AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Defying The Law

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: NarutoXSasuke

STATUS: Twoshot: Completed


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between two males, bondage, spanking, kink, AU.

~Art, is everything, everywhere, and everyone. Art, is from your mind and soul, what you believe. Create~

Sasuke's expression was homicidal as he drove down the dark roads of Konoha. It was past midnight on a Friday night and the city was brightening up with club lights and the bustle of teenagers trying to soak up the last of their childhood before adulthood hit them in the balls.

The twenty-one year old raven haired man was less than pleased when his boss told him he needed to work overtime tonight. He was a lowly secretary, as much as he hated to admit that. He was putting himself through law school and it wasn't cheap. He hated the loud, overzealous people that roamed the city at nighttime, like they wanted to be run over. If you wanted it cut short, he was in a bad mood.

And, his mood darkened more so when the bright flashing of a police car lit up the road behind him.

He cursed under his breath as he pulled over, glaring at the empty streets as if someone would come up out of nowhere and he could blame them for his misfortune. He slammed the button to roll down his window, glancing in the side mirror of his black BMW. He scoffed as a man with shaggy blonde hair stepped out of the police cruiser, not possibly much older than him if not the same age.

He tilted his head back against the seat to look up at the man, sizing him up. He probably was a few inches taller, obviously muscular beneath that uniform, and probably brought new meaning to "sexy policeman fantasy." He internally huffed, no chance of intimidation. He had to hope he could outsmart the policeman.

"Hello, sir. You have any idea how fast you were going?" The blonde inquired. Sasuke pursed his lips, that question was stupid, like any idiot couldn't tell how fast he was going. "Seventy." He replied in a cold tone. The officer raised a brow, expression clearly amused at the attitude. "And do you have any idea what the limit is here?"

Of course he did, he lived here his entire life. "Sixty." He answered through grit teeth. "Mm-hm. License and registration please." The blonde said, sounding like he was secretly laughing at Sasuke. The raven shoved both items at the officer and growled under his breath as he waited for him to return. He snatched his license back when the blonde handed it to him, earning a smirk. "Not having a good night?"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. Oh, now this asshole wanted to mock him? "It was great until you showed up." He retorted, glaring as the man chuckled, his deep blue eyes sparkling in mischief. "Well believe me, dealing with bastards like you isn't fun either." Sasuke snorted. "Well having idiots like you pull them over is enough to ruin anyone's day." He replied smoothly, eyes icy as he looked the undeniably attractive idiot up and down as though he thought that he were miles above him.

The blonde sighed. "You wanna give me attitude, then this can go the hard way." He said, shrugging as if it didn't matter to him. Sasuke scoffed, radiating arrogance and irritation. "You're having a boring night and you want to screw with someone else so your life seems like it's something exciting.? Give me a ticket and screw off." The Uchiha rolled his eyes, tired of the blonde messing around. No one was even out, it didn't matter if he went a few miles over the speed limit.

Azure eyes narrowed at him. Fine, he wanted to play that way? He had no problem treating him rough. "Step out of the car, sir." He ordered. Sasuke sighed exasperatedly, throwing his door open and slamming it shut, folding his arms over his chest as his onyx eyes glared up at the taller male. "Now what, oh mighty officer?" He said in a challenging tone, hissing as he was roughly turned around. "Hands on the car, legs apart."

Sasuke hesitated, not willing to cooperate to such a useless and demeaning demand. He grumbled under his breath as his arms were slammed on the hood of his car and ankles kicked apart. Curses were hissed at the blonde as he was patted down. "Do you feel big, manhandling people like this?" He venomously spat at the blonde. He gasped when his ass was slapped, momentarily in shock that the officer had the audacity to do such a thing. That quickly wore off and he whirled around, ready to send this pervert to the hospital.

