HλLF-LIFE: hypothesis


Jerry Wellers was a sientest at blak mesa who did experiments abot sciens and aliens and long words. on day he was inbond for B:ak Mesa on a traim. (mix btween tram and train) however he see somethin odd out the train: A MAN IN BLUE WITH OFFICE LABCOAT who smilld mysterious. "he has green eyes so i call him teh G-MAN" sayd Jeery. "lol if he was pony itd be G-MANE!" he almost posted dat on the internet but this was the past and ponies did not exist yet.

Jerry den saw a noter traim. it was the dr of exposions cald GORDON FREEMAN. jerry amost said "hi" but rembered gordon doesngm talk, only type. jerry culdnt massage him eider because messaging did nt exist yet!

wen jerry got to location he went to go obser tge amonalous materials experement. "is prpbly not a problem... prolly... butt theres a slight chance of... no, its wel witin resonabole parking meters," to gordon freeman who was in the testing area. a'course, a resonance cascade hopened and XEN PORTEL brought ALIENS AND MONSTERS from science.,

jerry finded a crowbar and beggen hittin peeps wit it like a MADLY ANGER. he told barney the calhoun to go look for gordon and he excaped into back area.