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It's not that Dean isn't appreciative of his new Spanish surroundings, really it isn't, and hey the view out of the motel room window that Dean can see if he lifts his head a little is more than awesome in his opinion. Blue skies, rippling waves, bikini-clad girls sprawled on giant sandy beaches – Dean is more than down with that shit.

It's just that when Dean looks down at the space beside him on the bed, he gets a much better view. Castiel isn't sleeping, of course, because he doesn't need to – a bonus Dean hadn't really considered the benefits of until now – so instead he's staring right back up at Dean, his crazy-blue eyes round and wide, as though trying to drink in as much of the man above him as possible. Dean smiles, skimming his fingers lightly over Cas's chest so that he squirms a little.

So yes, some people might say that Dean was wasting a rare opportunity to explore the wonders of Barcelona by spending three days holed up naked in a room with his Angel, but that's not the case. He is fully appreciative of the sights outside, he's just… got some catching up to do.

"Dean, stop tickling me it's very distracting." Castiel mutters, his brow furrowing as he continues to stare at a place just beside Dean's nose.

Dean chuckles, sliding his hand under Cas's waist and leaning towards him so that their noses brush. "Distracting you from what?"

"I'm attempting to determine the exact number of freckles on your face. I'm certain there are more now than when we came."

Dean laughs at him, his fingers pinching his sides gently so that Cas jumps beneath him and scowls. "Well yeah, that's what happens when you have an adorable little Angel to take you somewhere extra sunny."

"Dean, I am an extremely powerful Angel of the Lord, most people would fear my presence." Castiel responds, his finger coming up to trace Dean's cheek. Dean nods, his sombre expression barely hiding a smile. "I hardly think 'adorable' is the correct term to describe-"

Dean kisses him to shut him up, and Castiel only makes a couple of irritated sounds against his lips before he relaxes and tugs Dean closer, his arms winding round his neck. Cas seems particularly fond of that particular move, Dean has noticed, along with some other things. Dean has been taking careful notes you see, as he explores Cas in all these new ways, and he is a very very good student in this department.

For example, Dean has noticed that Cas particularly likes to be held around the waist, especially as its Dean doing the holding – the Angel even confessed after the first night, at around 3am, that he fears he is becoming addicted to the feeling of being in Dean's embrace. He looked genuinely concerned for his own mental stability when he confided this, and Dean could only laugh and kiss him. Compared to the addictions that people he cares about have found themselves having before - Sam's little demon blood adventure being the one at the forefront of Dean's mind - this one was tame to say the least. Dean's pretty sure he can handle it if Cas gets a little over-cuddly.

As well as this, Dean has taken careful note of the noises Cas makes when he's particularly incoherent, using them as a map to indicate his weakest spots, which Dean particularly enjoys exploiting. Often. Like, Cas has this particular patch between his collarbone and left shoulder, and if Dean kisses it just right, or nibbles at the skin slightly, he can get Cas to make this keening sound, and he'll buck his hips up and dig his fingers into Dean's back. It often takes Dean a few tries to find that spot, and Cas can get a little pouty and petulant, but it's totally worth it.

Dean breaks off from Cas's mouth, deciding to move this party along, and starting to place the first of a long trail of wet kisses down Castiel's neck and chest. Cas runs his fingers through Dean's hair and down the back of his neck, leaving a trail of fire that has Dean stuttering for a moment, his mind fizzing as sparks explode through him.

That's the other thing about sex with Cas, another wonderful bonus that Dean sure as hell didn't see coming but is so grateful for he is actually considering doing the whole church thing, as a thankyou. Cas is an Angel, something Dean really needs to start remembering, because he keeps getting reminded and is then speechless for a few seconds. His Angelic abilities seem to extend to the bedroom, and he has this thing he can do that Dean doesn't even know how to describe; it's like a magic touch, setting Dean's nerves alight. Dean would liken the feelings to mini pre-orgasms maybe, but centered wherever Cas chooses to touch him, and well… it's pretty fucking fantastic in Dean's opinion.

And if he can do that, what else can he do? Dean's already gotten a glimpse or two of the benefits of Cas's super strength; the Angel turns a little demanding when he's really loosened up, and once or twice Dean's been on the receiving end of an annoyed pinning-down, or vice-grip on his wandering wrists. Imagine if Cas got really worked up, threw Dean against the wall and just went crazy (not unlike that time he almost said yes to Michael and Cas beat it out of him, Dean muses). Dean shudders at the thought, his pupils blowing wide, he stops the trail of kisses, glancing up at Cas from somewhere near his belly button and grins.

"You want me to throw you against the wall and fuck you?" Cas asks, his voice utterly underwhelmed. Dean's mouth falls open, stunned.

"How did you-"

"I can read your thoughts, Dean." Castiel replies, a smile playing on his mouth. Dean should be horrified, livid with Cas for invading his privacy like that. Instead, he grins saucily.

"How els're you gonna prove you're not an adorable little cherub?"

Castiel's s eyes darken, and he makes a throaty sound that's not unlike a growl. Dean tries hard not to swallow, but feels a weird kind of thrill thrumming through him. His heart beats a little faster.

