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Drunk On You

A small sigh escapes my lips as I watch her walk away. She wants more than I can give her. We both know it's nobody's fault, but it doesn't stop the guilt. I wanna provide her with stability, with comfort and with assurance, but I can't. My life won't allow me that luxury at this time.

And I've worked too hard to get where I am now to give it all up. If Rose was more sure of herself, then I might say 'fuck it', but she's not. She still needs to find herself, to be on her own and make sure she's ready for a commitment. So, because I'm at one point in my life and she's at another, I can't do a fucking thing except watch her walk away and pray like hell the whole 'if you set it free, it will come back to you' thing is right.

I flop back on the couch, the very couch she fucked me on last night. My pants are still undone and my unknowing pecker has chosen this moment to poke his head out. Memories fill my head as my eyes drift closed and my head drops onto the back of the couch.

Rose's hands as they run all over my inked skin, her mouth as she kissed along the lines of my abs she loves so much. I remember the warmth of her mouth as she pulls my aching cock in and sucks him until he feels much happier. The bounce of her breasts as she rides me hard, just how we both like it. How she bites her lower lip when she's about to come, the way her head drops back, almost as if she's no longer in control of her limbs. Her smile, her eyes, the sweet smell of her skin, the contrast in my tanned hands against her creamy flesh. I can't get enough of her and it pains me to know I am letting her walk away from me.

My cell phone rang, thankfully, it pulled me away from the distraction of what I had just lost. "'Lo," I answer. It's Edward or Jasper, no one else calls me, at least not anymore.

"Dude, bus in a half an hour, you ready?" I stand and button my jeans as I listen. Underwear will have to wait 'til I hit the bus, I probably don't have any clean anyway.

"Yeah, ready as ever, you on your way?" I shove things into the big-assed duffle bag as I talk. A small chuckle escaped Edward's lips, he knew me too well. He knew before he dialed the phone I was not ready. He knows halfway through this tour I will need new socks and underwear because I lost mine already. He also knew today Rose said goodbye and I think this is his way of distracting me.

"Yeah, walking out the door now. I need to stop by Wally's and grab a few things, you too?" I almost laughed at him this time. He didn't need a thing, his anal retentive ass was packed and ready a month ago. He would keep up the charade for me. I loved him for that.

"Yeah, maybe a few things." After a few more grunts and groans, he hung up and I kept packing. When his horn honked for me, I took one last look around the place and wished for a different time, a time when I would walk in with Rose on my arm and we would never leave. "Soon," I whispered.

"Three whole months off after tomorrow's show, can you believe it?" Garrett screamed into my ear, even with my monitor in place I heard him. Loud fucker!

"Yep, three months." I faked my enthusiasm.

We changed shirts and cleaned the sweat off of our faces as the crowd roared for our encore song. The vibe in the stadium was indescribable, it was nights like this that made me glad we pursued the stage. I still missed Rose and wanted her with me, but nights like this almost made up for it … almost!

As we stepped off the stage, Peter stopped me. Peter was our Road Manager, he was in charge of keeping us paid, booked into hotel rooms and taking care of our general shit we needed while on tour. He was a good guy, he never bitched when I asked him, repeatedly, if he left a ticket in Rose's name. He'd just smirk and nod his head.

"Em, uhm, you have a visitor." I used a towel to wipe more sweat off my face as I glanced around. I saw our equipment and roadies, nothing else. No one to indicate who my visitor was.

"You sure, it's me, my folks are in Alaska and I wasn't expecting anyone. You sure they asked for me?" I looked around again. The large dolly that carried the crate for my drums passed me by and there she stood. As sexy as ever, her tight jeans hugged her ass and her flowing top swept across her delicious rack. Her blonde hair was swept off to the side and she glanced up at me from the side of her eyes. She was nervous, super nervous.

I patted Peter on the shoulder and slowly moved toward her. Should I give in or should I punish her for her decision to keep us apart? Big decision. On one hand, she deserved as much leniency as I did; she had dreams to pursue as well. She had every right to chase those dreams. But, I was fucking miserable without her, as cheesy as it sounded, she completed me.

Our arms and legs tangled as we attempted to get into her hotel room as fast as possible. Clothes disappeared as we sought out skin on skin contact. I slid inside her and watched as her eyes rolled back in her head. "God, I've missed you."

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