Logan carefully treads around in the factory wanting to know what these bozos are up to, and maybe carve out Pietro for kidnapping Jean. Logan comes to a stop hearing someone sneaking up on him as he pops one set of his claws. This must be Clark. He smells the air and something disturbing comes up when he smells… himself.

23 quickly pounces on Wolverine burying her claws in his back as he pushes her off and she lands on her feet popping her other set.

Logan pops his claws ready to fight until he turns around and sees his opponent is no bigger then Kitty Pryde, the half pint. "Hey… wait."

23 pointed at him with her claws in his ridiculous orange costume. "Shut up and fight." She went to stab him in the stomach but Wolverine deflected the attack and got a kick to the gut for his trouble.

The Professor was scanning the factory as a new mutant entered the mansion… No, not new, just fast… Pietro. Charles sensed him in the lower levels and decided to see what the boy was doing as he went to the lab.

Charles went in but saw nothing… it's not really surprising with how quick Pietro can move but they don't keep anything useful here. He looked over the lab and only saw one thing missing. A box with six image inducers, what would Quicksilver need those for?

Scott and Rogue were walking through the plant on a catwalk and Rogue can honestly say she doesn't understand this. What does the brotherhood gain by bumping off a poor man's PowerAde? Cyclops stops when hears something new to them it sounded like loading a round into a gun.

Scott heard two quiet popping sounds when to his surprise with two incredible shots hit key points of support and the catwalk broke off above them and they fell to the floor with it.

Kurt teleported to the top. He was trying to see where anyone is as he turns to a noise. "Who's there?"

"Easy blue, it's just me."

Kurt stopped as he saw the blond haired former new mutant come out. "Tabitha vhat are you doing here?"

"Let's just say we have a good reason for doing what we're doing. Now you guys need to get out of here right now." Tabitha replied not looking forward to what's about to happen.

Kurt shrugged not seeing the big deal. "Tabby we've dealt with the Brotherhood easily enough every time and Clark got knocked down by Jean there is nothing to vorry about."

Tabby shakes her head. "He's stronger then he lets on. Blue this place makes poison that specifically attacks mutants. It has to go. So please take the X-Men and just leave."

Tabby goes to leave and Kurt tries to follow only to see a group of her little time bombs at his feet and he teleports away he has to tell the others what she told him.

Jean struggled against the person carrying her. "Put me down, you jerk."

Clark sighed and put her down right outside the factory. "I told you and your people to get out."

"Not going to happen." Jean replied glaring at him.

Clark sighed and held up a bottle of power8. "You see this? It's what I had in class today during lab, its raw poison to mutants and its being made by the gallons. This place has to go."

Jean looked at it so that's what Clark's up to. She understands what he's trying to do but this isn't right. "Then tell the owner of this place he'll…"

"What, go back to formula?" Clark cut her off wishing he was still that optimistic kid in Smallville. "He only cares about money, and you think he'll just shelve this little project if the truth ever came out, he'll just add three or four zeroes to the price and take it to the military. This place has to go now I've seen what this stuff does to mutants and I have to stop it. So please get your people out of here. I don't want to fight you guys."

Jean frowned seeing that this is going to get ugly quick. "We're mutants, it doesn't make us know what's better and what's not."

Clark laughed at that. He couldn't help it. "Yeah, I'm sure your teacher Logan woke up one day and said," Clark started with an impression of him. "Hey bub, fill me up with thousand degree metal metal. He is a prime example of why we can't coexist."

Jean looked at him. "What would you know about him?"

"I know that the only way to graft adamantium is by processing its liquid form. Because once it takes shape, the metal is virtually indestructible. So someone pumped boiling hot liquid metal into Logan's skeleton and a sixteen year old girl."

Clark frowned and started walking back for the building. "You do what you have to do." Clark stopped at the door. "Just know, I'll do what I have to."

Jean stayed outside for a couple moments before making her decision and going to fight with her friends.

Kitty looked in the hall from where she was on the second floor and sees a blond girl nervously walking around. Kitty smiled and ran up ready to confront the newest member of the brotherhood until she disappeared in a green haze and Kitty stumbled nearly into the wall but quickly phased through it to an even worse mistake as she fell down a story and hit the floor knocking herself out.

Wolverine quickly dodged an attack from this girl just when he didn't think his life could get any worse this girl shows up. "Who are you? Why are you attacking us?"

"Your friends, I'm attacking for the person who freed me." She pointed at Logan. "You are personal for what you did to me."

