" …whoever have the Mermaid's heart will have their wish come true…."

Once there are a beautiful kingdom near the beach at the east, the Royal family are well-know for their personality and talents: the King and the Prince are gifted about Go: one of the most powerful games ever, the Queen is lovely and polite to everyone . The kingdom is exciting for the coming-Go content that held every year to looking for the best of players. And this year the are more reasons for everyone to look for it : their King has just had a terrible heart attack and the Prince almost died when he go to the Land of Mermaids to find the medicine for his father. Everyone is hope to see their beloved King and Prince strong and healthy

" Hikaru , you shouldn't go around without me like that, you can get lost, you know?" come from the long hair handsome man

"Sai, look at this, ohh…there are so many things that I never see before" the adorable young girl say to her teacher

" Of course you didn't see it before….'Cause this is the first time you walk in land of humans, my dear princess" Sai say and smile with Hikaru " …but if we don't hurry up, we can miss the Go competition and you may won't get back your necklace, which is the main reason why we here"

" Ok ,ok Sai… You know, sometimes I really hate when you are right…."

" You don't seem to happy when I wrong neither…"

"Akira, how do you feel ? Do it hurt anymore?" The beautiful young Queen ask her only son

"I am fine, Mother . I am just thinking about something else" the dark haired young boy say politely

" That "something" is bothered you a lot. My son.." the King say " it's been showed in your Go. Why don't you tell us about that " something"? "

"Yes… Father… The land of the Mermaids is called The lands of Death for humans like us because there is nobody alive to get out of it and I believe there is someone saved me when the royal ship sin ked…. Some girl, may be" with the blush, our young Prince admit " I don't remember a lot but when I wake up in our land, there is something else beside the magical medicine for Father… a necklace…I want to find its owner to thank …for saved me and gave me the Mermaid's medicine…I think that maybe its owner is a…"

" Mermaid… you believe that you be saved by the mermaid and that same mermaid give you their medicine to save me… am I right , son?" the King ask with deep tone of voice

" Yes, Father. I know that mermaids and humans aren't friends but if they saved my life, then it's my responsibility to thank them" The Prince answer with the respect

" You're right, Akira. If it's the truth, then we have to thank them . Now, I think you should go to begin the Go content, we do need to end all the rumors go around the kingdoms lately" say the Queen with the smile

" Yes, mother" and with it, the Prince leave the room

" There are something more than just to thank the mystery mermaid ,am I right?" The Queen turn to her husband and ask with the playful light in her eyes

" You are right, may be it's time for our son to discovery one of the most powerful emotions , but I never thought his partner will be a mermaid…" the King answer when look deep in his wife's eyes with the worry look

" If that's true then our son will be alright, he is your son ,remember my charming "Thief" ?" With the soft laugh , the Queen blink her beautiful black eyes

" And he is your son too, my Cinderella" with the kiss , the King smile in return

Akira look at the necklace on his hands . It's a lovely necklace with a small ,tiny kifu inside and somehow it make him confused ." Who are you?" he ask himself . He has finished the opening of the content , seem like this year there are more people than last year, but it's been predicted. People from other kingdom come here to see with their own eyes that the King and the Prince still alive . He return to his room, still hold the necklace tightly . Tomorrow is the first day of the content, and he has to well-prepared for it. In his dream that night, there are memories about the beautiful blue eyes belong to the sea outside the castle.

In the night sky, the moon is leaving its beautiful light though the land and one shooting star is crossing the sky, silently announcing about the change of two different worlds

In the small room, there are two persons playing Go in silent, the only sound is the sound of the Go stones . The young beautiful man stop play and look up to the girl

" Something isn't right with you, Hikaru. Why don't you tell me what is bothering you that much?"

" No, it's nothing …really Sai. I sorry that make you worry …"Hikaru answer ,avoid to look at her teacher's eyes, she know, he can read everything though her eyes

" You can trust me, Hikaru"

"I know, Sai.. promise that you won't yell at me , ok?"Sai nod his head to answer and Hikaru continue " …the human boy I saved, the one I believe that keep my necklace.. I saw him today"

" Is he one of the players?"

"Yes, you can say that… he is the Prince that we all saw this morning"

With the shocking eyes, Sai ask loudly:

" You are telling me that of all the people you can saved, you choice to save the Prince of this country?"

