Two security guards were left guarding a casino this was one of the easiest jobs they had as they guard in times when they're supposed to be open during the day so it's usually light since no one gets all that drunk during the day and no one is foolish enough to rob them considering who owns the place. They're so comfortable with their position they don't see the person with a black bodysuit discretely move through the casino getting to the back.

The blackbody suited woman made her way to the back walking through a hall of windows with no one anywhere near them to calmly collect her prize. The woman walked through the windows and momentarily passed Clark with his face stuck to the window with his tongue sticking out.

The woman turned back and rolled her eyes seeing Clark disappear. What the hell is he doing here? Clark ran up right behind her. And the woman's hand glowed pink forming a dagger.

Clark backed up not wanting to fight. "Whoa, whoa I come in peace Betsy."

The woman looked at him. Not who she wanted to see today. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Clark put his hands up she's as bad tempered as he remembers. "Easy Betsy I just need your help with a little side project."

Betsy looked at him and stuck her hand out. "Big ruby size of my palm. Kingpin stole it from my family I want it back."

Clark smiled and disappeared in a blur coming back with said ruby easy enough. "Blubber butt is getting sloppy used to take me 20 seconds to rob him instead of 10."

Clark grabbed her as they disappeared in a blur as they arrived outside a casino. Clark watches as Betsy takes off her mask revealing long purple hair matching her purple eyes and frowns seeing it. "I see Hydra got their hands on you again. Shame too I liked you as a blonde."

"No this was a guy called Nathaniel Essex he enhances mutant powers." Betsy answered.

Clark rolled his eyes and she actually trusted him. "How have you stayed alive for so long… and define enhanced?"

Clark watches as Betsy makes one of her little daggers before it grows into a pink katana. "Whoa… I still wouldn't trust any one experimenting on me human or mutant."

Betsy rolled her eyes and got undressed a bit into a purple top and jeans. "Yeah well my body my choice. Besides he was kind of picky with it only a handful of other people got put into it. So what can I do for you?"

Clark leaned against the building and just came out with it. "I need your help controlling powers. I came here with a redhead with way too much power for her to control I need you to turn some of it off."

"What's her power?" Betsy asked.

"Telepathy and telekinesis." Clark answered.

Betsy rolled her eyes. How does he keep doing this? "What is it with you and telepaths?"

Clark glared at her. He doesn't… not like that… "Can you help me or not?"

"Why should I?" Betsy asked.

Clark just looked at her in shock it was his only reaction. "OK who saved who from Hydra?"

"Who leveled whose house while saving them from Hydra?" Betsy countered.


Betsy looked at Clark and actually saw pain in his eyes who would have thought. Clark usually had a bit of an ego and was more subdue and cocky. "Bring her to my place in an hour." She takes a pen out and writes the address on his hand.

Scott drove like a maniac into the mansion as Kitty gasps for breath staying in the car for a moment trying to collect herself. She hasn't felt this sick since she crashed the blackbird simulator. All she can do is nudge a little when Scott hops out leaving her alone.

"Like I never want to drive in a car again for as long as I live."

Rogue watched Scott run into the mansion and nearly knock her aside. "Scott… what the heck are ya doing?"

"Jean was kidnapped by the brotherhood." Scott replied as he ran off.

Rogue followed him frustration clear in her eyes. Little miss perfect can't ever seem to stop getting in trouble with those guys. "Must be Saturday" Rogue followed Scott not happy about this but she knows if the roles were reversed Jean would be there for her in an instant.

The professor and Logan listened to Scott run down what happened and Rogue can't exactly say she's surprised little Ms. Perfect was a lightning rod for trouble. Charles however was more concerned about her powers acting up. This is happening a lot lately and he's concerned about what he thought was buried has clawed its way out. He fears for Jean.

Xavier rolls down to the new Cerebro if Jean's powers are acting up it should be quite easy to find her in this mess. Charles puts on the helmet and focuses and sees a mutant power going nuts in Las Vegas along with a glitch and another mutant rapidly approaching it. He thinks he's found them and he fears for Jean her powers put her in a coma before and it looks to be a repeat performance.

Xavier comes out of Cerebro thinking. "Well I found them she's in Las Vegas with Clark and another mutant."

Scott's eyes lit up ok he's worse then Blob. "Great! any idea what his powers are?"

