"Leave me alone you stupid kid!" Clark shot out of bed screaming can't there be new dreams like that one with Jean in nothing but her soccer jersey or one where she's a cheerleader. Clark looked at the door and saw Betsy looking at him. "What?"

"Your thoughts aren't hidden to me Clark. You've been having that nightmare since our little adventure in Vegas." Betsy replied.

Clark rolled his eyes. "Everyone has nightmares Bette. I'm sure you had one too."

Betsy looked at him and changed the subject for now. "Well you better get downstairs and get some breakfast Claire and Tabitha are already hurling fire and bombs at Toad."

Clark frowned got out of bed gathering clothes for the day and moved in a blur coming back in with 3 McDonalds bags. "Everyone gets the big breakfast you don't like it don't eat it."

Everyone smiled as Pietro ran across the boarding house serving everyone. He has to say his brother's been busy he barely recognized the place. He ran and sat next to 23 "Hey beautiful what's your name?" 23 looked at him until a snikt is heard "See ya."

"I'll go for real food if we need it." Alicia offered wanting to get some fresh air.

Tabitha smiled thankful for the influx of girls. "And I'll help but only after school I need my sleep."

Domino shakes her head they got in so late they only met the boys yesterday but all things considered she think she's going to like it here. "So boss what's on the itinerary today?"

Clark looked at her. "Not much just stay hidden until I can get the image inducers and see the Cajun and get you guys legalized papers."

Lance looked to Clark with all the people here now he can't wait to fight the X-men again if just to rub Summer's face in it when Clark gets his hands on him. "So when do we fight the X-men."

"Not anytime soon according to plan… but when do things ever go according to plan." Clark answered. "Until then I'll be out all morning make the girls feel welcome and if any of you step out of line you'll answer to me." Clark wolfed down his food in about three seconds and turned to Tabby giving her an envelope full of cash. "Mind taking the day off and getting food along with clothes for the girls and maybe suits for fighting"

"Cut school why don't you just ask me to throw a party while I'm at it?" The blonde asked.

Clark rolled his eyes and pointed to the men of the brotherhood. "Make sure you're all in school last thing we need is Kelly calling right now. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Clark ran out to Vegas and went into the office Betsy told him about opening the door. Clark walked down and saw green filled bags. He figures that must be the enhancer serum Betsy told him about. Clark feels a hand on his shoulder and quickly turned around seeing a man with black hair and mostly a good disguise at human. "Are you Dr. Essex?"

The man nodded. "And you must be Clark Maximoff. So tell me what can I do for you today?"

"I was wondering about the mutant enhancement procedure you put a friend of mine through." Clark answered it was the reason he was here.

Essex nodded a pointed to the IVs. "Anything a mutant can want if the treatment can be proven to help them and that is even lower then the mutant population."

Clark looked at him with a needle in his hand and grabbed his arm. "What do you think you're doing?"

"You're curious about the treatment? I was going to test you to see if you'd be eligible that's all." Essex assured him.

Clark shook his head. "My powers are fine and I have a thing about needles." Clark lets him go almost throwing him. "So how does it work?"

Essex walked with Clark who was blinded by a great green light from the IV packs almost like they were powering up but went dim again as he backed up. He felt weaker then he had ever felt before. He almost felt like everything inside of him was burning from the inside out.

"Are you alright?" Essex asked.

"Just give me a run through." Clark ordered not showing how weakened he really is as Essex moved to the machines.

"Very well the meteor rocks in Smallville are you familiar with them?"

"A little bit yes." Clark replied.

Essex continued. "Well the rocks emit a very unique form of radiation that can cause usually unstable muations in people. Like a toxic X gene to the mind, I built this serum with the intent to stabilize them but it was a failure. It does however enhance the signature of the X-gene in mutants making them even more powerful."

"And does quite a number on their hair." Clark quipped missing Betsy's blond roots. "Any left over side effects?"

"Harmless anomalies in the blood but nothing harmful to the mutant." Essex assured him. "Do you a know mutant that wants to see if they qualify?"

Clark shakes his head. This is useless it will just drive Magneto insane from the sounds of it not save him. "No, the meteor rock in Smallville is just unstable and brings up too many questions. Thank you for your time doctor."

