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The beginning

Lightning could only remember one thing as she fell into a sea of blackness. And then a burst of light appeared before her. She covered her eyes as the her eyes drew accustomed to the light and then her eyes widened to find a city marked by a grayish sky devoid of any life. And then a white path lit up before her. She didn't know why but she felt the urge to move forward and so she did.

"Where am I going?"

Her whisper echoed throughout the grey city, the black sea behind her slowly raised an fall as if something was coming, but nothing came; and Lightning paid it no mind and walked forward. The path's brightness didn't fall nor did it cease to dim. Step by step, she carefully treaded forward and then she came to a halt, to a building in front of her; a temple of sorts. She could see carvings of a woman with wings. She briefly wondered if it could be an angel that was present. And then letting out an audible sigh, she moved into the building that the path had taken her and stopped as she came before what appeared to be a throne. And then as if on impulse, visions plagued her mind. It was too much for her to take and then she knelt down and let out a cry of pain. A voice slowly resounded within her mind and she listened on to what it had to say.

"Hear me now, I am Etro...protector of Cocoon and Pulse; I am dying...and hence my reason for calling you here, Claire Farron; you will serve as my champion...

I know your heart, the people you care about and also the son of Sparda who entrusted you with a responsibility but I am afraid that responisiblity will factor in to what happens from now...I do not have much time left..."

Lightning slowly gritted her teeth and fought the images that plagued her mind "W-Why are you...

"Dying?...it is simple child, time and space are falling...and the dark one; my brother made it his ambition to finally end me..and in doing so I cannot protect Cocoon nor Pulse any longer. The demon hunter sealed away my fallen brother, Mundus thankfully before he could do any more damage to the worlds. When he fell from the creator's love...

I watched in despair as he did. And yet again, saddened by the way he had chosen to defy the creator. I moved on and continued my duty but in an effort to spite me before he was sealed away by the hunter...he released a black wave of corruption on the universe...Earth was unaffected, however Gran Pulse and Cocoon are in danger...

You now have a choice...be my champion and protect me as I try and rebuild time before I die and before it falls..or...regret and watch as Cocoon and Pulse forever fall into darkness.."

The images stopped and Lightning's eyes widened as she let out a sigh of relief, she rubbed her forehead and gasped for air, it had felt like she had been drowning. And then she slowly got up. She closed her eyes and weighed the choice in her head. Doubts clouded her judgement and then Etro's voice rang through her mind once more.

"I see...doubts in you child, very well...I will show you what you want to see most..."

And then flashes of image came up before her eyes. She then suddenly found herself in a room filled with light, she couldn't make out where she was but as she examined the pillars and the light that eminated from the outside, she saw that it was a castle. She blinked in surprise as she heard footsteps. She turned around almost immedeatly and looked to find..

"Dante?..." whispered a shocked Lightning.

She watched as he walked past her without sparing as much as a glance. She moved to catch him and stop him, but as she did that; her right hand phased through his right shoulder, Lightning blinked in surprise as hurt and confusion flashed in her eyes. Etro's voice resounded in her mind once more as she looked on.

"This is the past...you cannot be held accountable for the events that transpire here and I cannot let you interfere, atleast not yet...I am sorry..."

She then watched as Dante stopped and looked up, he looked older to her now; his clothes were still the same but his hair and his mannerisms had changed and she could feel it. She slowly looked on as his voice echoed within the confines of the temple. It appeared as though he was conversing with a statue. She looked up and examined the statue. She could see that it had three eyes, two of the normal kind and one on it's forehead.

"Again I must face a Sparda?...strange fate isn't it?..." questioned the statue.

"Strange and Ironic that it willl end the same way..." answered a defiant Dante.

"Irony will not favor you again, you disrupted my plans on the first and second worlds, you will not do so again" answered the porcelain statue. Dante blinked in surprise as he looked to the statue "First and second worlds?...what are you talking about?"

"You...do not remember?" asked the voice, surprise embodied into it.

"Remember what Mundus?!" asked a now frustrated Dante. He stopped as he heard chuckles from the statue and then looked on as it began speaking once more.

"I know who you love, Dante...I know that you sealed the two worlds away from my clutches and that you've come to seal me away again..." explained Mundus. "Etro must have done this...intervened and erased his memories of the matter.."

"Seal you?...again?.what the hell are you talking about!?" questioned a now angered Dante.

"It does not matter, however...to you; the only thing that does matter is this name: Claire Beatrice Farron..." stated a now serious Mundus. Immedeatly Dante's eyes widened in surprise and in shock and then he started chuckling much to the annoyance of the demon emperor.