Xavier nodded thinking back to earlier. "Superhuman strength at least it would be wise to gather the whole team we don't know who we're fighting and what his actual powers are. If that's even what he's after. I'll watch the students and monitor everything through Cerebro. Logan get the X-jet ready."

Logan nodded in agreement as he headed to the war room to make the arrangements.

Rogue looked at Scott and frowned. One day and he's back to this already. "Hey are ya OK?"

Scott nodded. "Yeah I just want to make sure Jean doesn't marry a member of the brotherhood is all."

Rogue smiled watching Scott leave to gather the X-Men. Hopefully he's over Jean after the Carnival but she doubts it.

Betsy moved the last of her valuables she doesn't understand why Clark said move anything valuable from where she's going to help this person but if anything else Clark always has a reason. Betsy got on the phone and called Clark. "Yeah I'm all set up here."

Clark looked around and saw the place. It's nice admittedly not so much without anything but that's probably because she has moved everything except the table as he comes in and puts Jean down on it. "Betsy!"

Betsy came down in purple leotard as Clark's eyes heated up and he quickly looked the other way before burning her house down again.

"Damn it Betsy."

Betsy smiled and walked over to Jean as everything on the ground floor and the second floor starts to move Jean included. "Christ Clark you didn't tell me she was this strong?"

"Telekinetic they lift things with their mind." Clark defended himself. What did he not make clear?

Betsy rolled her eyes and was actually a little nervous. This red head's power is unlike anything she's ever faced before. She reaches up to touch Jean's temple but is smacked away by her powers knocking to the floor. "Alright, Clark hold her tight. I need her on the ground."

Clark nodded as he collected himself before he moved in a blur and pulled her down wrapping his arms around her waist.

Betsy smiled same old Clark. "Just hold her steady."

Betsy walked up to her and takes one last look to make sure Clark is hanging on to her tightly. Betsy walks over and grabs each side of her head. "Don't let her go."

Clark nodded he didn't intend to and just watched Betsy get to work. It was her, Emma, or Mastermind. And the later two would have no problem rewiring minds if they saw fit that's why he came here.

Betsy tried to probe her mind but there's so much in it. "Come on lady let me in. Clark what's her name?"

"Jean" Clark answered in shock seeing that Jean's mind is such a scattered mess that betsy can't even get her name.

Betsy nodded. "Jean you're stronger then your powers help me fight this to bring you back."

Clark held her close and whispered. "Come on Jean. Come back, beat this thing."

Betsy's eyes lit up in shock seeing Jean's eyes literally light up in flames. She can copy powers? "Clark is she an empath?"


Jean shouted as flames surrounded her. "Stay out of my head."

Betsy was sent flying back smacking the floor but Clark stood holding on to her and not letting go even as his clothes burned up. Betsy got to her feet and never saw anything like this before what the hell is she? Well she's not giving up not yet.

Clark stayed there and kept talking. "Come on Jean you can beat this. I know you can. What's wrong with her?"

Betsy got back to her feet. "It's too much power for her to handle. Think of it like a light bulb being powered by an entire power plant."

Clark looked as white energy hit him as Jean shouted. He turned to Betsy and asked. "Can you help her?"

"I'm about to try to keep talking to her she might be able to focus her thoughts on you." Betsy ordered before turning back to the redhead. "Jean… LET… ME…"

Clark watched as a pink butterfly surrounded Betsy's face and pink field surrounded Jeans head that's new.


Clark just held her close. "Come on Jean focus on my voice. You can beat this I know you can. Come back to everyone. Jean come back… please."

Jean just shouts and Clark bites down feeling something pinch his brain he's guessing its Jean's telepathy. Jean started slowing down and breathing regularly as the Butterfly left Betsy's face.

Jean looked up and to her surprise she saw Clark. "Thanks for staying with me."

Clark nodded catching his breath. "Yeah no problem."

"What happened at the end there?" Jean asked for a moment.

Clark shrugged he doesn't know what Jean did but she got through his invulnerability. Hurts too.

Betsy looked at the two with a smile and went into the kitchen.

Jean looked at Clark being so close her powers laid into him he has nothing but jeans that now resemble shorts. "Sorry about your clothes."

