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Witches In Prison

Chapter 3

Hermione stretched out as the Aurors opened her cell.

"Am I getting out of here?" Hermione asked hopefully.

"No, you lot stink. It's bath time. Ladies first." The Auror answered flatly.

"Wait. We are bathing together?" Hermione asked incredulously.

"Yes." The Auror replied motioning for her to go.

"Wow, it's like a wizarding B movie. I love it." Hermione laughed as she followed Bellatrix. The Aurors stopped them in front of Narcissa's cell.

"What are you doing?" Bellatrix demanded.

"What do you think? Women bathe together." The Auror answered opening Narcissa's cell.

"She goes separate from us. I don't want them bathing together." Bellatrix responded.

"They are going to bathe, if you want to come you will stay quiet. Plus I have 5 galleons on it being Narcissa…yes we can hear you lot from our station." The Auror laughed. "Let's go."

Hermione was surprised when she walked into the room. The bath was similar to the prefects bathroom in Hogwarts. She had expected something far grungier, this was not the B movie set she had imagined. She happily disrobed and climbed in. She was quickly joined by Narcissa and Bellatrix.

Narcissa stayed to her side and bathed herself as modestly as possible. Bellatrix hovered possessively around Hermione.

"Need help washing your hair Narcissa?" Hermione asked.

"Stop taunting my sister, Granger." Narcissa answered before Bellatrix could respond. "Stay on your side Bella and I will stay on mine."

"Fine. It was you wasn't it Cissy?" Bellatrix replied hoping to catch her sister off guard.

"You really are becoming attached to her aren't you? Does it matter who deflowered the witch?" Narcissa replied.

"That isn't an answer!" Bellatrix hissed.

"She is right, that really isn't an answer." The guard said from his chair. He was enjoying his job.

"Seriously, it is bad enough that you are getting wank material for the next six months by watching us, don't join in the conversation." Hermione sighed.

"Actually, I think between this and the sounds coming out of your cell I am good for almost a year at this point." He responded happily.

"What is your name anyways?" She asked.


"Oh I know who you are. You are the one always losing prisoners. Didn't you try and capture as at one point? How the hell do you still have a job and I am stuck here?" Hermione responded.

"They transferred me here. That is supposed to be punishment for obeying orders. Frankly our quarters are nice and although the view is quite dismal I have plenty of time to write my novel." He replied.

"Hmpf. Struggling writer. Figures! Who else would work here?" Bellatrix laughed.

"We have nowhere to go. Any way you could go write something for a bit?" Hermione asked pointing to the walls of the completely enclosed room.

"Why would I want to do that?" He replied.

"Because we both know I won't be here forever and a writer who is stuck working in Azkaban probably would like someone who sends him proper supplies when he needs them." Hermione tried.

"I can owl for them." He replied.


"I live here; everything I make is pure profit. I will be able to retire in a few years."

"I helped kill Volde...do you have to hiss every time I say his name Bellatrix? I helped kill you-know-who and put this lot back in here. We both know I won't be here forever…do you want me as a friend or an enemy?"

"Good point. I am going to work in the hallway…behave yourselves."

He showed himself out locking the door behind him.

Hermione laid back floating in the water and enjoying the moment. Unfortunately a moment was all she got. She was unceremoniously dunked under the water.

She popped back up spluttering.

"What the hell was that?!" Hermione growled at Bellatrix.

"Who did you sleep with?" Bellatrix asked again not letting Hermione go.

"Who did I sleep with? I thought this was about my virginity. You want to know who I slept with?" Hermione looked to the door making sure it was still shut.

"Miss Granger, this is a bad…"

"Shush Cissy, you slept with more than one? Yes I want to know! Which sister and who else have you slept with?" Bellatrix answered.

"You want to know which sister I slept with?" Hermione asked with a smirk.

"YES!" Bellatrix argued back.

"Fine. Both."

"What?!" Two voices exclaimed.

"You had to snitch didn't you mudblood?" Narcissa carped. Lucius would not be pleased if he had confirmation of her indiscretion. "And you bedded Andromeda too!? What is wrong with you?"

Hermione backed up a little. She realized she didn't know if the wards were active in the bath and she had antagonized two of the three Black sisters. Both of whom were now wading towards her.

