Take a pair of scissors and hold them, point-down, in front of your eye. Imagine you're lying down. Imagine it's not your hand holding the scissors, and yours are tied down to your sides. Now sloooowly lower the scissors, until the tip is hovering just above your iris, so that your eyelashes brush it when you blink. Imagine the person holding the scissors. They're smiling.

And then lower the scissors into your eye, stabbing through the eyeball like a little squishy ball. Haha, of course you won't do it on your own. But can you imagine what it's like? Cold, rusted steel sinking into your eye socket, bursting your eye in a flood of ocular fluid and blood. Can you imagine the scissors twisting back and forth, back and forth, squish-squish, squish-squish as they burrow into your skull? You probably can't.

And even after that, the scissors being drawn out, tugged loose from the soupy mass that you used to be able to see from. The smiling face going away.

I bet it's even harder to imagine the next part: as you lie there, in unendurable agony, wishing you could die so it would just go away, somehow, impossibly, you feel a pain somewhere else. It's the smiling faced-person, sawing off your legs.

Slowly, of course. With a little handsaw, the kind a kid could hold. Through your clothes, your skin, back and forth, back and forth, through your muscles, all hard and sinewy. It takes a while to go through those, and you can somehow still hear the sound of the saw over your screams. Blood pools and mixes with your piss, and there's so much that it soaks your whole back. Slowly, methodically, back and forth, back and forth...finally they make it to the bone. The saw makes a dry grating sound as it goes through. And there's still a whole other leg.

Can you imagine begging and screaming for death? Pleading with the person doing this, to God, to your friends, to anyone to make it stop?

Of course, you can't possibly understand. You're still alive, after all.

Don't worry, I can help you with that. And even after you die, the pain




Isn't that much more interesting than just imagining it?

Author's notes: I wrote this quite some time ago, but haven't found the time to dig through the game to match facts over the victim's actual identity. I seem to recall a pretty gruesome corpse in the Death Room in Book of Shadows, but the wiki tells me that you never get an ID tag in that room, so...I may update this if I can find my Vita and go back through the game to check.

Anyways. It's a girl, got cut up by Sachiko in the room in the basement. Now she is a vengeful ghost.