He was quickly grabbed and turned back around, his front slammed against the car hood. He struggled angrily as his arms were wrenched behind his back, a low growl of protest leaving his lips as his wrists were handcuffed. "What the hell do you think you're doing!" He demanded, so enraged at the degrading turn of events that he was seeing red. His body shuddered as a low chuckle emanated from behind him. "You're under arrest, for assault of an officer." He paused then, as if thinking. "And for being a total dick." He laughed. This bitchy, arrogant man deserved to be taught a lesson. Why not do it for him? Have a little fun?

Sasuke tried to stand away from the car, for god's sake he even tried to break the handcuffs. But the officer placed one hand in his midnight tresses, gripping them tightly and holding his face against the car. He panted with the effort, furiously trying to pull away even though it only brought him pain as his hair was pulled on.

"You bastard! You're probably not even a real cop!" He spat out, finally stopping his fighting. He was pretty sure he was close to having a heart attack. He blinked as something was tossed in front of his face, glaring down at the badge that clearly had the blonde's picture and stated his name. His obsidian gaze could have burned holes through solid steel. "Well, Uzumaki Naruto, what do you plan to do now? Lock me in a cell and laugh with your other stupid friends that didn't go to college?" He mocked.

Naruto smirked. This raven was one cocky, mouthy, sexy little bastard. It had been a slow night, he had been a total asshole, and he had made his pants grow tighter the second he looked at him. "Well, Uchiha Sasuke, I've decided you need some positive reinforcement." He smirked at the irritated look of confusion on the raven's face. Obviously he wasn't used to not being in control. He pulled him off the car by his hair, enjoying the hiss of pain as he dragged Sasuke to the police car and threw him in.

Sasuke would be lying if he said he wasn't surprised at the rather spacious back of the car. This was short lived before every emotion dissipated into unadulterated anger. "What the fuck is your problem?" He demanded as he tried to sit himself up. Naruto sat in the seat beside the thrashing raven, shutting the door. "Well, like you said. I'm having a boring night." He smirked. "And then little miss prissy came along, being a bastard."

Sasuke spluttered for a retort at the rude accusations, managing a hateful curse before he was turned onto his stomach and knees. Like a dog in heat. He struggled futilely against the blonde, spitting insults at him. He was handcuffed and manhandled for no reason, and now he was being antagonized. This had to be against the law in some rulebook of theirs.

His eyes widened in disbelieving shock as Naruto leaned over him, pressing his chest to his back "And I personally think some punishment is in order." He whispered against Sasuke's ear, causing him to shiver. "Get off of me." He said in a low, dangerous tone; though he wasn't very threatening in his position. Naruto chuckled, pulling back. "Such a cocky attitude, obviously a bastard like you has never been put in his place." Sasuke had a sharp reply to that, but when he opened his mouth a rather undignified sound came out. He blinked in shock, whether from the yelp that just left his mouth, or the hand that had just spanked him he wasn't sure.

He gasped as his ass was slapped again, squirming in anger and humiliation. "What in the hell do you think you're doing, moron?!" He demanded. Naruto chuckled. "Can't handle a small punishment?" He mocked, bringing his hand down hard onto Sasuke's ass again. He wasn't ashamed to admit that he liked the sounds coming from Sasuke, the way he squirmed when he was hit, and he liked his firm ass.

"How dare you even think of doing something so-" Sasuke was cut off by a loud laugh from the blonde, though it didn't stop the next hard slap. "How dare I? Listen, Sasuke, why don't you take a look at your position, and learn to watch your mouth." He smirked as he continued spanking the raven hard. Depraving and perverse, maybe, but he wouldn't deny enjoying it. Sasuke squirmed again, muffled curses leaving his mouth as a sharp sting spread through him. "Bastard." He spat furiously, a blush crossing his face though he tried to deny it permission.

