Three months passed by when Harry went back to England for a little while to get things ready before he moved back to Romanian, his last stop was at the Weasley. He took a deep breath at the front door and then he knocked on the door, he waited a moment thinking about what he was going to say. Molly open the door and smiled at seeing the young man "Harry come in, Charlie said you were back and there was something you need to tell us." She beamed Harry wondered would that beam last when she finds out, he swallowed the lump in his throat and nods as he walks into the kitchen, he see Charlie sat at the table with a drink in his hand, they shared a smiled with each other.

"Ummm yeah there is something I need to tell you." he said, scratching the back of his head, he was about to open his mouth when there was a might squeal and Harry eyes widen as the red hair blur jumped him knocking him back onto the floor, Harry let out a pained puffed off air as he felt himself getting the life squeezed out of him…oh god… he thought

"GINNY GET OFF HIM!" Charlie yelled pulling his sister off Harry, and reached out and helped him up "Are you okay?" he asked looking at Harry's eyes

"Ummm think so, I think I hit my head." He said, the tall red head frowned and touched the back of Harry's head and got a hiss out of teen and then looked at his hand and saw blood

"Damn it Ginny you have to be more careful." Charlie said looking over Harry's shoulder

"Sorry I didn't mean to hurt him and why are you all over him!" she demanded

"Charlie we have to do this now she not going to wait and I'm starting to feel sick." He said

"Tell us what?" Came a voice, looking around both Harry and Charlie saw Ron and Hermione, they gave him and hug and then asked if he was alright and he said he was okay just a little dizzy.

"So what do you need to tell us?" Molly asked as they took a seat in the kitchen, biting his lip Harry sighed and felt Charlie hand in his and squeezed it tightly

"Okay first of this didn't happen on a whim and we can't undo what we done and we wouldn't." Charlie said as he smiled at Harry, the pale face teen smiled back at him

"Charlie!" Molly said

"Me and Harry bonded over three months ago and now he is pregnant with my child." He said, the room was silent, the dark hair teen nibbled his bottom lip and shifted closer to Harry

"Nice joke Charlie, Harry isn't gay." Ron said, Hermione elbowed Ron and gave him a look "What he's not!"

"Ron he dated two guys a year above us when we were at Hogwarts." She said

"What come on he's been dating my sister." He said looking towards his girl friend; Hermione rolled her eyes at him

"Harry say Charlie is laying say it's not true?" Ginny whined, Harry open his hoody up and showed the small baby bump, everyone looked at it,

"We think its twins." Harry said looking down at the bump, Hermione got up and walked over to Harry and smiled at him

"Oh Harry I am so happy for you." She said hugging him.

Harry smiled at her and let her touched his stomach, Ron was going bright red and Ginny was ready to scream blue murder and attack Harry and Charlie and then Molly stood up and looked at them "Out." She growled at them, Harry and Charlie looked up at her, Hermione doing the same, looking towards the angered witch

"Mum?" Charlie said

"Get out, how could you Harry we had such just hopes for you and our Ginny how you could hurt her like this, and Charlie how could steal your sister's boy friend, they were getting married!" She said, at the pair, Harry frowned and looked at Ginny

"Noooo we're not getting married, Ginny did you tell her we were getting married?" Harry asked

"Ginny?" Molly asked turned to face her daughter

"Well yeah because we are and you gave this ring." She held out the ring on her finger and Harry just blinked at it

"That was not yours to take, that ring was in a box of things Sirius left me, I've been looking for that ring, give it back." Harry said, he could feel in anger boil

"No it's mine!" She yelled holding it closer to her

"I never gave you that ring, that is the one Sirius left to me I was going to give that to Remus, give me the ring Ginny." The pulled her hand to her chest and shook her head

"NOOO!" she yelled pushing him to the floor, with a thud, Charlie got up and help Harry up

"Are you okay?" he asked, Harry nodded and rubbed his stomach; Hermione walked over to him and pulled out her wand and check Harry over,

"Are you sure Har that was a bit of a fall?" she asked, he gave her a watery smile

"I'm sure." He said, Charlie was still not convinced that his Harry was okay

"Come on let's leave we will get the ring back." Charlie said as he picked him up when Harry hissed on his ankle and wobbled, turns back to look at his family "You have two days to send the ring to Romanian." He said walking out house.

Endawn came back to the sanctuary when Harry reach his 3 month mark, since bonding with Charlie and Endawn the teen moved back in with Charlie and excided his hut for more room, the dragon walked into the house and saw Harry sat in one of the chairs sniffing, and looking a little peaky, he watches as Charlie rushes back and hands him a potion "Here love drink this." He said, the teen took the potion and down the drink

"What has happen?" the dragon asked, the two wizards turned around to face the silkily back hair man,

"My sister pushed Harry." He said, Endawn froze and started snarling

"I will kill her." He growled

"No, no you will not, our babies are okay Endawn, she just took the news bad." The red head said, the dragon snorted

"We need to get my ring back, I can't believe she stole Sirius' ring…oh do you think she been taking money out of vault?" Harry asked, Charlie thought about it for a moment

"I will give Bill a fire call later and find out for you." He said Endawn knelt in front of Harry and cupped his face and kissed him on the lips and Harry kissed him back with a watery eyes and small smiled "I will get you the ring back." He said

"You don't have you." he said, quietly

"Yes I do." He smiled; he turned to Charlie and kissed him to before leaving them, Harry looked at Charlie

"Is there something wrong?" he asked seeing the look on the red head's face

"Ummm no no…" he said looking back at Harry


"I've seen what human Dragons can do if someone hurts there mates." He said the dark hair teen stood up and warped his arms around Charlie

"Do you think he's going to hurt them?"

"No I don't think so, just might given them a scare." He said moving around and pulled them closer to him, Harry nodded

"Look why don't we go and get pizza." He smiled

"Pizza, cravings?" he asked, Harry beamed at him as Charlie got his jacket and Harry's "Come on then."

When Endawn got back he found them eating pizza, he smiled at them and sat down with them, and handed Harry his ring back, the green eye teen looking at him and Charlie's blue ones to "Didn't harm them do not worry Charlie, tho the little girl was less than happy about given up the ring… there was sides taken." He said, Harry was exciting this but Charlie wasn't he look horrified

"By whom?" Asked the red head

"Ummm don't know their names but the mother and one of your brothers took side with the Harlot while the brunette, the father and the twins took your side." Endawn answered, as he picked up a slice of pizza and eyed it before taking it to his mouth and winced as he ate it

"What did you say?" Harry asked as he saw the dragon spat it back out onto a plate

"Ummm…he took a drink of water…I told them that I am yours and Charlie's mate and if they do not want the house burnt down they will give me the ring back." He said as he pushed the plate away

"And let me guess mum threw water at you?"

"Yes she did, so I burnt her garden and said if the ring isn't returned than I will eat the girl, the ring was thrown at me." He said,

"I'm sorry Charlie I didn't want them to be made at you." Harry said, with tears burning his eyes

"I told you I don't care, we have the family of our own we need don't them do we Endawn?" he smiled at the dragon, who smiled back, he went to nuzzled Harry's neck to comfort the boy as he broke down in tears.