" Be quiet, Sai. We can't let anyone hear it, remember?" look at the door, Hikaru say

" I glad that you still remember we can't let anyone know we aren't human . don't worry , I have done some magic on the room, it's safe . We change the plan :I'll go and get your necklace and we come back to the Land of Mermaids immediately" Sai say with the darkest eyes that Hikaru ever see

" But.. why? Don't you want to play Go in the content?" The young girl ask, confusing look at Sai

" Go is my passion, yes I love to play but there are nothing more important than my young princess, nothing important than your safety" Sai sit next to Hikaru and slowly show her the scar in his arm " I got it in the war we had with the humans long time ago, before you ever born. There are many beliefs in the human's world, one of this is " whoever has the heart of Mermaid will get their wish-come-true". Because of that, our father have to delete all of the memories of humans whoever get close to our kingdom, Land of the Mermaids, and change the way they look for our safety. The Human believe that our land is Land of Death because of that"

"But.. I want to play with him, just once please Sai" Hikaru said to her protector

" Why? May I ask?"

" Because… he is different, I have a strong feeling about him… I want to find out what is it"Hikaru answer, with the confusing look in her eyes

" Ok. We'll play in the content with one condition: you have to stay close to me, let me know if anything is happened,ok?" ."Sometime I really hate myself when I can't stand of your puppy eyes" he think

" Yes, I'll .Thank you Sai"

" Keep this earrings, they'll help you to talk with me wherever and whenever you are. Now get to bed, it's late now" Sai told his sister and give her two earrings which look just like the tiny white Go stones

In the silent night at the beach, none see there is one man walk down to the water and tell to the small fish his message: " Tell our King and Queen that the Witch's words may finally come true" .After make sure the fish safely swim away, he look up to the sky to see the large moon and whisper to himself: " I won't let anyone hurt my beloved student, ever if I have to fight with the Fate"

The first day of the Go content is always is the exciting day, all the players fight for their own games to get the change to play with the King and his son. There are so many people in the castle but everyone's eyes keep looking at only two persons : the mature young man and his even younger sister not only because of their powerful play style but also because their beauty. The man with the long purple hair, a charming face and polite smile that make all the girl's heart smelt while the girl with the black long soft curly hair and some yellow highlight which make her hair seem like shining and bluest eyes that any mortal eyes has ever seen. Their power of Go make all the players wonder "who are they?" and "why don't we ever hear about them?". When the first day end, there are only few players can continue to the second day and of course it's included Hikaru and Sai

"Your highness, there is list of the players who go to the second day of content" A young good looking man said while give a paper to his prince

" Thank you, Isumi" Akira answer and take a look in the paper. " We have to limit the players because there are a lot of players compare to last year, twenty persons? That's not very bad at all. You have done a great job"

" Your welcome, your majesty . I can see you still keep that necklace, do you believe that you will find its owner?" Isumi ask, look at the necklace in the prince's neck

" I don't know, Isumi. But if I don't try, then I will never know . Failed when you try still sound better than give up in the beginning, right?" look at the mystery necklace, Akira answer

"You are right, after all, you are the only person alive to leave the Land of the Mermaids. Do you remember anything about that?"

Silently. There is no answer and the only sound is wind blows the papers in the desk. The young prince lost in his memories : the sunny day and the unwarned storm, the dark blue water all around him and the lights slowly disappear… there is the voice somewhere in the middle of all that chaos, and the hands hold him tightly….. there are the beautiful blue eyes look at him ,the hair which look just like ocean's waves…and the hands touch his face…Somehow, Akira feel the lightly warm at his cheek when he remember about that day.

"I am not sure,Isumi. Can you leave me alone for a while?" He ask

" Yes, your highness"Isumi slowly walk out of the room

" Not that fast, Hunter!" come the red hair young girl while she hold Isumi's hands right after he leave the room and push him to the wall

" Ahhh…Hello Red riding hood ….or should I call you Waya?" being surprised but Isumi still teasing the young girl in front of him. With the quick move, he take back his hands and hold tightly the girl's waist while ask with the playful voice " I see your name in the player's list. Congratulation!"

" I come here to take back my pet! Give me back my wolf and you will still alive for tomorrow's competition!" Waya said with the warning look " And take your hand out of my waist!"

