Chapter 3 –

A Few Weeks Later, Secret Location of the 'Super Seven' –

"The Super Seven? What was going on inside that mind of yours?"

"What it was the heat of the moment, no one else stepped up and we needed the name"

"But come on, you could have come up with something better...fine whatever, but this better not stick, we need a proper title for this so-called team of ours."

"So, we are a team." Barry replied with a big grin upon his scarlet red masked face.

"Shut up".

"If we are a team, then we will require a proper headquarters." Asked a strong deep voice, both Green Lantern and the Flash turned their heads towards this voice, out of the shadows appeared the King of the Seven seas, Aquaman, as he looked around the dark room, only the centre, the place where the table sat with Green Lantern and Flash by its side, had been illuminated by light.

"Hey Aquaman" said Flash as Aquaman took to his seat.

"Just the two of you, seems like no else has arr—"

"The child, whats his name Victor, his here as well, roaming around the facility." Replied Green Lantern as he cut off the King of Atlantis.

"Actually, I got bored with exploring the facility, not much fun when I could see the entire map, including every access and doors in my mind...weird right."

"My ring can do that as well."

"Probably the machine part of me, that allows my brain to see this information." Victor Stone claimed as looked at his metallic hands in despair.

Flash placed a hand on Victors metallic shoulder and said "Hey, we'll try to find a way to get you back to norm—"

"There is no more normal for me. I'm going to have to get used to this state, it will take time but, hey I'll manage." He replied back, trying to put a brave face for the rest of them.

A few moments of silence passed between the four men.

"So everyone's here" Claimed a cold voice lurking within the shadows, shocking Green Lantern, Flash and Cyborg, but they soon calmed down when the figure stepped out of the shadows, The Dark Knight.

"Except the Princess and Johns" replied Flash, trying to regain his cool stature.

They all sat in silence in wait of Wonder Woman. Some of them preferred the quite, more time to think without distractions, a way to clear their mind until of course someone breaks the silence, Green Lantern.

"Alright, the awkward silence is starting to get even more awkward with only us guys here, so why not get to know more about each other or better yet get to the bottom of it, why call us all here Batman, didn't we save the world a few weeks ago, hey we even had the gratitude of the President and not half but the entire world as well, what you couldn't wait a week for a group meeting."

"I agree with Green Lantern, sorry but I do have more pressing matters to handle." Said Aquaman

"Like what running an underwater kingdom, please I have an entire sector to take care of." Replied Green Lantern

Before anyone else could speak, "I see the importance of a team but I am not the one who called us all here".

Silence fell as the rest took in what Batman just said.

"Then who—" asked Flash.

"I did." Claimed a voice, a voice that sounded devoid of emotions, a voice that spoke with purpose.

As they all looked towards where the voice came from, a whooshing sound could be heard in the background as a certain Amazon princess descended in to the room.

"I am sorry if I was late, but I had a certain problem to take care of."

"Dont worry, were just waiting for one more person, and we all know what that problem was" Victor replied to Wonder Woman.

"We do?" replied Green Lantern.

"Yeah, it's all over the ne-, oh, sorry, ermmm. Wonder Woman here was calming a raging Griffin attacking lower Manhattan; it's all over the news." Said Victor, trying to work out how he knew this.

"So everyone is here, we might as well begin." Again it was the voice that they all heard before, but this time it sounded more friendlier and calmer, as a green figure with purple clothing came into view, the Martain Manhunter J'onn J'onzz.

"So I presume you are the one to call us all here John" Questioned Aquaman as J'onn took the centre seat.

Night, the streets of Metropolis

Death and despair are a problem, but not knowing how to recover from it maybe worse, sure people will help to rebuild and shelter the people in need, but a few will try to take advantage of such a situation just for the 'fun' of it, like the situation Clark is in now, at gun point, being asked, no demanded to move along as this infidel tries to engage in a few acts of indecency.

Clark looked at the girl whose throat was being held on by this man, the fear in her eyes, the need to be free and saved by someone, told Clark that he just can't let this man do whatever he wishes, what would Ma and Pa think if he just walked away now, what would have been the point of them helping him when he was in need, when they reached out and took him in, a lonely orphan.

"No" replied Clark

"What did you just say, look you Harry Potter wannabe, get lost or I will paint this alley way with your blood."

"Just put the gun away and let the girl go".

"Or what, what is an idiot like you going to do. I'm giving you a chance to survive, get lost boy!"

"No, you let go of the girl and then I'll I go".

"You, think I'm afraid of you, I'm the one with the gun here.

Alright you asked for it."

As he was about to pull trigger, Clark with one smooth move, knocked the man unconscious.

"You ok" Clark said as he tried to help the girl get back up on her feet.