"It was Narcissa who took my virginity. She was bored, we were waiting around for you to come back get your crazy on and she said it would keep me from defiling any pureblooded lines since I couldn't get a marriage license once I wasn't pure. I couldn't care less about a wizarding marriage license and it really was an enjoyable, albeit depraved, first time."

"Understand Bella, I merely wanted to make sure the witch had no progeny." Narcissa claimed.

"And have your fun?" Bellatrix inquired sharply.

"And have my fun. Lucius was…lacking at that time." Narcissa conceded.

Hermione was now in the corner of the bath with two stark naked Black sisters standing before her.

"And Andromeda?" Bellatrix snarled.

"I was recovering at Shell Cottage from being tortured by…oh who was that…oh right YOU! Anyways I was recovering and she had heard that we were there and came to help tend to us. Ted was gone."

"Coward." Narcissa hissed. "Figures he would leave her to fend for herself."

"I never understood why he went on the lam without her. She was lucky they didn't take her to Azkaban. Worked out better for her than for him though." Hermione responded. "Anyways, she thought that one of you might have taken me. She asked when we were alone. I was upset and torn. My time with Narcissa was confusing, shameful, dirty but fun. My time being tortured by you while she watched destroyed me. I was a bloody mess. She was lonely and upset having been abandoned by her husband. I was a wreck. Things happened."

"You really have issues." Narcissa said smoothly.

"I know. I slept with your sister, uh, sisters." She saw the two approaching her and swallowed hard. "Now…now…ladies…play nice. This is either going to be the best afternoon of my life, or one of the worst isn't it?" Hermione quipped hoping for the former.

"You really are a twisted little thing, aren't you?" Narcissa asked. She pulled herself up on to the edge of the bath dangling her feet in the water. "Come here mudblood. Make yourself useful."

Hermione smirked. That was the exact line Narcissa had said to her their first time alone in the sitting room while they were waiting for the others to come. She even had the same regal tone. No different than ordering an elf to make her bed or fetch her tea.

She had ordered Hermione to her. Hermione had been tentative and confused the first time, not understanding what the witch wanted. She had knelt before the elegant witch trying not to shake. When Narcissa parted her thighs Hermione had almost run but shock kept her there. Narcissa told her what she wanted. The scent of Narcissa had been compelling enough for her to comply with her demands and she had enjoyed most of her deflowering, even if Narcissa was rough with her. This time she understood what Narcissa wanted fully and was happy to oblige. Once Narcissa was satisfied she had bent Hermione over a chair, pulling her jeans down and roughly claiming her virginity while telling her that she would be too filthy to wed now.

Hermione smiled at the memory as she nuzzled between Narcissa's legs eliciting a moan from the blonde witch. She felt arms wrap around her from behind. Lips trailed down her spine as she buried her tongue deep into Narcissa's center. Hermione moaned as a wandering hand found its mark.

Bellatrix nibbled on her back and neck as she stroked her. She was anything but gentle with her and Hermione knew that she would be sore after, but she had no intention of stopping the aggressive witch. Narcissa leaned back against the wall groaning as Hermione explored her.

"You do make a case for the use of mudbloods." She purred running her hands through Hermione's hair.

Narcissa came with a gasp, pushing Hermione away once she found her release. Bellatrix didn't miss a beat spinning Hermione and pulling her in for a kiss.

"I am clearly not the only dirty one here." Hermione gasped. She reached between them she matched Bellatrix stroke for stroke. She tried to outlast the witch. The contest became fierce as each witch fought back the rising tide to make the other yield first. Bellatrix won, bringing Hermione over with a scream. She quickly joined her and the two witches leaned against the edge panting.

They had no time to bask in the pleasure. They were interrupted by Dawlish.

"Time to clean up ladies." He teased, "looks like I won some galleons."

The three witches dried off, dressed and headed back to their cells.

As they were heading back the first wave of men were being brought out. It included Harry, Ron, Draco and Greg.

"Don't drop the soap Harry." Hermione laughed.

"I am not planning to have as much fun as you have been having." He answered rolling his eyes.

"Good luck!" She mocked. She knew the blokes had no intention of repeating what had just happened with them. At least she hoped so for Harry and Ron's sake.


She was escorted to the interview room where a goblin was waiting for her.

"Leave us alone." Hermione ordered the guards. They looked as though they were going to protest but the goblin motioned his consent with his hand.

"You know we weren't the ones that turned Gringotts into a slaughterhouse. We did what we needed to do."