" You always look pretty when you angry, it remain me the first time we met" quickly kiss on the girl's forehead, Isumi answer " I can't wait to see you again after that day"

Blushing lightly but still keep the angry look, Waya said:

" If that's reason you keep my pet, then now you see me. Can you return my wolf NOW?"

" Only if you win me in Go" Isumi challenging "and for your information, I am Isumi, not Hunter!"

" You are on it, stupid Isumi"

" Sai, don't you hungry ? I get you some soup here" Hikaru ask the young man in front of her

" Thank you , Hikaru" Take the bowl of soup , Sai smile with her " I am thinking about your necklace. It's magical one, anyone keep it will still remember things happened in our land. But today there is none talk about our kingdom, that means the Prince didn't remember anything or he didn't say anything. It's also means our kingdom still safe for now, I guess, but we have to take that necklace back fast"

" Sai. Don't worry, everything will be fine. Do you enjoy the competition?"

" Yes, you can say that. There are some good players. I hope you don't mind that everyone think we are brother-sister. What about you?"Sai ask while eating his own soup

"Nahh, I don't mind that. After all, you always treat me like a little sister. I played with the girl named Waya. She is really good, and we get along well after the game" Hikaru answer , playful blink with her brother

" I glad that you have friends, but you have to remember, we aren't here for fun"

" I know, Sai. Tomorrow we will play with the King and his son , it's quiet quickly, don't you think?"

" Not surprise me a lot, the humans are good at Go, but we are not bad at all. May be because two of them still aren't covered fully after all of that chaos so they need to end the content quickly. Twenty go down to two in one day still believable than hundreds go down to twenty in the first day. And remember, we have to take back your necklace"

Finally, the waiting day has come, Akira look at himself in the mirror and whisper to the necklace he hold in the hands

" I know you are the player, if destiny want us to met, then it's today"

He look out of the window to see the sun is raising from the east. The tiny kifu in the necklace light up a little, quickly as the fated shooting star in the sky…

The final games of the content have been held between Akira and Hikaru, Sai and Kouyo in the royal ship. The two games itself are one of the most beautiful, powerful games that the Go word has ever seen. Every moves have shown for itself the power and the passion that their owner has. The whole ship fall in silent , every eyes keep looking at the Go board to see the black and white Go stones playing the chaos of Go. All of them know for sure, this games will be talked about not only in the next few years but also in the millions years after and the joy ness to be one of the witnesses of this games has spared to everyone. In the end of the game, four players have known that they found their rival.

More silent fall in the air and Akira is the one break it first:

" Your name is Hikaru, am I right?"

Nodded her head slowly, the girl look deep in his eyes and suddenly, Akira go all the way back to the fated day when he see her blue eyes. With the shaking hands, he hold the necklace and put it on the Go board:

" It is yours, right?"

" Yes… it is. Can I get it back?" not breaking the eyes contact, Hikaru ask

" Of course, here you are" he give the necklace to the girl " Thank you, for saved me"

Widen eyes with shock, Hikaru ask: " You still remember? Then why did you…."

" We will talk in tonight party . I'll see you then, now, please excuse me" quickly, Akira leave the ship and head to the castle . "It's her, she is the one who saved me, and her power of Go is unbelievable . If that's true, then she have to be a mermaid, but mermaids is dangerous then why does she saved me ? And her eyes…wait a sec, am I blushing? Grrr…. what is wrong with me now? I need to talk with Mother, she will know what wrong with me"

"It's a beautiful game, Fujuwara no Sai. You are the rival that I wait all my life" slowly but firmly, the King said to the young man in font of him " The power you have in the game is can't belong to the any human who young as you, and I can't wait to our next game"

Sai look up to meet the King's eyes, " so he know that I am not human, what the sharp man you are" he think, and polite said in return

" You are the one of the best players I ever play, yes, I can't wait to our next game neither but I affair I and Hikaru can't stay here any longer . Please excuse us for it"

" I understand, Sai" The King said with sadness in his eyes " You two are not belong to this lands, but can you stay until the party tonight? We can play one more game."

" I'll see what I can do, your majesty. Now, please excuse me" Sai quickly leave the ship. With the shaking hands , he think: " Destiny is always unexpected, who could ever though my long-waited-rival is human?"