Logan looked at her admittedly a good deal of his life is a blank but he'd remember her whole life going off her age. "I never knew of you until five seconds ago kid I don't understand."

"This is your fault! Everything I am is because of you!" 23 shouted as she charged him.

Logan quickly popped his claws to defend himself as adamantium clashed. "You're mixed up; I don't know anything about it.

"You're lying!" 23 shouted as someone grabbed both set of claws and pulled the two berserkers apart.

23 looked at Clark in confusion. "What are you doing?"

Clark shrugged he won't lie to her not now. "Oh I'm going to fight him right now. You can fight him next time. I promise but right now we need him alive."

23 looked at Clark for a moment admittedly she came here to fight Wolverine but after seeing what Clark can do she has no problem switching out for now as she runs off.

Wolverine growled at Clark taking a feral stance. "You're going to tell me everything you can about that girl."

"I found her in a HYDRA lab… she hates you… and yeah, that's pretty much it." Clark replied with a smile as he threw something at Logan.

Logan acted quick and caught it he saw it was a bottle of the drink this place makes.

Clark looked at him not moving an inch. "I don't take it that you can drink that on good faith can you?"

Logan glared at him and threw it aside. "Not today bub"

Clark shrugged seeing Logan rush him and to Logan's surprise just as he's about to attack Clark's entire body mysteriously moved leaving his arm there as Logan ran right into a clothesline and nearly knocked himself out.

Logan grunted as he tried to pull himself up as he got to his feet. What the hell is this kid made of it feels like he just hit a diesel truck.

Clark smiled seeing Logan get to his feet. "My turn"

Logan turns around feels himself being moved faster then he could ever run as his body hits wall after wall until he's stopped and put into a wall leaving a Logan shaped dent behind him as he groaned in pain and saw that Clark ran him through every wall on the first floor in moments and stuck him in the wall. Clark took out another bottle of power8 as Logan struggled to break free but it wasn't happening.

Clark held up the bottle like he was toasting with a grin. "Here's to… well everyone else's health." He forces open Logan's mouth and pours the concoction in as Logan screams in pain a few times freeing himself from the wall as he collapses for a moment but quickly gets back to his feet. He growls and rushes him but once again Clark easily sidesteps the attack and catches him with a punch to the stomach knocking the wind out of him.

Logan fell to his knees holding his stomach gasping for breath this is like going up against the Juggernaut and Quicksilver at the same time. He looks up and sees Clark staring at him for a moment before kicking him in the ribs as Logan goes flying out of the factory knocking down a wall completely and landing on the X-Van destroying the top with his adamantium skeleton. Logan groaned thinking Clark might have broke a rib or two form the pain.

Clark looked at Logan a moment with disappointment considering some of the things Victor has said about him before going back in. "Best in the world my ass."

Jean entered the factory and saw all the damage Clark did to Logan she also senses a mind trying to cloak itself behind her and quickly makes a shield out of telekinetic energy as a pink katana strikes at it. "Betsy, you joined them?"

Betsy nodded. "From the looks of it Clark needed a telepath." Jean grunted but took the swing of Betsy's weapon before pushing her away with her telekinesis.

Betsy rolled back to her feet as pink energy surrounded her and turned into butterflies each one crashing on Jean's telekinetic shield. Betsy watched as Jean struggled more and more with each impact until the redhead's eyes lit up in flames. "Aw bloody hell!"

Domino moved carefully to the trashed catwalk but quickly dodged a red optic blast that went right for her as the blue skinned girl rolled out of the way. "You missed Red eye?"

"No, he didn't."

Rogue tackled the newest member of the brotherhood and quickly absorbed her by touching her face with her bare hand. Toad hopped on the side of the wall and lunged at Rogue only to be blasted with an optic blast.

Scott got up and saw panic on Rogue's face that can't be right. "Hey, are you OK? I mean its OK Toad got the jump on you, I'll keep it a secret."

Rogue looked at him. "That's not what I'm concerned about. Come on we have to go get everyone. We're giving them the building."

Scott shakes his head. "Rogue, we can't do that."

"Ah got a piece of her mind up here." Rogue replied pointing to her head. "This power8 stuff is poisonous to mutants. We can't let it get out."

"Maybe, but we don't rule through fear, we're not the Brotherhood." Scott countered. "Now let's go find the others."

Spyke smiled knocking down Avalanche well that was easy when he wasn't looking. He's wondering what the point of Danger room sessions are. He sees the Blob Run after him and shoots two spikes at the behemoth's feet as he trips and falls.

