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Chapter 2

Washington, D.C. –

"Has anyone seen a Harpy?" is the question asked by a woman who is carrying a sword.

She was strolling along downtown D.C, she had unmatched beauty and dark hair. She was wearing a crimson red bustier, designed with diagonal lines coming from both sides and meeting at the centre, with two stars on each side, a pair of dark grayish blue padded pants fashioned with grey patches around the knee with knee-high dark blue boots with a white edge and a white strip going down to ankle height creating a sharp narrow edge on the design, a luminous glowing gold rope was attached to the right side of her hip. She wore silver bracelets on her well proportioned and built arms, the bracelets had a curved edge and lines engraved after the structure of each bracelet, accompanying these bracelets were a shining silver arm band and a choker around her neck, both had a letter which encircled around and met on the other end of meeting at the centre, creating the letter 'W'. Along with silver 'W' that had an eagle/star shape across the top edge of her bustier. Representing her royal status was the shining silver tiara on her head with a red star on the centre, Diana of Themyscira. She was searching for a mythological creature, a Harpy.

She found out about a winged monster terrorizing people in downtown D.C. from the Patriarch device known as a 'television', totally distracting her from the argument she was having with it She could not believe that the soldiers would not allow her to go and help the People, they even went as far as stepping in between her and the exit, which left her with one option, to plough through a them and create her own personal exit through the wall of the building.

She walked across the middle of the road, disrupting traffic and the everyday environment of the City. She knew the danger a harpy could cause, especially in this inexperienced world, which have forgotten about the days of old and have shunned the creatures into beings of myth, so she would try to do everything she can to save them, before any harm could be done. In some way she felt relieved because she was able to stretch her legs and use her training, to do something other than just talk about it, and finally being able to make a difference other than being the constant focus of the media for her looks and nothing else.

"I was told a winged monster was attacking some of you..."

She went around asking the many civilians but received no answer, and as she was able to identify and notice there was no destruction to prove her suspicions, of a Harpies attack. But she still ventured on, for some reason she knew something was definitely wrong and the situation is about to get worse.

"Harpies are nasty creatures, but they won't be a bother once their heads are severed..."

Diana explained, letting them know of her intentions and that she would do everything to protect them, assuring the many freaked out and shocked Civilians that she is on their side, she even got a reaction off a few who had ogled and started to drool. But they just stayed out of her way or avoided her.

"I am speaking your language correctly, am I not?"

No reply, a few Civilians were murmuring to among themselves and getting away from her. Must be the sword she thought, or it's because of her being labelled a pagan and wanted her out of here before she "infected" their way of life.

Before she could do anything else, she is interrupted by a high-pitched "Cool!"

She looked around and saw that it was coming from a young African America girl, with black hair in pig tails, wearing a green-blue clothes, school uniform, Diana presumed, with a pink rucksack and an oddly cone with a shimmering pink circular topping on her hand.

"You're Wonder Woman!" The little girl exclaimed with a look of excitement and admiration, as she came towards Diana

"My name is Diana." Diana felt the need to correct her, she thought the name given to her by the media did not fit and was not to her likening, even though she was growing accustomed to it, something she would not admit to anyone, not even her mother.

"My name's Raquel." The girl told Diana without removing the huge smile that was plastered across her face

"Thank you for speaking with me, Raquel. You're not afraid of me?" Diana was quite surprised that this innocent child would speak to her when others would not.

"Not really." Raquel replied with a huge smile on her face.

"What are you eating?" Diana was quite surprised and curious of what she was holding in between her palm.

"Oops. Ice cream." Raquel replied as the Ice cream fell off its cone and squished into the pavement.

"Ice cream?" the name was alien to Diana, but from the way Raquel said it, it sounded that this was a usual thing to eat in Patriarch's world.

"Haven't you ever had ice cream?" Raquel asked out of curiosity, in some sense not believing that Wonder Woman has never had ice cream.


