It was a couple of weeks later and both Harry a Charlie was walking along the green, they had just finished working with a Chinese Fireball, it was pissed off and like a toddler it was throwing a fit, Harry was writing in his book when the red head leaned over and took it out of his hands, "Hey come on?" Harry asked

"Don't worry I am only looking, writing a book in dragons hurrr?" he said as he flipped through the pages, and stopped on a page about himself, where a beautiful draw laid

"No just dragons but their trainers." He blushed as he looked at Charlie who read though his pages.

A cool breeze made Harry shiver before he heard "Hello Charlie." Came the voice behind them, the red head looked up from Harry's book and turned around on his heels along with Harry, Charlie's eyes widen as he looked at the man in front of him, his breath caught in his throat as he tried to swallowed the lump in this throat as he his mouth becomes cry.

"Hello Endawn it's been awhile." He said with a smile to the man in front of him, Harry saw the snake like eyes that as he looked at him, the dark scale on his skin around his eyes travelling down the side of his face to his neck, his hair was long and looked like liquid golden black that laid like a waterfall over his shoulders,

"Yes a long while." He smiled at Charlie as he ran his fingers around his cheek to his chin "Ummm you still look so beautiful Charlie." Harry not wanting to ruin the moment for the pair started to walk back wards but this movement caught the sight of the dragon, he turned his head and looked at Harry "And who is this?" he asked looking at Harry, the teen felt his heart rate speed up

"This is a friend of my brothers and a friend of mine, his name his Harry Potter, he has a job here now." He said, Harry notice how submissive Charlie become around Endawn, his kept his shoulders low and his eyes sight, the dragon moved closer to Harry and hooked his fingers under his chin and made him looked up at him

"Ummm pretty eyes." He murmured as his other hand moved to the scar above his head

"He has yes." The red head said, Harry blushed and tried to look away, but Endawn made him looked back at him

"Tell me Charlie have you brought him into your bed yet?" he asked, the red eyes widen

"N…No of course not Endawn I don't want to upset our bond." He said as he watched how his mate walked around Harry, a smiled spread across Endawn's lips

"I think you would have soon, I know you have thought about it?" he asked, turning his head towards his mate, the teen looked between, they held eye contact with each other like they talking within their heads, until finely Charlie answered

"I have… he is beautiful don't you think?" he asked

"Very a rare beauty, shall we welcome him into our bond?" he asked, the red head just nodded, he couldn't do much else he wants Harry and he can't help how bad he wanted him, dragon turned to Harry and looked at the teen with interest "Would you like to join our bond?" he asked, Harry bite his lip

"I…I would like to." He whispered

"Speak up little one?"

"I said I would like to, b…but I don't want to ruin it." He said looking away

"You wouldn't ruin it Harry, Endawn would have never offered unless he believed that you would be good for us." Charlie said with a smiled as he walked closer to Harry again, the teen was blushing and then nodded

"O…Okay I would like to join your bond." He said feeling his throat tighten as he spoke.

Endawn grinned as he warped himself around Harry "Good, we will have heirs yet, we've been waiting for the third, Harry, Charlie is my mate but is unable to carry my young, we learnt we need a third as I am older than most of my kind, shall we take this to the springs." He said looking at Charlie, the red head nodded

"I need to call my bosses if I just wander off with Harry they will come looking." He said

"Do what you have to do; I will start by finding our young mate's magical core." Charlie nodded and walked off to send his message out to his bosses before walking to the springs to find Harry and Endawn.

Endawn lead Harry to the spring, he pulled him into the mouth of the cave, Harry looked around at the beauty of the cave insides, there was bright green grass on the ground long twisted trees that reach up to wards the roof of the cave. Endawn pulled Harry close to his chest and kissed him, the teen kissed back letting the dragon swipe his tongue across his lips, Harry let out a moan and open his mouth, given permission to the dragon to slide his tongue into his mouth. The dark hair dragon started to help to pull Harry's clothes off, his hand pulled the shit off first and he let his finger wondered over the teen thing body "We have to start putting more meat on your bones." He whispered as he traced old scares along Harry's rip cage

"Y…You should have seen me a year ago." He said, trying to keep his head clear, the green eyes of Endawn looked into Harry's bright green eyes, he smiled softly as moved his head to nuzzle Harry;s neck. Harry whimpered as he felt his jeans began to make the journey down his thighs, his booths where already long gone, they being left at the mouth of the cave so it was easy for the jeans and boxers to drop to his ankles.

