Naruto sighed as he drove the police cruiser through the rundown parts of the city, where most of the drug addicts and drunk idiots caused trouble. Work had been tearfully boring as of late. Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary; the only thing close to it was when a naked drug dealer raced through the city last Monday. That had been interesting.

To be honest, Naruto missed that raven haired man he had met last month. He wanted him again, wanted to see him. He knew Sasuke had to have felt the same spark he had when they met. He knew he could've gone to his house again, but work -while boring- was busy, and he didn't want to piss Sasuke off. Without handcuffs, he probably could bloody him up quite a bit, even with the training Naruto had taken.

"Officer Uzumaki, situation at the exit of the city. One of our citizens was arrested for assault and was taken to station twelve." His boss, Sakura, told him over the radio. He raised a brow. "Got it." He replied, making a U-turn and heading towards the city exit. The station this person was at was out of city limits, where illegals were apprehended. Whoever they caught must have royally screwed up.

He pulled into the rather scruffy looking station, mumbling under his breath. He picked up the receiver on the radio. "Got a name?" He asked the woman. "Uchiha Sasuke." Sakura replied after a moment, making Naruto drop the receiver. He quickly picked it back up and thanked her before replacing it and getting out of the car. How had Sasuke managed to get arrested outside city limits? For assault, no less. He hoped the raven was okay, he was so mouthy and cocky it was easy to get himself in trouble. He was probably pissed to high hell, too. Naruto was a little nervous he'd already gotten himself beaten up, being the arrogant bastard that he was.

He walked inside the dingy building, the holding cell was across the room. Suddenly, his earlier prediction was switched; it was him that immediately grew enraged.

Sasuke was pinned against the barred wall by a large, overweight, graying man. He was struggling angrily against him, but fear leaked through his expression. It was like a nightmare, something horrible was happening to him but no one around him cared or would help him. The officers didn't seem to mind that this man was attempting to sexually assault him. He turned his head slightly, catching Naruto's gaze, his eyes took on a shocked look before they pleaded for him to do something.

"Get him out!" The blonde's angry voice held authority as he demanded the officer at the desk unlock the cell and let Sasuke out. He pulled something from his belt and aimed it at the pervert. "Get back!" He ordered, the taser pointing at him warningly. The old man dropped Sasuke onto the floor, where he got up as the other officer finally unlocked the cell and let him out. He threw his arms around Naruto. So what, he was allowed some affection. Naruto had already had sex with him and then saved him from this pig.

Naruto growled obscenities at the officers, promising that they would be severely punished for this negligence. He led Sasuke outside and put him in the front seat of the car where he folded his arms over his chest like he was cold. Naruto slid in beside him on the other side, pulling out and driving back to the city. He was just going to take Sasuke home. He'd tell his boss he'd already received enough punishment. "Are you okay?" He asked him quietly. Sasuke nodded, looking out the window. "Nothing happened. He was just being a pervert." He replied with a sigh. Naruto placed his hand on Sasuke's thigh, silently comforting the stubborn raven.

"Are you taking me to jail now?" Sasuke asked, raising a brow when Naruto shook his head. "No, I'm taking you home. But I want to know what you got arrested for." Naruto chuckled. Sasuke huffed as he allowed the blonde to keep the hand on his leg. He liked when he touched him. He liked the warm, strong feeling Naruto gave off. "I punched that pervert in the face and they arrested us both." He replied. Naruto raised a brow at that.

"That station is shit. They need some adjustments." He muttered under his breath, pulling onto Sasuke's street. The raven sighed softly, nodding once in agreement. He looked up when Naruto pulled into his driveway, getting out with him. "Are you sure you aren't hurt or anything?" Naruto said, acting much like a concerned girlfriend. The thought was enough to make Sasuke chuckle as he unlocked his door, earning a glare from the blonde. How dare this bastard laugh at-

"Hey!" Naruto was caught off guard when Sasuke suddenly jerked him through the door and shut it, slamming him against the door and kissing him roughly. Sasuke had all but lost his mind since that night, his thoughts revolved around Naruto completely. Like he had taken a drug and become addicted to it. He needed him, he wanted him, and now he had him. He had gotten to him like no one else ever had.

Naruto slowly placed his hands on Sasuke's hips, kissing him back with equal fervor once he got over the surprise of the sudden attack. Sasuke forced his tongue into Naruto's mouth, fighting him for dominance. Naruto growled softly in lust, pressing the raven's body against his own tightly, smirking into the kiss when he began to hungrily pull at his shirt. They broke the kiss momentarily for Naruto to take off the offending clothing, ripping Sasuke's own shirt off of him.

They were kissing again, passion and lust making their hearts begin to race. Clumsily, the blonde began to lead them both to Sasuke's bedroom, remembering Sasuke had said it was the second door on the right. He pushed the Uchiha onto the bed on his back, straddling him as he started tugging off his pants, biting at the exposed throat. The marks from the last time had faded, that wouldn't do at all.

He sucked hard on the spot to the right of Sasuke's pulse and was rewarded with a very obvious mark and a gasp of pleasure from the usually stoic man. He succeeded in sliding Sasuke's pants and underwear down his long legs, shivering in desire as the gorgeous body beneath him was finally revealed. Sasuke couldn't stop the blush from rising on his cheeks at the way Naruto looked at him, the way he touched him, like he was something special. Naruto met him in another deep, fierce kiss.

