Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War/Squadron Leader Shorts

The purpose of these shorts is purely entertainment. I get bored in the off time I'm not doing school work, so these little scenarios come to me. Some will be related to main story, The Razgriz. Some won't. Some will be related to each other in blocks that will share a title. Basically, whatever comes to mind and is good, I'll write. However, do not expect them to be in any order. I have several already planned. A few revolving around "Music Box Blues" by TSO.

Garret: If you've never heard it go listen to it.

Wait, where's you come from?

G: Well, since you're doing this I thought I'd show up. I brought Kei too.

Kei: Hey!

Oh boy…

K: So you're actually doing this then?

Yes. Even though the main story isn't done yet, I thought I could drop a couple shorts and call it a day.

G: Good. So, get to writing.

Are you… are you ordering me around?

G: Yes.

For my first short, you're getting shot down.

G: Wait what?

You heard me.

K: But that's not fair.

Don't care.

K: You're so evil.

Would you like to join him?

K: *silence*

Thought so. So enjoy the drabbles/shorts/what have you.

Rescue Blaze

"Edge get out of there!"

They POWs were secured on the helicopters. It was getting obvious that Bartlett was not among them but that didn't stop Edge from going down to check. Neither did it stop the hidden bunker from firing on her low flying F-16 Falcon.

"Damn it Nagase." Chopper muttered. She tried every dodging technique that she could think of but the missile stayed until it just disappeared. She looked to her left to see it following Blaze's F-15. He pulled the same move that Bartlett pulled at the beginning of the war to save her. The missile exploded. All went silent. The plane crashed.


"Hey. I'm fine. Plane's totaled though. We can get more of those."

Sea Goblin saw the whole thing a decided to send a helicopter over.

"NO! Belay that! The wind is too strong. Leave me here and come back when the storm blows over."

"Blaze, you can't be serious!"

There was no answer but several grunts as Blaze tried to make his way up the slope. He stopped as he got to a tree large enough to block the wind and snow.

"I am. I'll be *huff huff* fine. Go! Go! No need for more risk. GO!"

"Fine. I'm coming back for you."

"Good. Now go!"

And so the Wardog squadron left. Leaving their downed flight lead behind.

Edge was silent the entire flight back to Sand Island as she lead them home. She took the mouthing that Perrault gave her for doing something that stupid as going to check for a dead man. She couldn't sleep. Her flight lead was still out there. She knew that if the situation was reversed, he wouldn't sleep either. In fact, he wouldn't have taken that flack from Perrault, he would have splayed the fat man on his back the moment he opened his mouth. She missed the peace that seemed to radiate from him. Even though just about any random thing can come out of his mouth, he was totally himself and laughed at his own jokes because he found them funny and believed that if you didn't laugh along it was your loss, not his. But when he went into deep thought, it was a look of sheer concentration. When he stared off into space, his face relaxed, forming a slight smile. It wasn't his body that attracted her to him, though it came with the package, it who he was that brought her to his flame. His blaze. Controlled yet uncontrollable. Only he could tame the fire and unleash it when need be. She smiled. Her flight lead was an enigma. Her enigma. Her heart fluttered at that thought. Might as well confess it: she was in love.

There was a knock on the door. 0455 am November 18, 2010. How long was she lost in her thoughts?

"Come in."

Chopper came in.

"Nagase. Blaze activated his beacon. We leave soon." She nodded and turned to face the window.

I'm coming my love.

In the air above Glubina, Wardog, in F-15's followed the audio signal leading to Blaze. Unfortunately, they were not alone. The Yukes were hot on the trail too. They were just late to the party.

"Wardog, spread out but keep the heading. Take out any ground enemies."

"What about air defense?" Archer asked.

"In due time, Grimm."

"Roger that."

"Chopper you got a visual?"

"Negative. Though I thought I saw something, but it was an animal."

They kept flying, taking out any ground defenses they flew over. The path had to be clear for Sea Goblin. Kei kept following the signal until it led her to a jammer. Her rage consumed her and she downed the over-sized plane. She engaged all the fighters she could. Chopper and Grimm following suit.

"Wow Edge. Didn't think you had it in you."


"Who else?"

"Where are you?"

"You flew over…uh oh…"

Blaze made a run for it thru the snow as Yuke ground forces closed in his position. He rolled a downed log to them, crushing, but not killing them. He disarmed the 3 man squad and kept them there, sitting on the log casually, whistling, talking to them and if, IF, they behaved, he pull them out. He didn't have to wait long until the sounds of a helicopter was nearing them.

"Wardog, I guess my ride's here."

"Roger that Kid. It's gonna be good to have you back in the air."

"I hear you Chopper."

Several hours later, after the slowest trip ever, Garret touched Sand Island. He escorted toward the medical center for proper checkups. Wardog were just exiting their planes and heading for debriefing. Kei couldn't wait to see Garret again.

Half an hour later, she knocked on his door and bit her lip in nervousness. The one second seemed like an eternity until the door was opened. She bum rushed him, threw her arms around him and kissed him.

"Don't you ever do anything like that again, Garret. I'll have to kick your ass."

"Right. I'd like to see you try." He smiled and she leaned into his chest and cried silently.

"I'm sorry I went down and almost got you killed."

"Hey, you promised to keep my safe right. Well, you can't that if you're dead. You don't owe me. But know this…"

She looked up at him.

"I love you Kei. I never doubted that you would come for me. You were on my mind all night."

"I love you too, Garret."