HλLF-LIFE: hypothesis


jerry sees a hedcrab jump from a portal and blugeon it to dead with crowbarb. he go on until he see a ded barney and pikc up his pistol and shot bulets ammo. soon he see a zombie creture. wit hedcrab attach. "I wont surender to u!" jerry sayd. but hedcrsb zombeh baked him into a wall. he was so fright jerry wellers couldnt aim gunn. was dis teh end?





the female scientist/security guard/warrior/goddess/heroine/goddess CURLY BRACE shot headcrab zomb in headdy with her OWN MIND. "OH WAT DAH" scremd jerry and remember: curly is one who save every1 in facility! she used to live her wit her husband quote until he disapeered because of blak mesas admin dr breen. now curly livved here on her own. "Did you know the man named Gordon had a yunger brotter?" said Curly. "no" said jerry and curly tell him a story about a guy named Jo[redacted]

they fot lotsa headcrabs and zombees and zombocoms and barnacles and bullsquids and sounddogs. they got an smg and a shot gun to. and grenades! soon it would be time to fight


and they would half-cleior tge game.