"Keep talking." Naruto teased, unzipping Sasuke's pants and pulling them down and off. The raven tried to kick the blonde, only succeeding in a suddenly sore leg and a harsh slap. He grit his teeth, the pain was even worse. He damned this officer, he'd get him fired the second he got out of these handcuffs. Naruto smirked at the muffled curses and sounds of pain as he slapped the squirming backside. "Nice to see you realizing who's boss." He taunted, purposely baiting the Uchiha.

Sasuke spat at him. "Fuck you, you good-for-nothing pervert! Go back to your dumbass job of throwing your badge around. Maybe someday you can hope to get a real job that pays something." He muttered at Naruto, hands clenched together. He tensed when the man laughed at him, suspicion boiling in his stomach. He opened his mouth to ask just what the hell was so funny, when he felt fingers slide under the band of his boxers and pull them down. Sasuke's face heated up and his pride and self-respect diminished completely. "Get away from me, you perverted, stupid bastard!" He demanded in a louder tone.

Naruto tsked, shaking his head. "You're one prideful bitch, huh?" He said, as though Sasuke wasn't in the most humiliating position in the world. He brought his hand down hard against the soft, reddening skin of Sasuke's ass, smirking in amusement at the barely stifled yelp. It shouldn't take much more to finally make the gorgeous raven give in. He'd probably get in deep trouble should Sasuke decide to tell someone; but he was probably too embarrassed to try that. Granted this was way over the top, he couldn't resist the chance to get the Uchiha in this position. He needed to be knocked down a few pegs, that was obvious. Why not take that liberty? He could have locked him in jail, but frankly someone so pretty wouldn't last too long.

Sasuke's jaw was tense as he ground his teeth together, entire body wound tight as he tried vainly to ignore the stinging in his lower regions. He felt his face was hot, the rest of his body seemed to be getting hotter too. "You finally giving up?" Naruto taunted the cocky male, almost hoping he'd get a sharp-tongued insult. This was far too much fun. He glanced down, nearly chuckling as he saw that Sasuke clearly was having fun as well, though he seemed to be trying to ignore it.

"Fuck off." Sasuke spat in retaliation. The blonde probably should have stopped, but his own arousal was making his pants uncomfortable. He gave one last hard spank, earning a loud gasp of pain. Sasuke squirmed in discomfort, attempting to keep his legs shut tight. He wasn't aware of his problem, he was focused on staying composed through this mortification and pain.

He shot his glance sideways at the sound of something clicking and sliding. "You know, I could have sent you to jail!" Naruto told him. "But I kinda like you. Pretentious asshole that you are." He smirked, folding his belt up. He struck Sasuke's ass hard with the belt, and before the raven could compose himself, a sharp yelp left his mouth.

Shit, that hurt!

He thought to himself, body breaking out in trembles at the burst of pain. Naruto pulled back and this time slapped the backs of his thighs, watching the pale flesh turn pink. Sasuke clenched his hands together, shifting slightly. "Stop!" He said, voice slightly less demanding. Naruto chuckled, letting the belt drop to the floor and raising his hand, lightly spanking him once more before massaging the abused flesh. Sasuke hissed at the contact, deeply wishing he could turn this situation around. He was seriously ready to fuck the blonde up.

"Aw, don't be mad Sasuke-chan. You deserved that." Naruto snickered at the irate Uchiha, earning a sideways glare. Naruto's hand slid lower and in between Sasuke's legs, wrapping his fingers around the fully erect member. Sasuke's eyes widened at the abrupt shock of pleasure and at his desperately suppressed lust being discovered. "Well, someone's excited isn't he?" Naruto said with a teasing grin. "This is molestation, you idiot!" Sasuke ground out through grit teeth.

"And you like it." The blonde returned, pumping his member at a slow pace and snickering as Sasuke squirmed in pleasure. "Faster?" He purred, moving his hand quicker before it slowed to an almost painful pace that made Sasuke nearly whine in frustration. "Don't tease me, you asshole." He muttered. Naruto took pity, after all; Sasuke had been punished enough. He moved his hand fast and hard, occasionally rubbing the tip with his thumb.

