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An AU!Future!Klaine where Blaine and Kurt never met before, Kurt never went to Dalton, and their lives have taken turns down paths they never thought they'd go. The first chapter demanded to be written, so hope it's good.

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(Chapter 1)

"Goodbye, Rachel."

"And remember to water the plants."

"I said goodbye, Rachel."

"And don't forget to lock the door at night."

"For heaven's sakes Rachel! You guys are like this close to missing your flight!"

Rachel pouted at being interrupted and Kurt just ran a hand over his face. "Rachel, I'll be fine, your apartment will be fine, all of New York will be fine without you in it for a little while. What won't be fine is your newly wedded husband, my brother mind you, if you guys end up missing your flight."

When Rachel looked back up at Kurt, she sighed, "I know, I know. I'm just…I'm just so excited. I'm also nervous and happy. But I'm worried…Kurt, this is a whole new chapter for me. After everything, to be at this point, it's surreal." She sighed dreamily.

Kurt chuckled fondly at his exasperating friend. "Yea, yea. Your guys' love is sickeningly beautiful." Then his eyes grew soft. "I really am happy for you, you know? You were always like a sister to me. We'd fight, we'd cry, we'd get attracted to the same boys…" He chuckled when she hit his arm playfully. "Now I get to call you my sister. My loudmouthed, diva of a control freak sister."

"Aww…I love you too." She hugged her new brother-in-law tightly. "And who knows? Maybe after spending a week or two back in New York will convince you to move back here. I miss rooming with my best gay."

Kurt rolled his eyes when they pulled back, "Oh don't go on about all that again. I just want you to concentrate on having fun on your honeymoon. Please? For me?"

"All right. All right. I'll go off and be happily married before I come back and continue taking Broadway by storm." She gave Kurt one last tight hug.

"Racheeeeeel, the cab driver already has ten dollars on the meter from just waiting for us. Are you ready to leave yet?" Finn whined as he appeared in the doorway.

Rachel rolled her eyes, "Yes, yes, I'm coming. Now you have the number for our hotel, for Puck, emergencies, and all that."

"Yea, because Puck just loves lady chats." Kurt said sarcastically.

Rachel just continued on, "Don't use the hot water after midnight or the pipes will make that weird grinding sound and then Mrs. Tracey from 9E will get all up in your business about it."

"Are you leaving yet?"

"Rachel, Kurt's 23 years old. As much as I think of him as my younger brother, he is grown. He's not our kid." Finn shuddered at the thought of that twisted image. Kurt scrunched up his nose in equal discontentment for that.

"Oh, and if you DO want to find your self a little entertainment; maybe a deliciously, hunky New Yorker to play around in the sheets with?"

"Ugh…Rachel, that's my brother. TMI." Finn shuffled uncomfortably.

"Anyways, you could always check out Finn and Puck's club. Puck said he won't even charge you for drinks, but your 'boy-toys' got to pay." Rachel said using quotation marks with her fingers.

Finn seemed to brighten at the mention of his and his best friend's surprisingly, successful club. "Yeah, dude! 'The Pinn Up' has been awesome lately. Normally we have a DJ, or sometimes Open Mic Night, or every once in a while a band plays, and then we have theme nights. It's cool because everyone's welcome. No discrimination, you know?"

Kurt chuckled at his eagerness. Running a hand through his hair, he said, "Okay, I'll think about it. Now get out of here! You have a plane to catch and I have crappy TV to watch. Go!"

This seemed to finally get the couple into action, Rachel pecked Kurt on the cheek while Finn gave him a warm, brotherly hug and then they were out the door. Kurt shut the door and leaned back against it with a loud breath of relief.

Finn and Rachel had just gotten married yesterday. Now, they were off to Maui for a luxurious, honeymoon getaway. Rachel was taking time off from her Broadway career and Finn left Puck to handle all the stuff with the club. Why was Kurt apartment sitting for them? Honestly, Kurt was only doing it because Rachel refused to go away unless Kurt agreed to freeload in her apartment for the duration of their absence. No matter what reason she claimed, Kurt knew it was just an elaborate scheme to get him to move back to New York.

Kurt sighed as he pushed off the door.

Might as well get familiar with the place, right?

