Edward went into the room that was now his, and shut the door behind him, and locked it. He didn't want there to be any chance for Roy to see that he had a prosthetic arm and leg. Ed stripped down into his boxers, leaving the clothes on the floor, and went over to his bags. The blanket that Roy had let him borrow earlier was still on the bed, but he didn't think he could sleep through the entire night without the blanket that his mother made him. He unzipped his bag and retrieved the blanket from it. The only reason he even had this blanket was because he left it at Winry's house about a week before the fire. Edward was so grateful, since he lost everything else in that fire.

Yawning, Edward laid down on the small bed and curled up in his blanket. He didn't forget about the blanket Roy lent him, though. He grabbed the knitted blanket and cuddled with it, partially using it as a pillow. The scent of the blanket was calming to Edward. He inhaled deeply and thought of Roy, who was just in the next room. It was incredible how kind Roy has been to him. It was actually unbelievable. Roy hasn't even known him that long, and so far he has bought him groceries, saved him from a panic attack, opened his home to him, and... Edward blushed as he thought of the kiss between him and Roy. Sure, it had freaked him out at first, but now he was absolutely positive that Roy wasn't like the dirty men that used him back at the whore house... No. Roy was different. Much different.

He had to do something nice for Roy. Something to show his appreciation for everything that he has done for him. He had no idea what he could do though. There wasn't anything good enough that he was able to do for Roy. Everything he could think of seemed so miniscule compared to everything that Roy has done for him... Edward's thoughts slowly became more and more muddled, and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

Roy laid awake in his bed, staring at his ceiling. Edward was in his guest bedroom, probably sound asleep by now. Roy knew that he should be sleeping too, but his mind was buzzing. Should he drive Edward to school with him tomorrow? It would be risky...if someone saw Edward get out of his car, that could cause people to ask questions that he couldn't answer. He couldn't just make Edward walk to school though, that would be rude. Then again, if anyone found out about their current living arrangements, Roy could lose his job.

Roy decided that he would figure it out in the morning, when he could talk to Edward about it. Roy sighed heavily, and turned over on his left side. He had to get some sleep, or work tomorrow was going to be hell. He couldn't get Edward out of his head. Admittedly, he quite enjoyed being so close to Edward during the movie, and he really didn't want to stop. He could have easily fallen asleep on the couch, with Ed snuggled up to him, but that probably wouldn't have been a good idea. The poor boy has been through so much, he was actually quite shocked that Ed would even be comfortable enough to be so close to him. Kissing him earlier was something Roy should have never done. He had feelings for Edward, feelings that a principal should never have for one of their students, but he couldn't help it. Edward wasn't a typical student. If he wanted there to be any chance for something to happen between them, then he couldn't rush anything. Edward was emotionally unstable at the moment, so if he wanted something real with this boy, then he would have to take it slow.

What was he thinking?! There couldn't be anything between them. This whole thing was wrong...and even though he knew that, it really didn't feel wrong. Edward was an adult, after all, and after this year, he wouldn't be a student, either. Perhaps this was a good thing. The school year would give Edward the time he needed, and Roy could prove to Edward that he wasn't anything like that man that picked Ed up that night...

Roy had to shut his mind off, and get some sleep. It took a while, but he managed to stop thinking long enough to drift into a dreamless sleep.

"Edward." Hearing his name followed by a knocking pulled Ed out of his sleep. "Edward it's time to get up. I'll make us some breakfast," Roy's voice sounded tired and groggy.

"Okay, I'm up," Ed replied, his voice just as groggy sounding as Roy's. He forced himself to get out of bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he headed over to his bags. With his eyes still half-closed, Edward managed to find a pair of pants and put them on. While he was looking for a shirt, there was another knock on his door.

"How do you like your eggs?" Roy asked through the door.

Edward was too tired to properly answer this question. He liked eggs made pretty much any way. "I don't care, however you make yours," he answered finally, pulling a black shirt over his head.

"Alright," Roy responded, and Edward could hear his footsteps heading back to the kitchen. Ed put on socks and his boots and tied them loosely, not really caring if they fell off his feet or not. After that, he put on his gloves, then his jacket, and walked out of the room.

The house was filled the delicious smells of eggs, toast, and bacon. Edward inhaled deeply and smiled. He was usually the one to make breakfast in the morning, so the last time he woke up with the smell of food in the air was when his mother was still alive. "Good morning," he mumbled to Roy as he entered the kitchen. "Need any help?"

Roy looked away from the stove momentarily to glance at Ed. "Good morning, Edward. I'm actually just about done. You can wait in the living room, I'll bring you your plate." Edward didn't object, he just headed to the living room and sat on the couch.

Roy finished up cooking the bacon, and put it on the two plates he had set out for Edward and himself, along with Eggs in a Basket, otherwise known as Eggs in a Hole, or many other names. It's basically bread with a hole in it, with an egg fried in the hole. Edward said to just make his eggs the way Roy liked his...hopefully Edward would like it. Alphonse did say that Ed was picky when it came to food. After turning off the burners on the stove, Roy grabbed the plates and went into the living room, where Edward was patiently waiting. "Here you go," he said, handing the plate over to the younger man.

"Thank you," Edward said, taking the plate as he spoke. He looked down at the food and was confused for a second. Was that an egg fried inside of the bread? He had never seen anyone do that before. Edward looked over at Roy, who was silently enjoying his breakfast. Ed was weird when it came to food, and he rarely liked to try new things, but he couldn't just not eat it. He had his chance to tell Roy how he wanted his eggs done, to not eat it now would just be rude. Ed picked up the bread, and took a bite. To his delightful surprise, it was actually pretty delicious. "This is really good, what's it called?" Ed asked, taking another, bigger bite.

