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Jaken's Musings

By : Lafine


My name is Jaken. I'm a toad youkai that serve the great Lord of Western Land. My master Sesshoumaru-sama was a very powerful youkai I ever know. (Well besides his father, Inutaisho-sama). I carried a double heads staff also known as Nintojo. It's very powerful and could spit fire that so hot it could burn humans and youkai without remains.

My master always traveling, to check and control his land. And I as his servant always besides him, helping him in everything I could. I knew that I couldn't do much and sometimes my ramblings made him angry. And as reward, I got hit or kick or throw or slashed by him. But I keep loyal to him.

But then she came. Rin, the human child my master resurrected by using his sword Tenseiga. My master said it's only to test the sword's power, but I knew better.

I hated her at first; in my mind humans are disgusting creatures. But slowly after along time traveling with my master and the human child, I learned to like her, no love her like a little sister. And I knew that my master liked this human child a lot. (Though he said nothing).

My master ceased his abuse to me and always protected the human child every time she got herself into trouble. He even went as far as not killing humans in cold blood again. At least not in front of the human child.

Rin, the human child always obediently follows every word my master said. The exuberant, happy and full of life child. She warmed my master's heart and I feel grateful to her for that. But I will never say it to her.

I feel contented with the new traveling situation. No longer stiff and cold tension, but warm, happy feeling like a family. My master would slash me with his Toukijin and won't resurrect me back if he heard this. But there is something that always in my mind whenever I see my master and the human child.

'Is Sesshoumaru-sama a Lolita Complex??'


AN : The idea hit me at 2.50 AM and won't go out of my mind. So I have to write this story so I could go to sleep. I know no one like Jaken, but I feel sorry for the little toad. He actually is a very loyal servant, not very helpful but still loyal nonetheless. And in the anime, I saw him got along with Rin. Please review.