He had a son.

Dr. Facilier had a son, flesh and bone, and he even had the same dimples as the little man. The eyes were his mother's, but everything else was Facilier, Facilier, Facilier.

Warren sat there, crying, and eventually opened his suitcase and pulled out a ratty old thing that Facilier could only assume was a blanket, which the child promptly burrowed into, sucking his thumb. The brilliant blue matched the child's eyes, as well as his mother's.

The cold heart in Facilier's chest would have been breaking for the child, had he been able to grasp the concept of what had just happened to him. His time with Henrietta was so long ago that all he could remember was the warmth of her porcelain skin, and the way she dominated him, which he of course loved. They had only spent one night together, though they spent many days before that in each other's company. How they met had been lost in Facilier's memories long ago, but that didn't matter. The night they'd spent together was absolutely perfect, but he'd left in the morning before she'd had the chance to wake.

The reason no longer mattered.

He had a son.

She had become pregnant and given birth to a son…his son.

The room began to spin and Facilier had to sit down on his favorite old chest, which he used mostly for storage. Inside of it were his finest healing herbs and spices, complete with the spells they required to work. If only he could use something in there to heal the child's broken heart.

After about five minutes of silent thinking on his part, and silent sobbing on Warren's part, the child had fallen asleep. There was no point in denying it at this point. He had a son, and now it was his responsibility to take care of the tiny thing. Enchanted dust in hand (even after a couple decades in the business, he couldn't think of a better name for it) he walked over to his designated "guest" room, closed his eyes, and blew into his hand to spread the dust across the room. After giving it a moment to settle, he opened his eyes and looked around.

The room now contained a small bed that was low to the ground, several children's toys, a small bookshelf lined with simple books, a desk and chair, blank paper and crayons, and a modestly beautiful rocking chair, all in an earth tone color palette. Something was missing, though. Facilier snapped his fingers, and Warren floated through the air onto the bed, still asleep and snuggling his blanket.

Something was still missing, however. The suitcase and it's contents still lay in the front of the parlor, so Facilier walked over to it and took his time placing its contents around the room. The few sets of clothing that were there were placed in the drawers of the mahogany desk. Two sippy cups, used to fill the empty space on the bookshelf. Several diapers, also placed on the bookshelf. Several well-worn books. Odds and ends that were placed here and there, and finally, a letter addressed to "Warren, on his 18th birthday." The envelope was written in Henrietta's hand.

Curiosity got the better of him. Opening the envelope, purple light filled the room, and Facilier had to cover his eyes. Once the light faded, an image of Henrietta was before him, looking smug as ever.

"Facilier," she said laughing. "I knew you'd open this before Warren turned 18. Don't forget, June 15th is his birthday. I figured you wouldn't wait, so this is actually addressed to you. Warren's letter is in his favorite book, which he'll point out to you at some point later. There's one for him now, and one for him when he's 18. They'll each only play once, so please don't let him open the 18 one until he is actually 18. This message to you will only play once as well, so listen up. Warren Andrew Facilier. I gave him your last name because I knew you'd eventually come into his life, even if by force. He's grown up with no father figure in his life, so it's going to be complicated at first." Her expression softened, and a gentle smile spread across her face. "He's a wonderful boy, that Warren. I love him with all my heart…it's killing me to give him up, but it's best for him right now. I can't explain my reasoning to you, so please just trust me. It's for the best. He's very shy, and incredibly bright. He began reading before he was three. He can identify notes on a piano, and even play simple songs by ear. He draws very well and very accurately, for a toddler. There's a bit of magic in him, and a bit of voodoo. Light and dark, just like us, but we'll probably never figure out who's which. It doesn't matter. You're taking care of our son now." Tears filled her eyes as she paused for a beat.

"Treat him right, Facilier. Love him as much as I loved you and you loved me, way back when. I don't know why you left so quickly, but maybe it was for the best. As for taking care of him, all you need to know is that he's out of diapers but still has the occasional accident, he can almost drink from a normal glass without making a mess, and he hates peas. And broccoli and spinach, and I think pork, but sometimes he decides that he actually likes pork, and then that's all he'll eat for a week.

"He's a wonderful boy. He really is. He's got a wonderful personality that you'll uncover on day 1. Please just be a good father. I know you have it in you." She smiled and winked at him coyly. "Of course, I'll be checking in once in a while. Don't be surprised when i do."

And with that, she vanished from his life once again.