Clark came home from school and he already doesn't like first grade. I mean don't get him wrong he's happy to have Pete here but the rest of the school is full of jerks. He put a fourth a grader through a door today luckily the only one to see it was Pete who didn't tell anyone. Clark got off the bus and walked the long road down to the farm and saw home and instantly stopped. Something isn't right every day sun, rain, or snow his mom said she would always be at the door waiting for him.

In the house Martha and Jonathon Kent were surrounded by guns and soldiers. Martha looks at one very cruel elderly man that was obviously their boss dressed in black petites three claw marks running across his face.

The clawed man turns to her and points a gun at Jonathon's head. "Why did he stop?"

"He just likes to see if Jonathon left any animals out Colonel Moss." Martha replied while all she can think is 'run baby run'

Clark looked at the barn and farm and saw nothing. He knows the rules if his mommy or daddy isn't here to meet him it means his secret is out and they want him to just run. Run fast, run hard, never look back until he gets help. Clark frowned and just did as told as he ran in the other direction in a blur.

Moss watched as he ran yeah he's a mutant alright. "Everyone after him go, go, go."

The soldiers emptied the house in exodus as Clark ran but since he was so little he's only as fast as a car going 75 miles an hour the soldiers emptied from the farm and Moss glared at his parents. "You taught him that one of you would always be there to greet him. To talk about the day to make sure he didn't reveal his secret clever." Moss pulled out a revolver and shot Jonathon in the head without a moment's hesitation. "Now where would he run to?"

"Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you." Martha answered. "You can't have my son."

Moss picked her up and pushed her along. "We'll see about that?"

Clark came to a stop at a diner plenty of people there to ask for help. His parents used to take him here for his birthdays and he saw the owner.

The owner smiled seeing Clark. "Mr. Kent what are you doing here?"

"I really messed up." Clark replied with tears in his eyes.

"What happened?" The owner asked.

Clark was wiping tears from his eyes. "I showed how strong I was today when I beat up an older kid and now people are going to take me away from my parents."

The owner hugged Clark he always knew Martha and Jonathon kept a tight leash on him he remembers when Clark snuck over to talk to the tee ball coach but Jonathon just as quickly took him back to their table. "Clark you parents love you. I'll tell you what why don't you sit down at the table I'll have Sarah bring you a glass of chocolate milk and I'll get in touch with your parents OK."

Clark nodded and took a seat trying control himself as he saw the army from his barn park up front. Clark quickly took cover under the table.

Moss came into the restaurant looking for Clark in a cold demeanor he knows he's here and while he's fast he's not fast enough to get away. "I'm looking for a child."

"There haven't been any children in here for the past hour." An elderly white haired man said sitting with two friends one a black haired woman beautiful woman and the other a very short troll of a man Moss doesn't even think he's five feet."

"Noble old man but I saw him come in here." Moss responded. "Clark my name is Colonel Moss I just wish to talk to you about today. There's been an accident at the farm and I'm sorry but your dad is in the hospital that's why your mother wasn't there to greet you today. I promise I won't hurt you I just came here to take you to them."

"No hurting people is what Stryker does." The elderly man added as a chill went down Moss' spine.

Moss went for his gun but as soon as he did he was choked by his own dog tags. They started choking him until he turned blue and collapsed to the floor as he died. The woman smiled turning into a red haired woman with blue skin and white top and skirt as she attacked the soldiers that came in.

Clark took the opportunity and made a break for the door and saw one the soldiers holding a gun to his mother's head. Martha wasted no time and turned around trying to push the gun into the soldier but all that was heard was a round firing off and Martha fell to the floor.

Clark stood in fear as the soldier pointed the gun at him. To the soldiers surprise the gun went backwards and shot him in the head.

Clark walked over to his mother and saw red coming out of her and covering her.

Martha looked at her son and took his hand. "W-Where's my smile?"

Clark looked at her and did all he could to smile like his mother asked as Mystique and Magneto came out and looked at her. Mystique looked at the flat scan human and had to give her credit. When push came to shove she abandoned her baby and never looked back, this human fought to protect him. Mystique looked at the wound and knows it's too late to do anything about it.

She kneels down and whispers to Clark. "Hey let's go inside alright."

Clark shakes his head no but Martha assured him. "It will be alright Clark."

Martha waits until Clark is out of earshot before talking to the man that saved her son. "Y-you'll take good… care of him right."

Magneto nodded if Moss himself came for him that boy must be powerful although it's weird to him most mutant powers don't manifest until puberty. "Why were they after him?"

"C-Clark is… special h-he has to be protected. Please take care of him."

Magneto couldn't deny that the doors were locked and Clark easily ran here against Hydra cars designed to go fast and broke open the locked doors.

Magneto put his fingers over her face and closed her eyes. He goes back inside and turned to his other guest seeing everyone else frozen in the room. "Mastermind"

"They won't remember any of this." His psychic assured him.

