13 Wishes
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

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Chapter Nine - The Final Wishes (04.08.13)


Dipper dived out of the way, just avoiding being snatched up by the 30-foot Gideon. He sprinted between the giant's legs as he tried to think of a plan to rescue Mabel.

"COME HERE!" yelled Gideon.

"What am I going to do?" Dipper thought to himself.

Suddenly, he came up with something. Dipper changed direction and made a beeline for Gideon's left leg. But the white-haired boy lifted it up and out of reach as he attempted to turn around. Dipper went for the right leg, but once again, Gideon anticipated it and lifted his leg up.


"No, you stand still!"

They continued this way for several minutes, with Dipper lunging towards one leg, Gideon dodging him, and then switching to the other leg and doing the same. As this was occurring, Mabel was still attempting to pull herself free. She had managed to get her arms out, and she was now using those to give her some leverage.

"Ugh! Umph!" Mabel grunted. "Leggo!"

Pushing against the top of Gideon's hand with all her might, Mabel finally succeeded in freeing herself.


Now standing on top of Gideon's clenched hand, she could see part of a necklace hanging out from the boy's left shirt pocket.

"The talisman!"

She started running on Gideon's right arm. That got Gideon's attention, though, and he diverted his focus from avoiding and/or squashing Dipper to recapturing Mabel.

"Come here, cutie pie!"

Gideon attempted to pluck Mabel from his right arm using his left hand. Mabel, though, dodged it by vaulting upwards and flying towards her captor's shirt pocket. Or more likely, the necklace hanging out of it.

Down below, Dipper got into a position to see his sister, and he could immediately tell what she was doing was dangerous.

"Mabel, NO!"

Mabel closed her eyes and prayed in her mind that her arms were strong enough to not only grab onto the necklace, but to hang onto it. Because if not...


She felt her hands touch the necklace, and she clenched them hard around it, aware that her momentum threatened to pull her off if she did not. With nothing but will power on her side, Mabel managed to secure her hands in a good holding position.

"I did it? DIPPER, I DID IT!"


But it was too late. Gideon lifted the necklace up out of his pocket, with both Skull-13 and Mabel still attached. Gideon snickered as he raised Mabel up until she was at eye level with him. While he did that, though, Dipper finally got a hold of Gideon's left leg, and he started climbing up it.


"How many times do I have to say it?" Mabel screamed as her legs flailed about, while attempting to pull the necklace free. "No means NO!"

Mabel could not break it off, but in the heat of the moment, another good, yet risky idea popped into her head. One that was possible since she was on the short end of the strand.


Dipper, who had climbed up to Gideon's outer thigh by this point, stopped and looked up upon hearing his sister's shout. By that point, she had already put her plan into action...

...and it involved making a second leap of faith, this time from the short end of the necklace to the one with Skull-13 attached. Both boys instantly figured out her plan, as well as the certainly deadly end result.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" they both screamed, seemingly in slow-motion.

In mid-air, Mabel reached for Skull-13. She grabbed a hold of it with all of her might, and without hesitation, made a wish.

"I wish for Skull-13 to be free from the necklace!"

In one instant, the talisman's eyes lit up red, and in the next, the link connected it to the necklace shattered. Gravity took over from there, as Mabel, grasping the trinket in her hands, fell towards Earth.

"MABELLLLLLLLL!" Dipper screamed.

Gideon made an attempt to save the love of his life, scooping his free hand downward in hopes of catching her in time.

That was exactly what Mabel had predicted.

Mabel managed to turn her falling body just enough so that she could just see Dipper out of the corner of her eye. She then chucked Skull-13 as hard as she could in his direction. With Gideon focused on trying to save her life, that left her brother with a clear shot to end it all right there and then.


Dipper gripped Gideon's pant leg tightly with one hand, and then reached up in the nick of time to catch Skull-13 with the other. He already knew what his wish had to be.

It was not the one he wanted, but it was the one he had to make.


The skull's eyes lit up red once more, but this time the ensuing flash of light not only blinded the three of them, but also Grunkle Stan, the Mystery Shack, and the entirety of Gravity Falls and everyone that lived in it.

When the light finally faded several minutes later, Dipper found himself safely on the ground. His first concern was the welfare of his sister. Thankfully, Mabel was just fine, as she was sitting on something a few feet away.

"Mabel! Thank goodness you're okay!"

"No prob!" she exclaimed, as Dipper ran over to help her to her feet. "Gideon broke my fall."

Sure enough, underneath Mabel, with his face and body partially implanted into the ground, was Gideon. Once he felt Mabel's weight shift off of his back, the pompadoured kid pushed himself up to his knees, and then his feet. He spat some dirt out of his mouth as he turned incredulously towards Mabel.