The party has come and gone but none see Hikaru or Sai , they are just simple disappear after the game. Everyone looking forward to seeing two mystery players are disappointed. Later at night, in the King and Queen bed room, the young Prince come to talk to his parents:

" Father, Mother, I found it when I walk in their room to find them" He show a small paper to them. It's writen: " Please accept my apologize for leaving without telling you. I and Hikaru can't stay here any longer, we thank you all for everything . Sai"

"I wonder what make them leave that quick?" said the Queen

"Do you return the necklace to its owner, Akira?" the King turn to his son and ask

"Yes, I do. Father, its owner is Hikaru" Akira politely answer the question

"And she is the one that saved my life too...she is a mermaid" he whisper to himself when walking back to his room, look down to the white earrings he found in the room with the note : "forget me not" ….

" Sai, I don't understand. Why do we have to leave immediately?" ask the young mermaid while she swim faster, try to catch up with her teacher

" Because my magic is not strong enough for us to stay any longer . I am sorry , Hikaru. I know you are looking forward to playing with Akira again" Slow down for a little girl to catch up, Sai said , avoid to look in Hikaru's eyes

" Are you alright now? Do you sick ?" Hikaru ask

" I am fine now, no need to worry Hikaru. You get your necklace back , right?"

" Yeah, here it is" pointed to the necklace in her neck, she smile and blink her eyes playfully

" What do you say about the race? I bet I can get back to the our land before you!" Sai said to the cheerful girl

" You are on it" with that, Hikaru swim quickly

"I am sorry Hikaru, I can't let anyone hurt you, not ever Fate" Sai think

" Hikaruuuuu, that's cheating!" he yell at the mermaid who are already gone far away

" Whoever get the mermaid's heart will get their wish come true…" the ancient belief which cause so many wars between humans and mermaids . The humans say mermaids are creation of the crushing,they have hunted mermaids for the promising wish exchange by heart… while the mermaids say humans are evil, they are not only poison the oceans but also kill a lot of livings in the sea and in their own lands for their selfish. The wars have exited for ages but none know there is the continuing of the old words " ….but whoever return the mermaid's heart will get their destiny come true…"

" Mother, can I ask you something?" Akira said, look confusing in the beautiful young Queen in fort of him

" Of course, what do you want to ask?" put down the book in her hands, Akiko look at her son, wonder what can make him that uncomfortably

" I can't forget about the girl named Hikaru, I don't know why but I have a strong feeling about her, which I don't have before…I…"

" You fall in love with her" the deep voice come from behind Akira, when he turn around, his father is standing in front of him

" It's impossible. We only met once and did nothing more than a game, how can I fall in love with her?" blushing lightly but Akira still denying

" My dear son, love is unpredicted. I never thought I'll love your father in the first time we met too but look at us now" the Queen smile and put her hand on Akira's shower

" Go is show the player's soul, all you need to fall in love is being touched by the other's soul for once. I believed that reason why you left the ship that quickly after your game. Your soul has been touched by her and so does your Go… it's make you confused, right?" ask by the King while he look deep in his son's eyes " I know this day will come, but I never expect it to come this quick" he think

" But she is mermaid, how can I come to their kingdom? It must be the thousands meter deep in the ocean" Akira said , his mind go wild when he remember Hikaru's face " It's impossible … I will never see her again.." and he feel like someone crushed his heart with that thoughts

" Your majesty, I believe you called for me ?" ask the white hair man when he walk though the door, beside him is the lovely lady

" Ogata Seji, thank you for coming that quickly. I believe that our son need some of your magic" with the warm smile, the Queen welcome their new guesses

"I don't know what I can do, I am no longer cursed ,you know" Ogata answer politely

Still fall deep in his own thoughts, Akira has no know about what is happen around him. The King wake him up with the tightly hands on his shoulder , look at him and turn to the guesses :

" Let's me introduce, there is our son, Akira Touya. Akira , meet Ogata Seji and his wife , Sakura"

"B.. Be…Beauty and the Beast?" not believe in his own ears, Akira said

The lovely Sakura smile softly and said:

" It's a long time I hasn't hear anyone called us by that names. Yes, young man, they called us Beauty and the Beast but we prefer to called by our real names"

" May I ask what are you doing here?" confusing Akira asking

" I have noticed your changes in Go lately, and I called them back to the kingdom to help you" The King said calmly

" Our son has fall in love with a mermaid and we think you know how to get to the Land of the Mermaids" he turn to Ogata