Magneto walks over to Clark. "I am sorry son."

Clark frowned he can't believe she's gone now he's all alone. "What's going to happen to me now?"

"Your mother said you had to be protected why would she say that?" Magneto asked.

Clark had tears running down his eyes. "I'm faster then most people. Last year I was playing around with my mom running around and I just started running faster then I ever have before. She had to get the sheriff to find me and when she found me I asked if there was something wrong with me and she just said I was just special."

Magneto patted him on the shoulder as he combined the fork and the spoon to make it dance a bit. "Your mother was right when she said that. You see Clark you're just like the 3 of us. Me, Raven, and Jason we are all mutants the future of this planet and you are very special."

"I am." Clark asked.

Magneto nodded with a bit of relief seeing this is lifting the boy's spirits. "Yes most mutants don't get their powers until they are teenagers to have powers at such a young age is remarkable."

Clark looked out the window. "What about my mom and dad?"

Magneto looked out the window ordinarily he wouldn't care but seeing how much they meant to him and how far they went to protect him. "We'll give them a proper burial and let you say goodbye to them and then you can come with us and you won't have to hide anymore you will be accepted for all that you are OK.

Clark nodded as he followed the three out he heard his mom asked them to take care of him and they're special just like him. Clark followed the three out as they got in the car and Clark laid down in the back even if getting in an accident hurts him he'll heal right up he always does.

Mystique looked at the boy almost sadly. That woman took him in and raised him either he's a dead ringer for his father or a complete orphan. Her parents got rid of her and tried to kill her. Looking at this boy she can't help but see how flawed her brother's dream truly is. It wasn't mutants that took out his parents. It was humans killing two humans for showing compassion to a mutant child. Mystique idly ran her fingers through his hair as the boy cried and drifted to sleep almost immediately maybe having powers at such a young age is simply too much for his body. "Eric are we really keeping the boy with us?"

Magneto nodded for now they have to. "He has no where else to go. What happened today will just repeat itself."

11 Years Later (season 2 X-men Evo)

It was an eerie calm in the woods of Canada you could hear nothing but a calming wind until something smashed in the forest creating a crater deep in the forest as all the trees shook from the impact. A figure emerged from the impact crater wearing a black shirt and pants. Metallic and black boots and gloves, a black leather jacket and a red metallic helmet on his head.

The man looked down hearing his phone ringing and saw. 'Sasquatch calling'

The man took off his helmet revealing black curly hair and cerulean blue eyes as he looked at the phone before turning it on. "What can I do for you Creed?"

"Where are you Clark?"

Clark was idly twirling his helmet on his finger. "Canada, early workout" A loud crash is heard as the Hydra carrier he was attacking comes crashing down leaving Clark caught. "…It was a big workout."

"Come home Clark"

Clark rolled his eyes not in the mood to talk to Creed. "No thanks I'm fine but I appreciate the concern and willing to put me through that enhancer thing but I'm fine. Besides didn't that thing blowup with the rest of the asteroid?"

"Clark… it's your father."

Clark stopped in his tracks right there. He knew Magneto wasn't in the best of shape since Raven betrayed him on the asteroid. "I thought he just needed rest."

"A situation arose that had to be dealt with by him alone. Come home Clark."

Clark moved in a blur and moved across land and water until he was at his destination right behind a giant feral man with brown hair in dirty clothes and a long coat. "Creed where is he?"

Clark followed Sabertooth down to the lower levels and saw Magneto. He doesn't look like the man he met years ago he looks old and frail. He looks like he's at the end of the line. "What happened to him?"

"Age has finally caught up to him." Creed answered.

Clark turned to him. "I thought the enhancer took care of that."

Creed rolled his eyes what a waste that machine was the effects were only temporary. It was even shorter if you burn through the power boost too fast. "It was only temporary and he had to burn out the extra power last night."

"What happened last night?" Clark asked.

Eric opened his eyes and saw his son. "I had to protect mutant kind as a whole." He got out through shortened breath. "You're brother was planning to expose us all on television."

Clark rolled his eyes he should have known Pietro had a hand in this. "That idiot doesn't he know how dangerous that is. Can I do anything to help?"

Eric shakes his head no. "I'm an old man Clark and the years have finally caught up to me. You let me worry about this… however with Mystique gone I need someone new to run the brotherhood after last night."

Clark bites his lip to avoid cursing in front of his father remembering old habits with the Kents. "Does this mean I have to go to Bayville High?"

Eric smirked Clark was always bright to a frightening degree he has an eidetic if not perfect memory as well as some new powers over the years. Hydra cleared out the farm so they couldn't find any source of where Clark truly came from but they did give Joanthon and Martha a proper burial. Which is a shame to because with speed, strength, heat vision x ray vision and wind breath it would be nice to know if Clark hand any brothers and sister with similar powers. "At least you'll make the honor roll… just do it as a favor to me."

