Five year old Clark ran up to the farm he had to say today was not a fun day. He thinks Lana gave him cooties earlier today. After saying hello to his mother He walks up to his father seeing him work on the tractor.

"Hey Clark so how was your day?" Jonathon asked.

"Bad" The little boy answered.

Jonathon looked at him. "Why bad?"

Clark looked at him. "Our teacher paired us off in groups of boys and girls. I got paired with Lana."

Jonathon looked at him. "So what's wrong with that?"

"It was embarrassing." Clark answered. "I fell down right in front of her."

Jonathon looked at his son he has a feeling what it might be. "Did your face turn red and did you mix up words while talking to her?"

"Yeah and my stomach really hurt too." Clark replied deciding to ignore the part where he was sweating. He doesn't want to leave school.

Jonathon smiled that just means his boy is growing up fast. "Clark that just means you like her. You had butterflies in your stomach."

"Are they on fire? Clark asked never feeling heat like that before even in the summer?

Jonathon smiled and hoisted his son up as they walked towards the House. "That just means you like Lana."

Clark shrugged his dad is a smart man so he must be right here. "OK"

"Me and your mom will always be here for you son. Always."

Clark opened his eyes remembering that day and saw he's back in his teen body at his bed. Or more precisely above his bed as a redhead sleeps in it. Clark's eyes light up seeing Jean wearing nothing but her soccer jersey and panties.

Jean laid back and smiled patting the mattress with her hand for Clark to come join her as she smiled. Clark was taken back by her natural beauty but smiled back as he floated down closer to her but she uses her powers to steady them in the air as the their faces get closer.

Clark opened his eyes again and saw the world had returned as he thought he was just dreaming but he's actually hundreds of feet up as he looks down like a coyote cartoon at his home… "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Clark screamed rapidly falling.

Fred was packing up trash and throwing it out. Him Lance Toad and Tabitha have taken up to cleaning the house so Clark can have it fixed up. Pietro woke up and saw what they were doing as he quickly moved in a blur and filled up five trash bags. He has to admit he figured Clark would be abusing his powers a lot more then sticking him on trash duty.

Tabitha looked around and wondered. "Hey so what's the new guys story?"

Lance looked up and shrugged. "Well he's Pietro's adopted brother other then that we don't really know all that much about him."

Tabitha nodded. "So what are you up to today?"

Lance looked down and Toad happily answered for him. "Oh he'll go wherever his pretty Kitty goes."

Lance contemplates on whether or not to bring the ceiling down on Toad for that one but hears something almost like someone's falling. "Do you hear that?"

Tabitha nodded. "Yeah, now I do. What is that?"

Lance and Toad just shrug as it gets louder.


They're all rocked as the house moves a little in vibrations.

On instinct Toad jumps into the nearest doorway. "Lance you have no sense of humor."

"That's not me." Lance defended himself as the front door opened revealing Clark in a white muscle shirt and boxers covered in dirt.

"Good Morning." Clark said awkwardly heading up the stairs.

Tabitha smiled this was the highlight of her morning she thinks she's going to like it here. "Is now"

Clark rolled his eyes as he shut the door and got changed in a blur as a conga line of cement and construction trucks pull up from the company don't ask don't tell. Xavier uses the same group whom don't mind setting up the sadist's danger room background so they have no problem working here. Clark comes downstairs. "OK everyone get out so the nice flat scans can make this place livable again."

Lance, Toad, and Pietro each got in Lance's truck as Clark hopped on his motorcycle with Tabitha happily getting on in back of him with her arms wrapped around his waist. He drove to school and stood outside the main hall after the soccer assembly and saw several people here with Jean as she went for her locker and as she predicted Duncan came up to her.

Duncan walked up to Jean trying to figure out a way out of this. OK so he cheated on her but how did she find out. "I-I can explain."

"There's nothing to explain." Jean shouted. "I caught you red handed."

Rogue walked in with Risty and caught the scene and rolled her eyes. After finally having a night with Scott little miss perfect finally wises up about whom the type of guy is she's actually dating. She walks up to her roommate to get the full story. "Kitty what's going on?"