" …Fall in love with a mermaid? Interesting…It's my responsibility to help, your highness, after all, you are the one who saved my wife's life. It's my turn to help you.." carefully, the once-upon-a-time-beast take out the small , blue bottle and give it to the Prince " It'll help you to become a mermaids in one day only, that is all I can do to help you, go and find your love, young Prince" he smile with Akira

Holding the bottle tightly like his life despite on it, Akira looking at his parents :

" Then how can I found her? The oceans are too huge and large to find one little mermaids like her…how can I know for sure she is the right one? What if I was wrong? …"

" You'll never know if you don't give your heart a chance. Even if she isn't the right one, it doesn't matter anymore because you know in this moment, in the present, you love her. That's enough , my son" The Queen said to her only son , hold his shoulders closely and tightly

" Please forgive me for interrupting you, your majesty, but I think Waya can help" Isumi said, after standing near the royal family and listening all

"Who is Waya?" ask by the Prince

" She is my…errr, she can talk to animals, may be she can help us. I'll go and find her" Isumi said after see the King nodded his head

"We'll wait for you in the ship" the Queen said softly to Isumi

"What's wrong , Hikaru?" Sai ask when look at his sister

"It's just…Sai, why do we have to stay away from the human? Why can we live with them in peace?" The young mermaid ask , look down to the Go board in font of her

" It's because the human Prince we met one month ago, right?" placing a stone to the board, Sai ask carefully

Knowing she can't hide anything from him, Hikaru said honestly:

" Yes, it's. I can't forget about him, about the game we had … he …is different… I think"

" Do you have any special feeling for him?" something tangled up in his heart, Sai ask. " I hoped that it's not you, any other mermaids but not my sister" he think in silent " Is it true that in the end, I can't win the Fated?"

" I think so… but I don't know what is it.." feeling her cheek warm a little, but she still look at her teacher's eyes

Suddenly, there are so many noises around the Mermaid's castle. Quickly take Hikaru's hand and pull her to the safety place. After a while, silent fall back to the sea, a mermaid come to the room and said to both of them:

" The King and the Queen ask to see you two immediately"

"We will be there soon" answer by Sai while he help Hikaru get up

" Sai, if there is about things happened with the sharks then I didn't know that they can't eat the rame" Hikaru said to her brother

" You give rame to the sharks? That explain why they sick for whole month" Sai ask, unbelievable in his own ears " I always know you can't be the normal princess, but I never though you can't be the normal mermaid neither! "

The Mermaid's castle is one of the wonders in seven oceans. All the wall by the volcano's rock with the rainbow's colors and full of the ocean's peaceful blue, the ways is covered with the fishes and colored by all the colorful creations live in the sea. There are mermaids everywhere , they are shopping, talking, … just like in the human's lands. Akira, in the body of a mermaid , shocked by the view he has while being leaded to the King and Queen of the Mermaids.

But all of that was the moment before. Right now, in the royal room, he is talking to the royal ones

" So you said you make all of that explosions just to meet my daughter Hikaru?" ask by the Shindou Masao- King of the sea

"Yes, your majesty. I have fall in love with your daughter and I need to talk with her" look straight in the King's eyes, Akira answer

" I didn't see you before, you are..?" the Queen ask

" My name is Akira Touya, I am human prince, your highness, that's reason why you hasn't seen me before" politely , Akira said

" The human prince… who do you think you are to come here and talk like that" angrily said by the King

" Father, Mother, we are here….Akira?" the cheerful girl say while swim close to Akira " look at you, you are the mermaid now"

Blushing , Akira say : "I glad to see you too, Hikaru"

"Why are you here?" ask by Sai. Things he is worried about now get more real.

" I am here for Hikaru" answer politely Akira, turn to Hikaru , he say: " I think I love you"

" WHAT?!" said by two others man in the room

"Akira, are you serious?" confusing Hikaru ask " I means, we only met once and…."

" I know what I am saying Hikaru, yes, I am serious. I know we don't know anything's about each other but Go but my Go is my soul and you are the missing piece of it"

" Young man, do you know what are you talking?" ask calmly by the Queen.

