Son of the Storm

Chapter 1

Bested By A Bat

Hello everyone, my name is Ryo Kudo and I am sixteen years old. Now upon first contact you might think of me as a normal human but in reality, well let's just say I have a very electric personality. A few years back I started attending a special high school for monsters known as Yokai Academy, a school made by monsters and for monster with the sole purpose of helping us understand more about humans. Little did I know of my adventures that waited inside the borders and beyond of this school. Well I think that's enough rambling on for right now, catch you all later and enjoy the story!

While others weren't as excited to start their first year at Yokai Academy young Ryo sure was. Through most of his childhood he had attended human school and believe it or not he actually liked it, but attending their schools wasn't enough he wanted to know more about their world so in the end he applied for Yokai Academy. The bus ride was pretty nice too, it was only him and without anyone to disturb him he could listen to his music in peace.

"When I feel my skin crawl, when I'm about to crack, the hunger for revenge gives me the strength to stand." He sang along as the music blasted from his headphones.

No matter what he never got tired of that song. Just as the song stopped so did the bus. While he had been busy listening to his song he hadn't noticed that they had passed through the barrier and entered the academy. Through the window beside him he could see a red ocean and a scarecrow. Huh, it was a little different from home but he would get use to it. As he approached the front of the bus he stopped to give the driver his thanks.

"Hey thanks for picking me up, I don't know what I would have done if you didn't show up."

"No problem kid just be careful, strange things happen around this school."

"Huh, well thanks for the tip."

It was kind of obvious; attending a school for nothing but monsters was going to be different from a school meant for humans. Still, he was very optimistic that the year would go well for him.

"Oh right, I forgot!"

He had completely forgotten, he had promised to call his cousin to tell her that he arrived. As he pulled out his phone he felt something tug his headphones right off his head.

"Huh, what was that?"

It wasn't until he looked right up above him that he saw a bat carrying his headphones along with his music player.

"You have to be kidding me, I got bested by a bat?!" he exclaimed as he ran after the little thief.

Like hell he was going to let that little thief get away! If he had to he would have to paralyze. It seemed that no matter how fast he ran the flying beast just flew faster.

"Alright, don't say I didn't warn you."

He raised his finger like it was a gun as his energy started to gather at the tip. This would drain some of his energy but he needed to get that back, that was his only source of entertainment.

"Spark gun!"

He thought he had seen victory but at the last moment he heard someone call out to him, telling him to stop. Just before the blast could be unleashed he pulled his finger up and shot it straight into the sky.

"Luna, what did you do?" he heard.

The figure that had spoken out to him was getting closer.

"What did I tell you about taking things that aren't you?"

That voice, it was so soft and gentle and her appearance was that of an angel. That short pink hair, those green eyes and that developed body.

"I'm so sorry; she didn't mean to take these."

"Oh, right, it's ok. Thanks for getting them back." He said as he snapped out of his trance.

As he placed the headphones back around his neck as saw that his winged thief had perched on her right shoulder.

"So I'm going to take a guess and say that that bat is yours?"

"Yeah, but don't think I asked her to take them. She just likes to play with others."

As he looked over at the small bat he saw that it had started to glare at him, like it was watching him.

"It's all ok. At least I got my tunes back. Oh, I'm sorry I guess I should introduce myself first huh? I'm Ryo Kudo but Ryo is just fine."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Minami."

She had the cutest smile he had ever seen, he had to be dreaming.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Minami and Luna."

They hadn't even noticed it but they both had been walking through the forest together ever since she had given back his headphones. Was this his first friend at his new school, if so he was the luckiest guy ever he thought to himself.

"So I take it you're a first year also?"

"Yeah, it makes me a bit nervous though. I've never really been to a all monster school before."

"Heh, you and me both, it may be a bit of a change but it will probably work out."

"So you attended human school too, did you like it?"

"It was fine, a bit weird but at the same time nice."

He had noticed something as she walked beside him; her nose had been shifting some as if she was sniffing him from her position.

"Are you ok, your nose it's kind of going wild over there?"

"Oh I'm sorry!" she exclaimed as her faced turned red.

Did he smell or was there something about herself that she wasn't telling him?

[Question time: What was the tune he was singing along to on the bus?]