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"Will you bloody stop!?" Hermione growled.

"Shut up mudblood. You need to mind your place." Bellatrix snarled back, continuing her pacing.

"Apparently we have the same place in life." Hermione sighed. She looked out the window at the stark coastline.

She, Ginny and Luna had corralled and captured Bellatrix during the battle. Watching the cruel witch be hauled off by the Aurors was or of Hermione's great pleasures. Joining her a few hours later was not.

It turned out saving the world did not get one a free pass on grand theft and armed robbery. The robbery of Gringotts earned her a trip to Azkaban. Fortunately it was dementor free, unfortunately it was booked up and it was two to a cell. She walked to the door and peered through the bars. She angled her head and saw Harry and Ron squeezing in to look out their cell.

"Oi! Kings said they will be getting us out of here soon 'Mione." Ron hollered.

"Shut it you filthy blood traitor!" came from down the hall.

Hermione sighed and sat on her bunk.

"Your husband is as pleasant as you are." she grumbled. On a cerebral level she understood she was a wanted criminal and had to be processed. She just wanted to know what jackass thought to have her share a cell with Bellatrix Lestrange.

"That's not my husband! That is Mulciber you stupid mudslut! Rod is dead." Bellatrix hissed.

"Gee I am terribly sorry for your loss." Hermione replied caustically.

"No you aren't." Bellatrix growled as she lunged at her. She fell to the floor screaming.

"You right. I'm not. I love these wards. I can taunt you and you can't touch me. At least I can watch you scream now. They say it feels like a crucio. Does it?"

"Why don't you try it so you can compare mudblood." Bellatrix grumbled.

"Not a chance. I have had enough of that thanks to you." Hermione answered angrily.

Hermione closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep. Between the battle, the aftermath, her surprise escort to Azkaban and spending the first night awake in a corner terrified of her new roommate, she hadn't slept in days.

It wasn't until that morning that she realized the wards would protect her from her lunatic cellmate. Bellatrix had finally stopped taunting and attacked her, promptly falling to the floor writhing in pain.

Now that she knew that the inmates couldn't attack each other she was determined to sack out.

"No sleeping muddy." the dark witch cackled.

"You can't touch me. In a few hours the warrants for me will be revoked and you will have the cell to yourself for the rest of your life. Now can you please stop being a psychotic bitch for a bit?" Hermione sighed.

"No!" Bellatrix exclaimed moving inches from her face. She started singing a song that involved a wizard and a dragon behaving in ways that Hermione was sure violated both the laws of physics and the rules of good taste.

"Bloody hell Bella! Shut it you crazy cow." Lucius screamed from somewhere down the block. Several other of the inmates repeated his sentiments. Hermione was certainly picking up some new curse words during her stay.

"Oi! I understand why we have to sit here till they clear the warrants but I don't understand why you are stuck sharing a cell with that bitch." Harry yelled from down the hall.

"Still mad about dear cousin Sirius, Potter? Good." Bellatrix laughed and danced about the cell singing a tune that now involved Sirius and a dragon. Hermione pulled the beaten, filthy practically featherless pillow she was provided over her head in a prayer to stop the incessant braying of the witch.

Hermione took a deep breath and began to meditate, blocking out her surroundings and finally drifting off to sleep.

The clank of the lock on the door woke her. She looked up to see Kingsley come in flanked by Aurors.


"Yes, as of this morning. I have my people working on your pardons now." he looked nervous as he said it.

"But? There is a but isn't there?" Hermione asked trepidation seeping through her voice.

"It is taking some time. The goblins are furious at the deaths at Gringotts and hold you responsible." He answered. Bellatrix started laughing again.

"WHAT! We weren't the ones that slaughtered everyone; that was Voldemort."

"Don't you say his name you filthy mudblood!" Bellatrix hissed lunging at her again. She again collapsed screaming, crawling towards them as she tried to fight the wards.

"I know. We are working on it but you might be here a bit longer." Kingsley said quietly looking down at Bellatrix with disgust.

"Please for the love of God give me a cell change at least!" Hermione pleaded.

"I wish I could. You think any of us would put you with her. There are only three women in this prison and every cell is doubled up. Narcissa is with Lucius."

"I will triple up with Ron and Harry!"

"Yes let the filthy mudslut bunk with them!" Bellatrix chimed in.

"Unmarried wizards and witches cannot stay in the same cell." Kingsley grumbled.

"Dammit! Get me out of here Kings!"

"I can't…not yet."

"Change the wards at least." Hermione pleaded.

"So you two can kill each other? Not a chance." he laughed.

"Payback is a bitch Kings." she snarled.

"So is your roommate. Behave Hermione." he said frustrated at her cheek and walked down the hall to talk to Harry and Ron.

"Bastard!" Hermione cursed under her breath.

"Looks like we get to spend more quality time together. Let's talk about when I tortured you. That should be fun." Bellatrix's voice was almost childlike.

"Let's not." Hermione responded sourly, hand self-consciously moving to the 'mudblood' engraved into her arm.

"I had fun."

"I know...I could feel it through your dress." Hermione responded disgustedly. She knew the taunt, while true, would send the witch into fits.