"Sorry. Guess I shouldn't have ate that fifth waffle! Hyuck!"

"Argh!" growled Gideon. "I was so close! Or... maybe I still am! MWA HA HA HA!"

He held up the deed to the Mystery Shack, prompting the twins to gasp in shock. Grunkle Stan, on the other hand - and thankfully, fully dressed once more - was laughing hysterically.

"What are you laughing at, Stanford?" Gideon asked incredulously.

"That's not a deed to the Shack! It's... it's... ha ha, HA!"

Stan was laughing too hard to say it, but all Gideon had to do was look at the parchment he had to discover that he was now the owner of...

"The Gravity Falls TAR PITS?"

"Yeah!" Stan said, slapping his knee. "I've been trying to unload that money hole of a tourist attraction for years! Good luck finding a sucker to buy that dump from you, sucker! HA!"

Gideon quickly tore up the document in anger. He then turned to Dipper and snatched Skull-13 from the brown-haired boy's hands.

"I've still got one last trick up my lil' ol sleeve!" Gideon proclaimed.

"Wish-ful thinking there, Gideon," replied Dipper.

Mabel groaned at the pun.

"But the talisman only allows one wish per person. Ever."

"Maybe so. But all I have to do is find someone in town who hasn't used it and get them to make my wish for me! Then who'll have the last laugh, boy?"

Suddenly, a red light enveloped Skull-13. Gideon watched in horror as the talisman disintegrated in the palm of his hand, before being scattered to the winds by a well-timed breeze.

"Dipper!" Mabel shouted, looking at her brother. "You know what this means? Your wish must've been number 13!"

Dipper continued his twin's thought. "And thus, since the talisman's carried out its one and only purpose, it no longer has reason for existing. I guess."

Gideon started backing away, shaking his fist threateningly at the Pines family.

"I don't care how long it takes, but mark my words, Pines family! The Shack WILL be mine! Mine! MINE!"

With that, Gideon stomped off, deciding to make the long trek back home on foot, rather than wait for the bus. Meanwhile, with their nemesis defeated, Dipper and Mabel high-fived each other in celebration.

That evening, as the sun was beginning to set and the Mystery Shack had closed its doors for the day, Dipper and Mabel were sitting on wooden chairs in front of the shop. It was far from comfortable, though, as it was still hot enough for them to feel as if they were frying under the lowering sun.

"Man," grumbled Dipper, "after all that, we never got a chance to wish for cooler weather!"

"And you never got a chance to wish for Wendy to be your girlfriend!"

Mabel started smacking her lips, as if to imitate her brother kissing Wendy.



"Seriously, though... I still have the rest of the summer to get her to like me. What is that, ten weeks?"

"Nine, but who's counting?"

Suddenly, Grunkle Stan stepped out onto the porch. And he was not pleased.

"Whose dumb idea was it to give Wendy paid time off? Kids?"

The two looked at him and shook their heads.

"Well, whoever it is, they're pulling a double shift with her tomorrow!"

He then headed back inside, but not before mumbling...

"Do you people think I'm made of money?"

The duo laughed once more. Once Stan was back inside, they went back to lounging.

"Say," Dipper suddenly spoke up, "something's bothering me."

"Yeah?" asked Mabel.

"I've gone through the numbers several times, and I came up with only 12 people who made wishes. Who's unaccounted for?"

Mabel shrugged. Dipper tried to come up with a 13th name, but eventually decided to give up on figuring it out.

"Eh. No matter what, my wish undid all the others."

"Yeah. I guess we'll never know, huh?"

The two went back to relaxing underneath the rays of the late evening sun.

An unknown number of years ago, at the Gravity Falls Tar Pits...

Stan was among five or six people at a silent auction for the deed to the tourist attraction, which the owner had for sale. He was the last person in the group to submit a bid, but before turning it in, he reached into the inner pocket of his suit and pulled out his good luck charm.


"I paid three bucks for you," he told it, "so you'd better come through. I wish for me to win this auction!"

He stepped towards the real estate agent, who was the one collecting the bids. A quick flash of red light washed over the entrance area, but Stan seemed to wave it off as nothing. Suddenly, without warning, a freak tornado appeared out of nowhere, sweeping up the agent, the other bidders, along with all the other bids, away, never to be seen again.

"Well," said the owner, "I guess that leaves one choice."

Stan handed the folded-up paper to the owner, and then snatched the rolled-up deed from under the latter's arm. The seller unfolded the piece of paper, and he became enraged by the number on it.


"Pleasure doin' business with you... SUCKER!" Stan shouted from his car.

Stan laughed maniacally as he drove away, leaving the seller of the then-lucrative property having given away the attraction for nothing.

The End

Author's Notes:
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