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Chapter 19: Heaven and Hell.

Ruins of Valhalla, -unknown-

"You are but an ignorant fool..."

The majin's distorted voice called out to a bleeding Dante who stood opposite to him. Odin stood right next to the devil hunter as the two of them conversed, keeping to his own thoughts; he glanced back to Dante who held rebellion up in front of himself, pointing towards their mutual enemy. Odin's emerald eyes surveyed the sight before him. His gaze wandering between the majin and his ally at the moment. He kept silent as did the devil arms for they had felt a sick expanse of power from the majin when it had begun to charge itself. Something vile and dark lay at the core of the majin and it had caused them much disturbance and anxiety. They did not know if Dante had felt it or not but one thing that they knew for certain: They needed to end the battle swiftly.


Dante stood in silence as a cold breeze blew throughout the barren landscape of Valhalla; dust and particles of ash slowly rose up and were swept away by the cold breeze; silence protruded between them and in an instant, within a blink of an eye, Dante disappeared. Odin didn't follow the devil hunter rather he chose a different mode of attack, sprinting forward; the eidolon aimed to crash into the majin with Ifrit and Rudra. The majin however stood in silence as he too sprinted met Odin in a clash, the ground beneath them shattered as red eyes met emerald. The eidolon struggled to maintain his grip. His fists were caught by the blades of the majin and the two of them exerted power against each other in a bid to send the other flying. Dante reappeared above the majin and aimed to crash rebellion right down onto the dark being.

"Too predictable..." the majin murmured with a show of immense strength; the majin's grip loosened on Odin's fist and instead moved and caught his wrist. With it's showcase strength, the majin threw Odin into the sky on target to crash straight into Dante.

Dante smirked, and pushed forth his right arm in front of himself; Odin's immense body moved to strike the devil hunter down, his right hand met Odin's shoulder and then he flipped himself over the eidolon's body; as his body turned in the air; his left arm moved to his holster and his open palm grabbed ivory. As soon as his right arm had given him the boost he needed; it too went into his holster and grabbed ebony. Soon, he began spiralling downwards towards the majin. A rain storm of bullets showered upon the majin, the assaulted who in turn dodged to the right in a blue of speed. Dante placed the guns back into his holster and then grabbed rebellion by it's hilt; dropping down onto the cracked ground beneath him, he crouched down to his knees and then bursted forward to his opponent in a similar fashion of speed.

Another clash and sparks flew between the three blades. Rebellion clashed against the majin's twin sword. Orange fiery sparks glittered around the two combatants. Dante's smirk was all that needed to be said to show that he was enjoying the fight he was a part off. His eyes wavered onto the body of the majin and his gaze fell onto a small red jewel that stood embedded into the chest of the majin. It slowly blinked, fluttering with a red light; Dante's blue eyes gazed upwards and met the blood red eyes of the majin in a mocking motion.

"Say..." Dante began, his voice a bit deeper as he poured his strength into maintaining his foothold in the clash. "That's a nice little flash light you got on your chest..." he let the words sink in, and the reaction was calculated as his smirk widened; the red eyes of the majin widened ever so slightly as Dante let the sentence draw out.

"But it's beginning to annoy me, so..." he began, the majin felt a drop in strength and Dante was pushed backwards, losing ground. However, it wasn't due to weariness or due to a lack of strength that Dante had chosen to give up the stalemate. Rather, his left hand pulled out ivory and aimed straight to the red crystal on top of the majin's chest.

"It's gotta go.." he stated.

The majin pulled back his twin blades and positioned it's arms as an 'X' over it's chest; the bullet that Dante had fired was deflected and the majin jumped back creating quite an amount of distance between them. Dante held onto ivory aiming at the majin; slowly he brought it down and placed it at his side. He hoisted Rebellion over his shoulder and looked to the majin in annoyance.

"Hey...if you're going to run away all the time then you can forget about killing me" he mocked, he paced right to left; grinning down at the majin...mocking it.

It's red eyes narrowed ever so slightly and it's left arm slowly moved over to it's chest; it's thoughts a myriad of confusion and a sense of danger. Slowly it's gaze turned upwards and it confronted the devil hunter "How did you know?" it questioned, it's distorted voice was cold and calculataing.

"Wasn't hard..." Dante began, his voice jumping in amusement "considering that thing is blinking like a spotlight every now and then."