He did all the things a person in their new surroundings does. He snooped. Well, he tried to at least. There was a kitchen with an unused stove, an empty refrigerator aside from energy drinks, and cupboards full of Finn's junk food.


There was a living room with a three-person couch, decent sized plasma, and way too many photos of Finn and Rachel…but mostly Rachel.


A bathroom before he got the bedroom.

Boring, next.

One bedroom with a king sized bed, a dresser, a closet, and a window…a window with a fire escape.

Huh, potential interest there.

Kurt walked over to the window and peered through it. Oh, he got a perfect view of the brick apartment building right across the wide, dark alleyway. Just what he wanted, to peer into some old couple's bedroom, or some horny New Yorker's love nest.


Despite himself, Kurt opened the window and secured it with a ruler that had been conveniently placed there.

Guess Finn and/or Rachel occasionally ventured outside as well.

Once that was done, Kurt maneuvered his leg out onto the fire escape, ducked his head in order for it to pop out on the other side, and slid his remaining leg out from the apartment.

When he was upright on the metal landing, Kurt smiled. Right in front of the window, Kurt might have a view of someone else's apartment, but to the left of him he could see a portion of the city lights of New York City. He walked over to the farthest left portion of the metal landing, the stairs were on the right portion of the landing, and leant on the railing in front of him. The city lights illuminated his pale features and a wide smile that showed off his teeth graced his face. No matter how long he stayed away from the city, it would always have a special place in his heart.

I can't deny the beauty of this city.

Kurt closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. No matter the pollution, dumpster smells, or slight tang of urine from the alleyway; Kurt couldn't help but love every aspect of this city. Good and bad. He didn't know how long he stayed there; just admiring the city he had rediscovered after two years of being away. However, when he heard a disturbance below him, probably the drunken late nights stumbling out of their cabs; he decided to call it a night.

He pushed off the railing and wandered back over to the window. Just as he sat down and was about to pivot, something caught his eye. Well, someone. It seemed the mystery inhabitant of the bedroom he currently had a view of had made an appearance, a sexy appearance.

Holy crap.

The man of the adjacent apartment across the alleyway was currently jabbing his fists into a black punching bag. Unlike Kurt's waist high window, the mystery man had a longer window that probably sat a foot off the floor. So Kurt had a nice view of the gentleman currently pummeling the bag hanging from his ceiling.

The man was in a muscle shirt, wind pants, and tennis shoes. Even from the ways off, Kurt could see the man had dark curls that bounced with every side step he made, tanned or olive skin from his currently exposed flesh, and toned muscles that rippled under his taunt skin. Kurt had to gulp as the light from the stranger's bedroom highlighted the beads of sweat that dripped down the unknown man's neck and arms.

This is kind of turning me on.

Suddenly, the man put his fists down and started gradually turning towards the window.

Oh shit!

Kurt ducked back into Rachel and Finn's apartment. On the way in, he unceremoniously thumped his head on the window seal and fell into the apartment with a thud. Rubbing at the knot quickly forming on his forehead, he scrambled to hide under the window. Now, he didn't make it a habit of peering into unknown males bedrooms, so forgive him if he didn't want to be labeled as a pervert on his first visit back to New York.

I should have just gone to bed.

After a few moments, Kurt peered back out of his window and the sight before him sent a flush of warm heat throughout his body. The man was currently rubbing the bottom end of his muscle shirt across his presumably sweaty forehead. This gave Kurt a perfect view of his toned abdominal muscles, pecks and beginnings of a sexy 'V' leading into his pants. Whoa, was that chest hair lightly dusted across his upper body too?

And there's a happy trail skating over his abs.

Yea…now I need a cold shower.

"What the fuck, Sebastian?! Get out of my apartment!" Blaine yelled. The musician had unlocked his home to discover that the one person he hated seeing was lounging on his living room couch with that cocky smirk on his face.

"Come now Blaine, you don't mean all that. If you really wanted to keep me out, you would have found a better hiding place for your spare key." The unwanted companion held up the apartment key between two long, slender fingers. He flicked the key towards the frustrated man, who in turn snatched it out of the air.

"I'll keep that in mind. Now get out, before I throw you out." Blaine all but growled.