Diana replied back as a statement more that an answer, trying to hide the small amount of embarrassment over how much she still has to learn, and that this little girl is teaching and introducing her to it, but she also admired how calm and cool the little girl was, and was not quick to judge Diana.

"It's the greatest food in the world, if you ask me." Diana could see how much enjoyment and favour Raquel had over this particular food.

"Mm. May I try some Ice cream? And another for my friend." Diana asked the good man with the ice cream trolley, or she thought that's what it was, as she pointed her sword towards him, showing him Raquel's ice cream that had dripped on to the pavement.

Yeah...Yeah, sure. Just don't, y'know, take my arm with it, okay? Heh...Oh man." He replied, with a tone of worry as he handed Diana two new cones of Ice cream.

"Hm. Ice cream is wonderful." Diana claimed as she licked the ice cream, as it went down her throat she had a vague memory tasting something of this calibre in Themyscira, but it did not taste as it did now, it tasted better and quite frankly, she liked it.

"You should be very proud of this achievement!" She told the man, as he was still shocked and cautious over how Diana carried her sword.

"Um...thanks." Was all he replied as he watched the movement of Diana's sword.

"Diana!" A blonde man of 6'1 shouted, as he approached the three of them. But the look on Wonder Woman's face gave the other two re-assuring feeling that Diana knew this person, Steve Trevor.

"Steve! Have you ever had Ice cream? You must try it. This cook is truly blessed!" She told this Steve guy.

"You need to come back to the Pentagon." He claimed as he walked up to her, not bothering about the people along side her, or the little girl.

"You sound like my Mother." She replied back, noticing the demand within Steve's voice.

"I'm your appointed liaison. I don't like it any more than you, but-" Steve replied back to Diana, but was cut off before he could finish.

"Steve, this place, your home, is filled with so many wonderful things. Ice cream and Rock and Roll and...Many wonderful things .But there is also a Darkness that lurks here too. One I'm going to fight. That's why I'm here for. That's why I'm staying to fight." Diana claimed, as she looked at the Ice cream in her hand, remembering her time on Themyscira, training with her fellow sisters, the mission that she was given, as well as the honour of being a champion of her People, her Queen and her Mother.

"All you want to do is fight."Steve replied as in stating a fact about Diana.

"I grew up on Paradise Island where I was treated like a child my entire life. But this isn't Paradise Island and I'm not a child anymore. I'm done with people telling me what to do."

She herself replied stating the facts about her own life, trying to counteract Steve's bold statement of her, even though she spoke with love, she hid the feelings and memories of being alone and pushed away from her people because of the nature of her birth, she did it all too well, but it still haunted her and she did not show, even to Steve or her Mother.

"CLAY!" was what came to her mind.

"I just don't want anyone getting hurt. Especially y-" A caring tone overcame Steve, something that would have shocked Diana before but by now she was quite used to it as she has seen this side of him a few times, something Steve could not hide pretty well, even though he thought he could.


"What was that?" Steve said, in a surprised tone.

RREEE, a scorching sound of a creatures, signalling its attack upon the prey, stating that it has no chance of survival.




"Not a Harpy." Diana stated, realising that these sounds have never been connected to the arrival of a group of harpies. She readied herself for battle, the impending danger and to protect the people of this City, as the duty she was give as the Champion of the Amazons. As she looked up and saw the sudden appearance of these Gold and Green winged demons, with blazing red eyes. She knew she had a battle on hand, she gripped her sword tightly.

BOOOOOOOM! The thunderous sound echoed through downtown D.C. as it crackled open a worm hole. As a horde of these winged creatures came through and flew down.

"But it is a fight. Excellent! Leave them to me." Diana proclaimed as she drew her sword towards this horde. A look of excitement and happiness washed over her face as she focused on the battle ahead, forgetting her worries and memories for a little while.

Diana ravaged through these creatures, swinging left and right, cutting up, taking them down, driving her blade towards these creatures' limbs, seeing that they were not living, she basked in this revelation and ploughed through them even more. While she cut through the creatures she thought to herself that these creatures maybe connected to the mechanical creatures that attacked that city, Metropolis, a few months ago.

