'Damn' I thought as I sat on the side of the bath in my apartment. 'Just when I have a good thing going, it always ends up going tits up. Why do things never go the way I plan?!' I let out a long sigh running my hand through my hair before I looked down at my lap that cradled the positive pregnancy test. I groaned pushing it away and burying my face in my hands. This was the third one in two days, I kept hoping that they were wrong…..but I guess not. I had done the math a million times over and I could have only been about 2-3 weeks pregnant, till I knew how to tell Vincent I decided not to let myself get too attached to my little bundle of cells. 'Don't think of it as yours, not yet anyway….if at all' I stood up and tucked the positive test and it's packaging into my handbag next to me. Heather found everything so if I wanted to keep something private best to keep it out of the four walls of our apartment. I left the bathroom grabbing my coat of my bed and made my towards the front door I was a few paces away before Heather caught me.
"CAAATTTTT…..WE NEED MORE MILK" She yelled from her bedroom, there was cereal all over the counter and coffee spills here there and everywhere.
"How about you come tidy up and I'll bring home the milk and get us a pizza on the way home"
"Double cheese and chorizo then please" she mumbled coming out of her bedroom holding her cereal bowl. I watched Heather make her way to the kitchen and began scooping the cereal of the side.
"Riiigghhtt….I'm gonna be a little late home I need to make a detour to the evidence warehouse and check a few things out. I should be home by ten" I kissed the top of her head, grabbed my keys of the hook and walked out of the apartment. As I walked down the stairs my phone buzzed, as I pulled it out of coat my pocket the caller ID said it was JT 'What's he doing calling me' I pressed answer and put the phone to my ear.
"JT?" I asked quizzically
"No it's me Vincent" he chuckled in that low sexy gruff voice of his.
"What do you want?' jokingly giggling as I said this.
"Do you have some time before work to come over?"
I froze my hand on the exit 'shit say something Chandler!'
"No sorry I don't how about later tonight? I need to talk to you anyway."

"Yeah fine, speak later….Bye" He hung up first; I shoved the phone back into my pocket before walking out of the building and hoping into my car. My stomach growled with hunger. 'Coffee and doughnuts it is'