"Aren't you even the least bit excited?" Alphonse asked his older-and shorter-brother as they walked to their school. Today was their first day, and Edward was being...well, difficult. Not that that was a surprise, it was just frustrating.

"No." The older brother kept his answer short. He was currently refraining from complaining, after all, it was technically his fault that they were in this situation. He decided to change the subject. "I wonder what Winry is up to."

"Well, she's probably enjoying her first day of school, unlike a certain grumpy-pants I know." Al said jokingly. Ed sighed.

"Of course she would, she's starting school with all the same friends and teachers and everything; she doesn't have to start all over." Ed replied bitterly.

"We would be too if you didn't get expelled." Al felt bad when he saw his brother wince. He didn't want to bring it up, but facts were facts. "You didn't have to beat Russ to a bloody pulp with your automail..." Al added.

Edward stopped in his tracks, instinctively covering his right arm. "You don't know the whole story, Al." He said simply, and then continued to walk, silently. Alphonse didn't push; he knew Ed wasn't going to tell him the reason why he had done what he did.

Ed decided to change the subject. "It's hot." He stated. He didn't like it when there was any sort of silence between him and his brother.

"Yeah, it's September. Why are you wearing pants and a coat?" Al was wearing a tang top, basketball shorts and flip flops. He knew that Edward was hiding his automail, so he quickly changed the subject, "You should cut your hair. You look like a girl with that braid."

"Shut up, Al." Ed muttered. They approached the school, and Ed gulped. "I don't have to tell you not to tell anybody about my arm and leg, do I?" Edward had worked hard to make sure that the information on his automail didn't get passed on to his new school. He didn't want anyone to know, not even the teachers. He also made sure to sweet talk the school nurse, Miss Rose, into writing him a doctor's note to excuse him from Gym-no dressing down for him.

"What class you got first?" Al asked, knowing that since he was a junior and Ed was a senior, they wouldn't have any of the same classes.

Edward pulled out his schedule (which had been folded up and shoved into his back pocket) and looked for his first class. "I got History with Mr. Havoc. That's a cool name." Ed was trying to be positive, more for Al's sake than his, but he also wanted this school to be different from the last, he was going to make sure that no one knew any of his secrets.

"That's cool; I get to TA (Teacher's Assistant) in the library with Ms. Sheska. Sounds pretty." Edward snorted at his brother's comment-Al was so straight.

"I'll see ya later." The two brothers split, and for the first time since the move, Ed felt alone. Even though he was early, Ed found his way to his first class, and entered the room, glad that no one was in there except the teacher. The teacher was tall and skinny, his hair was blonde short in the back, but his bangs were longer and kind of crazy. Ed was a bit surprised to see that he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth-could he really smoke here? Ed coughed to announce his presence, causing the teacher to jump and throw his cigarette out the window-apparently he couldn't smoke in here.

Mr. Havoc sighed in relief when he saw that it was a student, and not a staff member that had caught him smoking. He offered the kid a coy smile and said, "You don't tell anyone I was smoking and I'll sign a bunch of blank hall passes for you, sound good?" Edward was taken aback by the offer, but smiled back and agreed. "Cool. I don't really have a seating chart, so sit where ever the hell you want-crap! Don't tell anyone about me cursing, okay, Kid? It'll be our little secret. I'm Jean Havoc by the way, you can just call me Havoc, I don't really require the mister, unless you feel more comfortable with formalities."

Ed nodded. "Cool, I'm Edward, Edward Elric, but you can call me Ed, I don't like to be called mister Elric." All the teachers in his previous school had called him mister Elric, and he thought that was ridiculous, he was a student, not a teacher.

"Ah, you're the new kid. How do you like our school so far?" Havoc asked.

"It's better than I expected." Edward said honestly. The bell rang and more students filed in, and class began.