"I'm just thankful I wore tight clothes." Clark answered letting her go.

Jean looked at him with confusion. "You're a weird one you know that."

Clark smiled until he saw something shoot through the window he looks at it and realizes it's an RPG round as it explodes. Clark moves in a blur getting Jean and Betsy out of the house as it blows leveling it to the floor.

Betsy looked and saw herself on the floor outside with Clark standing over her and Jean protecting them form debris. Betsy got to her feet and sees a pudgy bald man in white and purple pants and 12 soldiers in gear. "Kingpin"

"Ms. Braddock" Kingpin exchanged a greeting. "I believe you took something that belongs to me."

Betsy got to her feet. "You stole that Diamond form my parents I was just taking back what was my inheritance. And don't you think the police would be interested that you blew up my house."

Kingpin looked at her with cold stare. "My lady I doubt the police would look for a freak like you. And you'll spread a message that no one steals from the Kingpin."

Betsy looked to Clark. "You take on Fisk and I'll take the security."


Jean waved her hand and all the guns were thrown out of the soldier's hands Betsy created a pair of Psychic knives on her hands and lunged into two of them before creating a sword as she and Jean rushed the guards.

Clark looked at Fisk and he was a mountain of a man just as ever. "God I feel sorry for the woman that gave birth to you. Of course I'm assuming you didn't just crawl out of the Grand Canyon as a baby."

Fisk just stood there cracking his knuckles as Clark hit him with a palm but to his surprise the Kingpin didn't even budge. "My boy approximately two percent of my body mass is fat. Would you like to know what three hundred pounds of muscle feels like?"

Jean connected with a kick to one the last guard's sides as he backed up. Won't Logan be proud of her seeing she can defend herself without her powers? The guard rushed her and jean grabbed him by his jacket as she fell back and put her feet to the guy's stomach using her leg to launch him. The guard gets to his feet as Betsy hops on his shoulders and makes a psyonic dagger and stabs him in the head knocking him out as he falls down.

Jean smiled seeing the girl well skilled with her powers and her own age too. She was like a ninja. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"My family until this started to happen." Betsy replied as her hand turned pink. "Then all that mattered to them was their social standing which meant no freaks allowed. The only person who gave a damn about me was my brother Brian whom is assumed dead when someone called the Reaver attacked the place he worked."

Jean threw the last two guards with surprising control knocking them both out. She frowned from Betsy's words she knows people can be bad but there are good ones too. "Wait… where's Clark?"

Betsy looked around but heard something like a car wreck and instead of acting shocked or surprised just held her head in frustration. "I think I know."

Wilson Fisk grunted in pain finding himself buried under four cars now. He has a feeling this kid could very easily crush him if he wanted to.

"Say uncle!" Clark ordered.

Fisk looked at the kid and glared he made a powerful enemy but weakly groaned. "Uncle"

Clark made a show of wiping his hands He could be a thousand pounds of muscle and it wouldn't bother him any. "That's what I thought." He grabbed another car. "But not loud enough."

Jean looked at him and moved the car out of his hands. She's starting to think Betsy didn't finish the job. "Clark!"

"He tried to kill all three of us. I'm just going to break a bone or two" Clark defended himself but saw Jean's eyes and let it drop. "Fine, enjoy your cage Fatso."

Jean erased Fisk's mind of tonight and saw Clark coming and turned back to Betsy. "So how do you two know each other?"

Betsy turned to Jean she's a lot nicer then the girl she figured Clark would like. "He saved me from people that wanted to experiment on me. Betsy Braddock"

"Jean Grey" Jean frowned she knew people like that existed from Wolverine but to go after someone so young. That's barbaric. Jean looks up and sees neon lights. "Oh my god… am I in Vegas?"

"I take it now's a bad time to ask will you marry me?" Clark asked.

"I think Logan wants your head enough as is. No more fueling the rage." Jean advised god knows what's going through his head.

Clark just laughed until he saw the X-jet coming it black metallic and sheik definitely something he'd use if he ever flew. He also sees the glares of Cyclops and Wolverine. "Well look your friends are here and I'm in no mood to deal with them I'll see you tomorrow Jean. I'm glad you're back to normal."

Jean turned around only to find Clark and Betsy gone. "Yeah… thanks for saving me."

