concluded her test. At that moment, the door to the lab slid open, revealing Tsunade.

"I figured I'd stop by before I left." Tsunade explained. "There is no longer a need for the pregnancy test. We have already diagnosed her condition."

Sakura's jaw dropped slightly, catching Tsunade's attention.

"Is something wrong, Sakura?" Tsunade asked.

"I-I…I just…I mean…" Sakura stuttered, unable to find the words.

"Spit it out, Sakura, I want to go home." Tsunade interrupted.

Sakura swallowed hard before forcing herself to speak of what she just witnessed.

"What I'm trying to say…Is that I just finished that test, Shishou…" Sakura told her, her eyes darkened with sadness.

"Oh, I see…" Tsunade replied.

There was a moment of silence between them. Tsunade could see that Sakura was troubled by this news, for whatever reason. If she had come a moment earlier, perhaps this could have been avoided.

"How far along?" Sakura asked.

While it was not necessarily any of Sakura's business, she decided to humor the kunoichi. The last thing she needed was for Sakura to become unstable again.

"Six and a half weeks." she simply replied.

Sakura looked up at her quickly, an alarmed look in her eyes.

"But, the hormone levels are too—"

"Too low? Yes, that would be right." Tsunade finished for her.

"But that's means that it's—"

"Gone? Yes." Tsunade finished once again.

"Oh my…Poor Hinata…I can't imagine…" Sakura thought out loud.

She could not believe she started to think so selfishly. Being jealous of Hinata being pregnant was downright ridiculous. Naruto was not hers, and she needed to accept that once and for all. But once she realized that they had lost the baby, all of that was washed away. She felt sadness for them. She could not imagine the heartbreak and pain they were going through, both emotionally and physically.

"Well, I'm going to go to bed now." Tsunade said, pulling Sakura out of her thoughts. "If there is nothing else—"


"What is it, Mayuri?"

Mayuri came quickly up to Tsunade, a clipboard in hand. She finished writing something down really quick before handing her the clipboard.

"I just finished the foreign substance test." Mayuri explained. "You have to see this, Tsunade-sama. Look here."

She pointed to a spot on the clipboard, and Tsunade's eyes widened.

"What is it?" Tsunade asked.

Mayuri shook her head. "I have no clue. However, we found small amounts in the blood sample taken from the girl. By now they should be out of her system, but to be in this amount just a few hours ago means they had to be in an extremely high amounts when first administered."

"And you have never seen this before?" Tsunade inquired.

"I have not." Mayuri replied. "From what I can tell, it seems to be some form of anesthetic, but none that I have seen before. It seems to have no other harmful effects, but it is suspicious as to how such high amounts got in her system to begin with."

"Very suspicious." Tsunade agreed. "Are you sure there is nothing else that could cause her harm? No foreign chemicals or poisons?"

"None. Everything else was absolutely normal."

"Good." Tsunade said. "You three are dismissed for the night. Go home and get some rest, and we'll give the test results before discharging her tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone."

"Goodnight, Tsunade-sama." Mayuri and the other nurse said.

"Goodnight, Shishou…" Sakura said.

Sakura had a bad feeling about how that substance got into Hinata's blood. She could not figure out why, but she just did. She took a deep breath. It had been a long, stressful night, and she reassured herself that it was harmless, that Hinata was going to be fine. She exited the lab and looked up and down the halls. There was nobody in sight except for the nurses at the front desk. It appeared that even Kakashi had been tired out, and had gone home. She glanced at the clock on the wall and did not blame him. On that note, she clutched her bag of clothes tightly and made her way out of the building.