"Thank you, if you didn't come here at the right moment then he might have—"

"Hey, hey it's ok, he won't touch you again, and I'll make sure of it." Clark said as he got near her and tried to calm her.

"Please, just leave me alone, get away from me." The Girl replied through her tear filled face, as she got away from Clark

"I won't hurt you, I just want to help."

But the girl just backed away and ran as fast as she could, away from Clark

"I'm not the bad guy" Clark whispered to himself as he watched the girl run, leaving him alone in the alley of this once great city, a city that is in ruins like the rest of the world. Clark took one final look to see if he could take notice of where the girl went before he started to walk back to his apartment.

Clark aimlessly walked into his room, as he pondered on the thought of why that girl was so afraid

Probably because of what might have happened to her, if he wasn't there. He could still picture her pale face and how scared and terrified she was.

I should have went after her to make sure she was safe, no probably would have made the situation worse, and that we were only attacked, by aliens, a few weeks ago isn't helping the situation. Clark thought to himself.

He took off his shirt and lay on his bed, staring at the room's ceiling, lost in thought about the events that took place, how these creatures attacked the Earth and nearly tore it apart, how these 'Giants' or as the media started to call them, 'heroes' had arisen and banded together to take it down, almost like a fairy tale, how the hero always saves the day and rescues the damsel in distress.

"That damsel was me, she saved me." Clark whispered to himself. He started to wonder what might have happened if she did not arrive at that moment, how he may have been able to join his family again if she did not save him. A fairy tale story. His eyes started to feel heavy, so he closed them for a while, thinking he could rest and get back to lend a hand at restoring the city or even help a few injured people if possible.

He could see her, her soft skin, her soft warm hands trailing along his face, her sweet lips kissing his tender cheeks as she wrapped him up in a vibrant red fabric. She held him close to her chest, holding him in her warm loving embrace. As he looked up into her eyes -

"Why did I have to be right this time?" A man said as he looked back at Clark.


"Clark, come on its time to pay the rent, your never late, what happened" He could hear his landlady's voice, Mrs. N.

Clark still remembers the first time he met her, and how odd he found that he still did not know what the letter N stands for, he even tried asking but that did not work and felt like he should not try to force or intrude anymore and should be happy with her hospitality. A smile came across his tired face as he remembered the moments he tried to push her and trick her into telling him.

As he forced himself awake and rubbed his eyes "Pay up? What does she mean pay up? It's only been a few minutes". He looked at his wrist watch and wondered how and when did he end up sleeping.

Who was that woman, shes constantly in my dreams recently and that other voice, there was a mans voice this time, it's the same dream all over again but there was a mans voice as well, what does it mean? Clark thought to himself.

He placed those thoughts aside and got up and started to stretch his muscles."Coming Mrs.N", He replied as he picked up his shirt and went towards the door.

Secret Location of the 'Super Seven' –

"OK everything is said and done but there is still one problem. You know, we need a name right, a proper name" Hal claimed as he shot the Flash a look of disgust.

"What, hey like I said it was the heat of the moment, not like you haven't done anything as worse, or might I remind what you said after touching Wonder Woman's' lasso" the Flash replied back in defence.

"Whatever!" Green Lantern replied, while Flash and Aquaman smiled at that memory.

"What did Green Lantern say?" questioned Victor.

"Nothing, this meeting is adjourned. Let's go Bar-, Flash. Guys give me a call when there is trouble, otherwise don't bother" Green Lantern said as he got up.

"So, it is decided we need a new secure headquarters, we will each have to pull our own weight and help out to make this team work –"Diana started to say but was cut off by Green Lantern.

"We know, Princess but can I go, I do have to look after this Sector unlike some of you. Hey I like you and I am willing to work with you all, look what we had been able to accomplish a few weeks ago, with Apokolips and this Darkseid."

"Green Lantern, you have been constantly interrupting each member of this group and next time you would be wise to—"

"This meeting is adjourned, everyone depart now." J'onn interrupted before things got out of hand, like the rest of this meeting.

The rest of the group left, J'onn faded out of the room leaving only Batman and Victor as the last to walk out.

"Is it me or had there been no invitation to this gathering" said Batman

"I don't recall - there was no invitation, not a physical one" replied Cyborg

"Yes, then how did this J'onn send it out to us or how did each of us know where it would be held."

Batman and Victor looked around as they came out from an abandoned military base in the middle of nowhere.

Authors Note: Hey, Sorry for the long delay, I was busy with a lot of Uni work. Finally I have had the time to write another segment to this story, hope you like it and sorry if you feel that I have skipped the Justice League vs Darkseid fight, but I do have plans to go back to it and tell parts of it on future stories. Sorry if it feels like a short chapter but I need to get back to work, hopefully I will update sooner and everyone won't have to wait long for the next chapter.