Jean watches as the blackbird comes in for a landing and Logan and Scott are the first ones out of it and are immediately over to Jean. He smells something he's never smelt before and another woman. "Are you OK Red?"

Jean nodded. "Yeah I just... was completely overwhelmed by my powers and saw what they could grow into. Is it weird to say I was amazed and terrified all at the same time."

Logan thought it through in his head. He knows he was startled he barely had any memory of anything and then three claws shoot out of his hands. "I'd say that's normal. So did anything else happen considering where he took you."

Jean looked at him and realized oh yeah Vegas. "Yeah should I be Mrs. Maximoff or Mrs. Grey-Maximoff."

Logan growled at the thought and popped his claws as Jean backed away.

"I was just kidding." Jean got out she should have known better then to do this on Logan of all people.

Logan glared at her. "Well when you go into the danger room next time. Remember I was just kidding."

Jean's face paled she know that she is definitely in trouble now. Of all the people in the Institute why did she try it on Wolverine? Betsy did a piss poor job of fixing her mind.

Scott looked at her and scratched his head. "So are you OK." Jean nods and Scott went back on the plane part of him still wants to know how Clark got here so fast.

Rogue looked out at Jean and Logan. "So is she OK?"

"Yeah… apparently Clark must have fixed whatever was wrong with her." Scott answered almost scowling as he took his seat. But calmed down remembering Jean is a good friend but thats it she's healthy and she's OK. "So that movie you want to go see it tomorrow night."

"Ah'd like that. Ya might wanna prepare to see blood though." Rogue warned she read the book and it was about werewolves.

"After Danger room sessions with Logan. I'm not that worried." Scott replied causing Rogue to smile.

Jean calmly boarded the blackbird with Logan feeling somewhat relieved. Her powers are under control and as she thought Clark was with the brotherhood but he's not that bad.

Jean walked up and greeted the Professor. "Guess you were right about last night huh?"

Charles smiled at one of his first students right now ego is the last thing on his mind. He scanned Jean's mind and noticed new mental blocks likely put in to stop her from tapping into that power much as he would have done. "Tell me Jean how are you feeling?"

"Fine for the first time in weeks just me up here." Jean replied as the Blackbird took off and the X-Men headed home relieved they didn't have to fight.

Clark and Betsy watch up high on the road seeing the aftermath of what they've done. Seeing Fisk walked out of the police station before the ink could even dry on his fingerprints. After all Betsy stole from him first and neither were in a position to testify against him. Fisk got in his limo and drove off due to lack of evidence. Thanks to the fact that grenade round was never 'recovered' by 'honest' police.

Betsy held her arms to her chest. She wonders why she's even surprised. "Fatso tries to blow me up and he doesn't even spend a night in jail."

Clark nodded in agreement holding his head. "Truth and justice never hold up when it's around the influence of money and power."

Betsy looked at him. She saw him take a tank round to the head and not flinch she wonder what's going on with him. "Are you feeling OK?"

Clark nodded holding his head he wonders if this is a headache he never had one before. "Yeah its just Jean made a little… you know what no she drove a jackhammer into my skull."

"I think she also rewrote your brain a little." Betsy replied watching the limo drive off Kingpin won't go near her again or Clark really might kill him.

Clark turned to her confused. "Still have a family of mutants check still hate humans check seems like the same me."

Betsy looked at him no Clark would have hit Fisk harder then a car body slam he would have broke a bone or two considering what he did to Hydra goons. She doesn't question it though. "So is that offer still good?"

"What offer?" Clark asked feeling like he skipped a beat in this little conversation.

Betsy looked at him and brought up what they talked about six months ago. "The one where I join your little group of mutants."

Clark turned around interested. He asked her six months ago and he got a resounding hell no. "So does that mean you're changing your mind?"

Betsy shrugged innocently. "Considering how easy Fisk walked off and what he said you might be onto something with not wanting the war but not being blind to the fact that it's coming." Betsy turned around and saw Clark's eyes flash blue for a moment staring at her. She immediately turned her hand into a dagger angry. "You son of a…"

Clark effortlessly caught her hand. "Take it easy it's just X-ray." Clark replied having learned the lesson of perving on psychics a long time ago from Emma. "You have something inside of you. As for what you said. You'll have to start Bayville high if you want to live with us. Keep up the façade."