"Her?! I haven't seen her since I was a kid, she's worlds away buddy...you might wanna threaten someone else.." chuckled the devil hunter. Mundus' voice then rang out, amusement crawling in them "I will make her suffer after I am done with you...but for now? look there"

Lightning blinked in surprise as she heard the conversation, the words "Haven't seen her since I was a kid"...echoed in her mind as she looked on. Confusion set in as she looked to Dante, "He doesn't remember what happened three years ago?..." questioned a confused Lightning. Immedeatly Etro's voice rang out in her mind.

"No...he doesn't, it is my burden to bear; he has gone through enough suffering in the past...however in time; i will restore his memories but only when the time is right and only when his help is needed, he will play a pivotal road in saving this universe but only in time...for now, watch.."


Dante's voice rung out as Lightning looked on, she followed his gaze to the wall opposite to them; and found a woman with blonde hair handing from the wall, her eeys widened in surprise as she too whispered out a name "Eva?...she's aliv-" Etro's voice interrupted her strain of thought.

"That is not his mother...it's just a demon created by my brother; Even now he pushes for the creator's power..."


Dante turned around immedeatly in anger but was shot down by three red spears emitting from Mundus' eye..."Dante!" Lightning immedeatly moved to help as she called out to him but phased through him once more. His screams of agony caught her ear as she watched on helplessly as he struggled. Lightning's gaze softened "Dante..."

Mundus' chuckle caught them off guard and then with a piercing beam, fired it at the demon hunter who stood helpless. "Move!" Lightning called out in worry. Her pleas were answered as Trish pushed him out of the way and took on the blast herself. Lightning's eyes widened in shock as she watched the woman took the piercing blast and fell down, she couldn't say if she was dead or unconscious.

"Trish...no.." whispered a now angered Dante.

"Useless scum.." muttered an irritted Mundus "Failure is one thing but taking an odd behaviour like that...what is the matter?..." the ground beneath them shooked. Dante stood unmoving as Mundus prepared to frie another blast.

"It is time to end your pitiful life now."

"Dante...move!" called out a concerned Lightning once more. She knew he could not hear her but it was the least she could do for the moment.

And then she watched as his eyes acquired a deathly glow, red in color; with just a turn of his face he wisked the blast away. Lightning's eyebrows raised in surprise and a small smile played out on her face.

"Come out and show yourself Mundus!" shouted a now angered Dante.

"This is his true form, watch carefully" came Etro's voice once more.

Lightning looked on as the whole temple shook with ferocity, the statue in front of them trembled and fell to the ground shaking, she watched as the pieces of the statue fell to the ground and with one mighty roar. The demon emperor showed himself. Lightning's eyes widened in surprise to see an angel..darkness covered them and she watched as Dante stood motionless. Stars adorned the sky and she knew they were in a realm of their own,

Mundus then looked down glaring at the son of Sparda "Those eyes...deep in them, I see the same light that shone in Sparda's eyes..."

"Why my mother?...my brother?" asked a sorrowful Dante.

"Those useless beings? if you need a mother, I can create as much as you want...your brother? he fell on his own...I just gave him the heart to accept more power.." answered Mundus. "He was pitiful nonetheless..."

"Silence!" shouted an enraged Dante.

Lightning staggered as she heard the rage emitting from Dante's voice and then watched as Mundus flew up into space. She then watched as Dante too; jumped into space and watched as a reddish glow covered him and then in a bright flash of light, he transformed into his demon form as Lightning's eyes widened. immedeatly her memories went back to the statues of Sparda that were present on the world of both Pulse and Cocoon.

She watched a battle was fought of colossal proportions, she held her gaze as lightning and fire rained down from the blackened stary sky. Dante weaved theough space and disrupted the elements and the spells that were blasted at him. As soon as he got to Mundus, Lightning watched as Dante glowed a deathly red and fired off a powerful beam. The beam slowly changed into a dragon and shot down Mundus' barrier. She watched as Dante employed the same tactic two to three times finally breaking through Mundus' shield.

But Mundus was prepared and in a last ditch effort to save himself, fired off meteors from the blackened sky, Lightnign's eyes widened in surprise as Dante was hit and fell to the ground. She stayed calm, she knew that she couldn't intervene, she wtached as Dante then crashed into the ground beneath. Etro slowly guided Lightning to the ground as well and looked on as Dante slowly regained his footing and proceeded to fight Mundus once more. After what seemed to be ages of battling. Mundnus slowly rose from the lava that he was seated on and flew up letting out a death defying roar

"Nooooo! Etro!"

Dante then blinked as he saw a black beam of light erupt into space, he watched as it transformed from a single point of light and then into a full blown wave. Lightning looked on as the stars looked to be bleeding with darkness. Etro's voice rang out once more.

"His last assault before he was sealed away was this...to finally shift the balance of time and space and to kill me as well..."

A flash of bright white light covered the area and then Lightning watched as Dante walked up to the woman known as Trish. She could see tears slipping down his cheek and then let out an audible sigh. She heard him whisper.