" Of course he doesn't know, how dare you to say such things like that with my daughter!" the King said

" Your majesty, I know what I am talking and I won't take back my words" looking calmly at the three person standing in front of him,Akira said

"Hikaru, you asked me why we have to stay away from human, I give you the answer now" calmly, Sai said and look in his sister's eyes, hold her shoulders " There is a cruse go around in our kingdom…the curse about fall in love with human…"

'When mermaid love human, if the love be returned, mermaids will has 3 day live like real human after the confession has been made but if it isn't, mermaid will…." The King continue the young man's words

"… turn to nothing" The Queen said, worry look at her child, she turn to Akira " Because the human is easy to change their mind, they can fall in love with the others while our mermaids can't"

" …That's reason why I insist on leaving the human's land immediately after the game. There is nothing wrong with my magic…" Sai admit "…I a faired the longer we stay, the deeper your love is…"

Silent fall in the room. The sounds of the waves far away, none say a words.

" I didn't know about that cruse! What have I done?...if she love me, she will only has 3 day left to live…oh.. what have I done?..." Akira crushing himself silently

"How do you know that I love him , Sai ?" asking her teacher after a long pause, Hikaru know she is surprising everyone in the room

" Because you are not only saved his life but also leave him your most important necklace and our medicine…. A young boy who almost died can't stay awake enough to do anything like this… you know your parents will let you go to the Human's land to take that necklace back…"Sai said, look straight into her eyes

" I guess I can't hide anything from you, right?" with the weak smile, Hikaru said and turn to Akira " I think I have loved you since the day the dolphins told me that you risk your life to go to our kingdom, to find the famous medicine of the mermaids.. for your father…alone... I followed your ship and saved you, I don't know what is it until the game we have…"

"Are you sure you want to do it, Hikaru ?" ask by the Queen

" I am sure, mother" stand straightly and look at her parents

" If that was your choice, then I have nothing to say" told by the King, he turn to the boy who blushing lightly " Akira, the human's prince, take good care for my daughter. If anything happen to her in that 3 days, I will make you pay by staring the war to delete your kingdom once and for all!"

"Father!" Hikaru said to him

" I will take care of your daughter by all my heart, your majesty, even if we only have 3 days together!" said calmly, Akira look deep in the King's eyes, seeing pains in that eyes but how could he claim the King? His daughter now only has 3 day left to live because of him

The moon is raising above from the dark night, sharing its lights to the ocean's ,some dolphins are playing under the beautiful moonlights. In the Human's Kingdom, everyone is busying to prepaid for the royal wedding on tomorrow morning. Wedding is always be a special occasions but this time the bride is the mermaid, make it become even more special.

" Thank you Hikaru for everything you have done for my family.." said the Queen to her future-daughter-in-law

" You are welcome , your highness" Blushing lightly, Hikaru answer polite

" You can call us father and mother like Akira" The King said to her

" I…errr …Father…Mother…." The King and the Queen smile softly to the two young lover who are blushing in fort of them

" We will leave you two alone now.. I believe you have a lot of things to talk … but it's late now and you two have a wedding tomorrow… so it's better to go bed soon. good night.." the Queen said, leave the room with her husband

Silent fall in the room, the awkward atmosphere spear around the room. They are looking at each other's eyes and say nothing. Akira is the first one the break silent :

" Do you want to play a game of Go?"

"Yes, I'd love to"

The white and black Go stones dancing with its own melody. The two players put on the game all their heart and mind, all their love and passion…in the end of the game , no one say a reach across the board, slowly touch Hikaru's face and gentle kiss her… Closing her eyes slowly, Hikaru whisper " I love you too"

In the sky, the sun is raising….

"Are you alright?"the Queen of the ocean ask her husband. They are in their only daughter's wedding and she know, her husband isn't calm as he look

" Shouldn't I never let her go to the dry land ? I don't know…." The solemn man answers

" That's her choice, you has done a great job, you let her decided her life…my love, don't you see our daughter is happy now?" softly ask, the Queen put her hands on his

" But…"

" A short but happy life is better than a long life without love and dreams…our daughter is a smart girl, she know what she want, now she has both love and dreams in her life. She has nothing to regret…and you know that". Said the Queen when she is watching her daughter and son-in-law kiss. The two Kingdom have put their disagreements a side to celebrate their Prince and Princess's wedding . holding her husband's hands tightly a little more, she know, they won't regret about that their daughter's and their own decidesion

In the corner far away from the wedding, Sai is silently watching them. "she is happier than I ever seen but…" he think and feel his heart is happy and sad in the same time " I guess heart does hard to guess" .

