Chapter 2: The Neighbor

Dear Diary,

I am at war with myself. I truly am. How can I dislike someone so much yet harbor a die-hard crush at the same time? Whatever magic he's doing this to me, I swear I will find a cure and get revenge. Gut him and slash his throat and all that nice gory stuff.

Gyeeosh, why does Midorima Shintaro have to be so freaking hot and so freaking aggravating? I'm tempted to rip the roots of my hair every time he goes all snobbish with me. But he's sooo hot! I mean, have you ever seen a guy with that bod? And face? And hair? And he's uber smart too. Cut the weird factor and you'd get your stereotypical student council president (he's pretty cute too, by the way).

My friends think I have some sort of birth defect in my brain for thinking someone like Midorima is dreamy. Maybe I do. I don't know.

"Well, if you have a thing for glasses and know-it-alls, I can't judge" was what Kyoko told me.

Darn straight you can't judge.

Now, why did I bring my deeply one-sided love/hate partner-who-is-too-dense-to-see-that-he-is-madly-i n-love-with-me? Well, it all brings down to my neighbor.

That's right, folks. Ryota.

I freaking hate and love that guy at the same time. Not like the way I feel for Midorima, though.

Anyway, it all brings us to the beginning. Ryota was being his normal annoying self. I mean, how can the guy not get tired of greeting someone early in the morning so darn cheerfully? And so early in the morning? I already theorized that he's an alien sent here down to Earth to investigate mankind and whatnot.

I digress. So, the first thing I see in the morning is Ryota—as usual—and hear him call out to me "Morning, Tetsumacchi!" Tetsumacchi? I still don't get it (I've been somehow demoted from Maki-chan to Tetsumacchi—of course I don't get it).

I think what I said was, "Hi." Something short, but still holds the same meaning.

And then he said, "Boy, Tetsumacchi, why're you always so mean? We're childhood friends!" Or something like that.

And then, somewhere along our misdirected conversation, I somehow mention about the project that I'm supposed to do with my fellow club members. Something died in me when I noticed how wide and glittery his eyes became. Usually when Ryota has a stupid plan brewing up in that empty skull of his, his eyes get like that.

But, this time, what he thought up of was GENIUS.

I know, Diary, what a shocker.

You know how I would write in the previous volumes of you about the numerous jacked up schemes Ryota came up with when we were little? Well, I think after signing up with that modeling agency, the boy's grown a couple sensible brain cells. Maybe he stocked up in maturity after hanging out with older people, I don't know. Or maybe those basketball teammates of his back in middle school influenced him—I seldom saw him during those years.

Meh. Whatever. Anyway, as I was saying, Ryota thought up something smart.

A montage! Ha! Why didn't I think of that?

So, how in the world does this have to do with Midorima? Basketball, it has something to do with basketball. You see, the sempais didn't specify much about how we were going to do our sports film, so I'm guessing that it'd be all right if we just focused on the basketball team in our school. And guess what? Midorima's in the basketball team! Eeeeee!

I haven't told the others yet about my idea, but I can tell that they're gonna flip out (in a good way) when I do.

Super duperly thrilled,