"You do not know what will happen if you destroy this..." it stated "the power contained in this is unfathomable..."

"Heh..." the devil hunter scoffed, "Then I guess it's time I find out huh?"


Silence once again reigned between them as the two combatants picked up their stances, Dante's gaze however slowly elevated itself to the blackened sky and his blue eyes searched around. Darting across the sky, his eyes locked itself on Odin who stood floating over the blackened sky. The devil hunter's eyes narrowed as he observed the blackened clouds. Slowly once more, light descended from the sky and a blue portal emerged out of the sky. Odin's gaze slowly turned to the blackened sea below him, Dante followed the eidolon's gaze to the sea and then all too suddenly the ground beneath them shook with intensity. And out from the sea of Valhalla, monsters arose and charged upwards to reach the portal above them. The eidolon stood alone against a mighty army of his own brethren, chaos infused monsters and eidolons ascended onto him and he arose to begin his own battle.

"Huh...was wondering where he went" Dante mused about.

"You have your own battle to worry about.." the majin's cold voice cut through his thoughts and Dante turned his gaze back onto the dark being. With a careless shrug and a nonchalant smirk; Dante brought down Rebellion to his left side; "The more the merrier, but since you're feeling of keeping me all to yourself..." he motioned with another shrug.

"Come on..." he called out, without another second to waste; the majin burst forward in a blur of speed to clash once again with the demon hunter that stood before him.

Skies of Valhalla, -unknown-

Odin floated before the portal; more specifically..the gate that lead to the third world. His emerald eyes stood still in concentration as he awaited for the barrage of assaults that would consume him. With his new found power, he felt that he could and would keep the chaos infused monsters at bay. His emerald eyes slowly gazed downwards to see Dante and the majin fighting once more. Metal met metal in blinding clashes of speed and all Odin could see was a grin plastered on Dante's face and orange fiery sparks dancing around the two of the combatants.

His neck turned slightly and he narrowed his gaze on the sea below him, it shook with intensity and then without a single shred of warning. Creatures bursted from the blackened sea of Valhalla.

"This is unnecessary we need to help him with that creature!" Agni called out, in worry and concern. Odin's gaze turned to his left arm onto the red fiery blade; his gaze softening. Rudra spoke up at the same moment, voicing his own concern and supporting that of his brother's. With a loud beastly voice; Irifit cut off their arguments.

"If he can't survive a duel with that creature, then he is not fit to be called our master" Irifit announced. Both Agnu and Rudra let out an audible gasp of surprise "How can you say such a thing?!"

A cold voice cut through their arguments once again, however this time; it was Cerberus that was the voice of reason between the arguing devil arms "What Irifit said is true; just look at him...he seems to be enjoying himself, why don't we do the same?" he questioned, much to the devil arms surprise "Besides, we are attached to the eidolon and what he says at this moment...goes."

"But-" began Agni.

"Enough! Eidolon decide what you want to do! help the devil hunter or fight off these monstrosities " Ifrit shouted, effectively silencing any more statements from the twin blades of Agni and Rudra. Odin held his gaze on the fiery red blade attached to his left arm. Memories surrounded him of how Lightning had fought off the monsters all on her own, his gaze finally settled onto the monsters approaching him and he nodded his head; his decision made. He looked back to the gate that shone a bright blue light from it. If he could beat down the army of monsters arising forth now, it would be a while before the next cycle would begin and that would give him ample time to lend a helping hand to Dante.

Two cannons arose onto Odin's back once more and he charged forth to the monsters that aimed to reach the gate. With the twin blades of Agni and Rudra; a firestorm erupted onto the sky which cleanly destroyed and wiped the monsters encircling him. A barrage of slashes were executed by the eidolon as he took down each and every single opponent before him. As he busied himself with executions; another wave of monsters moved to attack him from his blindside. Pandora's cannons instantly rotated from the front to the back on his shoulders and fired off a seering beam of energy that eradicated the monsters behind Odin.

The eidolon burned off another wave of enemies before him with Agni and then raising his right arm to the sky; he cast thundara. Burning strikes of lightning crashed onto the chaos infused eidolons before him sending them plummeting down to the sea below him. With the gauntlets of Ifrit, he fired off a barrage of flaming projectiles burning the monsters before him to a crisp. His gaze lingered on the ashes of his fallen brethren for a moment and yet again; he began an endless assault against the chaos infused army.

