It was the tapping of another Smackdown, and Brad was walking around backstage looking for Punk, but all he found was Paul Heyman. When the old man saw him, he walked up to him. "Ah there you are. I would like to talk to you, it's about this `Maddox Experience` or whatever thing. . .I think I know the perfect place for you to shoot it." He wrapped his arm around his shoulder and started leading him away.

"Oh, alright." He smiled a bit and followed him. He lead him through the area and back to a dark room far in the back. .where no one would be able to see or here.

"So I see the Brad Maddox experience back here!" He exclaimed excitedly. "What do you think?"

Brad cocked an eyebrow. "Uhh well. I mean it's a big. .Dark tunnel." he looked at him like he was some kind of nut. Paul walked over to Carson, his camera man and commanded him to shut it down. "What's the problem?" he asked confused, seeing Paul's strange behavior. His camera man was just doing his job. After the camera was off, Paul turned to Brad again.

"Change of plans." Suddenly the black haired young man got a bad feeling. He paused for a moment. ". . .Okay."

"Bad news. Show's cancelled." Paul continued. "What's the problem?" He asked again.

"When CM Punk plucked you from obscurity, you think you're going to make it as a superstar? You were floundering in NXT and we maneuvered you to be the referee at Hell in the Cell. To keep Ryback from winning the title. And we paid you handsomely. And then you kept coming back for more. And coming back for more and coming back for more. Now, when we pay the Shield to do a job, they don't keep coming back for more and coming back for more they wait for us to come to them and say we need help and we pay the Sheild. And yes Brad, we pay the Shield more than we pay you but the Shield is more effective at what they do than you are."

Brad looked away for a second, then looked back. Was this really all about him asking him for a job? He wasn't sure. But he had a feeling it wasn't all about that. He still hated him for trying to get close to Punk. And maybe Punk didn't want him around either. . .

He wasn't sure what to say, he was speechless. But suddenly he felt someone come up behind him. He jumped and quickly turned around. Of course it had to be the Shield. They surrounded him and made him feel uneasy. He looked at Paul, face full of fear. "Problem?" One of the members taunted him.

". . .Paul." He said, trying to keep his voice from shaking. "Yes?" the old man answered. Brad shifted back and forth and looked down nervously. "Please. ."

"Please?" Paul repeated. "Okay? Please." he said again. "I'll leave." He was almost shaking. "Alright? I'll leave. Paul please."

"Shhh." Paul pat his shoulder. "Take this beating like a man." After he said that, his heart dropped, and he was terrified through out his whole body. This can't be happening.

"You wanted an experience." He finished. "Paul just. . ." He tried to stop himself from breaking down and just came out with it the idea, Punk must hate him. He must not want him. "Tell Punk I'm sorry. . .And I'll go." He knew the fear on his face was showing, and when Paul got closer to him and stroked his hair, pressing his face against his, he almost broke out in tears. This isn't happening.

After Paul walked away, he took a deep breath as the three men surrounded him. One wrapped his arm around his neck roughly and drug him down onto the floor. And the three men continued with beating him down.

He tried to protect his stomach the best he could, but it was no use. They were too forceful and strong. When he felt a thick, crimson liquid dripping down his leg, he knew he had lost it.