Sasuke allowed a small moan of pleasure past his slightly parted lips, his body beginning to tense as Naruto brought him closer to climax. After a short while longer, the coil of desire that had been tightening in his abdomen ever since he first laid eyes on this damnably attractive policeman finally burst, and he came with a vainly stifled moan.

Sasuke was always a bit dazed after his orgasm, and this was advantageous to Naruto, who took the opportunity to slick three fingers with his own saliva, probing Sasuke's entrance. The raven squirmed, but his body remained relaxed. Naruto pushed one digit past the ridiculously tight ring of muscle, and Sasuke immediately snapped into focus, a sharp gasp of surprise and anger leaving his mouth. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" He demanded, clearly uncomfortable. "Shut up and relax." Naruto replied as he moved the digit in and out, rolling his eyes at Sasuke's futile attempts to squirm his way out of this.

He added the other two digits at the same time, watching the pink hole stretch to accept them. Sasuke winced, but pursed his lips to silence any voiced discomfort. It burned, but it wasn't unbearable. He'd only bottomed once or twice to a couple of flings, and that had been as a young, stupid, teenager. Naruto took mercy on the raven, noticing his discomfort. He moved and spread the fingers apart slowly, stretching him thoroughly. He smirked suddenly, bending his fingers down. He was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure as he found Sasuke's prostate. He wanted louder sounds, but he'd work on that in a minute.

He assaulted the raven's special spot for a bit longer, making Sasuke's erection rise again and a bright, hot blush adorn his face. His breathing was erratic when Naruto finally pulled back, listening as the blonde slid off his clothes, his own shirt was unbuttoned to expose all of him to this sneaky pervert.

He gasped as he was suddenly lifted from the seat and turned around to face the blonde, his legs placed on either side of his hips to straddle him. He took in Naruto's incredibly blue eyes and well-built body that was even sexier without that uniform. His gaze traveled down to Naruto's rock hard erection, and for the first time since this started, he might have felt a little nervous. He squirmed slightly. "No. That won't fit." He said in a tone that most normal people wouldn't have argued with. But who said Naruto was normal?

He chuckled at the raven, lifting his hips up. "It will, just stay relaxed." He murmured against his ear, beginning to kiss his neck as he positioned Sasuke over him. The raven despised the sudden trusting feeling the blonde gave him; for the Gods' sake he was practically raping him! This was sexual assault!

And that thought left his mind when Naruto finally started sliding inside of him, as he let out a whimper of pain, and a sweet kiss was pressed to his lips. Naruto engaged his tongue in a deeply passionate kiss as he continued holding Sasuke's hips, helping instead of forcing him, to slide down his member. Sasuke would pause every so often to allow the overwhelming sensation to die down a little, before moving again. After a few minutes he was completely seated in Naruto's lap, their chests pressed together as Sasuke rested his forehead against Naruto's shoulder while he caught his breath.

"Told you it would fit." Naruto smirked as he stroked Sasuke's hips. The raven growled lowly at him, rising up on his knees and hissing as he dropped back down, earning a grunt of pleasure from the blonde. He smirked, finally having some semblance of power. He continued to rotate his hips to ride Naruto, panting softly as he picked up the pace. The blonde suddenly took a hold of his hips, lifting him up and slamming him back down.

"Naruto!" The blonde raised a brow at the loud cry of his name, smirking at the blush and wide eyed expression Sasuke had, letting him know it had been completely unintentional. He raised Sasuke up again and slammed him back down in that exact same spot, earning another pleasure filled cry. Sasuke followed the same fast pace with Naruto's help, his head tilted back as ecstasy flowed through his entire being. Naruto kissed and nipped his exposed throat, leaving varying marks that told everyone Sasuke was taken. He gently pinched Sasuke's nipples, earning a hiss of pleasure as the raven arched his back.

