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Chapter 1

Metropolis –

It all started out quite, like any other day or as quite it could be for the Daily Planet. Numbers of People coming into work, talking to friends about last night, who they were with, what they did. Some went over notes to hand in, a few were falling asleep, probably stayed overnight, it had been quite busy as always trying to meet deadlines and handing in new stories to make the front page or just report on what happened the night before. Like a few publications it had been dominantly about Celebrity gossip, the state of the Country etc. It looked like another day in the life of a Reporter in Metropolis.

Even if one objected to what made the main focus or deemed news worthy it mattered less because those Gossip stories sold newspapers and magazine, and one could do very little against this thinking and dominating presence over the industry, such as Clark Kent, who was more interested in investigative journalism and reporting on the little guy and the conditions they live in and how that could be changed, a few would say he should move on with the time and that he is holding on to something that no one is really interested in, but he kept pushing on and tried to stick with what he did best. Today and at this very moment Clark sat at his desk eating his breakfast as usual, it was a cup of coffee, hot but not too hot and a few chocolate biscuits with a slice of vanilla sponge cake, which he picked up before he stepped into the Daily Planet.

The morning went as it usually did, with Clark finishing a story to hand in, or him trying to connect a few dots, the information and clues he received from a few sources, and figure out how to get Perry to publish his story on the recent calamities that faced the poor or the states of homeless shelters, even the sudden disappearance of a few who spoke against Big Conglomerate Giants, like Lex Luthor who had been a prime suspect in most of his cases, some would say because of Clark's personal grudge but the people who really knew him can see otherwise, even Morgan Edge someone who really made Clark's skin crawl.

As Clark was in his train of thought, he is interrupted by a loud explosion in the distant.

They all looked out the windows, towards the sounds, another after another, like thousands of Thunders at once. They watched in horror as the skies and the distant oceans had torn up as worm holes opened up, followed by these masses of winged demons and huge metallic Pillars; surrounded by pieces of earth shielding and encasing the golden metallic dome structure, leading more of these winged demonic creatures to appear from within as the Pillars opened up one of the Green window like panels. Leaving destruction in their wake.

The sky slowly turned blood-red, as the minutes went on, and more of these pillars and creatures appeared. They all had an understanding of what it was and feared that it was not, but the blood-red sky enforced it, the day, the End of the World.

In this panic the People within the Daily Planet did as anyone would in this situation, in fear of their own survival, afraid of never seeing their Parents, Partners or Children again, they broke out in search of cover or anything that would help keep them safe. All hell had broken loose as a few turned into savages trampling over each other just to save themselves, but who could blame them, the building caught on fire because of the destruction outside, it looked unstable and the ceiling could drop on them any minute and most started praying, even if they had never done it before.

Clark hesitated as he got out of the lobby, he let the surrounding chaos overwhelm him and dissolve in.

"This cannot be happening again, we just survived one attack a few months ago. Just your luck Clark, bringing the bad luck from your previous job to this new one!" Clark thought to himself, frozen solid, unable to move or react.

Destruction and grief surrounded him, trying to think of what to do, he did what any person may have done after they let the first shock pass, try to help as many people as he could. He tried to clear out the doorways and help the trampled on get back up on their feet, head them towards shelters or safe areas. He with a few others tried to dismiss the fires using the fire extinguishers before the fire brigade came.

As Clark tried to help everyone he possibly could, he noticed that his friends, the aspiring writer David Graves, the star reporter Lois Lane and the daring photographer Jimmy Olsen were nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes of searching Clark was able to calm himself a little as he saw one of his friends stumble out of the lobby of the Daily Planet, David, who had only been here to talk to Perry White about publishing a new book he was working on.

"David, I am glad to see you made it out, have you seen Jimmy and Lois".

"Sorry, Clark - can't - say - I have." David replied in between trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah, I had a feeling you might not have, considering those two they may still be inside!"

"Maybe, if they are, someone should try to help them".

"Come on, I'm going in, I know you just came out but I may need your hel- -"

"I would help Clark, but if this is happening all over Metropolis I need to find my Wife and Kids and check if they are -" a shroud of shock and fear took over the writers face as he realised what he was about to say and dreaded it and hoped that it was not true.

"I understand, and don't worry I am sure that they are safe, you go and check up on your family, I'll look around for the others" Clark said as he reassured David.

"Thank you, and don't go in there alone Clark" but as those words left David's lips, Clark had already rushed into the encompassing smoke that partly covered the building and a parts of the surrounding areas. A shroud to cover the current destruction from human eyes.

Clark hurried up the stairs with one priority on his mind, finding his friends.

Lois and Jimmy ran upwards to the roof of the Daily Planet as they tried to get to safety, along the fact that they want to find out what is happening all across Metropolis, and the rest of the World, as news broadcast, from different regions and countries came of the invasion taking place all over the Globe.