Sebastian didn't seem to take the hostility very well, because in a few strides he was off the couch, across the living room, and in Blaine's small hallway right up in his face. "You know, after all I've done for you and your little band, you should be a whole lot nicer to me. If it hadn't of been for my father's connections, your sad excuse for a band would have never made it out of Westerville. You get me?" Then his stare became predatory as he pressed himself up against the shorter male. Blaine felt his skin physically scream out in protest at the other man's touch. "You're lucky killer. Being sex on a stick and Mr. Teenage Dream has gotten you farther than most."

Blaine huffed, "Your father may have helped us get started in this town, but we've kept ourselves up since then. We've paid him back for his 'generosity;' so neither the band, nor I, owes you or him a damn thing." Blaine pressed his face up close to Sebastian's, their noses centimeters apart. "You don't scare me, Sebastian. You never have. Even when we dated you couldn't stand the fact that unlike everyone else, I refused to become wrapped around your little finger. So like I said earlier, get the fuck out."

The taller boy pushed past Blaine in frustration and strode towards the door. However, before he left he turned back to speak. "You know you can't resist me, Blaine Anderson. No matter how much you claim to hate me, I can still make you scream out my name in fucking ecstasy. You can have as many trysts as you want, but they'll never compare to me. I'm the best you'll ever get. The sooner you get that through your thick skull, the better your life will be." With that said, he left.

Blaine slammed his door and locked it tight to ensure that no more unwelcomed people barged into his home. He didn't even unpack the bag left by the front door. The steaming man headed straight to his bedroom and opened his dresser. Blaine stripped out of his day clothes and changed into some work out gear.

Fucking Sebastian…why can't the guy just take a fucking hint already?

He pulled on his wind pants, sneakers, and a white muscle shirt. Wandering over to the punching bag hanging from his ceiling, he began to place himself facing away from his open window. The movements of the outside world normally threw him off. However, something brilliant caught his gaze.

Turning to look out of his almost body length window, he was graced with a beautiful sight. One of the most gorgeous men Blaine had ever seen was leaning across an adjacent fire escape. There was a radiant smile on his face; his porcelain looking skin was lit up stunningly by the city lights playing off his features and chestnut, brown hair danced with the slight breeze blowing his way. Blaine felt his lips part slightly in awe as the man closed his eyes and let his other senses absorb the city itself.

From what Blaine could see, the man was wearing white, calf-high, lace-up boots, black jeans, and a white, short-sleeved, button-up. How was Blaine able to tell all this from across the alleyway? Well, he was openly admiring the handsome man who was wearing deliciously form-fitting clothes. They caused Blaine's imagination to run into really guttural places.

I wonder if every part of his skin looks that flawless.

Blaine found himself smiling; it's been a good while since any man had sparked such a warm feeling in him. Normally, he's always surrounded by horny groupies (male and female) or is just completely smothered by one specifically unwanted person.

You can have as many trysts as you want.

They'll never compare to me.

I'm the best you'll ever get.

The tanned man was shaken from his gawking by the frustrating voice ringing out in his head. His previous ferocity was once again renewed and he tore his eyes away from calming image outside. His hands balled into fists as he remembered how infuriating the privileged ex-schoolboy was. Apparently, being denied something is a foreign concept to that spoiled, rich bitch…erm…brat. He meant brat.

I can't believe I ever found your arrogance sexy.

Blaine's fists barreled down on the poor, abused bag. He struck, punch, and hit the punching bag with unrelenting abandon. It was no secret that the face he was thinking of pummeling was one that belonged to the infamous Sebastian Smythe. The man who believed that a person's only worth was the one he bestowed upon them. Therefore, according to Sebastian, Blaine was only worth the amount of sex he was willing to put out for Sebastian. Needless to say, Blaine had serious issues with being someone's sex toy.

By this point, Blaine was sweating and his muscles burned from the amount of sudden exertion he forced them to go through. Panting tiredly, he gingerly turned back around to try and see if the amazing looking man was still out on the fire escape. However, to his disappointment, he found the dark fire escape to be abandoned. Sighing to himself, he lifted up the bottom of his muscle shirt to wipe at the dripping perspiration from his forehead.

I know what I am worth, Sebastian.

Even if it isn't much, it's still far more than you could ever deserve.

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