Harry was pulled into the warms springs, he let out a hiss of pleasure as he felt the water go up to his hips, Endawn touched his skin all over letting his tongue flick at Harry's skin, trying to find his magical core, a moan left the teen's lips as his eyes darken with the feeling of lust as the dragon's large hands running over his skin "So many scares, poor boy." He muttered

"Don't need sympathy." Harry snapped his eyes looking hard at him

"No but you need love." Charlie said as he walked into the springs, he stopped at the edge of the water and pulled his shirt over his head and placed it a little ways from the springs as he took other item of clothes off.

The dragon pulled his head away from Harry's neck and looked up the red head as he started to walk into the water "I found his core, hold him." Endawn said

"WHAT?" Harry yelled as he felt Charlie hold onto him, the teen started struggle

"Shhhh Harry this is a painful, just try to relax." He said kissing his shoulder, the black hair dragon placed his hand over Harry's heart and then moved the hand down so it was just under Harry's heat

"This will hurt and that I am sorry for." Endawn told him as buried his claws into his chest, Harry open his mouth in a silent cry, Charlie ran his hand though his hair and tried to calm him, then when Harry open is mouth again he let out high pitch scream

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRH!" Then he fell limp in Charlie's arms, pulling his nails out of the human's chest Endawn looked at the sweat covered face and rested against Charlie's chest

"That looked like it hurt more than it should?" the red head said as he held onto Harry tightly

"It did, he had barriers around his core it made it harder for me to get to it." Charlie frowned as they walked out of the springs and onto the soft green grass, Charlie laid Harry down onto the ground and touched where Endawn sunk his claws into his chest

"Barriers? Why would Harry have barriers around his core, he is a strong wizard I know that but he shouldn't be able to do that?" he said

"It's been there since he was a child protecting him from harm, what harm would before him?" he asked his mate, still running his hand thought the soft inky black hair

"I thought even you would have heard of Harry Potter the boy who lived…" he got a blank look from his mate, sighing Charlie talked again

"Remember I told you why I left the Sanctuary for a while to help with a war…he got a nod… well I am sure your heard of Voldemort …he got another nodded and a hissed at the name… he been trying to kill Harry since he was a baby, he killed his family and when he started at Hogwarts the dark lord came back, Harry was only 17 when he killed him, he died twice you know." Endawn looked at the small human in his mate's arms; the boy was soon to become their mate…he will be protected… he thought

"No one will harm him now he has us." He said kissing Charlie on the lips and then Harry as well.

When Harry woke up he found himself laying on soft grass under a blanket, he was naked as the day he was born, it took him a while to remember where he was but he felt as if he was seeing things new again, he looked at his hands and frowned, he knew it was his hand but it was somehow different "Hey how are you feeling?" the red head asked, Harry turned to Charlie and smiled as he looked at him

"Oddly okay, what did he do?" he asked as he reached out and touched his face

"He bond your magic to his and mine, you will feel stronger." He said as he handed him a drink of water, Harry took it and drunk some of it

"Where is Endawn?" he asked blushing when he notices Charlie was naked as he was,

"He's doing what the dom mate does and gather food, he did this with me, he still does when he visits."

"So he doesn't stay long?"

"No he and the others come once a month for a week, maybe two now there are two of us." He smiled. When Endawn came back with a wild boar, Charlie used his want to make sure it was ready to cook, Harry watched them as they ate, he smiled as he felt calm sitting here liked this naked, when they hand their filled Endawn got rid o the boar and then they all spelt together, Harry in the middle between the two men.