Essex nodded and walked Clark out. So that was Magneto's third child he didn't exactly seem all that powerful.

Clark headed into school and went to his locker getting books for the day. He looks next to him and saw Jean has arrived and is going through hers. "Why are you here so late?"

"It's been a bizarre morning… even for us." Jean replied.

"What happened?" Clark asked like he didn't already know he would have loved to have seen Logan's when he saw it.

Jean looked at him. "Well someone took something that was important to us and man I thought Logan would pop a blood vessel from how mad he was. And this morning they brought it back with a big thank you burned into the field I thought Logan was going to have an aneurysm."

Clark packed up the rest of his books and followed her to class.

"So where were you yesterday?" Jean asked. "I asked Tabby and she just said she had no clue."

"It was personal business." Clark replied. "Had some loose ends too tie up."

Jean nodded one downside to being friends with someone in the brotherhood Clark's personal business is probably going to come back and bite them in the ass. Maybe she should keep a closer eye on him.

Clark smiled getting out of English. Jean looked at him. "What are you so happy about especially considering that assignment we got?"

"Honestly it's because lunch is next I couldn't stand another minute in class." Clark replied he's too smart and gets bored too easy. "You want to have lunch together get away from Duncan's friends."

Jean laughed at Clark how quickly he can change the subject. She wouldn't mind the reprieve though from other X-men asking if she's OK after her powers flipped like they did. "You're like a little kid sometimes you know that."

"So I've been told." Clark replied as his phone rang. Clark looked at the number and opened it up. "Hello… Dom… oh… ok… who… what…" Clark rolled his eyes. "I don't know who Nick Fury is so how would I know who Nick Fury with boobs is supposed to be…" Clark sighed and held his head wondering if this is what a migraine was like. "You know what I'll come home I'll be right there." Clark hung up the phone. "The joys of being me."

Jean frowned. "Sounded pretty important?"

Clark nodded knowing he has to go with potential strangers in his home. "Apparently there's a little girl and Nick Fury with boobs at my house. I'm sorry but I gotta go. Later"

"Yeah see you later." Jean replied with a frown watching him go.

Clark walked into the boarding house this better be damn good. "Dom if you prank called me to see how fast I can run no amount of luck will save you." Clark walked into to the main room and was overtaken by what he saw a little girl laid out on the couch she couldn't have been more then eight years old. "Torpid" Clark moved in a blur and was over to her the youngest of the Morlocks. She smiles around Clark so he's pretty sure he likes her since he said they both had their powers at around the same time getting them really young. He moves a sweat drenched wave of brown hair from her eyes and ungloves one of her hands taking it in his not even caring about how huge her hand was.

"Do you know anything about this?"

Clark turned around and saw Callisto with the rest of the girls. He shakes his head. "Maybe it's just a flu or mutant chickenpox?"

Callisto shakes her head. "No she was fine to this in five minutes."

Clark shrugged his shoulders in denial he knows nothing. And he'd never target a kid otherwards he would have thrown X-23 through a turbine for stabbing him. "Take me to where you found her." Clark orders and puts her glove back on. "Alicia I need you to take care of her. She tries to touch you teleport out of the house. She gets worse teleport her to the hospital"

Alicia nodded she can do that. "No problem."

"Claire come with me." Clark ordered.

Claire looked at the kid. Shes been through some brutal things compliments of HYDRA but this looks like torture. "What's wrong with her?"

"We're about to find out." Clark replied.

Claire looked at the two in disgust what is wrong with them. They could have at least warned her where they were going. "You know I get going underground but you can at least tell someone when you take them down the damn sewer."

Clark glared at her. "They're Morlocks they think they have to live underground."

"Not have to its just easier." Callisto corrected them as she pointed out where Torpid got sick.

Clark groaned following Callisto's finger yeah of course. "OK into the water. Callisto stay here the Morlocks don't need you getting sick too."

Clark hopped into the sewer water and started walking up through the tunnels.

Claire rolled her eyes at the smell and simply started hovering above it. "You should really learn how to fly."

"I think I'm looking into it." Clark quipped remembering a couple days earlier about his good dream before Vegas as he kept walking and stopped. "Whoa"

Claire stopped at Clark's words and watched the water turn into a certain shade of muck. "Oh gross, What the hell is that stuff?"