"FUCK YOU mudblood filth!" Bellatrix bellowed.

"That seemed to be what you wanted." Hermione said wryly. Bellatrix jumped at her again and was sent to the floor by the wards to Hermione's amusement.

Bellatrix made a hissing noise and curled back into her cot.

"Looks like the beast can be tamed." Hermione laughed. Her torture by Bellatrix had given her nightmares since. She enjoyed taunting her back and she wouldn't admit it but she liked watching the witch writhe in pain.

"Shut up filth." Bellatrix grumbled.

"I don't know. That dragon song was kind of catchy. How did the lyrics go?" Hermione responded, smirking and closing her eyes again.

She woke up that afternoon to the feel of her bed moving. She tried to get up but her hands were quickly pinned.

A sultry voice whispered in her ear, "The wards only work if I wish you harm."

"What exactly is this?" Hermione asked shocked.

"Surprised? You gave me the idea. You are right; I do get off on pain." Bellatrix answered.

"The minute you try and hurt me the wards will kick in." Hermione said.

"You are right again. You like being right don't you muddy? I may not be able to hurt you but there are other things I can do instead." Bellatrix whispered nibbling on her ear as she spoke.

"Why? I am a filthy mudblood." Hermione was confused. She also realized she was a little aroused and it disturbed her. This was the woman of her nightmares not her dreams.

"Because you are a chaste little mudblood. You are aren't you? You like knowing everything which means you know a witch must be pure for her wedding. The Ministry won't grant one otherwise unless the witch is a widow. You don't have to answer as to your chastity, that blush says it all. Your little ginger blood traitor is down the hall. I am going to ruin you and he is going to hear you scream my name. He won't touch you if you are spoiled."

"You're bloody mad!" Hermione exclaimed as Bellatrix nibbled on her neck.

"Of course I am." Bellatrix laughed. "But you want this or those wards would be protecting you."

"Fuck you!"

"That's what you want isn't it." Bellatrix fired back throwing her own joke in her face.

"Get off me!" Hermione protested.

"You mean 'get…me…off' don't ya luv. You are going to beg for it muddy." Bellatrix pushed her legs apart with her knee pushing their bodies closer together.

Hermione tried to suppress a moan but couldn't. Bellatrix ground her body against Hermione's enjoying the feel of nubile young witch bucking below her.

"Stop! Don't! Damn you!" Hermione cursed fighting against her captor. Bellatrix was stronger than her and it did no good.

Bellatrix silenced her with a kiss. She laid claim to the witch, unyielding as she explored her mouth battling for dominance. Hermione's mind wanted to fight but her body betrayed her and she surrendered easily. Somewhere a voice in the back of her head questioned her own sanity as she allowed her tormentor and torturer to do this.

Hermione parted her legs further moving her foot to raise her leg. Bellatrix reacted to the move shifting her weight so her center was grinding against Hermione's thigh. Hermione moaned and pushed her arms up against Bellatrix.

Bellatrix seemed to understand it wasn't an escape attempt and let her hands free. Hermione dropped her hands down and began to pull at Bellatrix's dress. She had discovered that the witch did not care for undergarments at the Manor. She was glad to feel the same still held true.

"This is about you muddy." Bellatrix said as she unbuttoned Hermione's jeans. Hermione kicked off her trainers and wiggled out of her jeans. Bellatrix plunged three fingers into her roughly. Hermione yelled at the invasion.

"Fuck!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Hurt?" Bellatrix giggled.

"Yes!" Hermione answered through gritted teeth.

"Looks like I can hurt you if you like it." Bellatrix smirked. She slowly pulled he fingers back and thrust them in again pushing harder and deeper. Hermione cried out and wrapped her arms around Bellatrix's back pulling her closer.

Hermione's nails dug into Bellatrix's backside as she ground against her. She couldn't stop herself if she wanted too. She could feel Bellatrix's heat on her leg and she reached her arm between them matching the dark witch stroke for stroke.

Neither were aware or cared who could hear them as each touch was met with a scream, a groan, or a grunt. Pleas for more echoed through the corridors of the jail. The prisoners were too stunned or entranced by the song that filled their cells to call out jeers or admonishments.

Hermione yelled Bellatrix's name as her body was overcome with spasms. Bellatrix followed with a whimper, collapsing against Hermione.

"You weren't a virgin muddy?" Bellatrix asked puzzled.

"No, but that would have been a hell of first time. Who would have known a psychopath would make such a good lay." Hermione purred.

"It's because I am psychopath. No inhibitions. Who would have known a mudblood would make such a good lay?"

"It's because I am a mudblood. No inhibitions or strange wizarding puritanical rules to follow." Hermione responded voice still hoarse from screaming.

"The ginger?" Bellatrix asked…a hint of jealous tingeing her voice. She didn't know why she found the mud so fascinating but she liked the filthy little thing.

"No. Just friends" Hermione responded not wanting to respond to the question she knew was coming.

"Who then?"

"Your sister. She seemed as enamored with the ruining me thing." Hermione whispered.

"FUCK!" Bellatrix screamed. "Wait! Which one?"


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