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Sex on Fire

Work was shit, it was one of those days that just sucked motherfucking ass! Nothing went right and no matter how hard I tried, it just kept getting further and further off track. I didn't have to worry about that anymore, I was home.

Today you had Pilates and a few errands to run. I had no indicators you were even home yet. It was fine with me either way; I needed time to decompress before I saw you. I didn't want to take out this shitty day on you.

I enter the house and immediately find my way back to the pool. It was a labor of love for me. I slaved away and did twice as many tattoos per month as anyone else for almost a year to afford this pool. I used it as my way to relax and unwind. I use it as my workout and I certainly use it to be close to you. More times than we can count, you and I have fucked in this pool, in more ways and positions than I can remember.

I feel the tension already leaving me as I scoff my shirt and pants. I jump in totally naked and swim. The tension leaves my muscles as I do lap after lap.

Fifty laps later, I withdraw from the water, the tension gone and now I am ready for you. I towel off as I slip through the house and into our bedroom. It was then that I saw you.

You … all laid out for me across our bed.

Your feet are planted on the bed.

Your head slightly draped over the edge.

I watch down the line of your body and notice the swell of your breasts as they heave with each breath you take.

Your body glistens with sweat and a light sheen of oil.

My dick hardens, you know how I love to see your skin all oiled up.

I pause in the doorway and watch as your hands run all over your body. Your nipples are hardened and ready for my mouth, your hand hovers over your pussy so I know it is ready for me as well.

"Fuck." The word escapes my mouth before I can stop it.

I see your hand pause before it resumes the gentle touches across your skin.

I long to see you from the other angle, from this angle I have to imagine what you do to yourself, from the other angle, I could see for sure.

To see your fingers buried knuckle deep in yourself, to see the moisture as it shines on your fingers as they make their way in and out of your body.

"Start without me?" I whisper as I step into the room, still naked and now hard.

Your response is a half hum, half word. "Mmmhmmm."

I step around you on our bed and move to the far side as I watch your hands fuck your sweet pussy. I can't wait to bury my face there, to give you the pleasure you deserve. To relieve the stress of the day for both of us. It is my new life goal to suck, lick, simply devour your pussy right the fuck now.

When I finally get to the far side of the bed and stand between your legs, I move your hand out of the way. I lift your legs and push them toward your chest as I lean down closer. I inhale your scent and hold it inside of me. I can't wait to be in your body now that I have put that thought in my mind, maybe that will be next.

I take a gentle swipe through your lips and suck up the moisture your little solo event has created.

"Hmm, I do love it when you are totally soaked. I get it all over my face and I smell you for hours afterward." I pant against your lower lips, my warm moist breath works you up even further. "Look at that, I can see it just leaking out of your sexy lips right now." I dive in and suck your clit into my mouth as my fingers tease your entrance.

I feel your hands as they go to the hair on the back of my head, they pull me in closer to you and press me right against your body. "You are a greedy little thing today aren't you?" You nod your head in spastic jerks, clearly not in your right mind as I continue to assault your body. "Well, then let's see if we can make you come, what do you say to that?"

Your head nods increase as well as the pressure of your hand on the back of my head. My finger slides in and presses against the spongy spot inside of you.

I didn't always know about that spot. In fact, I found out about it by accident. I overheard you on the phone. I heard you tell Rose how awesome it was to come that way. So – now don't laugh – but I Googled it. It's amazing the things you can find on the internet.

A second finger slid in and pressed as well. My right hand taps on your clit as my left hand pulses against your G- spot. I can feel the fluttering, you are so close. Time to turn on the dirty talk to make it happen for you.

"What a good little pet you are, coming for me already. Let me see it, let me see what my hands can do to you." I split my fingers into a v around your clit and massage both sides of it, trapping it between my fingers. I see your thighs begin to shake as I increase the pressure on your insides.

"Oh, please, make me come, Jasper, please."

Your hands fly up to your hard nipples and I watch in rapture as you pinch and pull them in time with my fingers on your pussy. I increase the tempo and again and watch as you do the same. It's still not enough, so I bend closer and suck the tip of your clit into my mouth, massaging around the base and fuck you with my fingers.

I feel the spasms as the fluid begins to leak from your body. It's not the full fledged ejaculate I have seen from you, but we aren't done yet.

Before your legs even stop shaking, I flip you over and pull out the black plug you wore all day. I spread your moisture all over your ass and across my cock. It slides in easily and your muscles grip me tightly as I push my cock slowly into your ass. I love to fuck you this way. We don't always do it but when we do, it's amazing. You grip me so tightly and I love the trust you give me when you allow me to take you this way.

Your fingers slide into your pussy and fill you as I fill your ass. "You want your vibrator?" Your head shakes as you open and close your mouth several times in your attempt to speak.

"No, you, just you."

I push back in as deep as I can get and reach around to help you flick your clit. The deep moans, low in your throat and the shaking of your legs tell me you are going to come again. A quick smack to your ass, followed by two more cause more moans from you.

Your ass tightens around me and I push in several more times.

"Come on Alice, come for me. Let me see you fall apart around my dick." Those few simple words do the trick. You come all over both of us. In fact, I have never seen you come harder or with more ferocity than today. I can't concentrate on it for long because my balls tighten and I feel the sparks of electricity as it shoots through my body. Since I don't take the time to put a condom on, I pull out and come all over your ass, it's much easier to clean up.

"Come here. I love you more than words, you know that, right?"

"I know, I love you too." You kiss my lips and linger a little, no doubt sucking my lips clean of yourself. You're a naughty little minx like that.

"So, what started a solo session today?" I ask.

"I called to ask what you wanted for dinner and Emmett said you had just left. He told me about your shitty day, so I decided to try to make it better for you. Did it work?" Her smile tells me she's happy with her surprise and knows it did work.

"Oh yes, it worked. Now … how about round two?" I grab her sides and flip her over on top of me as she immediately begins to grind against me. Looks like it's going to be a long night.

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