((A.N.: This is a very short teaser/prologue to a story that was largely inspired by a talk with KitsHiwatari. Stay tuned, first chapter should be up shortly~))

"Oi, Yata-san, are you sure you wanna do this? I mean... Take a bit more time to think it over?" A tall figure straightened himself from bending over a table, adjusting the metal instrument in his hand. It buzzed as he pushed against the trigger and, satisfied, the man wiped it off with a piece of tissue. He slowly turned back to the short brunette sitting in his studio.

Yata pulled his top off, brashly tossing it aside where his sweater and cap were sitting. "Tsk... Stop talking, just shut up and do it."

The man shrugged, gesturing to a chair for Yata to sit down. "Well, if you're sure... Oh but, I will tell you, this is going to hurt more than what you guys got last time from Mikoto-san." He murmured, lifting a piece of tracing paper against the light to check the design.

"It's fine." Yata sighed, briefly lifting his fingers to brush against his collarbone, eyes lidded in thought. "It can't hurt more than forgetting."