Picture Perfect

SUMMARY: The freshmen of the Films Production club were assigned to make a film tribute centered on a sport. Before all hope was lost, Maki's neighbor just happened to unintentionally save them. Filled with friendships, drama, love, and OCs.

Inspired by: www . youtube watch ? v = xox 0 k 80 HB X0 (delete all the spaces)

Also inspired by: The Royal Guardian by Sokai

NOTE: Maki does not keep her diary dated.

Chapter 1: The Project

Dear Diary,

It was a tradition that the Films Production club was proud to hold. Proud, I'm sure, given how the third and second-years get to stand back and amuse themselves by watching the poor freshmen scramble frantically for an idea and work tirelessly on this project. You'd think that the second-years, who had to go through the same thing, would become vindictive towards such a terrible tradition and would desire to spare their underclassmen, but that certainly wouldn't be the case.

So, here we were, all first-years of the club all congregating before our upperclassmen, fidgeting anxiously by the shifty look in the president's eyes. Yiruma-sempai always looked like he got something under his sleeve, but this time his lips were stretched into a particularly predatory smirk, which successfully struck fear into all of us. Yamato wasn't one to fall craven so easily, but whenever Yiruma-sempai looked like that, he often had this twisted expression on his face, like he's majorly constipated or something.

Anyway, Yiruma-sempai then spills us the news. None of us were happy.

"We are excited to tell you, our cute underclassmen, that you have the honor to carry out such tradition!" Yiruma-sempai exclaimed, and then proceeded smiling cheerfully and creepily. And it's a fact that he's no one's favorite sempai.

Apparently, the tradition was for the first-years to come up with a film tribute centered on something. That something would be decided by the president and vice-president. As the decision-making was still in progress, Shin-sempai and Takami-sempai gave us the outline of this oh-so big project. We had, what, two months to complete a film? Not to mention that it has to be three to four minutes long. Doesn't seem to bad, right? Wrong.

When Yiruma-sempai and Murata-sempai came back, they told us that our topic was sports. Sports. We had to do a film based on sports.

Ugh. I hate my sempais.

I mean, what kind of video could you do on sports? Oh, and it has to be a flipping tribute, so we can't just tape a group of soccer players chasing after a ball and call it a day. Because none of the first-years knew what to do with sports, hence why we joined this club (there was the Home-Economics club, but none of us gave crap about making doilies or how to fry an egg properly), we decided to sit in a circle and think about what to do.

The results of our hard work? We came up with nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing, but we didn't come up with anything good. Hojo came up with something too stupid for me to bother remembering and writing it down. I mostly don't remember what he came up with, but what I do remember was establishing the poll of "Turning down Hojo's lame idea". Yamato and I voted for yes while Hojo tried to sway Kaitani onto his side. But Kaitani was too much of a pushover, so we didn't count her.

When Mom insisted that I should join a club, I should have taken the time to consider what club to join rather than picking the first one that was within my peripheral vision. Not that I had anything against the people here, but the fact that I had a project that I was forced to do, lying now on top of my studies, was deeply troublesome.

Oh, did I say forced? Why, yes, I did. Yiruma-sempai said something about our lack of participation or incompleteness of the project would be marked in our records or something. I don't really know what he said; the guy was being way too vague, but nevertheless I'm not taking any chances. We all weren't.

With love,