My vision swam as I groggily made my way home, back to Kaede House. Ironic, that I'd come to live in a house that shares a name with me when I once used to slaughter entire families just to put a roof over my head on nights much like this. Then consider my roommates: Kouta, the boy I loved since we were children, the boy whose father and sister I slaughtered in a fit of jealousy, and anguish. Yuka, Kouta's female cousin who harbors a crush for him almost as bad as mine. Mayu, a young girl who was abused, molested, and uncared for by her family. Nana, another of my kind who tried to kill me twice, how is she not dead yet?

The coast, I can see it, I'm nearly there! A chilling wind dances through the trees, the cold makes the wound on my head throb in pain. I see the stairs, but my stomach drops when I see who else is with me. Kouta sat on the top step, his back illuminated by the moon. I walk over to him as best I can. He turns to me with a haunted expression, then he stands apprehensively. "Are you hurt?" he asks. I look him straight in the eye for a second, then turn away. "It's nothing serious." I replied. He seems to relax a little. He takes a few steps forward as he runs a hand through my blood-stained hair. He then began cleaning and dressing my wound. When he was done he sat back down on the stairs. I join him, and after a few false starts on his side he begins speaking, "That girl I used to know, the girl I played with while I was a child, the girl we called Nyu; they're both you aren't they?" Looks like his memories have come back. I tell him about my kind's Manifest Destiny. However, I cannot find the words to express my sincere apology for killing his family. How do you say something like that? 'Kouta, I am so sorry about what I did to you and your family all those years ago. I know forgiveness is a lot to ask for, that's why I'm neither asking for or expecting it.' At this point I'd let him drive a stake through my ailing heart, just so it can finally lay quiet within my chest. I couldn't let myself die until I had this chance. I've killed many more humans, armies, just to have this chance, and now the words stay trapped within my mind.

His hand, I can feel it encircle my own, the warmth seeps into mine. I have to at least try to say what needs to be said. "Kouta, I" Come on just a little more, "I" come on don't choke! "I am so so-so-sorry that I k-killed your family." I did it!

My happiness melts away as I felt his hand leave mine. I look up at him to see him staring at his knees. "Come on," He said as he stood, "Everyone's waiting." I attempt to climb to my feet, only to have my foot slip out from under me. I feel his arm wrap around my shoulder. Yeah let's go home.