Blob got to his feet and growled at him easily breaking the spikes as he ran after the skateboarding teenager. Spyke looked up ahead to what's coming and saw Rogue and Scott. Spyke smiled as he got past his two teammates and Rogue hopped down on Fred's back and started absorbing him until she was strong enough to drop down to the floor and with her legs throw him at Scott whom blasted him away in mid air to the floor with an optic blast.

Storm was exploring the roof and according to the noise of everyone fighting Clark isn't the only new recruit. Claire smiled seeing the weather witch off guard as she flew into her back knocking her off course as the two struggled for control until Kurt joined the fray by hopping on the firstarter's back and teleported Claire back to ground level. Kurt was taken even further by surprise when a green haze revealed itself and kicked him off her.

Kurt wobbled but stayed on his feet seeing a blond teleporter standing next to the redhead. "Vhoa, another teleporter, too weird." He also saw a small line of fire circle Claire multiple times. "Vhoa now hang on, no burning zhe fuzzy one."

Both girls backed up seeing lightning bolts hit near their feet as Storm joined them. A purple haired telepath was sent through the wall in a roll but landed on her feet. They were joined by Jean Grey with clear eyes. Kurt and Storm were surprised two feet to the back of the heads knocking them down as 23 and Boom Boom joined the brotherhood girls. Scott Evan, and Rogue came in followed by Blob and Toad.

The two sides each glared at each other ready to continue this fight until a voice was heard from upstairs. "Enough!"

They all turned around seeing Clark come downstairs carrying an unconscious Domino and Avalanche. "You know it doesn't have to be like this." He hands them off to Fred whom takes them without question.

Scott looked at him with the same blank face as the two leaders almost scan each other. "You're right turn off the charges."

"And let them release this poison to the public that's not going to happen. But what I meant was we don't have to be on different sides. You could always join us in the coming battle."

Storm looks at him. "You know that's a two way mirror. You could always join us and work for a better world where there is no war."

"It's a wonderful dream while you live in your mansion." Clark conceded. "I'll give you that. But at the end of the day it is just a dream. If you need any proof of that just look at our newest recruits." Clark outstretched his arm pointing to the new girls. "Volcana, Domino, Warp, and X-23. I didn't exactly take them from their homes." X-23 pops her claws to show the explanation point as the X-Men drop their jaws. "And how we found out about this place mutants shunned so far underground they only come up to pick at dumpsters for food. Dreams are nice, but nine times out of ten, they're just dreams."

Storm frowned it was bad enough but she's just a child. "They're far from perfect but mutants are hardly an example of ideal good. You can try it but we'll stop you."

Clark frowned looking at the X-Men. "Well you can't blame a guy for trying." He turns to the Brotherhood. "I'll take it from here."

They all nod and leave as Clark looks at the X-men. "You guys are free to leave too you know. We don't have to fight."

Jean looks at the Brotherhood leaving and listens in on Clark's thoughts or at least try to he's not putting anything out. Not even the Professor can do that.

Clark smiled at Jean and was thankful he put the device in his ear that usually goes in his Red Hood helmet. "Sorry Jean, but I knew you might put me to sleep so I came prepared. Now please leave, because I don't want to hurt you guys."

"It doesn't matter we'll stop you." Jean replied lifting Clark up off the floor and he's heavy she hasn't struggled like this since Juggernaut. "Scott hurry I can't hold him for long."

Scott wasted no time and blasted him with an optic blast. Clark did a tumble before landing in a pile of boxes.

Clark got up stunned he'd guess that means no to a date. He took his jacket off and threw it at Kurt but the elf quickly caught it with a smile seeing he caught it until Clark moves in a blur and hits him in the guy and flips Storm over his shoulder slamming her to the floor knocking both mutants down before all three disappeared with only Clark reappearing.

Even glared at him. No one does that to his aunt. "Auntie Ro?" Spike growled as six bone spears shot out of his chest at Clark who caught each one to the X-Men's shock.

"How come your suit's not ripped? Can I get the name of your Tailor?" Clark quipped before he and Spyke disappeared and Clark came back in sans Spyke and bone spears.

Scott glared at him. "What did you do to them?"

"I just needed the porcupine out of the way, so I nailed him to the X-van with his spikes. I told you I don't need anyone hurt and I don't want to." Clark replied.

Scott glared at him and blasted him with an optic blast as Clark was pushed back a little before crossing his arms at his face trying to protect himself form the blast as he was pushed back further.

Rogue and Jean's faces went to shock seeing Clark not just hold it off but starting to push forward getting closer to Cyclops as the southern goth got an idea she whispered in the red head's ear.

