Chapter 16

The news about Dumbledore's demise spread quickly. There where many people (mainly those who were in the order) that were extremely shocked. There we the others, like Muriel and the 'death eaters' that weren't surprised at all. And then the ones that weren't surprised that Dumbledore was bad, but were surprised at the extent he had gone to.

McGonagall was announced as Headmistress the very same day, she found herself under a lot of work and couldn't do both the head job and her transfiguration teaching. She had Narcissa Malfoy start as a transfiguration teacher. It was allowed purely because Draco was going to be leaving that year, the post was indefinite.

There was many interviews to be taken out, informing the world of the ordeal and clearing Toms name and the name of Voldemort. Everybody was shocked that James Potter was no where near as good as everybody thought, but found solace in the fact that he was influenced by Dumbledore, however small that comfort was.

Harry moved into Severus' quarters for the remaining of the term, much to the horror of Ron and Hermione, who couldn't quite believe Dumbledore's motives. They admitted openly to spying on him for Dumbledore, but they thought that Dumbledore's motives were pure. Harry hadn't spoken much to them since, preferring to not forgive them easily.

Severus decided to continue teaching potions the following year when Slughorn went back into retirement, Harry was given the opportunity to work alongside Lupin as the Defence teacher. Harry would be teaching the first to third years and covering Lupin's lessons on the full moon. He was more than capable to do the job having got an O in his Newts for the subject. He also covered Narcissa's transfiguration lessons if she was ever called out to care for Bella.

Tom became supreme mugwump of the Wizengamot and worked alongside the Ministry and St Mungo's to further help those who needed help with mental diseases. Bella had gotten much better than she was, no where near as violent and Alice and Frank had started to do things they actually needed, like eating and using the bathroom without prompting. They still didn't talk, but it was a brilliant step in the right direction, Neville was ecstatic about this, and was helping as much as he could with Bellatrix Lestrange's treatment as well as his parents. He could often be found looking after the gardens of the orphanages that Harry and Severus had set up with Tom's help and the home.

They soon set up their preschool for young witches and witches in preparation for when they came to Hogwarts, along side an orphanage or sorts that would house the children that seemed as though they were abused as Harry, Severus or Tom was. Harry and Severus found themselves in love with a little girl that became part of the orphanage. She was only an infant, one and a half years old and had done magic when hungry, summoning her bottle. Her parent's had left her in her cot for twenty four hours, not feeding or changing the poor girl. Tom had sent Harry to the rescue as he had more influence in the muggle world than the others and he was halfway through Alice's treatment. Harry decided he wanted to keep her and Severus agreed, not that he would refuse Harry anything.

They made a beautiful family, Harry, Severus and little Arianna and of course Grandad Tom. It was amazing that the little girl looked similar to Harry and Severus, she had very dark brown hair and green eyes, though not as green as Harry's, she was pale, but not overly so and very bright. She helped out at the orphanage when older, playing with the other children. She was made aware of her situation from the beginning. She knew about being adopted, and knew that it didn't mean Harry and Severus loved her any less than any normal parent. In fact, she was told they loved her more because of it, she was their little miracle after all.

Needless to say, the world was a peaceful place.

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