Clark saw the face and lowered his head knowing resistance is futile at this point. "Fine, just don't complain to me if Pietro suddenly has two broken ankles."

In Bayville Toad is sitting on the couch with his friend Fred Dukes. They're channel surfing looking for anything about the Pulitzer story they dropped to the press last night and haven't even seen one picture. Lance Alvers came in and saw the two channel surfing.

Lance came in wanting to watch anything that's not channel surfing. "Will you two give it up no one remembers what happened last night and we got our butts kicked by the X-geeks again for nothing."

Pietro was rummaging through the house and again found nothing. Mystique really should have been more prepared. "No food, no money this can't get any worse."

Pietro turns around as the front door practically explodes on impact. Pietro runs over and sees black denim jeans and a red shirt and just does a quiet little gulp when he sees the face. "C-Clark what are you doing here?"

Clark simply walked into the place that he was going to have to call home it looks like a bomb went off… and what the hell is that smell? It's worse then Creed. "Well let's see I was having the time of my life exploring the world because unlike some twerps I can move as fast as lightning and steal what I need and manage to get away without dad having to bail me out again. Instead I find I have to come here and go to school. Do you know why?"

Pietro waved his hands through his white hair thinking of an explanation. "Ok now I have a perfectly good explanation for this."

Clark stood arms against his chest as Pietro ran for the back door. Clark moves in a blur and cuts him off at the back door and each window. "Well… I'm waiting."

"Oh like you've never thought of dropping the bomb before." Pietro scolded him.

Clark wasted no time and hoisted him up by the throat. "I never told the secret because unlike you brother I know full well what happens when someone doesn't keep their mouth shut. Do you have any idea how lucky you were that dad was able to kill all the cameras and pull you out of the fire!"

"Magneto's still alive?" One of the other three asked.

Clark dropped Pietro he loves his brother but he's an idiot that died his hair white t match dear old dad's. He looks and sees someone that is more of a mountain then man, a gangly looking teen and another one with black hair. "Who do you think sent me here?"

Pietro put it together quickly. Figures he'd bring in the golden boy, he's not even blood. "He put you in charge of the brotherhood."

"Unfortunately" Clark replied.

Lance growled. "Well maybe we don't need a babysitter."

Clark looked at where their living and they're going to need money to make this place presentable. "Yes you guys are obviously living like kings." Clark looks at the three and sees they're all getting ready for a fight.

Clark had a smile. "I'll tell you what you guys can be in charge if you can beat me."

Pietro pulled the others back. "Excuse us for just one minute."

Pietro looked at his friends in the kitchen he expected TV interviews not the return of Magneto's favorite. "Look we can't beat him."

Lance looked at Pietro. He's acting like a scared little child. "Why shouldn't we? Take him down all at once and show him we were on the asteroid and not him"

Pietro grabs him by his jacket. "He will wipe us all out and won't even break a sweat doing it."

"So who is this guy?" Toad asked. "And why does he have you acting like a scared little girl."

Pietro rolled his eyes not exactly happy with this development. Clark always got all of dad's attention. "He's my brother. He's also an Omega level mutant. If you want to fight him be my guest but I'm staying out of it."

Lance shrugged it's not surprising to him to see Pietro chicken out. "You're loss pal." Lance stretched his arm out and rolled his eyes stomping his feet. Clark looked up just the ceiling collapsed on top of him knocking him down.

Lance walked over to the debris with a smug satisfied grin on his face. "How'd that feel Mr. Leader?"

Lance watched as the ground started to shake as Clark jumped out of the wreck with nothing but plaster dust to show for Avalanche's efforts. Clark looked at the mutant and just clapped his hands as all the windows shattered and the shockwave sent Avalanche flying into the wall.

Blob looked at Clark and gritted his teeth. "Alright tough guy let's see you try that on someone who's unmovable."

Fred rushed Clark and Clark simply smiled as he disappeared in front of Fred. "Huh, hey where'd you go?"

Clark stood there right behind him as he simply moved left and right with the gargantuan teen. When Fred is lined up Clark simply flicks him on the back of the head and Fred is sent flying into Avalanche crashing into him. He hears Toad up on the ceiling with vile breath. "You're joking right?"

Toad quickly decides between the lesser of two evils and swallows the sludge he was going to shoot at Clark seeing him easily take down Fred. "We're cool man. I have no grudge"

Lance got to his feet in shock. "Ah man I can't wait to see him fight the X-Men they won't stand a chance." This is an Omega level mutant stronger then Fred and quicker then Pietro they never stood a chance.

Fred got up rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah we're going to wail on them next fight."

"Welcome to the group." Toad said.

Pietro watched the Brotherhood's mood change completely once they saw what Clark was capable of once again Goldenboy wins over everybody.

Author's notes

I always see Clark join the X-Men I've always been curious about the other side.

Up next: Clark's first day in Bayville and a carnival that night.