As she battled the horde Diana realized that these creatures had an aim, they were extracting a few of the helpless civilians and taking them into the sky, towards a tower, as a few more came out from it.

She broke out her lasso, grabbing one of the demonic creature's legs as it tried to fly off with a civilian. Using her God-given strength she dragged it towards the ground, smashing its huge green and golden body against the solid concrete road, as the creature fell Diana quickly flew up to grab the civilian before any harm could come to her, she took notice that it was the little girl whom she was talking to a few minutes ago, Raquel. Who's face was over ridden with fear and utter shock.

"Don't worry, Raquel, you are safe now, I will not let them harm you or anyone else." Diana said, trying to comfort her and ease the sudden pain that had arisen within Raquel's heart and showed on her face. Realizing what trauma these creatures might have had on an innocent such as Raquel, Diana held her tightly, in a motherly embrace, comforting her letting her know that she is safe and that Diana will not let anything harm her.

Raquel just clung to Diana tightly as she could not letting go, as trickles of tears ran down her innocent face.

As she landed on the ground, Diana placed Raquel down, who still held on to Diana, as she felt safe withing the arms of her hero.

As Diana headed out to combat these winged creatures, Steve contacted the Pentagon about the sudden attack, drew out this firearm and started to shoot at these creatures trying to help Diana, while waiting for reinforcements.

Steve headed towards Diana, as she was comforting a girl, that he saw talking to her earlier.

"Diana, come on we need to get you back to the Pentagon." Steve asked Diana, while trying to draw her attention to the attack, but Diana could tell that Steve wanted to remove her from here and into a safe place, sure she admired that trait of him but it just felt like when her Mother would pull her away, as she got older, if any given situation would got worse.

"No, Steve they need our help here" Diana replied, trying to state the position she is in right now, and that these people need her help than she needs protection.

"Not just here Diana, all over, the world is being attacked. Come on Diana, we need to get out of here."

"We can't just leave them here, Steve we-"

"Stop being naïve, Diana the world is being attacked, mainly Metropolis, we need to formulate a plan and strategically take these things out" Steve replied as he pulled Diana away from Raquel and the battle ground towards these highly reinforced trucks that swooped up and out came the reinforcements Steve called for. "I know it goes against everything you are but, trust me." But all Diana could think of was the state of mind Raquel was in, how she needed to help her, make her feel safe again and how countless others may be in the same situation and this innocent little girl.

"No Steve, you are my appointed Liaison, but you are not my mother, and I am staying right here and helping these people." Diana stated, removing Steve's arm off her own, as she turned around to face him directly, she could still picture the sad traumatized expression on Raquel's face.

"Diana, I understand but come on we need to get out of here and, staying here the matter will only get worse."

"How would you know? If we do not do anything Steve then it may, and if so then I'll head over to Metropolis and stop this mess at its core."


But before he could continue, Diana had already walked away to slice a few more of these Demons as she went over to Raquel.

"Come with me Raquel, I will take you to safety. Where is your home, I'll take you to your Mother."

Steve just headed towards the government vans, all he could do was watch as Diana flew towards the sky, with the little girl. Sure in some people's eyes they would think he is trying to control her, but he felt a need to keep her away from harm, to protect her, growing up in Paradise Island, being isolated from the rest of them she has never experienced this world like he and everyone else has, she is young and naïve, he felt a need to guide her and shield her from everything. To keep her isolated from all the dangers that this world has, sure she is champion of her people and the daughter of the Queen of that Island, but she still has a lot to learn. He just wanted to protect her, shield her from everything.


Diana headed towards Metropolis, she could see the condition the city was in, more of these creatures came in through the worm holes ravaging the civilians and the landscape, parts lay in ruin as did a few building, most had caught fire and the fire brigade did everything they can to put them out and rescue Civilians, the city was a huge battle ground. As she flew across helping out wherever she could, she was able to notice a few glows of Green on the far side of the city, along a few Yellow and Red dashes surrounded by these creatures.