Sasuke crashed their lips together roughly, moaning into the heated kiss as he felt his climax coming on. Naruto suddenly moved them so Sasuke was on his back on the seat with one leg over the blonde's shoulder. He started slamming into him harder, smirking against Sasuke's neck as the raven cried out in pleasure. Sasuke felt his vision go white as his completion hit him.

He came harder than he ever had in his life, Naruto's name leaving him in an ecstasy filled cry. He was so dazed by the harsh aftermath of pleasure that he could only pant as Naruto thrust into him a few more times, moaning softly as he felt him come inside him. Naruto kissed his lips softly as he withdrew from the exhausted Uchiha, using an old towel to wipe them both off.

Sasuke blinked slowly, trying to clear his mind of the haze as he felt Naruto unlock the handcuffs. He should have punched the dumbass, but he didn't have the energy, He let Naruto dress him in his earlier discarded clothes, murmuring an incoherent curse at him when he kissed his already marked neck. Naruto chuckled as he let him lean back against the seat.

Sasuke vaguely heard Naruto ask him for his address, murmuring it just loud enough to be heard. He was half asleep as he felt the car move, head leaning against the window. Naruto pulled up to Sasuke's small house, turning off the car as he got out and opened the back door, lifting the raven up and carrying him inside. For someone so arrogant it was pretty stupid to leave his house unlocked, nice neighborhood or not. "Second room on the right." A tired mumble told him.

Naruto followed the directions, setting the raven down on his bed. Sasuke faintly felt like something was on his right arm, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He felt a gentle kiss pressed to his lips, sighing in soft contentment.

Naruto left, locking the door behind him. He sat in his car, sighing to himself. He doubted he'd see the raven again, but hey, stranger things have happened.


When Sasuke woke up he knew it was much later than he normally did. He glanced at the clock, which in blaring red letters, told him it was ten in the morning. He tried to sit up, gasping in shock as a sharp pain shot up his back, sending him flat onto his back again. The events of last night flooded back into his memory. He'd thought it had been a vivid dream, something that wild couldn't have happened. He raised his hand to his forehead, hearing a jingle. He looked to his wrist, eyes widening as he saw handcuffs hanging from it, only one unlocked.

"That idiot!" Sasuke seethed, glaring angrily at the offending object. Now he had to go to the police station to get these taken off. He then noticed the small piece of paper on his nightstand. He picked it up and read it.


Last night was amazing. I thought I'd piss you off one last time and leave you a little present so you'll come down here and see me again. Or are you too much of an arrogant and stubborn bastard that you're going to walk around with them? Can't wait to see you come in with whatever excuse you can come up with. If you can walk, that is.

Love, Naruto.

Sasuke's eyes could have burned holes through the paper. Oh, he'd come see him, and kick his ass straight to next week.

…As soon as he could walk.




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And that's pretty much exactly how this story was born. Me desperately trying to ignore it to get other shit done, and the mind obviously not having it. This might actually be the kinkiest yaoi I've written. A lot of things were included. Also, this was written differently. I normally try hard to make it well written, alluring, basically serious. This time around was more… Myself really getting into the writing. Humorous, and hopefully entertaining and interesting. And sexy. I mean, maybe slightly sadistic with the whole punishment part… But I was in that sort of mood where Sasuke just needed to be punished. Review, you little fuckers. Quit favoriting and not reviewing. I don't even care if it's just "Awesome!" or "Sucks." Even though that's ANNOYING it's still SOMETHING. Also, the second chapter will be up as fast as I can possibly put it up.

Sasuke: She's on drugs.

Amaya: He's on his period.

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Also, something I just HAVE to say. Have you ever taken a good look at the back of a fucking car? You can't have sex there. Not comfortably. I mean, in this I picture a huge seat and a bit of space because, duh, criminals. But otherwise there just wouldn't be a way to work this. Unless it's a van.

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