"Did you hear that?" Finn Harries ask his brother a they walk down the streets at night.

"Yeah mate, I think it came from this way" Jack replies pointing down the dark alley way.

Finn scrunched his eyebrows and squints looking down the dirty path way. A faint sobbing noise comes from the end and the two twins start walking towards the end. Getting closer to the noise, the crying, they could hear guys laughing. Stopping there was a guy hitting a petite girl and she fell back into the trash can.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Finn yells running towards the girl. She flinches as his hands touch her face, that was covered in brusies and blood. He removes one of her curly locks out of her eyes and gives her a small smile. "It's fine I won't hurt you"

"Boy! You better leave now!" The man says walking closer to Finn.

Finn ignores him picking up the girl and putting her Jack's arms. "Take her home" Finn says, with such demand in his voice Jack does not hesitate and turns around with the girl in his arms.

"Hey you! Pretty boy!" The man yells. ":Give her back there's enough to share!"

Finn turns and punches the man in the face. "Don't talk about her that way-in any women in that way" He says turning around.

"What does she mater to you!"

Jack lays the girl down on the couch and grabs a blanket covering her. "Please...don't hurt me" She whispers her eye's closed.

"We won't" Finn whispers back lifting her head to put a pillow there. Finn and Jack walk into the kitchen as Finn puts water to boil so he can make tea.

"What are you planning to do with her?" Jack ask grabbing two cups. "We can't keep her here"

"You talk about her like she's an animal" Finn says,annoyed by his brothers tone of voice.

"You talk about her as if you knew her!" Jack snaps back rinsing the cups out in the sink, giving his brother a look. "But we both know that we can not let her stay here, mom and dad would not approve"

"Since when did you care about what mum and dad think?" Finn says back, keeping calm. Jack keeps quite and pours some water into his cup. "That's what I thought"

"Fine, I'll help you, but if mum ask I'm blaming you" Jack smirks. Finn chuckles at his brothers agreement and pours some water into his own cup and walks back into the living room. The girl was awake laying on the couch, curled up like a ball.

She looked up at the twins, her warm chocolate brown eyes were brimmed with tears. She bite her lip nervously and stayed still waiting for something to happen. "I'm Finn this is my twin Jack" Finn talks first breaking the awkward silence that was formed.

"What's your name?" Jack ask after a while.

She looks down at her lap. "Angel" She says softly.

"Beautiful name" Finn complements. "Do you have a place to stay?"

Angel shakes her head. "No" She mumbles.

"You can stay with us" Jack offers.

"A..are you sure?" She ask looking up.

"No"Jack mumbles. Finn elbows him and coughs. "He means yes" Finn answers.

One Week Later

Angel sits on a chair by the island as she eats her cereal quietly. Finn walks down the steps and smiles at her as he grabs some juice. Jack didn't feel so positive about her stay that he left for Bristol early this morning. "Are you sure it's okay for me to stay?" Angel ask looking up from her bowl.

Finn turns around completly. "Yes, is this about Jack?" He ask.

Angel blushes a little. "I heard you guys arguing last night, I know he doesn't like me staying here" She admits.

"Jack, didn't leave be-"

"Please don't lie about it" She begs.

Finn sighs. "Jack just needs time, he doesn't get it. He's... he just doesn't know about you"

Angel nods, not really understanding, she felt like an animal not knowing what was going on but going along with it, hoping for the best. "Okay" She sighs nodding. "Can you take a walk with me?"

Ever since the accident Angel hasn't left the house alone, scared it would happen again. "Sure but I have run to the store first, do you mind waiting here?"

"Not at all" Angel smiles starting the sink up to clean the dishes. Finn smiles back and grabs his keys walking outside.

Angel hums to herself cleaning the dishes quietly she hears the door open. "Finn?" She ask raising an eyebrow.

" it's Jack I left my book in here" He says, uneasily. "Bye"

"Wait!" Angel calls dropping the dish. Jack turns sighing, he leans against the island waiting for her to counties. "Why?"

Jack didn't have ask why what? Because he knew what she meant, it could've meant a lot of things, but he knew exactly what she meant. It was so quite, you could hear the drips of water from the silver tounge of the sink, the little breaths of air coming from Angels body. The ticking of the clock hanging on the white wall. Jack breathed out and licked his pink soft lips, looking for the right words to explain the feelings he felt.

"I know you don't approve of me staying here, I just want to know why"

Jacks eye's snap up to meet her's. Out of the whole week Angel had stayed with them he had never heard her say one complete sentce to him. "I just get a bad feeling, around you" Jack mumbles.