As she was heading towards that site, she took care of more few of these attackers, freeing captured Civilians, Diana rescued as many more civilians as she could, while heading towards the nearest hospital with a few of the injured. These scenes of destruction brought pain and sorrow to her heart, as she was not able to help everyone at once, she needed help and advice from her Mother and Sisters on what do to in these situations. As she headed out of the hospital and tried to help a few more people, she caught the sight of a winged beast preparing to attack a man with was black hair, 6'3, average built, wearing black glasses, his clothes seemed to have a few tears. Diana was prepared herself, to save another life.

Before the creature could attack him, she dived between them both, kicking the monster down to the ground.

As she looked at the beast get up again, she heard the man say.

"Wow. You're Strong."

This brought a sudden smile on Diana's face as she turned to say

"I know."

He just stood there, watching her as Diana moved to attack the creature again, where she took it out, it lay there not moving.

She looked back and noticed that the spectacled man was helping up his friend, a man with fiery red hair, shorter than herself, 5'7 or 5'8, mildly built, his clothes looked in worse condition than his friend. She went towards the both of them trying to help them up.

"Are the both of you well?"

"Yes, thank you for saving us." replied the man with glasses

"Yeah thanks, it means a! You''re...preeetty, I mean you're WONDER WOMAN!" said the fiery red-headed man, as his friend tried to pick him up.

"Hi, I'm Jimm- James Olsen, wow your pretty."

"Thank you, James Olsen." Diana smiled as she replied back to him, in some cases this reminded her of Steve's first reaction when he crash landed on Themyscira a year ago, and saw her for the first time. "You are pretty, are you an Angel." Was what he first said when he saw her.

"Agh" the dark-haired spectacled man cried out in pain as he fell to his knees.

"It seems that neither of you are in a place to walk out of here safely." Diana observed and stated as she took hold of the pair of them up, with James Olsen on her left and the other man on her right, and flew them towards the hospital.

The dark-haired man started to speak again but his speech pattern went erratic as he started to speak in a strange language that she did not recognize and understand, she was well versed in multiple languages and cultures, although she could not understand what he said, she was able to make out one word as he kept on repeating it.


His condition went worse as if he was in pain, mind and body, Diana did not know why, fearing for his health, she lowered them both down, on the steps of the hospital. Diana noticed that the pupils of his Cerulean eyes started to decrease in size, as his condition worsened; he had a blank look on his face, like he was lost in thought or of a memory long forgotten.

"Clark what's wrong? What's wrong with him Wonder Woman, help him" Exclaimed James Olsen, as he and Clark are placed on the ground.

"I do not know." Diana replied in fear of Clark's health and the sudden occurrence of the situation, feeling helpless of not being able to help him, something she wished never happened to her.

Clark started to revert back to normal, as he his speech pattern and body language started to slow down and calm itself.

Before Diana could investigate further and help to find out why this happened, she heard more screams and loud explosions, which she knew demanded her immediate attention.

"Go, they need your help Wonder Woman." James Olsen said to her.

"Make sure your friend gets the proper medical treatment, and I hope he will be okay" Diana replied as an order, taking one last look at Clark, she flew towards the sounds of destruction.

Diana came across the green glow and the yellow and red dashes, where she took notice that it was coming from a few people who are caught in battle with these winged monsters.

She realised that the ones in battle were the Green Lantern of Coast City creating these energized green 'constructs' as he named them, the one in scarlet red she recognized to be the Flash of Central city, using his magnificent speed to take out as many of these winged demons as possible, Diana thought he maybe a match for Hermes himself. They are accompanied by a dark and mysterious figure, who Diana speculated to be the famous Batman of Gotham City, he was able to hold his own against these beasts, and if the legends were true about him then she should not be surprised about this. But one being caught her attention, someone she did not recognize an odd-looking green man, with purple clothing, a red x along his torso, helping these three in the battle.