Ruins of Valhalla, -unknown-

"You're slowing down..." Dante scoffed, his voice dancing in mirth "What's the matter? looks like I'm too much for you to handle..." standing up to his full height, Dante placed rebellion over his right shoulder once more "How 'bout you give up? it'll save me some time too."

"Impossible..." the majin murmured, answering Dante's question "The very idea of giving up when our plans are so close to fruition is absurd." the four pale black wings of the majin spread out, narrowing his eyes; Dante observed his opponent. The majin slowly brought the blood red swords it wielded and made a cross on it's chest. The red crystal that Dante had targeted slowly blinked and then momentarily flashed with a bright red light covering the very plains of Valhalla. Dante shielded his eyes from the bright flash of light. Moments passed and Dante opened his eyes, surprise etched itself onto his face.

"When I said I wouldn't hold back..." the majin began; now bringing up a single black blade; he etched it into the ground below them causing the land to shake with ferocity. It's blood red eyes flashed dangerously as he glared down at Dante. "I wasn't lying."

Dante's gaze slowly fell onto the black blade that the majin now wielded in his right hand; gone were the twin swords that were embedded into his black armor; in it's place stood a gigantic blade and Dante immediately identified it. It was the same blade that the man, Caius Ballad had wielded. Shrugging his shoulders, Dante began to speak.

"So you got a new sword..." Dante stated, eyeing the black blade "Big deal..."

"Just like how the sword you carry awakened your latent power; this does the same to mine..." The majin stated, Dante's eyes immediately widened and he pulled his face and his whole body back to avoid a lethal slash to his face; somersaulting away and gaining some distance from the majin. He skidded to a halt and gazed upwards to see the majin walking up to him, it's black blade carving up the ground beneath them.

"That was a close one..." Dante thought, his eyes lay only on the majin and it's form of attack. Gone was his cockly attitude rather an air of seriousness surrounded him as he dodged another barrage of slashes from the majin. The dark being's power had increased; his speed was mesmerizing and Dante knew that him fighting at this level would only put him at a disadvantage. Carefully he dodged the majin's strikes and deflected his blows although nearly. The force from the majin's blows sent him skidding away a few meters and he stopped.

"Guess you weren't all talk after all.." Dante ushered out.

"Where are you looking?"

The majin's voice whispered itself into his ear and Dante immedeatly moved to cut down his opponent that lay behind him. He did, only to falter and find that the majin did not lie before him rather it layed behind him once more. Feeling a cold gaze on him, Dante turned around once more to strike his opponent down. Time slowed down and as Dante brought down rebellion to cut the majin in half. A kick earned it's way onto Dante's gut and the hilt of the black blade of the majin met his face sending him flying away into a wall.

Dante's back hit the wall and he let out a grunt of pain; before he could even numb the pain in his body; he tilted his head to the right to avoid a stab to his face. A small cut appeared on his left cheek and blood slowly oozed out of the cut. Briniging up his two legs; Dante pushed back the majin and flipped himself into the air, as he remained in mid-air; the majin re-appeared before him in a bluring display of speed and stabbed the devil hunter's gut."Gahhh!" Dante coughed out blood but what surprised him was the fact of the pain eating away at his body . He hadn't felt seering pain like what he was experiencing at the moment and he moved to get himself away from it. But before he could dislodge himself from the blade. The majin did it for him; with a punch; Dante was sent down to the ground.

Coughing up another round of blood, he flipped himself onto the ground below him and skidded to a halt; crouching down, he held rebellion at his side. Panting, slowly his gaze turned upwards; blood remained on his lips and his chin dripping down onto the ground below. His left hand moved to his gut as he examined it. His blue eyes widened to see that his wound was not yet healed and a gaping hole lay on his gut. Gazing upwards, he watched as the majin descended before him.

"Give up.." it stated.

The statement only caused a smirk to light up on Dante's face as he looked up "Heh...and miss all the fun?..." slowly he stood up to his full height, wobbling and looked to the majin "Sorry, I'm not going a-anywhere..."

"Fool..." the majin began, it's cold voice echoing through his ears "You already feel it, can't you? your wound isn't closing. This is the power of Etro's heart. Add to the fact that I have the blood of Sparda flowing through me and the power of the guardian...you can't save Etro.."

"M-man, you're really starting to tick me off; l-like I told you before...I'm not here to save Etro or whatever the hell her name is..." Dante blurted out, "I'm too busy enjoying this little dance of ours; so shut up and fight."