"Not right away right?" Betsy asked not in a rush to go back to school.

Clark shook his head no. "You still got a week I have stuff to do."

Betsy looked at him curious. "Like what?"

Clark smiled picking her up Bridal style. "You know hack into Hydra on Wednesday big recruitment drive Thursday and finishing it up by paying Dr. Essex a visit on Friday. I'm going to be a very busy mutant all this week."

Betsy saw him work a computer before he's pretty much a genius. "Why are you waiting till tomorrow considering how much you hate those guys?"

Clark nodded when he learned of what Hydra was; he vowed to himself he'll end them. He'll cut off one head and burn the two more. "Because on Wednesday I can hack from the school and frame the principal for it if the truth ever comes out. Also I don't want them to know what I'm up to until it's too late to stop me."

Betsy looked at him. "I'm sorry aren't your usual plans more like seek smash destroy why are you waiting?"

"Because this isn't a seek smash and destroy. I plan to take quite a bit from this carrier when I find it. Maybe even have some help doing it." Clark answered.

Betsy smiled seeing the resolve. Clark in a different plan besides relying on his powers she has to see this. "Count me in. Besides you can't carry us all so you need a pilot."

Clark nodded guess she really does want to join the team. Clark stopped coming up to the boarding house. It's almost fixed up to its former glory.

Clark opened the door and saw a repaired living room with Pietro and the guys on the couch.

Pietro looked to his brother and saw the purple haired woman with him. "Hey new recruit."

Lance, Fred and Toad all looked over and got to their feet they could always use more help especially another girl.

Pietro smiled and kissed Betsy's hand. "Hello beautiful what's your name?"

Betsy rolled her eyes looking into Pietro's head. Betsy tenderly grabbed his cheek and Pietro looked over to Toad.

Toad looked over to Pietro and saw the look in his eyes. What the hell? "Hey Pietro what are you looking at man?"

"You're beautiful?" Pietro replied as the rest watched what became a show of Pietro chasing Toad around the house. "No wait my lady I love you.

Clark groaned and held his head yeah Betsy will fit right in here. "At least tell me that is not permanent."

"It will ware off in an hour or in the middle of kissing him whatever comes first." Betsy assured him.

Fred and Lance just sat there taking in the purple haired beauty. She'll fit right in and Clark has already recruited a new member in a day.

It hits when Lance realizes that's why Clark had them clear out so early so the construction company can work on the disaster they made of the house. It's just going to be assumed to be demolition from fixing this place up. Lance smirked this is definitely going to be interesting and to think he was thinking of joining the X-Men. "So what's the girl's name?"

"Betsy Braddock" She introduced herself politely to Lance at least this one's first thought wasn't taking her to bed at superspeed.

"Ah what's her other name?" Fred asked curiously.

"Psylocke" Betsy answered with a smile.

Clark watched the meet and greets seeing these two at least have class enough to introduce themselves first.

"Oh Gross!" Pietro shouted from upstairs.

Betsy smiled at her bit of mischief. All she did was make Pietro think Toad was her. "Sounds like someone found his Prince Charming."

Clark simply chuckled he's going to hold on to this day for a long time. Lance and Fred head upstairs leaving Clark alone with the new recruit. "So are you going to be OK here?"

"I'll be fine." Betsy assured him though she doesn't look it. "It's your girlfriend I'm concerned about. I thought I was one of the most powerful mutants out there until I met you and her."

"She's not my girlfriend. Is she going to be OK?"

Betsy shrugged because in truth she couldn't tell it took everything she had to bind that power at seventeen and she doubts it will hold forever pushed too far in a fight or seeing something traumatic could bring it back and then some. "For now. So why did you work so hard to save one of your enemies."

Clark thought on it and honestly he doesn't know. He doesn't see the X-men as enemies as much as misguided. If they were enemies he would have just brought down their blackbird and run Xavier up to a roof with no elevator. He wonders why he's so concerned about Jean ever since he got here. Maybe he just couldn't just stand to see another redhead in trouble. "You saw how powerful she could have become someone had to help her or the whole world could have been in trouble. Come on I'll show you your room. You can borrow clothes from Tabby and pickup your own tomorrow among other things."

Betsy thinks it's more then that but she'll let it settle… for now.

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