13 Wishes
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

You thought it was over. Well, not quite. This story can't reach its climax until one last player makes a grab for Skull-13...

...that is, if it wasn't smashed into a thousand pieces after the end of the last chapter...

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Gravity Falls' belong to Disney.

It was morning in Gravity Falls, and the cops were paying a visit to the Gleeful residence.

"Good morning, sheriff!" greeted Bud Gleeful upon opening the door. "What brings you here so early in the mornin'?"

"Word is a bunch of kids went up to Bramble Point for the Night of the Twinkling Stars, and Deputy Durland and I are tryin' to round up suspects."

"Well, I'm afraid you came to the wrong place, officer. Gideon was up in his room all last night, planning his next big show!"

He then looked back at his only child, who was eating cereal on the couch.

"Ain't that right, Gideon?"

"You betcha!" Gideon replied, in his cheeriest tone of voice. "Only the best for my people!"

Sheriff Blubs chuckled. "Is that right? Well, if you see or hear anythin', you be sure to give us a call!"

"Well, by chance, do you boys need a psychic to help?"

"That's nice of you, but we're just one clue away from solving this."

Deputy Durland pulled out a Polaroid and held it out for Gideon, who had come over to look at it, to see. In the photo was a wooden skull.

"We found this suspicious object in the brush underneath the overlook. It seems as if someone threw it there."


"Oh, and we found him."

The sheriff pointed to the squad car, and Soos was in the backseat.

"Don't know what he was doin' up there, but..."

"No need to dilly-dally," Gideon proclaimed. "I've already figured it out! TO THE MYSTERY SHACK, MWA HA HA HA!"

Chapter Seven - Enter... Gideon! (03.25.13)

Dipper was re-reading the section in his book about Skull-13 as he sat on his bed.


He lowered the book from his face and saw Mabel standing in the doorway, wearing a white sweater with an elephant's head on it.

"You saw Wendy throw it over the cliff! It's over!"

"It can't be!" Dipper shouted, not willing to give up that easily. "That's not how these things work... all 13 wishes haven't been used yet! Someone's going to find that talisman and use it!"

"Pfft! No way!"

"Uh-huh way! Remember Pacifica knew what it was - well, kind of - and if she, of all people, knew what she had, you'd have to imagine pretty much everyone else in Gravity Falls has some knowledge of it!"

Mabel sat down next to Dipper and put an arm on his shoulder.

"Look, bro. I know you had your heart set on using that bauble to win over Wendy, but come on! You really wanted it to happen that way?"

"Well... not really."

"Besides, it's not like you're on a time crunch or anything. Right?"

Dipper sighed in defeat as he closed the book. Seeing this, Mabel rejoiced.

"HURRAY! Race ya to breakfast!"

Mabel ran out, and her brother chased after her.


Mabel arrived in the dining room first, and celebrated upon seeing freshly-made waffles on the table. And in Waddles' mouth, who was munching on a couple as he sat in Dipper's chair. By the time Dipper arrived, Mabel had picked up her pig and had moved him over to Grunkle Stan's empty seat.

"There ya go! You show that waffle who's the boss, Waddles! Show 'im!"

As Waddles munched on breakfast, Dipper had a pressing question to get off his chest.

"Where's Grunkle Stan?"

Suddenly, Dipper heard his great uncle's voice, coming from the front door.

Dipper went to the door and saw Stan talking with the police. Stan was looking down in shame at Soos, who was being released from his handcuffs.

"Serves you right!" barked Stan. "You, of all people, walked out on your shift? What am I even paying you for?"

"Actually, sir, you didn't pay me last week..."

"And I'm not gonna unless you get the Shack ready for business! We open in 20 minutes! GET!"

Soos ran off, leaving Stan to deal with the police.

"Alright, boys, how much is it gonna cost me to waive these charges? Wait, I'm thinking of a number... ZERO!"

The sheriff handed Stan a ticket, and he flipped out after seeing it.

"50? For trespassing? THAT'S NOT EVEN A REAL CRIME!"

"Ha ha!" laughed a high-pitched voice from behind the officers. "Stanford thinks his right-hand man is above the law."

Dipper stepped out of the doorway and next to Stan just as Gideon squeezed in between the two officers, revealing himself.

"Gideon? Ugh, should've known you were behind this farce!"

"This isn't a farce, Stanford! I'm just doing my itty bitty part as a citizen of Gravity Falls to uphold the law."

Stan scoffed. "Yeah, right."

"They also found something intriguing at the scene of the crime. THIS!"

He showed them the Polaroid, and Dipper gasped in shock before he could stop himself. And Dipper's reaction was all Gideon needed to know that whatever the object was in the photo, it was something special.

"Oh my! Dipper, do you know what this is?"

Dipper laughed nervously. "No! Of course not! I've never seen that thing in my life!"