Clark shrugged and looked up seeing it drain and empty as some more was poured into the sewer and cleaner water was ahead of it so this is likely why Torpid is sick. "I don't know so don't let it touch your skin." Clark looked up interested. "But it came from up there. Want to take a look?"

Claire smiled floating up and lifted the vent cover up as she landed and Clark simply jumped up.

"They make you work out at Hydra don't they." Clark quipped not expecting a 90 pound girl to lift that.

"Makes freedom worth living." Claire replied as they looked around what appeared to be a warehouse of some sort she wonders what they make and how is it poisonous to mutants.

Clark looked at the shelves and took one of the products off the shelf examining the bottle. "Power8 can't these people just drink water?" Clark sneaks through the facility and sees where it leads to the sewer and quickly freezes it with his breath. "That should hold it for now. Question is why did this stuff hurt Torpid so badly."

With a sample of the problem Clark was relieved the next period of school when he got back was lab with Dr. McCoy. Clark took a dropper and filled it Power 8 and put it on a microscope slide and just looked at it. Victor taught him to be a hunter but even he was surprised with microscopic vision. He hears the rest of the class come in but he tunes it out focusing on the problem at hand. He thinks it over until he sees a pair of hands show up at his desk. He looks up and sees Duncan flirting with a cheerleader. Clark grabs something that's pretty sure is meant to draw blood and jabs it on Duncan's hand.

Duncan held his hand and was ready to take the person's who did it head off until he turned around and saw that it was Clark.

"Your hand was on my desk." Clark pointed out with a smile.

Duncan didn't say a word and just turned around. Clark doesn't know what the professor did but at least he's still afraid of him.

"Are you going to stab me too?"

Clark looked up and saw Jean glaring at him. "No, those hands are way too beautiful to stab. Besides it was more about getting blood then anything."

Jean took a moment and recoiled. "Your feet stink."

"Yeah sorry about that Toad got into my sock drawer. I washed but I don't think it will ever be enough." Clark spread Duncan's blood on one slide and took another blood pick and held it to his own hand.

Jean looked at him standing there holding it waiting to drop it. "Wow you can dish it out but you sure can't take it."

Clark looks up at Jean and stabs himself showing her the broken pick. "My mutation makes my skin too dense for it to work on me."

Jean smiled and took one out of the shelf and jabbed her own finger gently getting a drop of blood and putting it on a slide for him. "Take it that's what you were trying to do?"

Clark nodded. "I was thank you." Clark took a drop of power8 and put one drop on each slide as Dr. McCoy comes in.

Jean sucked her finger and got a bandaid from the shelf which Clark took off her and applied gently as she smiled gratefully. "Thanks"

"I could kiss it and make it better." Clark offered.

"Don't push it." Jean warned she has to admit it was a nice gesture.

"So why are you being so nice to me?" Clark asked. "Looking at your friend's scowl I think we're supposed to kill each other."

Jean smiled seeing Scott upset. "Well so far you're nice and the only person in six months that didn't think of me naked or want to throw me against the lockers" Jean sighed picking up Clark's thoughts she just had to put it in his head. "…Well at least I'm still in a cheerleader outfit."


"You're still thinking about it." Jean pointed out upset.

"Sorry… OK I'm good… now I'm good… OK now… now I'm good" Clark said getting one last visual of the cheerleader before putting it to the back of his mind.

Jean looked at him upset surprised embarrassed and stunned at how long he kept it going before smiling most people just have their worst thought show up or run out of the room but Clark buried it easy enough. "It's nice of you to change your thoughts but you're focusing on something that worries you."

"Just a nightmare I can't place." Clark assured her.

The two paid attention to Dr. McCoy and did the lab work deciding to solely focus on that. They finish the lab leaving them in class for another five minutes with nothing to do.

Jean looked at him. "So… since we have plenty of time what about those blood samples."

Clark turned around and saw the two of them. Clark looked at the human one first and he couldn't see anything different and neither did Jean. Clark looked at the mutant one and it realized soemething was wrong with it as Jean looked at it. "Wow what is this?"

