Chapter 10

Ryo's True Nature

That wasn't Ryo, that couldn't have been right? He would have never had attacked Minami like that or her mother. What was wrong with him, why did he go completely insane? Could it have been the fight that triggered the drastic change in attitude, or maybe it had something to do with that ring of his. He had told them he had the ring so that he could control his powers, could this have been the outcome?

"Mrs. Aono, get everyone back, get them someplace safe while I deal with him." she said as she fought off her own cousin.

From the corner of her eye Minami could see Shara reach into her pocket and pull out a small circular device, what was that?

"What are you going to do to him?" she asked as she tried to stand up.

"Gah, I'm going to try and neutralize his powers." she said as she threw him across the field.

"And if that doesn't work?"

It was an answer she really didn't want to give but she figured she deserved to know.

"Then I'll have to kill him."

"Wait you can't do that he's family!"

Suddenly the ground below Shara started to crumble as large strands of electricity started to ensnare his own cousin.

"Let's go for a spin!"

With his mighty strength he started to spin her around and aroud until her body collided with a nearby bolder. While he was distracted Minami and her mother lead the kids and their instructor away from the fight except for a select few, the only ones who could possibly reach him.

"Damn it man snap out of it!" exclaimed Oshira as he slammed his hands to the ground.

While he was focused on his cousin Ryo heard a thunderous sound coming from right under him.

"Heh cheap trick."

As soon as he flipped backwards a large stone hand flew at him as many more followed.

"I knew it, your all weak!"

From where he was standing Gino could see his fellow club member curl himself up as his energy surrounded him. He started to rev up like a wheel before he took off straight towards the hands where then he smashed through every single one of them.

"Hey Rocky, watch out!"


But it was to late, by the time he heard the sound of crackling electricity Ryo had broken through the walls of hands and landed a direct hit to his chest. The pain was excruciating as he laid on the ground.

"Damn it Ryo, come on then!"

As he transformed he saw him circling around to attack him now. With his tough lizard skin it would take more than one hit to take him down. From the ball he could hear that insane laughter as if he was anticipating the pain to come. One he was within range he grabbed the spinning wheel and threw it onto the final pillar where then it collapsed.

"Did it work?" asked Diataro as he helped Shara from the rubble.

"He won't go down so easily, be on your guard."

Maybe he had been defeated, if so it was now time to stop the madness. Gino and the others approached the pile of stone.

"Wait, it isn't over." she said as she stopped them.

The rocks started to levitate as Ryo's cut up body flew into the air.


"What's he planning?" asked Diataro.

"Just run!"

He watched them run with that wicked grin still covering his face as he held out his hand.


A bright orb of light started to grow in his hand and once it was large enough he threw it straight down at them.

"I gotcha." Oshira said as he hand out his hands.

As the orb drew closer his arms and hands turned into stone as he gathered them all together.

"Keep down!"

He watched from above as the mini bomb hit his exact target. Now it was time to inspect the damage. The cloud of smoke was huge as he descended back down to earth. He wasn't finished yet though, when the smoke cleared to reveal a stone barrier he held out his right hand he formed a saber. He laughed and laughed as he swung the blade with all of his might in an attempt to finish off his prey, but once he was finished he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Ryo, I'm so happy, you were born into this family."

His eyes went wide as he was spun around and the last thing he saw was Shara with her device as she pushed it onto his chest. Was this really what he was meant to be? A being with no control, just hunger for destruction and death?

Thankfully after all that commotion everything settled down. Ryo was taken to the hospital wing for treatment as his friends followed Shara as she carried him. The device could not be removed until his ring had been fixed, they really didn't want another incident like what happened earlier.

"That was pretty freaky, what caused him to go berserk like that?" asked Oshira as his chest wound was treated.

"Is there something your not tell us Shara?" asked Mrs. Aono.

They deserved to know after everything that happened.

"Alright, I guess I can't keep it a secret. You know how certain monsters have natures? Like how vampires drink blood, our race is quite different. From birth we are not born into our true monster forms, we are in what we call Defaults. It isn't until six years after birth that our kind starts to get our monster forms, but that isn't all. From these monster forms we also gain our nature, our nature for destruction and chaos. To keep us from losing control like Ryo here did his father creates our sealing items, these items limit our power and help us control our power until the time comes that we can control them on our own."

"So that was the real Ryo out there." said Minami.

"It's like a coin, there are two sides. On one side there is nice Ryo and on the other theres insane Ryo."

"So are they two different beings?" asked Mrs. Aono.

"Nope, their the same person, but when one of us transforms without having control of our nature we tend to go a little insane. I myself can control mine, but Ryo, ever since he was a child he was always different. Normally a electro would have learned how to control their nature by now, but he still can't."

"But why didn't he tell us about this?" asked Gino.

"I think I know why, it's because he didn't want to lose his friends. The last time he told a group of friends about his problem they abandoned him. He's always kept a smile on his face though, just as he always does."

They had been to busy listening to her that they hadn't seen that their little electro had woken up.

"Ryo, oh thank god your ok!" she exclaimed as she gave him a big hug.

"Yeah, thanks. What happened?"

They soon learned that they weren't the only ones in there. From the darkness of the corn came a man dressed in a white robe of sorts, his face couldn't be seen but his voice was pretty intimidating.

"I believe this belongs to you?"

In his hand he held the ring.

"It would be in everyone's best interest if you put it back on now wouldn't it?"

He didn't have to be told twice, as soon as he saw the ring he grabbed it and placed it back on, fracture free.

"That fracture caused the incident. Much of your monster energy was unleashed during the fight."

"So it wasn't just a dream, it was real." he said as he hung his head.

Even though he had almost choked her to death Minami felt very sorry for him. If that was the case with his race she along with everyone else would help him out.