Clark looks at the brown haired girl that Lance apparently likes as she said. "Jean caught him cheating on her at the carnival with Linda red handed. Like you didn't know?"

Scott came out at the sound of Jean shouting. And Clark watched him talk to another X-man with black hair that Clark saw with Tabitha last night. "Kurt what's going on here?"

"Jean caught Duncan red handed mien friend. He cheated on her." Kurt responded looking back though Jean asked everyone except Scott and Rogue to be here.

Scott wanted to put his fists through Duncan's skull for this. But right now this is for Jean to handle as he listens back in.

"Read my lips Duncan we're through you lug head." Jean shouted as she left pushing him into his locker.

Duncan looked over to Clark and growled. "You, this is all your fault."

Clark rolled his eyes and simply followed after Jean followed by Scott.

Jean was trying to regain her center there are so many people here to shut up now and her emotions are certainly at a peak. She feels a hand on her shoulder and quickly turns around and accidentally tosses Clark into the lockers with her telekinesis putting a Clark shaped dent into it. "Oh I'm so sorry."

Clark got up showing that he's perfectly fine. "Don't worry I've actually used my body as a cannonball more then once. Besides you're the last person that has to apologize for anything today."

Jean nodded gratefully as she used her powers to bend the lockers back into shape and looked at Clark. "So am I an idiot. You didn't like him Scott didn't like him, add to that I'm a telepath. Clark why didn't I see it."

"I told you why last night. Jean you didn't do anything wrong this is all on him." Clark replied.

"So I wanted to thank you for actually being here." Jean replied she doubted that he would with how awkward it ended last night.

"I told you I would." Clark replied he always keeps his word… usually. "My main concern is you right now. My guess is you don't use your powers in the open like that often especially at assemblies."

"I'm still trying to adjust to all the new students at the institute." Jean answered honestly hoping it should pass in a few more days. "Anyways we have AP chem. Class."

Clark rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah that should go right by."

Scott watches the two and is glad to see Jean is OK but less than thrilled with her being so friendly to a member of the brotherhood.

Pietro stood at his locker getting ready for lunch his favorite time of the day because no teachers and his mutation burns through a lot of calories. He turns around and pales at the brown haired girl with the white stripe as she pushes him into the locker and quickly grabs a piece of his shirt before he could run. "R-Rogue what are you doing here."

"What do you think Ah'm doing here after last night." Rogue said.

"I didn't do anything to you last night." Pietro defended himself he didn't even go to the carnival.

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Fahne, then someone else with tha ability to run so fast to go unnoticed must have stole Scott's glasses and gave them to meh."

Pietro rolls his eyes he's going to kill his brother. "Rogue I didn't do it."

Rogue took off a glove. "One way ta find out."

Pietro braced for the inevitable as a bare hand grabbed Rogue's arm by the sleeve.

"Something we can help you with?" Clark asked prying the two apart.

Rogue looked at him and wondered what his powers were. "Your stole brother something from a friend of mahne and left it on me."

"Really?" Clark asked as Rogue nodded and ran down the events causing him to turn to Pietro. "That was nice of you."

"What?" Rogue objected.

Clark shrugged. "He was looking out for another member of the brotherhood."

"Ya must have missed the memo when ah switched sides." Rogue pointed out.

Clark looked at her trying to make the point. "But you were one of us and from the looks of it he was trying to do you a favor."

"Ya all betrayed me and ya used meh."

Clark pointed a finger at her. "No, Mystique betrayed you just like that bitch betrayed all of us. You know she actually used to be an X-man."

Rogue could tell Clark was channeling some of his anger at the shape shifter. Is there anyone Mystique hasn't hacked off or stuck a knife in? But Rogue chose her side even without Mystique she's X-Men thick and through. "Do it again Ah'll drain ya both dry."

Pietro glared at his brother as Rogue left. Why wasn't he warned about that? "Do you have any idea how much getting absorbed hurts?"

"And yet you didn't." Clark replied.

The two sons of Magneto walk up and see the foreign exchange student upset somewhat. Pietro is quick to her side. "Hey are you alright beautiful?"

Risty rolled her eyes as to who ended up trying to comfort her knowing Pietro doesn't care the least and is just trying to get her to bed. "Yeah I'm just a little homesick."

