Ever since Buffy The Vampire Slayer women need, actually, crave an angsty relationship – we needed something more coming out of Buffy's and Angel's interactions.

Something…. carnal.

And, low and behold, Stephanie Meyer gave it to us. Well, Twilight wasn't really carnal but still, it was a notch higher on our licentious scale. Obviously, Twilight was so PG that throughout the book we were all screaming – Come on! Give it to her already! Arghhh!

Depraved of sexual stimulation, we needed it just like a man needs pornhub on an hourly basis.

And just when we thought there isn't any hope, on the stage arrives who else but the lovely Erica Leonard James, who, by writing Twilight fan fiction she moved the notch on our scale considerably higher. One can never know how high because women still report miraculous awakenings and sexual revolution in their lives to this day.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a book any woman can relate to. Why? Because the characters not only love each other (of course, love is what we want) but the angst and erotic suspension we experience …erm, the characters experience created this orgasmic movement everywhere across the world.

And yes, people can criticize both books (To be honest I didn't like Twilight at all!) and their writing style but if you read them for the story and not for the writing style it will all make sense (if you are woman, of course).

So where are we at?

Fifty Shades continues to make sexual waves in the most odd places (let's not mention where) and will keep doing it. It is a book for women who've slept all their lives. The awakening is sudden, cruel and beautiful at the same time.

But we've read the book. And now what? I know we all want more.

Buffy first aired in 1997 and since then good 17 years have passed. Twilight came out in 2005, nine years ago and Fifty Shades came out only three years ago.

We grew up. Got married. Have kids. Some got divorced. Some still live with their better halves, or should I said just.. halves. And learned to plod along.

And, the moment we hit forty we realize what life is all about. Emotional need. Endorphins. Perverted lust. Obsessive adoration.

But… where do we get that? Surely not in our marriages? And, don't tell me now that your marriage is where you get your endorphins. Ok whatever. That may as well be truth but I'm talking about being desired by someone else other than your husband or boyfriend. Experiencing lust for someone..lust that we all know very well lasts only until real life kicks in.

With kids and housework and daily chores we all know our supposedly passionate relationship is, simply, a habit. So what do we do?

We read. We experience and re-live what the characters do in our books and we are happy. We don't resort to cheating because it's against our morals. We have our books. Our book boyfriends are shared with so many and yet, they belong to us.

And now that we are older (and hopefully wiser) we need another sort of book. One that will help us live vicariously through someone else's life. One that will feed our addiction for endorphins. For perverted lust.

So, make space for the next book on the chain, The Collar of Freedom. A Fifty Shades fan fiction about an unhappy wife, meeting this amazing, overprotective, sex crazed Dominant man who is older than your usual book boyfriend (37) and who is, to some extent, into bdsm.

The book takes you on an erotic tension journey filled with deviant sexual encounters in the first half. The moment you pass the 50% read mark on your kindle, all hell breaks loose. Her husband, who had already cheated on her years before (this is the one thing I'm allowed to tell so there isn't any judgement on her part) is part of the drama that makes you scream, laugh, cry and root for the heroine in the book, who is always topping from the bottom.

It's clear that by taking over, the sex crazed overprotective Dominant clearly brings about the lead character's ruin, but he also holds the secret to her salvation. The sexual deity inside her is awakened and all he can do now is watch it grow.

Taken from my blog: Silver-tongued Minx 3