Gideon narrowed his eyes in suspicion. But instead of moving on Dipper's slip-up, he handed the photo back to Sheriff Blubs.

"For once, I don't think the Pineses have anything to do with this."

"Agreed," Blubs said, nodding his head. "Let's go, Deputy."

"To go seek out another suspect?"

"No, to get a second round of C&D! Coffee and donuts! WOO!"

They left the scene, heading back into town. Gideon also departed, but he continued to keep his eyes focused on Dipper as he walked off.

"Yeesh!" grumbled Grunkle Stan. "That kid needs to take a long walk off a short pier. Literally!"

Dipper headed back inside.

"Hey, you two better not skip again!" the old man yelled after his great nephew. "We've got five tours of suckers today!"

Upon returning to the dining room, Dipper saw Waddles with his belly facing upwards and his mouth wide open. Mabel was on her knees next to him, holding a nearly-full bottle of maple syrup upside down over the pig's mouth, and was squeezing it out as fast as her hands could make it.

"Chug, Waddles! CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!"


Mabel quickly stashed the bottle behind her back. But she forgot to turn it right-side up, which meant that the syrup was now pouring onto the back of her legs.

"Why now? He can afford his own syrup! ACK! Sticky, sticky!"

She threw the bottle off to the side, and Waddles rolled after it, leaving the twins alone to converse.

"Mabel, he knows about Skull-13! Look, the sheriff had a photo of it! Well, a wooden knock-off, but it looks just like the real thing!"

"Shut up!"

"We have to stop him before he finds the real deal! We've got to get to Bramble Point!"

"Oh, no you don't!"

Grunkle Stan walked in, upset that the twins were planning to skip out on him again.

"But Grunkle Stan..."

"There's no excuse good enough to get you off work today! Now, go help Soos set up! Go, GO!"

"We're going, we're going!" exclaimed Dipper as Stan pushed him and Mabel towards the store.

A few hours later, all was quiet outside the Mystery Shack. Save for Lil' Gideon, who was creeping up to the window to take a peek in inside.

"Alright, Pines boy," Gideon said to himself, "you're hiding somethin' from me and I ain't leavin' 'til I find out what!"

He peered inside and saw that Dipper was sweeping the floor with a broom while Mabel lazily sat behind the cash register, struggling to stay awake.

"Of course, Grunkle left out the bit about all of the tours being in the afternoon, which would've given us plenty of time to get to Bramble Point, search, and get back!"

Mabel groaned. "Face facts, Dipper. Wendy chucked that thing into the next state! We're never, ever gonna see it again. EVER!"

Wendy walked into the room to start her shift...

"Hey, dorks!"

...and you would never guess what she had hanging around her neck.

"WENDY!" Dipper shouted. "Is that... is that?"

The two siblings ran over to her - the latter after spending a few seconds getting her legs unstuck from the side of the stool she had been sitting on - and that got Gideon's attention, as he watched with interest.

"Yep," the redhead confirmed. "That skull that made everyone crazy last night? I didn't really chuck it. I made a fake."

"A fake?"

Flashback to the previous night, right when Robbie left Wendy at Lover's Leap...

"I stargazed for a few, but it got lame pretty quickly," Wendy explained.

Wendy picked up a small, spherical-shaped piece of wood off the ground. Taking a small pocket knife out of her jeans pocket, she proceeded to whittle. A few minutes later, she had finished carving. The end result was an exact replica of Skull-13, despite the fact that, at the time, she had not seen it yet.

A little later, Wendy was seen catching the real Skull-13.

"You guys are seriously messed up, man!"

She started walking away.

"Wendy... what are you doing?"

With her back to everyone else, no one caught Wendy's sleight-of-hand, quickly swapping Skull-13 for the one she had just whittled. She pocketed the real one and threw the fake one off the cliff...

"Wendy, NO!"

...and no one knew any better. Until... now...

"Pretty clever, huh?"

Dipper was stunned in disbelief.

"Whew, that was close!" Mabel said, patting Dipper on the back. "Looks like you get to make that wish, huh, Dip? You know, about Wen-"

Dipper covered his sister's mouth to keep her from blurting out his wish.

"Oh, right!" Wendy recalled. "This thing-a-ma-bob grants wishes!"

"A mountainful of wishes!" blabbed Mabel. "Well, for 13 different people, each only getting one wish."

Dipper elbowed Mabel in the arm. "Mabel!"

"Oh, like she doesn't already know! She was there, remember? Everyone in this room knows!"

"As does this little piggy outside your window, Mabel," mumbled Gideon, from the other side of the window.

He was repressing the urge to laugh out loud as he eyed the talisman hanging from Wendy's neck, already believing that one wish was all he would need to ruin the Pines family once and for all.

To be continued...