Sirius and Unda were okay the shock to them didn't hurt them, he knew they were okay he could smell it, Endawn angry he wanted to rip that red head's limps off him and make him scream, but he settled for pain, he had walked into the house, he didn't pay any mind to the family huddling in the corner of the kitchen, he walked around the kitchen to the red head boy. Ron who was back up into a corner looking shit scared…oh he should be scared… he thought as stood towering above him, his wings fleck out, he growled "You hurt my mate, took my children and hurt them to, and my other mate is now feeling like he can't be a good mother and it's your fault." He growled

"Harry should have married my sister." Ron said standing his ground; Endawn looked back at the young red hair girl and snarled before looking back at Ron,

"The Harlot is not fit to clean my gold." He hissed "Touch my mates or my children I will give you the living curse and leave you in a glass box and the world can watch you decay." Ron was pale, he looked like he was going to be sick, and the sweat beaded his face.

The sound the arours boots thumping into the house made the oddly piled dishes fall to the floor as they came into the house and looked at them "Get him out of here before I eat him." The Dragon growled he left the house, though the back door, ripping it off its hinges, Molly ran outside after dragon

"Wait!" she called out, the dragon stopped and looked around at her, he tilted his head,

"Yes?" he snapped

"I…I am sorry for why my son did, he should have never have taken them and please tell Harry and Charlie that I am sorry for my behaviour and I would like to send them things for the children." She said, Endawn looked at her up and down

"I will inform them but that is all I will, now if you excuse me I have to comfort one mate an get the health on the other." He said as he disappeared from sight leaving a scorched ring on the grass.

When Endawn returned to the hut that his family lived in, he walked into the house and walked into the bed room and found Remus watching over Harry, the wolf sat there read a book, when he heard the shuffling of someone at the door, Remus looked up and marked the book and out it away "How are is Harry?" Endawn asked,

"Harry thinks you are mad at him." He said, Endawn shook his head and move closer to the bed

"I'm not mad at him." He said kissing Harry on the lips "How's Charlie?"

"Asleep for now, I will look after the twins for now you stay close to your mates." The wolf said picking up the babies and walking out the bed room. Endawn watched the wolf leave with the sleeping children and thanked the heavens for the wolf.

An hour later Harry woke up to see himself warped in Endawn's arms, Harry nuzzled into his warm and took in a deep breath and sighed at the scent filled his nose, the dragon open his eyes and looked down at the teen in his arms and felt him cries "Shhhh Harry everything is okay." He whispered as they tangled themselves together even more than before

"I'm sorry so sorry I let them get taken away." Endawn held him tightly and kissed his forehead and then kissed his lips

"It's not your fault and Charlie will be fine and our hatchlings are healthy, and you were so strong my little human, so so strong and I am so proud of you." he whispered into his ears, Harry sobbed and held into him tightly. Endawn kissed Harry and let his hands wonder over his skin "Let me make you feel better my love, let me show that you have nothing to worry about." He said to him, Harry nodded and looked up at him as let the dragon pleasure him to heaven and back.

A couple of days later Charlie was in the kitchen feeding Sirius and Unda, he was still feeling pretty weak but was getting better, he said it was like being it by the flu, Harry had chuckled at tha, Harry walked in and kissed the top of his head and went to start cooking food "Bacon, eggs and toast?" Harry asked

"Yes please Har, is Endawn still a sleep." He asked as he put a spoon into Sirius' mouth, the baby boy garbled it down his front

"Ummm yeah, he will be awake when I put the bacon on." He said as he cracked the eggs into the frying pain

"Mama!" Both babies call out; Harry turned around and smiled at his two boys

"Hello my babies." He smiled "Is daddy making a mess is he." He looked at Charlie who smiles at him "Daddy is a messy man." He said

"Oh and Mama is not much better." He chuckled; Harry went back to cooking the food.