Vengeance... The thought stayed with him throughout his waking and sleeping moments. Not only had they stripped him of the system. HIS system.. They had stripped him of something irreplaceable: his pride and dignity. His grip on everything he held was shattered. Now he was trapped; exiled to the dark reaches of something far worse than Hades itself.

From the top of it all to the bottom of the hole, his anger grew as the seconds, the minutes, maybe even the hours passed. But his plans were not what they used to be. He couldn't figure out how to get back to the city. And that was his main problem. If he couldn't get back, he couldn't make its populous suffer greatly. It didn't, or rather wouldn't stop him. He'd be damned if it would.

Thinking was one of the main things that passed the time out here. He thought of the past, and how those sprites aggravated him so. The now Command.Com, the hacker, that boy turned renegade that he would torture immensely, and especially the Guardian. How he hated the guardian out of all of them. Each and every plan was foiled in one way of another by him. If he never came after part of the system was destroyed, nothing would stand in his way. But, of course, he was cursed with that one sprite in the system that was destined to be his.

The more he thought, the more the air around him spun. To try and rid himself of the feeling, he went down on one knee and held his head. Something was changing his metallic skin. A sharp tinge ran down his spine. And all of a sudden everything went back to normal. The area stopped spinning.

Standing up again, he rubbed his temples. And then something caught his eye. The color of his hand. It wasn't the deep blue he knew. It was lighter, almost a sky blue. On his chest he noticed something that he was never supposed to have. A gold icon. The color of a Guardian. He couldn't figure it out. How could the Web turn him into a sprite, a guardian moreover?

And then it hit him. This form, it wasn't really him! It was Bob's! He remembered when he crushed that keytool and felt that surge in his hand. Somehow, part of Bob's code was transferred to him. But... How could he change into Bob? He never could change form before, it wasn't part of his abilities. Unless...

He smiled, like he had come out the victor in a great battle. Unless he was now a Trojan Horse. The memory he retained from the split of Kilobyte's upgraded form told him that very few can harness the power of a Trojan Horse. And he was one of them. With his voice coming from Bob's mouth, he laughed wholeheartedly. He knew that the real Bob was in Mainframe. If and when he got there, he'd destroy everyone's image of what they knew to be true. He would make them all pay, endure things that they had never experienced before. And this time, he would be victorious over them all.

Now all he needed was a way back into the system...