Then, before he can properly fathom what's happening, Castiel is moving, and then he feels the cool painted brick of the hotel wall against his bare back. Castiel is gripping him by the waist, his lips practically on Dean's he's so close.

"I'm not adorable." Castiel says and it sounds so petulant, Dean can't help but grin. His feet aren't touching the floor, and man this is awesome, Cas is barely even trying. Here he'd been thinking Cas liked it when Dean was on top, and he suspects that's true in reality, but come on, they cannot waste Cas's powers when it results in something as hot as this.

Dean hooks his legs around Cas's waist, and his never-broken gaze as he does it is enough to make the Angel blush, which is completely bizarre considering their current position. He threads a hand through the tousled curls of Cas's hair and smiles at him, fondly. Castiel smiles back, unable to stay cross with Dean despite his warped perception of the Angel in front of him, and something hits Dean suddenly, causing his mind to reel for a moment as he tries to comprehend it.

"Fuck, Cas…" Dean breathes, his eyes wide. Castiel looks momentarily concerned, and Dean can tell he's about to put him down, so he strokes a hand over Cas's head soothingly. "I think I love you, man." His voice is barely a whisper.

Dean isn't exactly sure why he said it aloud, it's something he rarely said to Cassie or even Lisa, and he thinks it's probably because with them it wasn't entirely true. He did love them, of course he did, but he wasn't… in love with them. It wasn't like this.

Dean thinks about the millions of times he's shut down walls in his mind every time a sneaky thought comes from nowhere about Cas, about how sweet he is, how self-sacrificing, how pretty even; something that his old self would have found weak or pathetic or creepy. He thinks he's probably loved Cas for a long time, it's just taken his stupid repressed, emotionally stunted self a few years to realise it.

Dean realises Castiel is smiling at him, and he is shocked out of his reverie by Cas's lips covering his own. He kisses back, gentle at first, because he's a little hesitant – he's just realised he loves this guy for God's sake. Castiel is insistent, his kisses are hard and firm, and Dean is powerless, kissing back with just as much fervour. He squeezes his legs, still wrapped around Castiel's waist, and Cas moans, the vibrations travelling into Dean's softened lips.

"I love you too, Dean." Cas gushes, breathy and almost lost in their joined mouths. "Always have." Castiel is saying, and Dean can't think, can't focus because Cas's hands are suddenly everywhere, he's using his hips to pin Dean to the wall and somehow still rolling them forwards grinding against him, damp and perfect. "Always will."

Dean's last coherent thought is that he feels so lucky, he's almost sure someone must have planned this.

"No, I'm just saying I think I'm a lot more flexible now." Sam reiterates to Gabriel, who is currently licking a stripe of whipped cream off of Sam's abdominal muscles.

"What, so you think that just cause I've been pushing you to your bendability limits that's perfectly reasonable grounds for you becoming a gymnast?" Gabriel replies, and Sam sighs, taking hold of one of his hands and pulling him up so that they're face to face, Gabriel on top of him.

"Pretty much." Sam replies, grinning. Gabriel smirks at him and rolls his eyes.

"You won't need to become a gymnast baby," Gabriel says, kissing him quickly and laughing when Sam winces at the endearment, "I've got plenty of workouts planned for us."

Sam has been in this bed for an unknown amount of time, but he's surprisingly not fussed about that. Gabriel has been keeping him pretty occupied; the guy is extremely imaginative, and his powers of altering reality really make things interesting.

"Gabe, do you think Dean and Cas are alright?" Sam asks, suddenly a little concerned. Gabriel doesn't respond, focusing on squirting a dollop of whipped cream onto Sam's nipple. "I mean, last time we saw them they looked a little… apprehensive."

Gabriel swallows the large glob of cream in one gulp, his lips lingering for a moment on Sam's sensitive flesh. Sam gulps, watching.

Gabriel looks up, smiling at him. "I happen to know they're fine. More than fine in fact. I do believe your brother is still in the process of de-flowering my little brother." Sam's mildly disgusted face is enough to make Gabriel laugh and roll over, landing on his back beside Sam, who whines at the loss of contact. "It's a process that apparently takes three days you see."

Sam reaches towards him, needing to feel Gabriel's hand entwined with his again, because yes, okay he's a little addicted to it. Hey, addictive personality, alright?

And it's not like it's a strange occurrence that Sam is a little emotionally needy all of a sudden; after all, pretty much everyone he's ever loved dies, including Dean, though he's not sure if that one counts. Definitely anyone he's ever been with both emotionally and physically is long gone. He just needs to reassure himself that Gabriel is still here, and he knows it's stupid cause he's been right beside him for three days, but still.

"Hey," Gabriel says, his voice suddenly soft. He rolls back over towards Sam and dips his fingers into his long hair. Oh right, thinks Sam, he's probably been following that train of thought. "I'm not going anywhere, Sam. You think I concocted this crazy plan to just skip out on you once I get what I so desperately wanted?"

Sam can't help but smile. He looks away, unable to maintain eye contact when Gabriel is saying something so sweet, because it's Gabriel.

"You've been inside me, you know I'm all messed up in the head." Sam mumbles, and Gabriel looks confused for a moment, and then it clicks.