Risty waits until the boys are out of sight and changed back into Mystique collecting herself and not believing that was Clark. He grew so much in three years he's a giant. But she can't believe he hates her. She went after Magneto because of leaving her off the asteroid despite everything she had done for him. She took care of Clark as he grew up and loved every minute of it since Clark represented the son she lost in Kurt. To hear him hate her like that... if he only knew.

Mystique shot out of bed pistol drawn and quickly sees a six year old boy flinch in fear and scream. "Clark! What are you doing here?" Mystiques asked as she conjured her white clothes.

"I had a bad dream." Clark answered.

Mystique calmed down and put the gun down. Two months Clark only has one type of dream thanks to Hydra. She lifted up the covers and Clark wasted no time hopping in but squirmed around not wanting to close his eyes after what he saw in his sleep.

Mystique sees the boy struggling and wraps her arms around him as her blue arms became flesh and her face became Martha's as she quietly sung. "I loved you the first time I saw you... And I always will… love you."

Mystique kept singing and Clark drifted off to sleep hearing his mom's lullaby for him. It was short but he loved that song and Mystique had him teach it to her when he wouldn't sleep for ten days straight straight. He loved when his mom sang him that song especially after he started getting stronger and faster it showed that his mom always accepted him as her's. Even as a mutant.

Mystique saw he gently rocked off to sleep and kissed him on the forehead before going back to sleep herself.

Clark comes to school the next day and agreed to meet Lance at the track and field tryouts to watch. He rolls his eyes seeing Duncan pull up in his car and come out with three other jocks. Clark decides to just walk away but two more jocks cut him off. "You don't want to do this."

Duncan grabbed him and pushed him into the wall. "You torpedoed me with Jean."

"You did that yourself." Clark replied.

Duncan glared at him. "Jean was never suspicious until you came along."

Clark rolled his eyes. "Great I got Jean to see what an asshole she was dating can I go now?"

Duncan pulled something out of his pocket a piece of paper. "Well let's see Clark Maximoff no parents adopted by Eric Maximoff after that a completely dull life."

"Holy crap!... you can read." Clark quipped as two people grabbed him from behind. Clark just stands there he'll let Duncan break his hand on him and then he'll break his nose.

Duncan smiled he's going to enjoy this after all the time Clark made him waste trying to get into Jean's pants. "I'm going to make you cry for mommy not that you have one."

Clark's eyes flashed red for a moment as he shoves Duncan with his foot as the quarterback bounces off his car. Clark jostles his arms and sends the two holding him down in opposite directions. As the last two rush him. Clark catches the fist of one and throws him onto a car and catches the last one with a very weak jab to the stomach knocking him out. Clark looks at Duncan and walks up to confront him as he crawls under his car for cover.

Clark smiled menacingly as he walked towards the car. "Oh no you started this you come out and finish it." Clark lifted the car up and dumped it backwards as Duncan backed up.

Duncan hit the engine of his car with nowhere to go. "Just stay away from me you freak. I'm going to."

'You're not going to do anything. You're going to forget.'

"I'm going to forget." Duncan and the others said like zombies heading back into school.

Clark turns around and sees a bald man in a suit and wheelchair and knows who he is from the pictures. "Thank you professor"

Charles stood intrigued for a moment. "You know me?"

"Magneto and Mystique talked about you all the time growing up. They said you have done more good then anyone for mutants they just wish you weren't such an idealist." Clark replied putting on a show of rightsizing Duncan's car after five pushes and pushing it into a parking spot. "They'll never accept us you know."

"Not if you attack them like that." Charles countered.

Clark rolled his eyes. "That wasn't me terrorizing humans I would have just as easily gone off on one of the X-men or the brotherhood if they said what he did."

Charles looked at him and he seems normal enough. He wanted to meet the Brotherhood's new member as he doesn't show up as a mutant on Cerebro he shows up as a blurry glitch code. For two days he chalked it up as a glitch but now decided to meet this man in person. "I read their minds it wasn't right what he said."

"It's not like it's the first time I heard it try growing up with Pietro." Clark replied. "I was just scaring him it wasn't worth dropping the bomb just to pummel a jock.