Roy was worried for a moment that Edward wasn't going to like what he had made, but was relieved when Edward actually tried it and said it was good. "Well, it has many names, but my aunt always called it Eggs in a Basket," Roy replied, amused at how Edward was now shoveling down the food on his plate. "So, I wanted to talk to you about how you'll be getting to school..." Roy changed the subject.

Edward finished chewing the food that was in his mouth and swallowed before he spoke. "Yeah, I was kind of wondering about that. I mean, it would be bad if someone saw me getting out of your car every morning, right?"

Roy blinked. Edward had gotten straight to the point before he could. "Yeah, I thought so too...it would be stupid if you had to walk, though, I mean, we are going to the same place... that just seems ridiculous."

Edward thought for a moment. "Well, you could always drop me off a block away from school or something, and I could walk the rest of the way. I'm pretty sure there is an alleyway or something close by the school. That should be secluded enough so that no one will see."

Roy continued to eat as Ed talked, and he thought about what he said. "Yeah, I didn't think about that. That's actually a pretty good idea. I think I know what alley you are talking about, too." Roy looked at his watch and sighed, "Well, I actually have to be at the school a little early. You ready to go?"

Edward was usually a pretty fast eater, especially when the food was delicious, so he was already done. "Yeah, I'm ready," he said, standing up. Ed saw that Roy was finished with his food as well, so he took the plate from his hand. "I'll just rinse these off and we can go." He didn't even give Roy the chance to argue, he just went straight to the kitchen, and rinsed the plates off in the sink. After he was done, he went back into the living room and grabbed his backpack. "Let's go."

Roy drove Edward to the Alleyway, which was actually pretty secluded, and it wasn't too far from the school at all. It was still early enough for Edward to see all of his teachers and get the homework from them. He decided that he would see Mr. Havoc last, since he had his class first. It would be pointless to go to his class, get homework, leave, and then come back again.

All of Edward's teachers were very understanding, and they even gave him an extra day to do all of the homework. Mr. Hughes said that he was happy that Edward was back, that he was glad Edward was responsible enough to come in and get the homework he missed.

By the time he was done getting his homework from everyone else, there was still about ten minutes before class started. Edward entered the History classroom, and was relieved to see that no one else was in there besides the teacher. "Hey, Mr. Havoc," he said, closing the door behind him.

"Edward!" Havoc said, surprised. He had an unlit cigarette in his mouth when Edward came in, which he immediately put into a drawer in his desk. The History teacher stood up and walked up to Edward with a grin on his face. "How ya doin', kid? I thought you were never coming back!"

"Yeah, I was kind of in a bad situation...but I'm doing a lot better now. Can I get any homework that I missed?"

"Pfft, I didn't assign any homework yet, you're fine. Good to hear you're doing better, Ed. You're one of the few cool students." Havoc patted Ed's back a few times. "Glad to have ya back, Ed."

It was good to be back. No one really asked Edward where he had been or what had happened, but he could hear a few people whispering about him in the hallway when he walked to a different class. That wasn't something new to Edward, though. He knew that word would have gotten to Alphonse by now that his brother was back at school, and he knew that sooner or later he would have to face him. Lunch would probably be the time for that. Just thinking about it made Edward nervous. If all the things in the world, Edward never thought he would be afraid to talk to his own brother. Ed could hardly concentrate in any of his classes, it was amazing that he wrote down any notes at all.

Lunch hour came around, and Edward hesitantly headed to the cafeteria. "Brother?" Ed heard behind him. Ed stopped in his tracks and turned around. Alphonse was about fifteen feet away from him, holding hands with Martel.

"Hey, Al." Edward said, unsure of what to do or say.

"BROTHER!" Next thing Ed knew, Al had ran and tackled him, almost knocking him over. "I was so worried about you, Brother!" Alphonse said as he clung onto Edward tightly. "I'm so sorry, Edward! I was angry and I said a lot of things I didn't mean, I miss you so much! Please come live with me and Dad, Ed, please!"

Edward wrapped his arms around his little brother, and his eyes swelled up with tears. He didn't know why he was so nervous, he should have known that this was exactly what would happen. Al was a good kid, and he cared far too much sometimes. "It's okay, Al. I know you didn't mean it. I've missed you too...but..." he pulled away from the hug (though that was a little tough, since Al had a death-grip on him) and looked Alphonse directly in the eye. "I can't live with him, Alphonse. I just can't."

The smile on Al's face slowly faded. "Oh," he said, his voice sounding sad. Edward felt bad immediately.

"It's not because I don't want to be with you, Al, because I do. I would love to be with you! It's just..." Edward sighed. "I wouldn't be able to be around him. Just seeing him pisses me off, Al. I don't want to ruin your experience with him. He can be a real father to you...he lost his chance with me a long time ago. I'm sorry." Alphonse seemed to understand, but he didn't look happy about it at all. "But...I'm in a good place right now. I'll be coming to school everyday unless I get sick, I have my own room...it's a nice environment. I'm really happy there."

At that, Al's mood seemed to lighten up. "You're happy?" he asked.

Edward nodded, and smiled. "I am. This is good for both of us right now. Besides, I'll see you every day at school, and it's not like we can't see each other outside of school. We just won't be living together."

Alphonse sighed, but nodded in understanding. "Yeah, I see what you're saying, Brother. I just want you to be happy, and you wouldn't be happy living with dad. I don't know who you are staying with for sure...but please tell them I said thanks...for making you happy."

Edward smiled and hugged Alphonse. "Sure thing, Al. I love you."

"I love you too, Ed."

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