Angel looks at him her pink lips formed into a line. "I'm sorry" She says. "That you feel that way, will you go on a walk with me? Maybe we can get to know each other"

"I left a note for Finn, so he knew were I went" Angel states putting her hands in her pockets as they walk outside, in the cold winter air. Jack nods, not having any words for her. "Finn tells me you can juggle"

"Yeah I learned when I was young" Jack answers as they walk on the sidewalk past a school."Do you have any special talents?" Jack ask keeping his head low, his green eyes glued to his shoes.

"Not really"

"Oh come on, everyone has one" Jack urges looking up and turning so he can see her olive skinned face.

"Not unless you count eating a whole pack of sour patch kids in three mintues one" Angel jokes, Jack lets out a small chuckle and opens the door of a empty cafe for her. Angel gives him a small thank you and walks inside, the smell of coffee and warm baked cakes and cookies hit her nose.

"Can I ask you how you know when it happened" Jack says as they sit down at a table by the window.

Angel bites her lip. "I.. don't really like to talk about it" Angel replies. Jack nods and looks out the window, it was quite an awkward quite.

"Have you told Finn?"

Angel shakes her head. "No"

"If I tell you why I don't like you will you tell me about it?"

"Sure" Angel says uneasily.

"What are you doing?" The brown haired man ask Angel as he sits at the table across from her.

She looks up from her text book. "History homework"

"Oh yeah?" He ask taking a sip of his beer. "I'm pretty good at history" He states reaching for her. She jerks back.

"Don't touch me" She mumbles.

"I'm your father! You do not treat me that way" He growls pushing her back and walking out of the kitchen.

Angel closes her eye's.Because you took my brother, my twin, my other half, away from me!Jack words rang in her ears, like a bell echoing every word. After he had said that sentence Angel had gone back to the Harries house and left a note to Finn saying goodbye, that one small word.

She found a bus to the next town over and went back to her beat up room with her dad, an alcoholic who hadn't even noticed she was gone for a week. She licked her lips and kept on reading the paragraph in the textbook, hoping everything would get better.

"Finn mate maybe it's for the best" Jack had said. When they both got back to the house it was clean and Angel's stuff was gone, they both had a letter from Angel. Finn's letter had three simple words Thank You, Goodbye. Jacks had eighty five words, eighty two words more than Finns.

Dear Jack,

As you have probably noticed I'm not there. You were right Finn just wants to help me, and he has. I'm still scared from that day as I told you, I don't know what I would've done without you and him, I would probably be dead in some alley way right now. I left hopefully you and your brother go back to normal soon, forget about me. I'm fine, living life like I was, but with a curfew. Take care and thanks for the walk.


When Finn asked what his had said, Jack simply smiled at his brother and told him it said goodbye, but inside he was frowning, he would never know if Angel really was okay and safe. "Can I ask you something, Finny?"

"Go ahead" Finn asked putting the letter in a drawer in his room.

"Why do you care about her so don't love her do you?" Jack asked.

Finn had chuckled at his brothers question. "No I don't love her mate, she's just a good friend, alway's there to listen when I needed to tell someone something, things I couldn't even tell you." He answered his smile fading and turning into a frown.

"I said I wanted chicken!" Angels father yelled when Angel had served rice and pork to him. Angel took the food back.

"Sorry" She mumbled.

"You'll be sorry alright! I'm going out to buy beer when I come back there better be chicken on this table, or you'll pay" He growled grabbing his wallet that sat on the old and moldy table, that resembled to mush. Angel swallowed back her tears and pain as she walked back to the kitchen and got the chicken out.

I'm getting out of here one day. Then I'll never look back just forward. Angel thinks as she put the chicken to fry, she cut some pork and went outside where a dog sat by a tree. "Hi girl" She smiles putting the big piece of meat in front of the dog with some water. "Eat up"

Walking back inside Angel couldn't help but think about Jack and Finn. If she would ever see them again, or even talk to them.

"Well look whose back" Stacey laughs looking at Angel as she walks down the alleys on the store. "Where were you for a week?" She ask looking at the eighteen year old.

"Just around" Angel replies grabbing some rice.

Stacey nods. "Well as long as you're OK, how's your old man?" The thirty year old women ask. "Since your mothers death"

"Just fine, thanks for asking" Angel answers grabbing some salt and walking away from the nosey blond. Sighing Angel walked over to the meat section and looked for her fathers favorite, pigs shoulder. Being the vegetarian she is Angel shivered in disgust at the bloody, squishy, red uncooked meat around her. Angel picked up the three pound shoulder and walked towards the paying station, waiting in line she counted up the total and sighed in relief seeing she had just the right amount, fifteen pounds.

She heard the familiar laugh of Jack Harries a couple of feet away and turned seeing Finn Jack and another guy walking around the shop with there own stuff. She breathed in and turned her back to them hopping to leave without being noticed.