He started kissing down his jawline and neck, nipping and sucking in various places. This was slower than when they first had sex. Naruto took his time to find what the raven liked, disliked, and loved. He smirked when he kissed to his chest, slowly dragging his hot tongue over one of his nipples, causing Sasuke to shudder with a low moan of pleasure. Naruto bit down gently to earn a soft, surprised cry of pleasure. Sasuke was sensitive, perhaps none of his past partners had ever experimented with him.

He kissed down his lithe belly, skipping over Sasuke's straining erection and making Sasuke growl in frustration at him. The blonde gave him a teasing look, kissing one of his thighs. He raised a brow at Sasuke when he gasped, back arching in pleasure. So this was a soft spot, hm?

He nipped the soft skin there lightly, kissing the reddening skin. Sasuke panted softly for air, his eyes glazed in lust and pleasure as Naruto slid his lips over his other thigh, eliciting shocks of pleasure from the sensitive area. He shivered in half disappointment and half relief that the sexual torture stopped when Naruto pulled back with a foxy grin.

He enjoyed teasing the raven, he got so irritated and flushed when he did. He slid off the remainder of his own clothes, pulling a small bottle of lube from his pocket. He let the clothes fall onto the floor then, kissing Sasuke with force once more, rubbing their tongues together in a heated dance of passion and need. Naruto nipped Sasuke's lower lip gently, slicking two fingers with the lubricant. He pushed them inside the Uchiha, shivering lustfully as the tight channel clamped around them.

It was a mere discomfort for Sasuke, although he knew something much bigger was coming. He arched his chest against Naruto's when the blonde pressed those sinful digits down and brushed his prostate, feeling him smirk against his jawline as he licked along it and down his neck, nipping his pulse. He scissored the fingers, occasionally torturing the raven with rough stimulation to his prostate, temporarily taking away every sensation except feeling.

When Naruto pulled back, both men were primal with desire. Sasuke crashed their lips together so hard it hurt, but the pain only enhanced the pleasure. Sex wasn't sex without some pain mixed in. He felt Naruto push his legs farther apart and he wrapped his arms around those strong shoulders as the kiss deepened.

His grip tightened on Naruto when the larger man thrust into him, feeling the entirety of that hot, thick cock sheathed inside of him. He fought to relax, focusing his attention on Naruto as he stroked his thighs and kissed him in such a loving way you would think they had been together for years. His body relaxed from its tense poise, rolling his hips against Naruto's to tell him he was ready for him to move.

The blonde held his hips as he pulled out, growling in pleasure as he thrust back inside his lover, smiling softly at Sasuke's every reaction. He lifted Sasuke's legs up and placed them on his shoulders, thrusting deeper into him with this new angle. Sasuke gasped then, crying out in a mix of ecstasy and shock as Naruto rammed into his sweet spot.

The blonde took advantage of that and started moving at a harder pace. He kissed and nipped Sasuke's nipples and throat, marking any of the beautiful ivory skin that he could. Sasuke panted for air, the passion between them nearly engulfing him. His mind was a hazy, ardent, electric field of bliss as he kissed Naruto again. He'd never known a man to have as much stamina as the blonde did.

Thirty minutes felt like hours to him. He moaned softly as he began closing in on his climax, shivering as Naruto nipped his collarbone, moving even faster; his own orgasm must have been close. He held on to the throes of pleasure as long as possible before his entire body suddenly snapped like a coil, ecstasy flooding every nerve as he came with explosive force, crying out Naruto's name.

Sasuke shivered as he felt hot liquid splash inside of him and listened to Naruto murmur his name. His legs trembled slightly when Naruto pulled out of him, falling down beside him. Sasuke looked gorgeous anytime, if you asked him. But at that moment, with his ebony locks splayed on the pillow, his onyx, glittering eyes so glazed with pleasure and his face flushed hot, Naruto thought he looked even sexier.

He kissed Sasuke again, smiling as the raven allowed him to pull him close against him and hold him. Sasuke sighed softly as Naruto kept the arm around his waist, too proud to admit he actually liked the affection as he rested his face against Naruto's chest. He felt the blonde stroke his hair, both of them coming down from their highs.

He opened his eyes a bit when Naruto said his name, humming in response to tell him he was awake. "Well… Do you maybe want to go somewhere and do something, sometime?" Naruto asked a little nervously. Sasuke chuckled at the sudden awkwardness from the normally confident and loud blonde, leaning up a bit when Naruto sighed as though upset, thinking Sasuke had rejected him.

"Of course, you sexy idiot." He smirked, pecking his lips. Naruto grinned at him. "Great, you gorgeous bastard." He chuckled at Sasuke's glare.

His gorgeous bastard.


I'm re-watching all the old Naruto episodes with arrogant-Sasuke, annoying-Sakura, and… stupider-Naruto. I remember I hated Sakura in the first few episodes. I love her now, but back then, come on. Get in the game. And, Sasuke used to be nice. And a little sane.

I was sad, I read a couple extremely upsetting Naruto stories today and brooded for a while before deciding to break out of the slump and write something happy. So here's the final chapter. That's why this is so mushy and romantic, because I wanted something so sweet it would hurt. Sasuke needs sweet and so does Naruto. And I adore making Sasuke OOC, I enjoy uke-Sasuke. Of course I will make an in-character story eventually…

Sasuke: I need nothing from him.

Naruto: Well I need everything from you.

Sasuke: ...Come here, dobe.

Amaya: Aw, they're so sweet!