" Long time no see, Sai!" the lovely voice speak up. When Sai turn around , he see the old friend and her husband :
" Long time no see, Sakura ,Ogata. I didn't expect to see you two here. I thought you are traveling in the other country."

" The human king ask for our help…to help his son find your student.." calmly answer Ogata

" That's explain why he can go to our kingdom…" politely said Sai " I guess sometime true love can't break the cruse and we can't win Fate, how sadness to realize it!"

" You're wrong , my dear friend! Don't you dare to notice only about her short life and don't realize how happy she is now. You always can decide your life. Fate is about things happened to us and people we met but how to face with it is our own choice. Your Princess is a brave and clever girl, she has made her decides ion and you should do it too" said the lady , she is quiet angry with the mermaid now. Ogata smirk , who said the beauties is some kind of weak girl who wait for the guy come and rescue her? Definetsly not this girl!

Akira and Hikaru are walking to him . The young girl huge her teacher, friend and brother with tear filled in her eyes and whisper to him:

" Thank you, Sai… for everything"

Sai smile in return and realize his eyes are filled with tears too:

" No, thank you ,Hikaru. Promise me you will live as happy as you can… and if he hurt you…" with the look at Akira, Sai said ".. I will turn him into a Go stone"

Hikaru laugh a little and said to two man in front of her :

" I am so lucky to have you two…."

" Thank you , Sai .I will take a good care of her" said calmly Akira when he is watching Hikaru talking with the guesses

" You'd better be…" with the warning look, Sai said but deep inside his heart, he know, his beloved sister will be alright

Time go faster when people happy…three days feel like the blink…Akira hold his wife's hands tightly when they walk by the beach…

" It's the final day, I want you to know… I never regret loving you…" said softly Hikaru

" I know… so do I …so do I …"Akira said , feel like his heart full of pains

" You will always have my Go, my soul…" watching the sun go down,Hikaru slowly sit down .

Akira sit next to her, put his hand on her waist: "…And you always have mine too…"

There are no words returned, when Akira look at his beloved wife, he see she slept in peace…forever…

" I wish to have you back…." Tears drops down in the sands, the young Prince whisper , hold his wife tightly " …please, come back…please…"

The whole body of Hikaru lighting up in the night, the powerful winds come across her body, the lights make he can't see anything

"What's happening?"

"Akira… is that you?" come the voice that he love so much

" Hikaru.. you are alive!" hold his wife tightly, Akira said. He scare that if he let her go, he will lose her again…

" Yes, but why?..." ask by the confusing Hikaru who just come back from the death

" …Whoever have the mermaid's heart will get their wish come true…" said by the old man, slowly walk to them

" Who are you?" ask by Akira, hidden Hikaru behind his back

" Kuwabara… it's you!" said the Touya King

" You know him?" ask by Sai. And there are a lot of people come up, they are worried about the Prince and the Princess, so they decided to follow them and become witness of what has just happened

"He is the great Witch…" said the Shindou King " …You are the one who give the cruse to them.."

" It's a test , my old dear friend…Nothing even love can get strong without being tested…" answer to the Masao Shindou, Kuwabara blink his eyes "… whoever return the mermaid's heart will get their destiny come true…"he turn to the two young lover "… the young Princess here has give her heart to you, young men, so your wish to have her back is come true…. And he gives you his heart in return… so you two get your destiny come true…the destiny to be together…"

"…forever…"Hikaru whispers, look at Akira's eyes, smile sweetly " we will be together forever, Akira, we will never be apart.."

" I know… Hikaru.."kiss on his wife lips, Akira said "I know…"

" I still can't believe that you told that fishes to use the air-booms to make some explosions" talk by Isumi when he look at the party which has been hold to celebrate the new King and Queen

" Nee.. Our new king need to get to the Land of the Mermaids quickly, right? If you make some noises then the mermaids will come to get you . beside I don't see that you have any other better ideas" Waya answer " After all, aren't everything alright now? That's just a small air-booms, it can't hurt anyone… except you.. of course"

" You will never change, right? My little Red riding hood.." Isumi tease his just-marry-wife

Blushing lightly, Waya yell: " I am not your… and don't you dare to call me "little" !"