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Summary: well looks like I'm turning this into a collection for my slightly darker Robin/Slade PWPs, newest addition is here: Gun play

-might get a real plot if you want it (hint hint) or give me a kink, our hero does anything for justice^^

He knew he shouldn't be here. Wasn't a hero supposed to do the things the right and not the easy way? Yet here he was, in a shady little room which took rent per hour one spent in it, waiting for Slade to appear and for what? To trap the dangerous mercenary? To fight him? No, it was nothing this honorable, he was here to become the man's god dam whore, again. But Dick was desperate, he couldn't get the information on his own and the main suspect was leaving for russia next week, so he decided to do the easy thing and ask for help instead of spending the next 72 hours with most likely fruitless research. The hero had gotten Slade's mobile phone number after their first deal a few weeks ago and been given permission to call him any time for another deal. A part of him felt cheap for doing this, but worse was the small amount of pride sparked in him for being able to get such a high payment for his services, maybe a talk to a psychologist was in order? The young male's musings were interrupted as the door opened and Slade dressed in causal civilian clothing entered the room, he somehow seemed more dangerous, in the skin-tight uniform he could at least see the muscle movement. Now everything was hidden, like a tiger using the high grass to hide his actions until it was too late to run for the prey. He could be carrying anything on his person, weapons or a record device.

"I knew you would ask for more", purred Slade confidently as he approached Dick until they were almost touching, he could even smell a faint trance of peppermint in his breath, well at least the man was hygienic. A callused hand touched his face and forced him to make eye contact, dam he had really hopped to avoid looking into the hungry grey eye, the older male had been focused on him since his days as leader of the Teen Titans and this focus had been become a burning obsession the more he resisted. He knew meeting with Slade like this was playing with fire, that this was more than a middle-aged man paying for sex with an attractive twenty years old male...
Yet he kept playing, it wasn't like he was leading Slade on and making fake promises of love and devotion. The man was experienced enough to know the difference between love and sex, hell the older male must know more about this than Dick himself knew...

"Today I'm going to teach you a lesson pet", he really didn't like the glint in Slade's eye and watched frozen as the older male moved his hand slowly inside his jacket which suddenly hold a long, slim gun.
"What is the meaning of this", he asked sharply, turning his paralyzing fear into adrenalin, ready to strike any moment.
"Relay little bird", coed the mercenary ," I know you have a dislike for this kind of weapon hammered into you by your former mentor, but by the end of this lesson you will never be able to look at it without becoming aroused." He couldn't have said what he just said could he? It sounded like Slade wanted to use this gun as a sex toy for them, ridiculous. How should it even work?

His confusion must have shown on his face, because Slade gave him an amused smirk and started to stroke his closed lips with the tip of the gun. Fine the stimulation of his lips with the cold hard metal was surprisingly nice, yet nothing special. A slightly mockingly smile appeared on his lips, he knew he shouldn't challenge Slade but really couldn't help himself. The weapon was pressed against his lips until he allowed it inside his mouth.
"Suck", ordered Slade in a rough voice, well he could image this to be an alluring picture for the older male but he didn't really feel anything as he tasted the metal, so he let his tongue play a little with it and made sure to make gulping notions, hopefully satisfying Slade's strange kink. The small spark of arousal caused by the danger and the utter wrongness of the act was pushed away from his mind in a mere seconds. Soon Slade deemed it to be enough and used to now warm and wet metal to stroke his face.

It slipped from his face down his neck, leaving a wet trail behind which made his skin much more sensitive. Slade walked slowly behind him, the gun never leaving his throat. A soft ripping sound followed by a slight coldness against his back told him that Slade had just used a knife to cut his t-shirt the gun was moved again, at first circling his throat and then using the freshly exposed skin as pathway down until it was just above his ass. The man couldn't mean to put it there could he? Dick wondered, shamefully excited by the thought. Yet unsurprisingly this was exactly Slade's intention, one hand pulled his trousers down the gun was pushed between his cheeks inside his body. The hard metal felt like a warm, slick finger, moving unrelenting in him until it found its goal, his sweet spot. With a flick of his wrist Slade had the thin object pressuring his pleasure enter again and again and again. After the eight time he surrendered, losing himself in the pleasure the gun brought him. His face read from a mix of shame and pleasure. Once he came Slade pulled him close, all he could do was clinging to the older male as the aftershocks of his orgasm cursed through his body, silently cursing himself for leaning into the older male's touches, he hadn't been shown this much positive attention since his last encounter with the older male...

With the gun still inside him he gave Slade a blowjob and received a computer disk with all the data he needed.
"If you think this was fun, just think about the next lesson little bird", were the older male's parting words...