Clark pushed through the beam step by step pushing right through it until stopping at Scott who quickly closed his eyes as Rogue jumped on Clark's shoulders and the teenage leader of the brotherhood found himself paralyzed. "Jean!"

"I'm sorry Clark, but this is going to hurt." Jean replied.

Rogue smiled and put her hand to his head. "Goodnight creep"

Pietro moved in a blur and saw the Brotherhood leaving the building and unconcious X-Men along with getting a laugh out of seeing Evan nailed to the van. "Hey, what's going on shouldn't this place be on the ground already?"

"The X-geeks are still here." Lance replied. "Right now your brother is fighting them and we're leaving." Pietro smiled at that. Maybe they will find a chink in his brother's armor.

Rogue looked at the teen and something isn't right here. Why hasn't she drained him yet? "Guys, something ain't right here, Ah'm not absorbing him."

Clark had a quiet smirk as he grabbed her by her bare arm and started making fun of her accent. "Goodnight creep."

Jean took that in shock as Clark quickly grabbed Rogue off his shoulders and threw her at Scott knocking them both down. He moved in a blur and wrapped his arms around Jean carrying her Cyclops and Rogue outside, seeing all the X-men starting to recover. He hears the building start to shake.

Clark turned to it and saw the chain reaction. "Who the hell pulled the cord?"

"Clark!" Jean glared at him.

"It's not me." Clark defended himself not knowing why the building is falling early.

Kurt's eyes shot out realizing they're missing one. "Kitty, where is she?"

Clark quickly activated his X-ray vision and saw her unconscious. "I know where she is I'll get her!"

"Like we're supposed to believe you." Scott replied.

"I swear on my adopted parents' graves that I'll get her out." Clark vowed knowing he'd never willingly kill an X-Man as he disappeared in a blur into the building.

"Do you believe him?" Scott asked as the building started shaking in an earthquake.

"I do." Jean replied as a piece of the factory fell as she scanned for Kitty's mind.

Scott turned around not believing Clark beat the whole team without even trying.

The X-Men watched with the Brotherhood as the building crumbled and came down on top of itself looking like a really bad earthquake. Pietro glared at the X-men but quickly moved to the debris of the building trying to dig out his brother how could the loser have not gotten out in time. He's followed by the rest of the X-Men along with Betsy and X-23.

They hear a rumble from the middle and Pietro backs up knowing what's about to happen. Logan walks over holding his head, kid packs a wallop. He watches the middle debris scatter about as Clark comes up holding a very alive and well Kitty in his arms.

Kitty smiled. "You totally saved my life. Thank you."

Clark smiled and put her down. "Any time" He looked to Pietro and saw his brother sheepishly hide his dust covered hands.

"What? Do you have any idea what Dad would do to me if the golden boy got hurt?" Pietro asked.

Clark frowned. "Yeah, well who set off the first device ten minutes early, I thought it was twenty five minutes or remote trigger."

Toad scratches the back of his head. "Sorry man, I thought it was fifteen."

Clark held his head well he'll make Toad pay for it but not today. "It doesn't matter, building is down, and no one got hurt. The guards will wake up and say earthquake."

Clark turned to Jean. "Check Wolverine's blood, it will explain everything."

Jean looked at him coldly as the X-men left her not even looking Clark's way as they got into their broken van Wolverine grumbling under breath. Jean can understand why Clark did it but he should have thought of another way… but he did save Kitty's life by taking the full brunt of the building falling on them.

Clark watched her go silently guess that's one crush the cause killed. He turned to Pietro. "Did you get them?"

Pietro smiled and handed him the image inducers. "Did you ever have any doubt?"

Clark smiled with the X-Men occupied he pulled Pietro away to get something for the girls. He handed the inducers out one to each new girl in the brotherhood save for Tabitha. Betsy put hers on and returned to her old blond self as opposed to the standout purple. Claire's hair became a darker shade of red compared to her fiery orange and her eyes became blue. Alicia's hair turned brunette. X-23's skin turned to a paler shade of white and her hair became black and her eyes turned green. And Domino looked like a black haired human version of herself with no mark on her face. "Alright let's go home I need pictures of each of you with your new faces."

Clark hears the others gloat about finally beating the X-Men but he has other things on his mind. He has to see his father tomorrow and he hopes he's improving; maybe his news of new recruits and Pietro's friends defeating the X-Men will lift his spirit. Also maybe he can figure out how to get back to a common ground with Jean. Why did she have to show up tonight?

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