"I'm sorry...I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light...rest now" she watched as he placed the sword of Sparda on the ground followed by the two amulets, she recalled the amulets as they were connected. Sparing one last glance; he exited the collapsing temple.

"I will restore her life, she may be able to help you in the future...go on, touch her hand child..."

Lightning walked up to the fallen form of Trish and slowly placed her right hand on her left and spoke to her.. "I don't know who you are, but take care of him...", she watched as a spark came onto Trish's lifeless body. She could see no change as Etro's voice resounded once more "It is done...now turn your attention..."

Lightning staggered back, the environment changed once more and Dante stood infront of her. the castle shook with ferocity and then she heard sounds of screams from behind her and turned to find Mundus attacking Dante.

"What is the matter!?" shouted an enraged Mundus "Here..your powers are weak, human!"

Dante panted hard as he looked on. He knew the scenario before him was not looking good for him. He looked on seemingly without hope "No..." and then Lightning walked towards him and placed a hand on his right cheek. Dante looked on in disbelief as a white silhouette appeared before him


Dante blinked in surprise as he heard the voice. Lighning smiled as she looked to him

"You'll be okay, you can do it..." and then removing her hand, she slowly walked away from him. Dante looked on as the silhouette slowly dissapeared in front of him.

"What? mom...mother?" whispered a shocked Dante.

Lightning just smirked as she heard his words "Not by a long shot..." came her answer and then she watched as a portal opened and Trish somersaulted into the dungeon. She watched on as her electricity eminated from her arms "Dante! use my power!"...he received the extra boost in then drew out both ebony and Ivory and fired a charged shot at Mundus


Mundus let out a roar of pain as he was hit by the attack "Dante! I will return! my plan will suceed, the worlds will fall and the creator will be detsoyed! i will kill your belove-ahhhh!" and then all too seemingly he dissapeared from where he came from. Dante slowly looked to Trish and smirked at her "Thought you were dead?"

"I did too...but I felt someone touch my hand and felt a surge of power..." explained Trish. Lightning heard the conversation and then just as Etro commanded her destroyed the upper roof of the dungeion. Dante and Trish looked on as an aeroplane fell down infront of them. Trish however smirked at Dante "Count your blessings?"

"No...someone else was here" whispered a smiling Dante.

He looked back at Lightning who just stood in shock as to how he was able to see her but he could not, he could just feel a lingering presence

"He cannot see you but he can feel your prescence child...this is the past after all"

Lightning just blasted open a path to the outside of the falling castle and then she watched as Dante and Trish escaped the island on the plane. She let out a sigh of relief as he watched them go.

The scene shifted back to the temple of Etro and Lightning let out a gasp of relief. She knelt down and panted hard as she looked to the throne of the angel Etro.

"I have shown you what you wanted to see...the cause for the timeline being disrupted and my death which is fast approaching...and so I will ask you again, will you be my champion Claire Farron?"

Was it really a choice?...or a chance. Her mind was made up and did not waver in the slightest.

"I accept.."

Her voice echoed throughout the temple and then in a golden yellow flash of light, her clothes burnt into ash and on doing os, her body was covered by a golden flame; she watched as an armor..a silver and gold Valkyrie-like suit of armor with a shield on her right arm. She wore thigh-high armor boots, and over her left leg a long sash made of white feathers, symbolizing her connection with Etro. A new gun blade appeared on her right hand and then she blinked in surprise as she examined the difference...it looked more like a traditional sword than what one would call a gun blade. Etro's voice once more played out in her mind once more.

"The portal to the third world is open once more but only with a limited span of time and area...there are many things to do and time is short.."

"Tell me what you would have me do, divine Etro" came Lightning's request.

"There will be three saviors of Gran Pulse and Cocoon...one a visitor from the future, the other your sister..."

"Serah!? what does she have to-?!" answered a now concerned Lightning.

As far as she was concerned, Lightning didn't want her younger sister anywhere near this matter, her mind grew calm as Etro began to speak once more.

"Calm yourself...no harm will befall her, she will become a warrior greater than yourself, and the final savior will be the grandson of Sparda...his role will be the most important; for without him...the other two shall fail"

"Nero!?" stated a shocked Lightning.

"Correct..I know he is young now but...in another timeline, he has grown into a fine warrior; you need to act with haste for I can only keep the portal open to the third world...do as I bid you...this is my final request..."

"No...I can't, I promised Dante that I would take care of him" answered a regretful Lightning "I can't do that..."

"Forgive me child, but you must or everything falls...what you change in the past can save the future..he will live a hard life but he will learn his true purpose when he meets the son of Sparda once more on Earth..of that be certain...restore his memories when you meet him."

And then a vision flashed before Lightning''s eyes, she watched a nineteen year old Nero walked forward with his devil arm. "You know God? I always wondered why you made my arm like this...and now I know..." Lightning watched as Nero smirked and let out a chuckle

"Who would've thought?"

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