When they woke up Harry saw Endawn pin down the red head and just slip into Charlie and start pounded him, the older wizard moaned and cried out, Harry sat there starting to feel horny at what he was seeing and he wanted to be touch, Charlie turned his head and saw Harry "H…Harry."He called to him, the teen crawled over to them feeling unsure and nervous but he sat by them, the red head reached out for Harry and pulled him by his hips towards him and took his hardening length into his mouth, Harry gasp and closed his eyes

"C…Charlieeee." He moaned as he the red head took him down his throat, he rolled his eyes back into head a moaned and whimpered; the dragon watched Harry's face as he pushed into Charlie making him moan and cry, the red head pushed his fingers into the teen's entrance and pushed his fingers in and out of him stretching him ready, Harry chest was heaving, Harry moaned Charlie's names as he stiffen and came in the older wizard's mouths, Charlie came next and then Endawn was next to cum.

The dark hair teen fell into his back panting heavily as he looked up and the sky mixed with rock, he then saw Endawn in looking down at him "Are you okay?" he asked

"Y…Yeah I am okay." He said looking up at him with a smiled, Charlie moved behind Harry and let the teen rest his head on his lap, as he ran his hands thought the inky black hair

"Are you ready Harry?" he asked Harry nodded, Endawn moved the teens face to look at him, his green eyes looked into the dragons

"We need you Harry." He said to him as he pushed cock into Harry, the teen gasped and open his eyes wide, his hand moved to Charlie's arms and held onto him as the dragon slipped deeper into the teen's body, Harry shivered and tighten his hold

"Shhhhhh its okay Harry relax, love." The red head whispered

"Ahhhhh gods!" Harry cried out as he felt the dragon settle inside of him, he laid there felling full and stretched, Charlie stroked his hair trying to help the teen relax, the dragon rubbed his hands over Harry's hips and lower stomach to help him to, after awhile Endawn gripped Harry's hips and slid out slowly and then pushed back in, Harry let out a moan as he felt the large cock fill him again. Endawn started to build up his speed as he carefully took his new mate, Charlie watched as he stoked Harry hair and waited for Endawn to finish, the dragon nuzzled into Harry's neck licked and sucking on his skin making the teen moan, then the dragon sunk his teeth into Harry's neck, the teen arched his back as screamed as he came, Endawn growled as he as he came inside of the teen.

After a few minutes Endawn pulled away and looked down at Harry, he kissed him on the lips, "W…Wow." Harry said, chuckling the dragon licked the blood off his neck

"Charlie's turn." He whispered, Harry looked at him with a frown "We need to fertilize the eggs in you now."

"Eggs?" Charlie moved and knelt in front of Harry as Endawn moved out the way, Charlie moved in between Harry's legs and rubbed his hand over the teen's body getting a shiver out of him

"The dom will plant eggs into the sub and it would normally sort itself out, but with us he will plant the eggs but he also needs me to fertilize the eggs inside you." Harry blinked at him, his brain still trying to catch with what is happening

"Urrrh Oh okay." He said as he let the red head pushed into his cock into Harry.

Harry whimpered, he was already feeling over sensitive, he didn't know if he could cum again and as if reading his mind Charlie leaned down and kissed him before saying "You're a young man Harry once more won't kill you." He smiled the teen gave him a small smile as Charlie started moving.

Hours later when all the bonding and mating was done, Endawn had left leaving Charlie to looked after their mate, Charlie has picked up Harry and carried him back to his hut. He laid the teen in his bed and climbed in with him, the red head watch Harry sleep his hand rested over the slight dome of his stomach, both he and Endawn was sure that Harry was pregnant but they hopped. Harry woke the next morning feeling the warm body next to him feeling his arms around him holding him close, pushing himself up and winced at his stiffness in his muscle, he turned and looked at the red head's face as he slept, Harry notice how much darker red his hair was compared to the others in his family "What are you doing?" Charlie asked, keeping his eyes closed

"Watching you." he said, with a blush "Is that wrong of me?" me he asked

"No not at all, it's rather nice waking up to someone next to me." He said as he touched his cheek and ran his knuckles up and down the smooth skin, there he notices the faint mark on Harry's stomach and smiled softly at him

"Not if in the next some many months I am pregnant and…oh god your sister is going to kill me." He muttered as he buried his face into his hands

"Oh don't worry I will tell mum that you and I have fallen in love and shared a wonderful night of passion and now you're pregnant with our child." He said rubbing Harry's stomach

"Your mum will kill you."

"Who cares?" He said as he tackled Harry to the bed and took him again.