Charles nodded he has to say he's a bit surprised Eric had another child but he really does look like he could be related to Wanda. "Still that temper and your strength could land you into trouble."

Clark nodded he knows how to keep control in just about every kind of situation. "I can control it. So what are you doing here?"

"I came to offer you a space at the Xavier institute of higher learning."

Clark chuckled he knows Magneto flip flopped between X-men and who he is now for a while. "Thank you Professor but right now I'm fine where I am. And thank you for helping me clean up this mess."

Charles nodded seeing there's a lot of his father in Clark he's hoping he can save him from the dark lonely road Magneto is on.

Clark sat up in the bleachers with Lance. For the life of him he can't figure out why they're the only two here. Girls running jumping getting sweaty this should have been the assembly yesterday. He watches Jean perform the long jump and smiled along with Scott and Duncan running. Clark watches Duncan elbow Scott knocking the X-men 's leader down and is set to melt his shoes for it until to his surprise the coach actually throws Duncan off the team, kudos to Mr. McCoy.

Clark watches as the coach just looks at the two. "Mr. Maximoff Mr. Alvers why don't you two come practice?"

"Wouldn't be a fair competition." Clark replied to the kind teacher with black hair and glasses as he walked back over to the team.

Clark looked back to the field and saw the equipment come to life on its own and Jean holding her head. "Oh no"

"What is it?" Lance asked watching Clark run down.

"Take out the female track team." Clark replied catching two shot-puts before running onto the field.

Lance was taken back and wondered what that meant until he saw a javelin coming towards Kitty and the entire track team and quickly knocks them down with a tremor.

Scott sees a shot-put going towards Duncan's head and despite how tempting it is to let it go he's able to deflect it with an optic blast. Scott knows what really happened Jean nearly leveled the danger room yesterday and it happened again today. He goes to the field only to find that Jean is gone.

Clark hits concrete with two black bags in his hands as he quickly scrunches up his face. He should have brought cologne or perfume but he doubts it would be enough. Clark is always thankful for his powers but there are times when a bloodhound nose is a curse more then a blessing and a sewer is one of them. "Thanks Vic for teaching me how to use this great gift."

Clark explores the sewers he knows he'll only find them when they want him to. Clark goes to the place they were at last time and sees nothing as he quietly moves along he'll find them.

"I see in the dark Clark you can't sneak up on us."

Clark turned around and smiled at a beautiful woman in an eye patch with black hair and a green eye. "I'm not trying to Callisto I just need to see Caliban."

Callisto nodded this isn't Clark's first trip down and He at least brings them things when he visits. "So what's in the bags?"

Clark shakes the first bag to a loud clatter and the second one to nothing. "Canned goods, bread"

Callisto hopped down and Clark followed her down and saw the Morlocks scurrying around the sewer until he saw a pal white bald man with a blank face. "Caliban"

"Clark… you need my help again so soon… who has HYDRA taken this time?"

Clark shakes his head no. "Nothing that dangerous I just need to know where Betsy is hiding out these days. Unless you can't find telepaths."

Caliban looked at him with the same blank face. "I can find most mutants only a select few are hidden from me like you and your father."

Clark remembered that when he saved him from HYDRA not that he had much of a choice if HYDRA or Weapon X would ever get their hands on either him or Xavier it's the end of the mutant race. "Then you should have no problem with this."

"Why do you care so much?" Caliban asked.

Clark disappeared in a blur and returned with Jean in his arms as she started to float along with some of the garbage from the water the cans along with the bread and even a couple of the Morlocks. "To answer your question… that. I'll tell you what you can watch her and I'll find Betsy the old fashioned way."

Caliban looked at the girl that's a whole lot of trouble they don't need. "Deuce's Wild Chapel and & Casino in Las Vegas Thank you for the food."

Clark pulled Jean close to him and looked around the sewers. He thought it was bad when he lost control but at least he stays conscious through it. "I'll get you fixed up in no time. I wonder how the Professor and Magneto would take this little development of the two of us in Vegas." Clark moved in a blur and with surprising skill the Morlocks are able to stop the bread from hitting the water as everything comes down.

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