"We need to take a step back and regroup. There're too many of them to just barrel through." Batman informed the other three,

"Tell that to J'onn." Flash replied as he took out a few more.

Diana, Green Lantern, Batman and Flash watched as this Green being, J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter, smashed through the horde of creatures surrounding them, taking them out using a lorry truck, and its metallic pieces to slice a few in half. As well as changing the shape and density of his entire body to plough through a few more. He also went to burning a few with the ferocious heat he expelled from his eyes.

"Whoa! Did you see that? The J'onn moved and he used that truck like a baseball bat." claimed Flash

"I can do that too. See?" Green lantern replied, as he went on to proving the power of his ring, creating a truck of his own and smashing it into the Demons.

"These Parademons, are taking them all towards those towers, do what you can prevent that at all costs!" J'onn stated with a particular knowledge.

"Taking who?"Replies Green Lantern

"The People. J'onn's right. They aren't trying to kill anyone. So what do they want with us?" Batman told Green Lantern, as he observed what J'onn knew all along.

"FOR DARKSEID!" The Parademons shouted in union, as more swooped down to face these heroes.

"Creatures of Evil! Back to Hades!" Diana roared, as she stepped into the battle field, swinging her sword and Lasso, slicing and taking out these Parademons

"Uh...Wow." The Flash proclaimed as he noticed Diana in action.

"Dibs." Was the first thing that came from Green Lantern at the sight of her, "as if I am an object he could lay claim over" Diana thought to herself. From her short period on this world, the Patriarch's world, she noticed this trait in quite a few, both men and women, subtly in Steve as well.

The five of them battled the Parademons, trying to prevent as many Civilians from being. Eventually the five of them met another man, who rose from the sea as he took out a Parademon, he is dressed in a scale armoured orange top and green gloves with pointed edges and fins attached to the calf of his legs.

"So who's in charge here? I vote me" Aquaman demanded, which they found out from the Martian Manhunter and Batman.

They all fought a few more Parademons and along the way disarmed a few of the US army choppers, as they attacked the six heroes, as well as stumbling across another being, a kid wearing armour as some presumed, but Diana saw that it was living technology encasing his body as if he was part of it, she saw something like this in Themyscira once but it was more magical in nature instead of science. The boy was weak and in need of help but he told them that "They go from world to world...He's coming...Right here..."

"Who is?" Batman asked.

Before they could get an answer, Diana and the six men are engulfed in this bright light as they hear an even greater thunderous roar, as if the last bell was heard, calling for their reckoning.


They stood there watching, as the bright light turned into a tear in the fabric of their reality, all of them readied to fight another battalion of these Parademons, but what they did not expect was a silhouette of a huge 8'9 male body to appear, as he stepped forward, out of the portal, they could make out the dark death like blue and black of his armour, that covered the majority of his upper body. But what truly got to the seven of them was the stone like cracks and grey of his skin, that looked like they belonged to a conquer who let nothing stand in his path and got what he wanted through various means, especially the blood red glow of his eyes, which looked void of all emotions, bringing fear to whoever stared directly at them and they only seemed to look for one thing, death. His large dominant presence spoke of this as well. bringing a shroud of fear over them ,even if they did not admit it.

"I'm guessing that's the Bad Guy." Green Lantern observed, stating the obvious

"Good guess." Batman replied

"Yes, that is the ruler of Apokolips, Uxas." J'onn assured them, as fear slightly came over him, draining his face of all colour.

"Ruler of Apokolips? Never heard of it" said Green Lantern, as he readied to attack this Omnipotent being, as did Diana and the rest.

But before Diana or any of them could do anything, this being, Uxas, let out a sudden current of power, that sent a shockwave across the very ground they were standing, shattering the surrounding windows and buildings, toppling cars, com busting the engines and leading them all to fall back as lighting pain swooped over them all, knocking them off their feet, Diana tried her best to keep a sure footing, but even she fell.

"I am Darkseid!"

Was the last thing Diana heard, before darkness came over her.