Skies of Valhalla, -unknown-

Odin's barrage of assaults had cut down most of the chaos infused army; with another slash, he killed the last of the monsters that threatened to erupt from the sea, his valiant efforts were paid off and he watched as Etro's gate to the third world slowly close on itself. His gaze lay on the portal as it soon closed itself and then the clash of metal caught his auditory senses. Emerald eyes darted forth to the ground below him to a sudden cry of pain.

A pang of surprise struck the Eidolon as his gaze turned downwards, Dante was hunched up against a black wall; rebellion was stil in his grip, using it as support; Odin watched as Dante struggled to get up; all while bleeding furiously. Without another second to waste, he bursted forward with speed to reach the injured devil hunter.

Ruins of Valhalla, -unknown-

Dante coughed up blood and grinned as the majin slowly but surely walked forward to finally strike him down; little did the majin know however that Dante had one last trick up his sleeve. his musings were cut short as the majin slowly walked forward; step by step with Caius' blade ready to finally end their long awaited battle.

"Prepare to meet your end.." it ushered out in a cold voice.

"Heh..." Dante let out a chuckle and looked to the majin; his face bloodied "D-don't count me out just yet, pal..."

The majin stopped as soon as the words left Dante's mouth; curiosity etched itself onto the dark being's voice "W-what?.."

Odin crahsed into the majin, taking him and the eidolon through a brick wall, Dante panted and looked back slowly to the gaping hole that lay to the right. His left eyelid closed on itself and he collapsed onto his backside, against the wall. He could hear sounds of fire and metal clashing against each other, He could feel the intensity of the battle being waged behind him. Several buildings collapsed onto the ground; dust and ash mirred the barren landscape of Valhalla. Slowly his gazze turned down to the gaping hole in his gut.

"J-just...what the hel-l did that g-guy stab me with?" he thought out in curiosity and pain.

The wound had not closed on itself and Dante had to wonder what exactly was the weapon that the majin had wielded. Slowly he motioned himself to stand up only to falter as in the next instant; Rebellion's edge planted itself on the ground. "Damn it..." he muttered out in agony.. "W-why isn't it h-healing?!.". His musings were interrupted however as a figure broke through the wall behind him and crashed into an adjacent pile of rubble.

Dante's gaze widened in surprise as he slowly looked to the broken wall to see the majin emerging itself from the dust and the ash of the broken down building. A short spark of electricity danced around in the majin's left arm and the devil hunter's blue eyes narrowed to find one of Odin's legs held by the majin. He glanced over to see the eidolon to struggling to get up, it's left leg was torn away by the majin.

"I told you...you devil arms and eidolons are nothing but tools" it murmurmed. It glanced over to Dante and threw Odin's left leg behind itself. "Enough...I will destroy Etro's temple and you along with it; your power isn't required." and slowly Dante watched as the majin swung Caius' sword into the air. Both Odin and Dante grew weary as two pink circles emerged beneath them.

"Whispers of the raging comet come forth.."

A red beam of light shone forth into the blackened sky of Valhalla as Odin and Dante looked on and in the next instant; Odin's emerald eyes shone in surprise as two meteors descended upon them from the blackened sky of Valhalla. The majin then slowly gazed downwards to Dante "This is your end..." it stated and in the next moment disappeared from the gazes of both Odin and the devil hunter.

Dante's eyes lingered on the two meteors that threatened to encompass the whole of Valhalla; and he stood in awe. Slowly he stood to his feet and grabbed Rebellion. A small smirk plastered itself on his face. "Let's hope this works..." he murmured His eyes however widened as the two enormous pieces of rocks threatened to crash first right into Etro's temple.

"Shit...Claire's in there!" he thought out in concern and then immediately with new found strength leaped onto the buildings before him.

Odin watched as Dante leaped from building to building, slowly standing up; his gaze went back to the meteors that threatened to engulf the whole of Valhalla. However, his attention lied elsewhere and with his lone right leg. he turned around to see the majin a few metres behind him.

"Shall we end your pitiful existence eidolon?...Dante will not be able to stop the meteors." it stated in a cold smug voice. Odin's emerald gaze slowly fell onto the majin and he picked up a battle stance, even on one leg; Odin readied himself to fight entrusting Dante to protect his master and Valhalla from imminent destruction.

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