Harry was at the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary, he wanted to do something this he wanted to do as much as some people thing he should settle down with a good witch and have many many children, Harry frowned when someone told him this and said that he will settle down when he feels like it, and that he wants to have some freedom see some sights sleep in a good bed and learn some knew things. All that was about a year ago, he then went to Romanian after Charlie Weasley offered him a job as a trainee Dragon Researcher, to learning about the different Dragon.

He has been there 2 month learning about the dragons and helping out when he could, but his favourite part was with the baby dragon pens the ones that were abandon by their mothers or was hurt. He was sat with a little hatchling called Peruvian Vipertooth, it was smaller than other dragons species but never the less still deadly, he walked into the pen, his head held high the bucket of food in his hand, the small dragon with broken wing clicked at him and danced around his feet, Harry chuckled as walked over to the spot where the little dragon ate, he pour the food onto the ground and watched the little dragon sit by his feet, because the Peruvian Vipertooth has a broken wing, it will never be able to go back with other dragons even when it was fixed, so the best the witches and wizards could so with him was try and give him a bit of taming so they can use him as a watch dog around the Sanctuary "Well go on then." Harry said and the dragon ran up to his food and scoffed the lot. Charlie watched him with a smile on his lips, he has grown very fond of Harry over the two months, he loved the bright green eyes that light up when saw a hatchling hatch out of his or hers egg, and the young dragons took to Harry well.

When a thought drifted into his head, it made him think of things that he would like to do with Harry and what Harry could do with him, but those thought made him scared, he was already with someone what would they think if they knew what Charlie would like to do to the young wizard, he see Harry turn around to face him and the teen gave him a bright smile as he walked out of the pen, it made Charlie feel like he wanted to pin Harry to the wall have his away with him...Oh Merlin…he thought "Are you alright?" Harry asked looking at him as he took his gloves of, the tall red head looked down at him and smiled

"I'm find a little tired." He said

"I am sorry Charlie if my nightmares are keeping you up." Harry said with a blush, the dark hair teen looked down

"What oh no it's not that…Merlin no." He said "I have other things on my mind." He said, Harry nodded but still he wasn't sure if he believed him.

Later that night, Harry found out that his hut was read for him to move in; it took a while to build because the other wizards there wanted to make sure that Harry's hut was safe from other wizards and witches with fan crush on him. Both Charlie and he sat in his hut eating some muggle food and drinking muggle beer, Harry was shocked to learn that they were around a lot of muggles that didn't give to hoots about what they are or do as long as the dragons don't mess things up. Charlie took sip of his beer and looked at Harry as he put out their food "Harry I think I should tell you about the human dragons." The 18 year old boy looked at his red headed friend

"Human dragons what are those?" he asked as he took a sip of his beer, the red head ran his fingers though his hair, he was a little uneasy telling him this, taking another sip of his beer, thought about where he should start

"Human dragons… they are of course are dragons but they can take the form of a human being, it so they can connect to the world a little and breed more, they are very intelligent and understand the everything you say, even when you are thinking it." He said, Harry's eyes where wide with interest

"Wow these ones sound amazing." Harry said

"Oh they are, great to talk to but…"

"But what?" Charlie looked at him and rubbed the back of his head, and then pulled his shirt away to show a bite on his shoulder

"This was made by one years ago, I never told mum or dad about they would have blow their lids, these dragons don't mate with each other, they normally can't stand to look at each other unless there are mated then they don't care, any way they don't normally mate with their own kind they mate with humans." Harry felt his eyes get bigger he was thinking they are going to pop out of his head

"They what?"

"All the Dragon tamers here are mated to them." He said

"W…What about their young?" Harry asked

"Oh you yes that part is odd, we would get pregnant by these dragons and carry a child, at some point we would and we kind of go into hiding, for safety reasons you see and stay hidden until they are born, the dragon will stay in either human form or dragon from and stay close."

For the rest of the night they talked about Charlie's human dragon and what happens when you met one. As he said it was a year ago before Harry came to the Sanctuary and it was a little before the war, Charlie was sent into a cave where the springs are to make sure that no dragon has decide to lay their eggs there. While he was looking around the cave he felt someone watching him and when he turned around he saw there was a tall humanoid looking man looking at him. He was a weary about this man and stood his ground but all he got was a huff from the man as he walked closer to him, Charlie watched him, he knew this was a human dragon from the way he looked, his wings folded up behind his back his eyes like snakes eyes looked the red head up and down, their discussion was short, very short and to the point, before Charlie end up finding himself on his back with the dragon bonding to him. It was a lot for Harry to take in but it made sense, he never married and never talked about a girl friend or a boyfriend, even when his mum had said about setting him up with someone he would turn down.