She moved aside and let Clark take a look again. Clark saw it now it was so tiny it almost went right past him but its attacking the DNA as a whole. Jean looked at him. "So what slide was what?"

"First one was Duncan's the second one was yours." Clark answered. "I got what I needed so thanks for the help."

"Am I interrupting something you two?"

Both looked up at Dr. McCoy and smiled. "No"

Hank looked down and saw the blood slides. "I don't recall that being a particular part of today's exorcise."

Clark shrugged weakly. "Extra credit."

Hank looked into the microscope and saw it himself. Whatever this blood was treated with it attacks the X gene like a virus. Clark just pocketed the two slides when Mc Coy was done looking. Once out of sight from Jean and Hank he burned them.

The bell rang signifying the end of the day as everyone cleared out of school for the weekend. Scott and Rogue headed out for his car. Scott had to admit he enjoyed the movie and has lately found himself enjoying the company of the goth when she lets her guard down and when she smiles there isn't anything like it he wonders how fate could be so cruel to people like Rogue and so kind to people like Duncan.

Rogue saw Scott's far off look and wondered what was wrong. "Hey are ya feelin alright."

Scott nodded his head. "I'm fine just thinking."

Rogue nodded and saw Clark talking to Pietro and the others. Scott saw her run off getting closer to the group of mutants and joined her wondering what she is up to.

"What are you doing?" Scott asked joining Rogue as they hid behind the bush.

"Gettin a closer look." Rogue replied looking at Clark he reminds her of Scott.

Clark looked to the other four. "Which is why we have to destroy it… tonight."

"I have a date tonight." Pietro insisted.

Clark rolled his eyes. "Fight today strike out tomorrow. Or I'll break your legs today and you can still strike out tomorrow."

Pietro glared at his brother. "Hey at least I try to date instead ignoring every other girl that's not a red headed X-man."

Lance looked at Clark and broke off the stare down between him and Pietro getting them focused because being a mutant wasn't enough they have this mess to deal with. "You think they made this on purpose?"

Clark shakes his head. "I don't even think they know what they have. I had Dom run a background check and they're all new with little money and uninsured they can't even go into proper production for a year. If we can take their factory off the map we can end this threat tonight. Maybe even get you clowns into Magneto's good graces."

"So what happens if we do nothing?" Toad asked.

Clark looked at the little guy. "Very bad things I don't want to explain in public." Clark replied there won't be a war they'll just dump power8 in every water supply and arrest the people who get sick. "I'm still doing it and besides how often do you level a building in Bayville." Clark heard a rumble and turned around and looked into the bush. Well this will probably be the end of him and Jean. "Let's discuss this at home."

Scott and Rogue hop out and run for Scott's car as they hop in Lance's Jeep. Scott knew Clark was planning to destroy something tonight. "What are they up to?"

"Chasing these guys was not how ah wanted to spend mah day." Rogue complained.

Scott went to start the car but they found it couldn't even start. He popped the hood and easily spotted the problem someone opened the hood took the spark plugs and closed it before most people could blink. "Pietro"

Clark walked into to a pleasant surprise Torbid awake watching TV. "It's good to see you're awake."

Torbid simply smiled as Callisto looked at him and replied. "She was lucky she just needed rest if it was a greater concentration of that poison... I don't want to think about it. Did you find the cause?"

Clark nodded. "We're going to take care of it tonight in the meantime. I'll steal some water from the market for you guys before we go deal with it."

Callisto looked at him and calmly headed for the door with Torpid. "Good job"

Pietro looked at Clark and got in front of Callisto at superspeed. "Is that it not even a thank you for taking care of the big hand monster girl?"

Torpid took a glove off and grabbed Pietro's leg as the speedster drops like a ton of bricks as the two Morlocks left.

Clark looked down at Pietro with a smile and carried him to the couch. "There's a long and simple history with me and them it goes Clark can you do X and then at some point I go Caliban can you find Y. It will wear off in twenty minutes so just sit tight." Clark went to go upstairs to get ready but turned around and put Pietro into a soldier's salute and turned the TV on for him.

Jean came down into the war room getting ready she has to say this is not how she wanted to spend her night. "What's going on?"