"That's the worst joke ever mate" Sam laughs along with Finn and Jack as they walk down the grocery shop buying food for next weeks Christmas dinner. Jack laughs looking over at the door and seeing Angel's brown curls jumping around as she walks out.

"Uh...excuse me I have to grab something out of the car" He says quickly running out of the store hoping to catch Angel. He ran through the line of people in front of him in and out in and out. Angel turned back and made eye contact with him Jack's eyes bleeding her to wait, she ignored him and ran towards the end of the street. Jack ran after her down the alley way's up the hill and cut through the trashed yard behind her.

Finally making a leap Jack jumped on top of her all one hundred and twenty pounds of him crashed on top of her one hundred pound small figure. Angel breathed out in shock of the collision she spit her hair out of her face and looked up seeing Jack. "" She chocked out panting for air.

Jack rolled of her and lies on his back out of breath just like her. "What are you doing here?" Jack asked.

"Funny I could ask you the same thing, since you chased me here" Angel snaps sitting up, Jack chuckles sitting up after her. "I live here" Angel says.

Jack turns and looks at the small house, the brown beat up house, it looked like a pile of mud that a storm had ran over. The wall was slowly fading from the outside the windows where beat up and the fence was in pieces some of it standing and some of it on the dead grass. Jack averted his house he could never imagine living there and still being able to put up a happy face like Angel could around Finn.

"What are you doing here?" Angel ask looking at him after she had picked up the grocery that had fallen from her bag.

Jack swallowed and turned his attention from the house to her and back for a while. "Finn loves you as if you're his sister" Jack explains. "I don't really understand why because he only talked to you for a week and told you things he couldn't tell me"

"You're not the best offence" Angel smiled, making a grin appear on Jacks face. "But you didn't have to come all the way here and chase me to tell me that"

"I can't be there the same way you where for Finn giving him girl advice, I'm a guy"

"Dress up as a girl?" Angel said.

"Already tried" Jack said.

Angel raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, that shirt you left behind it's kind of stretched" Jack admits scratching the back of his head and looking up at the cloudy sky, that was turning black.

"I don't think my dads home if you would like to come in, I have to make dinner before he comes back" Angel says.

"Sure I'll finish inside" Jack says and followed her inside the brown house. It was kind of clean inside, it looked like Angel was trying to clean the house before her father got home, the beer bottles spilled everywhere and the smell of alcohol swirling around the house. "As I was saying" Jack starts again sitting at the small round table.

"I want to get him an awesome present" Jack says. "For Christmas"

"And that would be?"

"You" Jack says, confident all in his voice. The pleading in his eyes were masked over force as he looked at her.

Angel laughs. "No really what is it?"

"I'm serious"

"And why should I help you?" Angel ask starting up the oven.

"Don't you want to get out of here?" Jack ask picking up an empty beer can that laid on the table and showed her. Angel watched him drop it back on the table and looked up at Jack.


The strong and non sober voice of her father broke there stare. Angel grabbed Jacks arm and lead him to her room. She pushed him in there. "Stay here and be quiet please, whatever you see don't do anything" Angel pleaded and closed the door.

Jack opened the the door a little bite and watched as Angel walked over to her stumbling dad and sat him down. "Where the hell is my food!" He growled.

"It'll be done in ten minutes"

Her dad stood up. "I said I wanted it when I got back!" He yelled slapping her. "Filthy slut can't do anything right" He grumbled walking to the couch and turning the tv on. Jack flinched when he heard the slap. He looked back at Angel who was holding her cheek, in pain. He watched as she blinked the salty water away and walked back to the stove turning it off and grabbing a plate.

"It's done" Angel mumbles putting the plate on the table after a while. Her father stood up and walked over to the table sitting down.

"It's about time" He snaps grabbing a fork.

"You could be more patient" Angel mumbles.

"What was that?" He yells.

Angel shakes her head as he stands up she ran to her room and locked the door. "OPEN UP!" Her father yelled banging on the door. "You're getting it tonight!"

Jack looked at her. "If you wont do it for Finn then do it for yourself, get out of this house" Jack says holding his hand out for her.

The thumping of the door made Angel's heart beat faster by the minute both Jack and Angel knew in about a minute the door would be knocked down and Angel would be dead. Angel grabbed her backpack and quickly put what she could grab in it. Jack smiled and took the bag, Angel helped him out the window and followed him. "Wait! I forgot cuddles!"

"Cuddle?" Jack ask.

"My dog" Angel says grabbing the small pup that sat by the tree like always they quickly counties running down the hill and to the store where Jack had his car parked.

"I'm about to give the best early Christmas present ever" Jack states. "Getting Finns little sister back should go down in the books."

Angel chuckles."Great I'm a present"

"Yeah about that we are going to have to stop and buy a bow to put on you" Jack says starting the car up. "I can't wait to see the look on Finns face"

Second Chapter coming soon :)