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"You are so beautiful," he said as he ran his hand down my face.

I blushed as I leaned into him. Anthony was the most handsome man I had ever met. We had met earlier that day and he asked me out. There was no way I was saying no to the hottest man in the world. I knew it was risky, and I knew I didn't know him, but something inside me told me to go for it. I reached up to his face and we pressed our lips to each other's. That one kiss struck something inside of the both of us, and we were all over each other soon after. Neither one of us could get enough. He was kissing me like he was never going to see me again. He did tell me earlier in the day that he lived each day as if he was never going to see another. I liked that about him. I liked that he did what he wanted because there was no certainty in life. I felt like I was meant to meet him.

I loved the way his hands and lips felt on me. It set my body on fire. We didn't even make it past the kitchen before we were naked and he was inside me. I gasped in surprise at the thrust; he was so much bigger than I had ever had. He was fucking me, and it was like nothing I had ever done before. I now knew that fucking was a very good thing and I wanted more.

"You on the pill?"

"Yes," I moaned as he bit my neck. I exploded around him. Once we came down from our high, we found ourselves in my bedroom for round two. It wasn't as fast paced as the first time, but he was still rough.

Once we were done, we laid there spent in each other's arms. I was tracing the tattoo he had on his arm as he played with my hair. I knew I wanted this man again and again. We started to talk which made me smile, because no man I had ever been with struck up a conversation after sex.

"Tell me something no one knows about you," I said as he chuckled.

"I have a daughter," he said as I giggled. "What? Do you think I'm not daddy material?"

"No, not at all. I just don't believe that no one knows," I said as he sighed.

"Okay, there is only one other person who knows, and that is my sister," he said.

"Why doesn't anyone know?"

"Because I don't want them to," he said simply.

"What about her mother?"

"She was killed in a drive-by shooting. When I found out she was dead, I went crazy trying to find my little girl. She was six months old at the time. Ang was an addict, and she had left our baby at her apartment alone. I didn't find out until the next morning that she was dead. I was one lucky son of a bitch to have a baby that slept all night. I busted in to her place just as Ashlynn was waking up," he said as I shook my head to clear such an awful thought away. I didn't know how someone could do that to their baby.

"How old is Ashlynn?"


"I'm sure she is the prettiest girl in the world," I said. He spoke with such pride that I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't like kids. I didn't know how to talk to them or how to deal them when they cried. I just wasn't a child friendly person.

"She is the light of my life," he said as I awed.

The night went on like that. We shared little secrets; we kissed, and fucked a couple more times. We fell asleep in each other's arms, but when morning came, I woke up alone. I was a little pissed that all he left was a note. It said he would see me soon and that I was the most amazing woman he had ever met. I really didn't know how to feel.

After the shock wore off, I figured I had my first one night stand and I quickly called Alice back in Forks. I told her all about it and that I would be seeing her in two weeks. I couldn't wait to get back home. I had been in Chicago for four years, and I was ready to head home. I always said that I would never go back, but I was finally ready. I had a job all lined up and everything. I had majored in biology and was going to be teaching at the Port A High School. I looked into Forks High, but Port A paid more, and I just wanted to be home. Alice, who I had grown up with, married right after graduation, and she and her husband were trying to have a baby. They were having a hard time conceiving, so I knew that once they had a baby, he or she would be the most spoiled child ever.

A week before I was leaving, a string of bank robberies occurred. The news said the thieves got away with a total of five million dollars. The police said they knew who the robbers were, but unfortunately it took them four days after the last robbery to figure it out. The whole city was in an uproar. In all honesty, after the first four robberies, you would have thought they would have known. I was ready to go back to the smaller town. I wasn't a city girl, after all.

Two days before I left, there was a knock at my door which threw me for a loop. No one I knew ever just showed up. When I opened the door, my jaw dropped.

"Anthony, what are you doing here?" I asked, seeing his sleeping daughter in his arms.

"I need you to keep Lynny, please. If anyone asks, just tell them you're watching your boyfriend's kid. I have all the paperwork you will need. Please, I need you to help me," he begged. He didn't even give me time to answer before he thrust his kid into my arms. I took the sleeping kid with confusion. "I put enough money in your account to take care of both of you. It should last until I get back."

"How long are you going to be gone?" I asked as he ran from my door to his car, giving me everything but a bed for this little girl. "You need to answer my questions!"

"I can't explain. Tell me your social…"

"Fuck you!"

"Tell me so I can find you," he said, staring into my eyes.

"How long are you going to be gone?"

"I don't know, a few years…"

"A few years!?"

"I'm sorry! Please? I trust you."

"What about your sister?"

"She's going away, too. Tell me your social," he said again before I finally gave in and gave it to him. "I'll find you as soon as I can. She thinks I'm going to school and I'll be back as soon as I can. Tell her I love her every day. Please don't let her forget me. Please, Baby?" he asked as he cupped my cheek.

"You are scaring me. What are you running from?"

"I'm not running, that's why I need you. Bella, I need you to take her. You're the only one who knows of her," he said as his eyes filled with tears. "I told her you were her mom. Make up any story you want. I don't care as long as she is safe."


"Say yes, please Baby? I'll find you as soon as I can." All I did was nod as my tears fell. He kissed Ashlynn on the head and confessed his love to her. "Don't let her forget me," he said as he kissed me soundly. He kissed me like I was never going to see him again. "When I find you, we will be together." That was the last thing he said to me as he ran from my door.

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