"We're gonna have to work on your phrasing." Gabriel replies. "I've been inside you in lots of ways, it's difficult to know which one you're referring to at any given moment." Sam swats at him and buries his face in his shoulder. "Yeah, I know Sammy." Gabriel murmurs after a while, running a hand over Sam's hair. "It's a big old mess in this noggin. Luckily, I love you anyway."

Sam sits back and stares at Gabriel, his eyes suddenly saucers. "What?"

Gabriel is looking away from him, eyes trained on Sam's chest, but he glances up innocently at the question. "Hmm? I didn't say anything."

Sam splutters and pushes hard against the Angel's shoulders, pinning him back on the bed. Gabriel is smirking now in that infuriating way that Sam wants to kiss off, but instead he says, "You love me?"

Gabriel's eyebrows knit together in faux confusion, and he frowns up at Sam, tilting his head against the pillows. "Now where would you get that idea?"

Sam decides he's had enough, and leans down to kiss Gabriel ferociously, letting his teeth and tongue demonstrate how serious he is about this matter. Gabriel laughs against his lips as he continues the kissing, before pushing Sam backwards easily, holding him by the shoulders so that Sam can't get free.

"Gabriel, do you love me?" Sam asks, infuriated at his inability to continue the assault. Gabriel pretends to think for a long moment, his face contorting into several expressions, all of which drive Sam a little more insane.

"Gonna have to think about that one." Gabriel replies eventually, shrugging as if the thought never even occurred to him. But Sam knows he heard it, so he's not giving up.

With a fleeting smirk in Gabriel's direction, Sam plunges his fingers into the depths of the Angel's hair, curling them around and twisting the roots, tugging until Gabriel's eyes flutter and he's gasping.

"Tell me." Sam says, and Gabriel presses his lips together, not giving in. Sam just smiles and reaches further into the slicked coiffure, trailing his digits across the back of Gabriel's scalp and then scratching his nails against the soft skin.

Gabriel writhes and moans beneath him, and that in itself is very distracting; writhing naked Angels generally are in Sam's opinion. "Tell me if you love me, Gabriel."

"How can you use my one weakness against me like this, Sam?" Gabriel cries in a hurt voice, but he's grinning. He bites his lip as Sam tugs harder; he obviously has one hell of a kink. "'I trusted you, Sam! How could you-"

He cuts himself off with a cry of pure pleasure when Sam squeezes both hands together, raking his fingers along the sharp jut of Gabriel's cranium.

"Oh, fuck okay, okay I love you!" Gabriel cries, and his eyes squeeze shut against the cataclysmic sensations coursing through him. "I love you, okay, I said it. Why do you think I cooked up this stupid plan?"

Sam's fingers go slack and he slowly unwinds himself from Gabriel's hair. He's speechless. He knew, of course, that Gabriel was kind of… obsessed with him, in a way he didn't entirely understand. But love? That was different, it was so… human. Something that Sam knew from experience was extremely powerful, even deadly. He had loved Jess, he told her every day and it still wasn't enough.

Now Gabriel is in love with him? It's overwhelming. Flattering, and Sam knows immediately that it's completely true. It's the only thing that makes any sense, that fits with everything Gabriel has been doing. What's even more overwhelming is his responding feeling.

Gabriel is eyeing him warily, one eye closed, and Sam can feel his heart pounding nervously where their bodies are touching, clearly afraid of what he just admitted.

"I… I love you too." Sam says, and he looks confused at the words spilling out of his mouth. Gabriel rolls his eyes, clearly disbelieving.

"Sam, don't-"

"I think I loved you when you saved Dean from that Witch." Sam says, half to himself, his forehead creased as he tries to figure out what's happening. "You're impossible. And annoying. And kind of an asshole sometimes."

"Gee, thanks Sammy." Gabriel replies when it looks for a moment like Sam isn't going to say anything else.

"But you're also hilarious and brave and determined. " Sam continues, and his eyes flick up to Gabriel's, who looks almost as confused as he does, still pinned beneath Sam. "You're secretly moral, and sweet and passionate.

"Don't forget sexy." Gabriel adds, smiling.

Sam grins back, and leans forwards, forgetting everything else. So what if they still have loads to figure out? Being with Gabriel was always going to be confusing. Being in love with him is… terrifying. But it's also manageable, probably – at least compared to the Apocalypse. He rests his mouth just above Gabriel's, letting his long hair tickle the sides of the Angel's awestruck face.

"Oh, I won't."

Sam kisses him, smiling.

"So, Gabe… we're in your Heaven right now?"

"Kinda. I created it, it's not really anybody's, I just made it mine."

"Huh. So can I see my Heaven? My personal slice of paradise?"

"Hmm. I think I can probably show you a glimpse."

"What do you mean- ooft! Oh…."

"Cas, can I see your wings?"

"No, Dean."


"It's not a question of pleading Dean, your senses are too dull to perceive them."

"But I saw their shadows!"

"Yes, I could potentially manifest a version of them, but it could likely create an astronomical disturbance-"

"I'll make it worth your while."

"What do you mean- Oh! Dean! Dean…"