Rogue turned around and saw her come in. "The Brotherhood is plannin something tonight and ya boyfriend seems ta be tha one in charge now with Mystique gone."

Jean just looked at her in silenceknowing she means Clark. He's not her boyfriend and she doesn't know that. "Have they done anything yet?"

Charles shakes his head no the students don't know but he's been looking at this before Scott and Rogue even got here thanks to Hank tipping him off. "No but they are on the move." Charles watches as they all appear to move with remarkable speed to the same spot. He's never seen anything like that except for Kurt. "They're at a factory downtown you must move quickly."

Clark and Fred are outside the power8 warehouse opening a box and look down, each sharing a smile seeing what was in the package as Clark dials a number. "Dom do we even want to know where you got these."

"Clothes didn't cost that much and a five finger discount." Dom answered as the girls got out of Lance's jeep even Tabby was here for this one. "Weird thing is I have to wait two weeks with the handguns."

The boys stood with open mouths as the girls got out. Up first was Betsy in her purple leotard. After her was Claire in long red leather pants and a red leather top slit open giving the boys a nice view of her cleavage. X-23 came out with a grey shirt under a black leather jacket and black jeans. Considering who she's a clone of Clark just told Tabby to let her buy whatever she wants. Tabby herself can't wait to see Logan again Badger a daddy. Up next was Domino in a black leather bodysuit continuing her tradition of black and blue followed by Tabitha in a a midriff shirt that has two straps that connect the front and the back and leather pants with fingerless gloves running up her arm. When the girls came home from shopping and saw a sick kid and mutant poison they all wanted a pound of flesh from this place. Up last was Alicia in a white shirt ending at her naval and black leather jacket and pants.

Betsy looked at them and smiled. "Look its five drooling idiots."

Clark nodded being the first one to reboot. "Yeah that sounds right. Betsy how many guards?"

"Three on ground level two on the second floor."

Clark nodded that's easy enough. "Avalanche give them a scare."

Lance held out his hands and stomped his feet as the building shook and rattled. The 5 guards ran out as Clark and Fred knocked them out with taps on the head as Pietro ran circles around them tying them up.

Clark looked around and saw the job just about done with everyone helping. He heads out for on last look with an X-ray. He sees the building deserted and nothing left that can drop into the sewers. Psylocke is outside adjusting the guards memories as far as everyone else will know this building just collapsed in on itself. He turns around and sees a van coming their way. He quietly walks inside knowing who's in it. "Ladies hide."

X-23 quickly climbs the ceiling as Betsy and Dom helps the others stay in the shadows.

Clark watches the van pull up with the rest of the brotherhood as the X-men all emerge from it.

Scott looks at Clark and sees him front and center. "What are you clowns up to?"

Clark looked at him blankly and saw everyone here even Storm and Wolverine but no Xavier. "The whole team just for little old us I'm flattered."

Jean looked at him in a black jeans and red shirt with a leather jacket. "Clark what are you doing?"

"We have our reasons and you'll just get in the way." Clark replied taking a moment to see her in her dark blue and green setup she can do better. "Now please leave so we can work in peace."

"Yeah you X-geek aren't needed." Pietro added.

Jean glared at him and knocked him down with a telekinetic push. "I won't let you do that."

Clark smiled and got to his feet. "Scatter"

Clark and the other four members of the Brotherhood all took off in different directions.

Kurt watched them in confusion. "Vell, that vas disappointing."

Kitty nodded in agreement. "Yeah like I thought they'd put up more of a fight before we embarrass them again."

Logan had a bad feeling about this that kid gave up way too easily. "Keep your eyes open half pint. I don't like this."

Jean put her fingers to her head to scan the area and found a lot more minds then she should have. "It's a…"

"Jean are they still in here?" Scott turns around and sees that she's now missing. "Jean!"

Scott growled. "Everyone split up in teams of two we gotta find her and them."

Logan nodded in agreement this isn't like them unless they already had a plan if they showed.

Scott looked to the others. "Kurt, Storm take up high. Kitty, Evan go left. I'll go right. Rogue you're with me Wolverine see if you can find Jean."

Scott has to say this isn't going to be fun. Clark could be completely different from Mystique who knows what's waiting for them. He has a feeling it's going to be a long night.

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