They exited to the roof and stood there as they tried to take in all the horror that was taking place; they noticed a few quick glows of bright Green with Yellow and Red at the far side of the city. The sudden roar of the winged demons and the propellers of the US army helicopters broke them from their trance, they quickly ventured on board the Helicopter of the Daily Planet.

"Move over Jimmy, quickly, and let me take the controls."

"Sure thing Lois, but I think I can help at this particular time, you know with my experience."

"Virtual experience doesn't count, this is the real world." She stated as she started up the Helicopter.

"Yeah, yeah whatever, you never know." In secret he was grateful that he was not taking control.

As the Helicopter got off the roof, and Lois slowly lowered it to get a closer view on the incidents taking place on the ground, so Jimmy could record and take photographs, a winged demon tore through the sky and latched on to the flying vehicle, starting to tear the side of it apart, as it did so it grabbed Jimmy and went off, leaving the Helicopter to spiral uncontrollably with Lois on board.

"Damn it, what are these things!" Lois shouted as she started to lose control of the Helicopter.

As the beast flew away one of the sharp propellers of the Helicopter sliced through one of its wings, leading it to unwillingly fall towards the mid section of the Daily Planet as Jimmy struggled to break free, which he did, once he and this demon crashed through the windows.

Clark came in time to see Jimmy crashing through the windows with one of the creatures that were attacking the city, as he came back down the stairs, upper levels stairs started to partially collapse. He rushed over to Jimmy's side, carefully lifting him up, carrying his weight away from the beast, as he could tell that Jimmy was in a lot of pain, even though Clark himself was running out of breath and it all took a strain to his metal health.

"Jimmy where is Lois?"

"She and I were on a helicopter.

Before you ask, yes we did go in search of a story, agh!—and by the way it was mostly Lois's idea."

"Come on let's get out of here.

So if you are here then what happened to Lois?"

"Last time I saw her, was before that creäture attacked - Oh shit!" Jimmy exclaimed as he and Clark realised what might have happened to Lois.

"Calm down, there is still a chance that she survived and is in one piece. I will go and look for her after I get you to safety."

"Clark, I hope you are right and she is ok."

"She is a tough woman, and everyone knows she can handle herself." Clark stated as he tried to lighten the mood, even though he too worried for Lois's safety.

During this rescue Jimmy couldn't help but notice there was something different about Clark, sure there had been times where Clark helped people wherever he could, like with his journalism and lending a helping hand to homeless shelters and orphanages, but for the first time Jimmy took notice that Clark was not slouching, even if the rest of his appearance was the same, but this new imposing presence replaced the usual persona with of his average 6'3, spectacled friend.

As they ventured down the Daily Planet, they could hear the horror of people screaming in pain, the roars of the monsters as they chanted "For Darkseid!" again, the crashes and explosions, the horns and alarms of cars, the sounds of jets and Army Helicopter and trembling of Gatling guns slicing through the air and hitting its target.

As they exited the Daily Planet and were heading towards the hospital, a piece of building had crashed in front of them, and as the smoke and debris cleared, they could make out a figure, one of those Demonic creatures that came through the portals. It glared and growled at them, leaving them in utter shock over its appearance.

Clark knew Jimmy will not able to help because of the condition he is in now. So Clark picked up a piece of glass that was lying just in front of him, to defend the two of them, it was shimmering in front of him almost like a beautiful jewel partly covered in dirt which was strange since it is surrounded by destruction. But the Demon just slapped it out of his hand, injuring him in the process as Clarks flesh met the cold hard metal of its dirt covered gold armour. It then went on to swatting both of them to the wall of a building, as Clark stumbled to get back up again, this hellish demon, prowled up to them in a predator stance, that is about to pounce upon its prey. Just as it was about to attack them again, Clark and Jimmy, with his remaining strength moved out-of-the-way, clearing its path, its claw smashed through the wall, crumbling it into pieces.

It turns its head in a shark like motion, eyeing them, letting them know how annoyed it is and that it will catch them. As both Clark and Jimmy struggled to get back on their feet, it towered over them and its claws had been ready to come down and strike in a swift motion, Clark and Jimmy tried to avoid it again but Clark is slashed across the side of his torso, drawing blood.

Clark tried to fight the pain back, but it did take a toll on him and all he could do at that moment was stand up and make his stance, with all his remaining strength, letting it know he is not going down that easily.

As it readied itself to attack again, "Where is Bruce when you need him!" was the thought that Clark had on his mind.

The next moment Clark was awestruck, it had happened in a flash, Clark noticed a beautiful elegant figure attack the Demon and save Jimmy and himself, marveled at this site all Clark could say after this was.

"Wow. You're Strong."

And this mysterious ethereal female figure replied "I know."

He just stood there not knowing what to do as he watched her move swiftly and gracefully to take out his Demon attacker.