"I am Calgor. Civilized peoples don't dispense with basic social customs. Introductions are called for in these circumstances." The Goblin answered.

"Hermione, so pleased to meet you...oh wait you have had me incarcerated for crimes I didn't commit." Hermione growled.

"Someone must pay." He said.

"We saved the world." She replied.

"Harry Potter saved the world. He and Mr. Weasley will be released soon..."

"And the mudblood will play sacrificial lamb. Why do you play to their rules? They discriminate against you more than us." Hermione asked.

"We have our reasons." Calgor asked. "What would you do if we let you go?"

"I have to go back to Hogwarts to finish my schooling and take my N.E.W.T.s."

"You only need to go back long enough to take your N.E.W.T.s with the seventh years. You don't need the additional year of school. You have the ability to pass now." He said knowingly.

"There is a point to this isn't there? You want something." Hermione sighed.

"See? We knew that you were the smartest witch of your age. We want our things back. We were promised the Sword of Gryffindor and never received. We want them all now. You will retrieve the sword and a helmet. The helmet was presented to the giants as a gift. They brought it with them to the battle and we have information it is now in the Headmistresses office with the sword. We can't go to Hogwarts and take them…but you…"

"I am a mudblood thief. A goblin takes it, it is another war. If I take it, I just end up back here."

"Only if you are caught and we will help protect you. You finish your N.E.W.T.s, get our things and then you will come work for us full time." He replied, handing her an envelope.

"What?" She exclaimed.

"Full time, security and retrieval. You will secure our locations and go where we need you."

"I don't understand." She was stymied by the offer.

"You are worth more to us than the damage you have done. You robbed us, cutting through our defenses where no others could. The world knows you rode a dragon out of our bank. You took on Death Eaters and snatchers. You withstood great torture. You marched into battle and have several kills to your credit including Dolohov, Nott and Flynt. You saved many lives in that battle. You then faced your torturer, the most feared witch in the world, captured her and tamed her. The wizarding world is weak and we are going to reclaim what's ours and make a new foothold. You will help us do it. Why do you think they allow us to keep you locked up in here for a crime everyone knows you didn't commit. They fear you. They fear the change they know you want to bring. They are happy to embrace our lie and keep you locked up forever. Open the envelope, our offer is generous."

Hermione looked at the sheet within which provided an exceptionally large base pay and a sliding bonus scale including a signing bonus for an obscene amount of galleons. This had been the plan all along.

"Really, considering this offer we could have skipped the Azkaban part." She said.

"We wanted to see how you held up when faced with Bellatrix Lestrange or she is Black now isn't she? It was fortuitous that the Lupins were able to to kill him. Clearly the concerns of your suffering from the trauma were unfounded. Even the most adamant supporters of yours didn't expect you to bed her. We also needed you to see how precarious your position with the wizards is, even when they are alive only because of you. Well played."

"That is completely mad. Very well. I want out of here. When do I start?"

"Soon. There is a catch."

"Of course there is. Do I want to ask?"

"No, you really don't. Your taming of the beast is fortuitous. You will have a partner."

"Don't tell me…"

"Yes. We will be arranging her release into your custody."

"Why? How?"

"Her time as head lunatic for the Death Eaters has given her considerable knowledge as to the location of many of the things we want...procured and the knowledge of the dark magic necessary to procure them. William and Fleur Weasley have resigned from our services to help the short staffed Aurors Office and you will need an experienced curse breaker. Bellatrix Black is the best. As for the how…as you said the Order is horrible at politics. Oh and of course the Golden Rule."

"And Harry and Ron?" She asked nervously.

"They will join the Aurors once they leave here. You have kept secrets from them before...we will give you the title of our Assistant Director of Security Investigations. It is a vague enough title. I think you will find most wizards and witches will be dismissive of the job. Just don't correct them." He grinned widely his sharp teeth cutting an eerie and dark grin.

She had imagined a variety of outcomes after the war. Jail and then becoming a professional criminal for the goblins was not on her list. She didn't really have a choice though. He was right, the wizarding world seemed happy as punch to keep her locked up. She probably shouldn't have made her plans to reform the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures so public. It looks like at least some of those creatures didn't need any campaigning. They had their own plans. She wondered how far they planned to go.

"Looks like I have a new employer and a new partner. So what now boss?" She asked.


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